Hilary Duff's Midnight Desires

Hilary Duff closed her hotel room's door, walked over to the bed, and
flopped down onto the thick comfy duvet. It had been another whole day of
exhausting promotional appearances and repetitive interviews. Despite her
tiredness over the last few days and the unfamiliar chill of a European
October, she was enjoying being in London and the signs were good for her
new singing career.

Her first single in the UK, "So Yesterday" had been received well and was
set for a respectable chart position. So what if she was largely unknown to
people past their teens? Being only 16 herself meant that was exactly the
age group she wanted to appeal to. She had achieved so much already by
getting her own TV show and featuring in several teen-orientated movies.
Thinking back to her c***dhood in Texas, dreaming of stardom, she never
imagined just how successful she would become.

So laying on the large soft bed, Hilary cast her mind to tomorrow's day off.
A whole free day in one of the world's most exciting cities to herself. It
was very different from California where she had lived since her career took
off. Despite her jet-set lifestyle she rarely got the chance to see much of
the places she visited besides TV studios and hotel rooms. She didn't know
exactly how she was going to spend the day, but she was determined she would
have some fun. Hell, she wasn't done with THIS day yet. It was five minutes
to midnight and she still wanted to relax from the stress of the busy day
right away. A little escapism was what she was after.

If she were at home back in the US, she would most probably have phoned one
of her male friends (who it must be said were all over 18) and asked them to
get round her place to indulge in some wild but private fun together. It had
always been a point of irritation to the young girl that she had to be so
well behaved in public, essentially forcing her to keep her budding
sexuality within the confines of her own bedroom. Having a squeaky-clean
image had its drawbacks. She couldn't count the number of times she just
wanted to get out and meet a good looking stranger and lose herself in a
crazy night-out of passion.

But here in England, Hilary realized, hardly anybody really knew who she
was. And besides, she wasn't in the mood for some fashionable nightclub
where she might have been recognized. Perhaps here in London she might
finally be able to make her fantasy come true. If she was to satisfy her
desire for an exciting nighttime encounter maybe she could explore the
sights of the city away from the well-trodden tourist spots of the West End.

Yes, she could head for the East End. King's Cross maybe. She had heard of
that district's reputation as a seedy hangout for hookers, pimps, d**ggies
and lowlifes. That sounded like everything she wanted to finally,
completely, bring her wild side out and let it take control for a night of
abandon. Her older boyfriends back home had gotten her accustomed to taking
poppers and sometimes a little cannabis when they had sex. And since she had
left the US a fortnight ago, she was beginning to crave some of that good
shit too.

Yes, tonight she would escape the confines of this hotel room, of her tour
manager, band and the fake front of innocence to be a real girl. A bad girl.
By tomorrow nobody would be any the wiser.

So Hilary grabbed a shower and changed into some low-key, casual gear. Her
love of clothes meant she was never short of the right outfit for the
occasion. She put on a knee-length black skirt, a sports sweater, her
favorite high-heels and a thick warm jacket bought especially for the fall
weather of this part of the world. She still wanted to look irresistible
though, so she retouched her make-up (like only a 16 year old could do) and
combed her perfect blonde hair until she looked the picture of girlish
teenage youth. She put a woolly hat on and left the room.

Outside on Park Lane now, Hilary turned her eyes down and headed for the
nearest Underground. From there it wouldn't be long until she arrived at
King's Cross Station and the night could begin.


Having not been recognized at all, Hilary left the large train station and
stood on the dark, cold sidewalk to consider her next move. It was gone 1am.

Already it was clear she was way off the tourist trail. Despite efforts to
clean up the area and introduce f****y-friendly attractions to this
neglected part of the city, it still retained it's disreputable atmosphere.
Certainly at this time on a Friday night, it would be the last place anybody
would expect to find America's newest Pop Princess walking the streets.

