Hilary Duff and Haylie Duff f****y Games

Hilary Duff was smiling at her big s****r, showing off her gorgeous
dimples. She was such a pretty and beautiful blonde celebrity. Unlike other
white female celebrities, she didn’t try too hard to be liked. Her s****r
Haylie Duff got into the acting business a few years after her s****r was a
total actress mega star! It was usually the other way around. Hilary was
prettier when it came to the face, but her older s****r, Haylie had a nice
pair of knockers, and she knew it. She exposed her sexy cleavage much more
than her little s****r, but wasn’t that pretty when it came to her face.
Haylie smiled back at her beautiful little s****r.
“What is it, Hilary?” she asked playfully. Hilary looked over at a deck of
cards lying on the table they were sitting next to. They were just talking
comfortably in their house. They had their maid clean their house in the
morning, so there was no mess there at all. Right now they were in Hilary’s
room. She had a pink bed and white fluffy pillows. She would usually have
that cute look, and that’s what guys loved about her. Hilary Duff was
wearing a cute white shirt with a pink heart in the middle. She also wore
light pink jeans, and white shoes. Her older s****r Haylie was wearing a
dark blue low cut shirt, revealing some sexy creamy white cleavage. She had
on black sweats because she came back from jogging a few hours ago.
“Haylie, how about if we draw a card from that deck. Whoever gets the
lowest card, is like, the loser?” Haylie pretended to think.
“I’m guessing there’s something more to this game than that. So what is
“The loser of the game has to like, do what the winner says for an entire
“I accept your challenge, Hilary! I just feel sorry for you because I know
I’m going to win and you’re going to lose.” Hilary picked up the cards on
the table and picked up the top card. She crossed her fingers hoping that it
would be a high card. She then opened her eyes and looked at the card.
“I got a six! Not exactly the highest card, but at least I’m not going to
get a low card such as a three, like your most likely going to get.” Hilary
said jokingly as she giggled. Haylie giggled back and picked up the top card
with much confidence.
“Come on cards, give me a winner!” she said as she rubbed her thumb over
the card, thinking that it would give her some luck. “I’ve got an eight! Ha,
Hilary, I knew I’d win! Looks like you lose, just as I expected!” Haylie
then started to think of things she wanted her gorgeous little s****r to do.
“Wait!” Hilary shouted a little worried. “How about two out of three?” she
pleaded, hoping that Haylie would compromise.
“Fine, but just to let you know, you’re still going to lose.” Hilary picked
up the entire deck, and then shoveled them in her hand.
“Do you think shoveling those cards are going to help you, Hil? Whatever
you do, you’re going to lose. I’m better than you, and you know it.” Haylie
said teasing her pretty little s****r. Hilary could feel the sweat coming
down her forehead, and down her pretty blonde hair. ‘Please be a good card,’
she thought to herself as she slowly picked up the top card after she had
shoveled them. She looked at the card in her hand and found that she got a
“Yes, I’ve got a king!” she said excitedly. “My card is even higher than a
“Hilary, but you know if I get a queen, then I beat you, right? A queen is
higher than a king because men are weak.” Haylie reminded her little s****r.
“I know, Haylie, and you don’t have to tell me twice.” Hilary said agreeing
with her. Women would always complain that men have big egos, but women
would also say things like “men are weak,” and such, which in fact, made
them the ones with the big egos. Haylie then picked up the top card of the
deck. Before she flipped it over, she gazed into her little s****rs eyes as
if to say ‘I won’t lose this time either.’ As she flipped it over, she was
surprised at what she saw.
“Oh no, I got a four! You won this round, Hilary. But we’re playing best
out of three. I didn’t lose the game yet.” Hilary shoveled the deck again
and picked up a card.
“Oh shit!” Hilary cried out. “Damn it, I got a five! You’re most likely
going to beat that.” Haylie then shoveled the cards, thinking that it might
give her some extra luck since Hilary’s cards were better ever since she
shoveled the deck. She picked up the card from the deck and was shocked in
disappointment. Haylie flipped over the card and revealed it was a two.
Hilary won the best out of three game and was so happy. She didn’t even have
to think for a single second at what she wanted Haylie to do.
