The changing room peep hole.

"I really must do something about my fitness", I thought, as I dried myself off after a short swim. Back when I was a teenager I could have swam for hours, but now, at 32 I felt exhausted!
The swimming session would have been even shorter if it hadn't have been for that stunning red haired girl in the pool.Aged about 18, she had the most gorgeous blue eyes and she had smiled when she caught me looking at her. As she pulled herself out of the water I couldn't take my eyes off her ass. She had on a white swimming costume and I could see her ass crack through the soaking wet material. She seemed to take a bit too long pulling herself onto the side, and when I finally managed to drag my eyes from her ass I could see that she was looking back at me from over her shoulder. She raised a perfectly sculpted eyebrow at me and seductively bit at her bottom lip.
I tried to look anywhere other than directly at her, but she turned to face me from the poolside. She was still smiling, so I allowed my eyes to travel south, to her small breasts, on which 2 nipples stood hard, poking through her costume. Lower still, I could make out a small flash of red hair above her pussy, which was barely concealed by the scant white material, showing me the most fleshy camel toe I had ever seen. I quickly averted my eyes; She must have seen me looking at her pussy. I felt myself blush at the thought! But as I slowly permitted myself to glance towards her, I could see that she was still smiling at me.
Enough was enough; I swam to the ladder and climbed from the pool. I turned around to catch a final glimpse of her stunning body, but she was gone. I walked to the changing room, took my clothes from my locker and entered a cubicle.
So, there I was, drying myself, but my mind was still on the girl. As I rubbed the soft towel against my cock, I started to grow hard. Thoughts of that beautiful ass and amazing pussy filled my mind. I turned around and I heard a sudden gasp from the cubicle next to mine. I looked down and saw that there was a hole, about half an inch wide in the wall. "What the...." I thought; Was there somebody in there watching me? I bent over and put my eye to the hole, and as I did, I could see an eye looking back at me. A bright blue eye.
Quickly, the eye pulled back from the hole, as the owner realised that they had been caught. To my astonishment, I saw that the person was the girl from the pool. She still had on her swimsuit, but I could not see her face from down there. She stood with her body facing me for a few seconds, as though wondering what to do, and then she lifted her foot onto the bench at the back of the cubicle. She began to slowly stroke her pussy through her swimsuit, pressing her fingers into her deep camel toe. With her other hand she caressed her perfect tits, pinching at her nipple quite hard. My cock was now rock hard as I watched her through the hole.
Her hand left her tit and came down to her pussy, as she pulled her costume to the side to reveal her cunt. Her lips were so wet, so pink, that I myself let out a gasp. She began to play with her little hard clit, as she eased a finger deep inside herself. Her pussy was perfectly smooth apart from the small tuft of red hair an inch above. She was rubbing harder now, and her finger was working away at her g-spot. After a few more strokes her knees buckled and she pulled her finger out of her pussy, bringing with it a short squirt of pussy juice.
She fell to her knees and I could finally see her face; Her eyes were rolling back in her head and her chest was flushed deep red. Slowly, she regained her composure and looked at the hole, where my eye still stared. She put her finger, which had so recently been buried deep in her cunt, through the hole and I could smell her scent. I licked her finger, just the tip, and tasted her juices. A little taste was not enough, as I sucked her finger into my mouth, savouring her sweet creamy cum.
When I finally allowed her to take back her finger, she stood once more and bent over facing away from me. She pulled her costume to the side once more and with her finger, still moist from my tongue, she began to tap on her ass hole, which looked like a pink balloon knot. She gently pressed her finger against her ass, until her hole finally gave way and her finger slid inside to her first knuckle.
With her other hand, she caressed her white ass, as she slowly pushed her finger deeper into her tight ass hole. I started to wank my rock hard cock; This was the most sexually exciting thing that had ever happened to me!
She turned to face me and whispered "When you are going to cum, cough once and cum through the hole!"
Seconds later, I coughed and pressed my dick against the hole, I could feel spurt after spurt of hot cum spraying from my cock, and after some time, I was done. I quickly placed my eye to the hole once more, and there she was, on her knees with her mouth wide open, my cum glistening on her tongue. She closed her mouth, threw back her head and swallowed, opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue afterwards to show me that she had swallowed every drop. She then stood up, opened her cubicle door and walked out.
I was astounded. In less than 20 minutes I had caught the eye of a stunning girl, sucked her pussy juice from her finger and had her swallow my cum. Fucking wow!I got dressed and left the pool feeling amazing. I regularly return to the pool,but I am yet to see my girl again. My wife always wonders why I fuck her so hard on returning from my sessions, and I always put it down to feeling so refreshed!
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5 months ago
stop being an asshole hiding behind an empty profile
5 months ago
1 year ago
I stopped reading after "she bit her bottom lip seductively" Puke!
2 years ago
She should have stuck her finger through the hole for you to clean off after she put in her ass. then she would know that your hers forever,
4 years ago
scouspaul get that girl back she needs your cock
4 years ago
damn good story
4 years ago
A hot experience - but why didn't you follow her after the action?