Hilary looked around. Dark old buildings were visible down every road. She
saw unshaved men lingering about the Station's entrance, or walking briskly
down the road with their heads down. A group of homeless scruffs were asl**p
in boxes and on dirty mattresses around the corner. Over the other side of
the road, she saw a couple of women in short skirts and corsets, smoking.
Traffic that went by seemed to be either buses or cars that had seen better
days. Feeling a little uncomfortable at first, the teenager worried she had
made the wrong choice. Then she remembered it would be near impossible for
her to experience this in the US without the risk of someone knowing her, so
she cast doubt aside and began walking down the sidewalk.

Her mind filled with the possibilities ahead. Not knowing the area at all,
Hilary simply crossed the main road and went down a random side street.

Immediately she noticed a man approaching her. He looked her up and down as
she walked by.

"Jesus look at that...want business?" he said.

Considering he was at least 50, Hilary decided to walk on.

Turning around another corner and pulling her collar closer for warmth, the
girl saw a trio of black men smoking. As she got closer, she could smell the
sweet marijuana in the air. "Oh god, that's what I need", she thought and
got out a twenty pound note.

"Got any smoke for me guys?" she said.

The men turned to see who had spoken and in a second Hilary was surrounded
by three 20-something guys all staring at her body. Their voices filled her

"Shit girl, you want some of this?"

"Damn that is a fine piece of meat."

"You made much tonight bitch?"

Hilary smiled and said, "I want some of that weed, guys. You got any for an
American girl now?"

"Hey, an American. How about that. You got fifty quid and I can give you
want you want." one of the men replied.

Hilary got out some more notes and in exchange was handed exactly what she
sought. She immediately started smoking the first joint and felt a lot more

"Thanks guys, you Brits sure know how to treat a visitor to your country!"

"Now you be looking for some company tonight?" the tallest of the men asked.

"Hell yeah", Hilary said, "I wanna experience some grade-A black British

Hilary opened her eyes wide with excitement, shocked to be saying such a
thing to a group of strangers. The d**g was certainly doing its stuff, and
Hilary began to feel more and more comfortable with them. This was going to
be the most fun night she had ever had.

The three men were Russ, Brook and Wes. This was a typical night for them.
Hanging out, smoking whatever they could get, picking up some cheap
prostitute and enjoying themselves. Earlier that night Russ had scored 1000
pounds after selling some heroin and half a truckload of beer, so he was
definitely up for some fun. Brook wasn't in such a good mood because one of
the girls he pimped for had overdosed that week and died. Wes was just a
career criminal on the hunt for some wild sex before his next break in.

The men knew this area of London inside out, but had never in their lives
met such a girl as Hilary Duff. They figured she was just another wayward
girl looking for a hit to get through the night. They really had no idea who
she was, and they certainly didn't care where she'd come from or how old she
was. There she stood amongst them, cute-as-hell and wearing the outfit of
some common streetwalker.

So when she told them of her desire for cock, they relaxed and realized
their night was going to be a very memorable conquest. All three of them
loved the idea of seeing this beautiful teenager's naked body and feeding
her their meat.

"Come on up and let's get it on then", Brook yelled and all four went inside
a nearby door and up some stairs into a small, sparsely furnished room.


"So," Hilary thought to herself with delight, "This is where I'm gonna
finally find out what it really means to be a girl. I'm 16 and I'm ready to
let all my inhibitions go."

The men switched the light on and removed Hilary's coat and hat. They stood
back to admire the lovely girl they were still thrilled to be speaking to.
Her curves were just what they were looking for. Hell, any man would want

"Man, she's got a fine body" Wes said as he happily cast his eyes over her
young figure.

"And so innocent looking too," Russ proclaimed, now able to see the girl's
long blond hair and pretty face under bright light, "I could sure get some
of you girl."

"Well come and get it guys!" Hilary said, holding her arms out.