“You have to do what I say for a whole day, Haylie. So now I want you to –
“ Hilary said pretending to think. “OK do my laundry!” Haylie went into the
garage while Hilary followed her. As Haylie was putting the dirty clothes in
the washing machine, Hilary walked up to her and slapped her ass lightly.
“Hey!” Haylie exclaimed.
“You have to do what I want for a whole day. So I can do what I want with
you too!” Hilary said as she smiled exposing her cute and gorgeous dimples.
“OK, fine!” Haylie said as she continued to do the laundry. Again Hilary
spanked her ass, a bit harder this time. Haylie didn’t say anything this
time because now she knew her place and that she had to be her little
s****r’s slave for a whole day. Hilary felt her nipples harden, and couldn’t
resist the urges going through her body. With her two hands, Hilary pressed
the palms of her hands onto Haylie’s ass and grabbed it. Haylie gasped at
the sudden touch of Hilary.
“You have such a great ass, s*s!” Hilary complimented her. Haylie kept
quiet. “Thank me, bitch!”
“Thank you.”
“You can stop doing my laundry now, my little slave. I have other plans for
you.” Hilary said as she winked at her big s****r. “Do some jumping jacks!”
Hilary commanded. Haylie then started to do jumping jacks. Hilary watched
her s****r’s breasts as she watched her boobs bounce up and down. This was
really turning Hilary on and she couldn’t help but to just put her hand over
her clothed vagina. “Tell me you’re a slut.” Hilary told her trying to see
if she would be her dirty little submissive slut.
“I’m a slut.” Haylie had said with ease. Perfect, things were going perfect
for Hilary Duff.
“Take off your shirt, Haylie.” Hilary’s s****r then pulled her shirt over
her head exposing excellent creamy looking cleavage. Hilary stared hard into
her big s****r’s tits. They were so sexy. “Walk over to me slowly.” Haylie
slowly took steps over toward her little s****r. Hilary stared at her big
s****r’s tits while she walked over to her. Hilary quickly pulled Haylie’s
head close to hers and stuck her tongue in her mouth. She explored her big
s****r’s mouth with her tongue. Hilary ran her hands over her s****r’s ass
while she kept making out with her. The kiss went deeper and deeper as
Hilary sucked harder and harder on her big s****r’s tongue. Hilary sucked
Haylie’s upper lip several times too. They both were pleasantly surprised
that they were both excellent kissers. Hilary spanked Haylie’s ass again
really hard. Hilary ordered her s****r to take off every piece of clothing
that Haylie had on. Haylie lay on the bed after Hilary told her to. Hilary
pressed her own hands onto her shirt and squeezed her breasts. She rubbed
herself through her shirt over the pink heart, and rubbed over and over
again. Haylie felt her nipples hardening as she watched her baby s****r pull
her shirt over her head revealing a white lacey bra. She then took off her
pants to reveal matching panties. Hilary crawled over to Haylie and slowly
ran her fingers through her hair. Haylie let out a soft moan as Hilary
played with her hair. Hilary kissed her big s****r’s nose and then pressed
her tongue against the left side of her neck. She licked her neck up and
down slowly savoring the taste of her neck and then closing her lips on her
neck and sucking. Hilary squeezed her s****r’s boob and played with both of
her tits simultaneously with one hand. Hilary then sat on her cow girl style
sitting up on her crotch.
“Take off my bra, bitch!” Hilary told Haylie. Haylie then undid Hilary’s
straps from behind her back and took it off. Hilary stood up again and
pulled down her panties. Now the two s****rs were completely naked and
extremely horny. Hilary lay on the bed with her s****r and put her feet over
her crotch. She rubbed the outside of her s****r’s vagina with her feet. She
rubbed up and down her crotch, and then rubbed her foot over to her belly
button, tickling her with her clean sexy toes. She scooted up the bed a bit
with her body, and then pressed her foot onto Haylie’s nipple, and touching
her nice tits with her feet. She kept touching Haylie’s sexy titis with her
feet. Although Haylie thought it was weird at first, she soon enough enjoyed
her little s****r’s feet on her boobs.