Russ began to feel her chest and stroke her hair. Wes started to feel her
backside, muttering how fine it was. Brook lit a couple more joints to pass

"Hey guys," Hilary murmured, "Remember I wanna experience everything you've
got, and... oh God... I'm feeling kinda light headed."

Wes got her a beer from the cooler and this perked her up again. After the
men had finished groping her, she took off her sweater to reveal a white
lace bra.

The men nodded their approval as Hilary undid her bra to expose her pert,
soft breasts. A pair of young tits as well formed as hers they hadn't seen
since they were teenagers themselves. Her nipples were dark and erect, and
Wes and Brook succumbed to temptation and began sucking on a tit each.
Cupping her young flesh in their hands, they took her nipples in their
mouths and flicked their tongues over the supple points. Hilary smiled with
delight as they roughly manhandled her body.

Russ opened some poppers and all four sniffed deeply at the intoxicating

Hilary closed her eyes and let the two men take her weight in their arms as
the potent mix of sensual pleasure and head rush filled her mind. Just as
she began floating away in the warm feeling spreading her body, Wes and
Brook stopped sucking her nipples and all the men got naked. Hilary's eyes
expectantly sought out their sizes. Each of the men had a dick bigger than
all the men she had been with before.

"Aw, I'm gonna be ripped apart tonight...there's so much black cock....!"

Despite her sexual escapades with several men over the last 12 months Hilary
had never been with more than one at a time. Hilary felt ecstatic at the
thought of new, wondrous things to explore.

"You like black cock, huh?" Wes said, and placed his hand on Hilary's head
to signal he wanted her on her knees.

She dropped down and took Russ and Brook's erect cocks in each hand. In
front of her, Wes moved his pelvis closer to her face. His long hard dick
touched her lips.

Hilary looked up into Wes's eyes and opened her mouth. Wes immediately poked
his 8 inches inside the sweet cavity and began pumping in and out. Hilary's
tongue wrapped itself around his cockhead.

"You've done this before", Wes spat out as he received one of the best orals
of his life. Wes's dick was bigger than the other's by an inch, and he
enjoyed getting it as far down the teenager's neck as he could.

Hilary began to eagerly change between the three men, taking each in turn
into her mouth while she masturbated the other two. The inside of her mouth
was filled with new tastes and sensations as each man penetrated her orally.
Her talented tongue licked the entire length of each shaft, her saliva
allowing the girl to slobber over the big rounded ends of each man's length
like a pro.

"Shit it tastes good" she announced as Russ and Brook each had their turns.

After each guy had been pleasured, Hilary stood up. Inside her mouth was a
mix of saliva and cock juice. She swallowed it down.

"Jesus girl", Russ said, "You almost made me cum already."

"I'm gonna get a lot more from you before that beautiful cum flows, boys.
It's fucking time."

"Remove all your other clothes", Russ demanded and after a minute Hilary was
completely naked. Wes and Brook carried her over to the bed where she spread
herself out so the horny men could get a good look at her hairless pussy.
Each man's body filled with a deep desire to get their dicks in that snatch.
Russ was first and lowered himself between her open legs.

"Yeah...put that cock in me. Fuck my cunt hard....."

Though not a virgin, her snatch was tight. And considerably wet already.
Russ easily slid his dick in, sending delightful shivers through the girl's
body. He groaned aloud as he fucked her. Faster and faster he went, sending
Hilary into spasms of ecstasy. Pussy juice spread around her stretched cunt,
and while Russ was fucking her senseless, Hilary had several glorious
orgasms. She began uttering breathless expletives, urging Russ on. Russ
tried hard to resist blowing his load, but he only had so much control over
his body when he was shagging such a pretty slut as this. He pulled out a
moment before a powerful orgasm rocked his cock, sending long white streams
of cum over Hilary's breasts and face. Her hair was unkempt and sweaty now.
She looked so beautiful with cum on her sweet face.

"Shit that was awesome!" Hilary squealed, "You other two guys had better
have as much." She put her fingers into the cum on her lips and closed her
eyes to lick them.

Seeing this girl suck her cummy fingers made Wes and Brook's dicks rock hard
again. They looked at each other and knew what to do. When Hilary opened her
eyes and saw the two men approach her, she wondered what was next. "Guys...
I need more cock... more cum.... take me again."

"Hey bitch, you're gonna get pounded by double the cock this time!" Brook
roared, and pulled the girl up so he could lie on the bed. She laid down on
top of him, her ass in the air.

"You ever been double penetrated girly?" Wes asked.


"You'll see", said Wes and reached out to begin massaging her asshole.

Hilary responded with moans of gentle pleasure. Within a few minutes Wes had
two fingers deep into her, finger-fucking her rectum with speed.

"Oh God", she screamed as her body gave up another orgasm. Never had she
come so many times in one night. Not even when she used her vibrator.

"She's ready" Wes announced.

Brook understood and inserted his dick into Hilary's pussy. Then Wes climbed
onto the bed and bent his knees until his prick was level with her asshole.
Slowly, he inched it into the tiny rectum.

Hilary screamed as she realized what was happening. But somehow she began to
enjoy this new feeling in her ass. Everything she had wanted from the night
was coming true. A sweaty, seedy, slutty night of d**gs and getting fucked
by strangers with massive black cocks. What more could a girl want?

Soon Wes's hard penis was deep in her ass. He pumped in and out, slowly at
first. Brook pounded her dripping slit from underneath. Both the men
increased their speed when Hilary's voice changed from whimpers to moans of
pleasure. An incredible feeling of completeness took over her body as she
was being fucked in the ass and pussy simultaneously.

"My ass......my cunt" was all she could whisper. She felt her ass expand
more with every stroke of the long, thick cock in it. Wetness dripped down
to where it mixed with the moistness of the other dick rapidly penetrating
her pussy. Waves of intense orgasms flowed through her quivering body, the
two dicks working their magic to keep her in a constant state of bliss.

It was a damn lot of rodgering for a 16 year old girl to take no matter how
experienced she was. That's what Russ thought as he looked on, rubbing his
dick back to hardness. Before his two friends climaxed, Russ thought, this
girl should experience triple penetration. So he got up and climbed onto the
bed. Luckily there was enough room for him to get his dick to Hilary's face.

Without hesitation, Hilary gobbled the cock into her mouth and was sucking
it dry. She felt like she was nothing more than a $20 hooker, but that
feeling was a GREAT feeling! Soon Russ's second spunk of the night hit the
back of her mouth, and Hilary swallowed it down.

>From each man's viewpoint, the scene was one to treasure. How damn fortunate
they'd been to find such a lovely whore. She was beautiful enough to be on
TV or something, they thought.

After a time, both Wes and Brook orgasmed. Hilary yelped when she felt the
cum fill her ass but it was a satisfying buzz. Then Brook ejaculated into
her pussy with such f***e Wes's cock popped out of her ass.

"How could I have waited so fucking long to experience this?" Hilary
thought, "When I get back home now, I'm not gonna give a shit who sees me do
whatever I want!"

With cum dripping out her ass and cunt, Hilary Duff got off the bed. Her
legs were a little weak from the intense banging, but she managed to stand

"You three motherfuckers sure know how to throw a good party." Hilary

The smell of dope, cum, sweat and poppers still strong in the room, they
opened a window to refresh the air.


Hilary found herself back out on the street soon after. One thing she needed
was a shower but that would have to wait till she was in her room. Making
her way back to King's Cross Station, she was surprised that the Underground
trains back had stopped for the night. It was gone 4am. No matter, she
hailed a cab and rode in comfort back to Park Lane.

It had been quite a night for the teen, and Hilary was truly satisfied with
herself. Satisfied that she was able to get out and be herself for once - to
truly experience what life in a city had to offer.

As she slept that night Hilary dreamt of all the men in the world she had
yet to meet, and all the fun they would have together.


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