“Suck my toes, slut!” Hilary told Haylie. Haylie took her s****r’s foot in
her mouth and sucked. “Suck harder, you fucking whore!” she said as she
enjoyed her big s****r’s tongue sliding around and all over her foot.
“That’s it you fucking slut!” Haylie sucked harder and harder on Hilary’s
toes. “I want to make the most out of this 24 hours I have with you. “What
should I have you do, my little slave?” Hilary said with an evil but sexy
grin on her face. “Oh, I just thought of the perfect idea. Tell me you’re a
slut, Haylie.”
“I’m a slut.” Haylie said obeying her mistress’ command.
“That didn’t turn me on as much as I thought it would. Oh I have a better
idea. Tell me what a slut you are!”
“I’m a huge slut.”
“No, bitch! You fucking slut, that’s not sexy at all!” Hilary told her
little slave. “Tell me you’re such a fucking slut!”
“I’m such a fucking slut.”
“I can’t hear you.”
“I’m such a fucking slut!”
“I’m such a fucking sluuuuuut!!!”
“Excellent, s*s!” Hilary complimented her s****r. “That was sexy. Now tell
me what a whore you are.”
“I’m such a fucking whore. I’m a whore. You know I’m a whore.”
“Oh yeah, bitch. You’re getting my pretty pink nipples hard. I can feel my
tight pussy getting wetter by the second. Who else knows you’re a whore,
“Everyone, they all know I’m a whore. Everyone knows just what a dirty
little whore I am.”
“Now tell me what you are, and what you will be.” Hilary said to her as she
played with her own breasts.
“I’m a slut. I always will be a slut.”
“Oh yeah, that’s it my little whore!” Hilary said right before she stuck
her tongue in her s****r’s mouth and began French kissing her. She sucked
her upper lip from time to time and explored her mouth with her tongue.
Hilary thought it was the best feeling in the world, to be a girl and making
out with your s****r. Haylie didn’t seem to mind as she kissed her little
s****r back and rubbed her soft hands over Hilary’s hot ass. She squeezed
Hilary’s ass while she kept sucking her tongue and enjoying the s****rly
love that they were giving each other. Hilary licked up and down her
s****r’s right nipple. Haylie moaned with excitement as she let Hilary lick
all over her titis. She then took a mouthful of Haylie’s tit in her mouth
and sucked. She sucked harder and harder swallowing every second she was
sucking on Haylie’s nice tits. She moved over to Haylie’s other boob and
sucked that. Haylie couldn’t help but reward her little s****r by grabbing
her tits and playing with them. Haylie felt all over Hilary’s tits while she
was sucking on hers. Haylie felt how soft and cuddly Hilary’s nice titis
were. They looked good and they felt good. Hilary began sucking Haylie’s
boobs as if she were French kissing them. She explored her breasts with her
tongue and mouth. Hilary loved Haylie’s hands on her gorgeous, creamy white
tits! Hilary then gave her s****r one last French kiss before she lay on the
bed and Haylie laid on top of her. Haylie took a mouthful of Hilary’s breast
and sucked it. She then began to kiss it just like Hilary was doing with
hers. She used her mouth, lips and tongue all to suck on her little s****r’s
nice tits. She sucked harder and harder getting the full taste of Hilary’s
“Oh, Haylie, it feels so good! Suck harder, you fucking slut!” For some
reason, Haylie was turned on when she heard her little s****r call her slut
that time. Haylie sucked exceptionally hard on Hilary’s tits as she felt pre
cum come out of her hot wet pussy while she was being called names and
sucking on her s****rs nice tits. “You’re such a fucking whore, Haylie!
You’re such a cunt! Tell me what you are, Haylie!”
“I’m a whore.” Haylie said to her as she moved her head up only to get air
and tell her mistress what she was.
“And what else?”
“I’m a slut. I’m a pussy and a bitch.”
“You’re doing great my dirty little tramp. Keep going and tell me more!”
“I’m a slut, whore, bitch, and a tramp. I’m a dirty little pussy. I need to
get fucked every day like the whore I am.”
“Perfect, Haylie.” Hilary told her. “I’m done with you now, bitch. You can
forget about the other hours. This was all I needed for today.” Haylie then
put on her pajamas and went to sl**p.

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