Dr. Visit.

I turned 50 and the Dr. called and said I needed to make an appointment for my birthday physical. Well my birthday fell on a Friday and my appointment was the doctors last one of the day.
I was sitting in the waiting room and saw all the employees left the office. I asked the last one exiting if I had been forgotten? She laugh and said no, then she said that I was the last one of the day and that the doctor was running just a few minutes lat. I thanked her as she was walking out the door.

About three minutes after the last employee left the building the doctor came out from the back and called me in to the exam room. The doctor told me to get undressed and to put this paper robe on with the opening to the back. The doctor then left the room and returned when I opened the door.

The doctor came back into the room and asked me the usual questions that have been asked for decades. The doctor then asked me if I had, had any problems with getting or maintaining an erection? I told the doctor the truth and said that I had a problem with maintaining an erection. The doc then asked if there was anything that helped with maintaining my erection? I said that I watched porn, and that I really liked to watch shemales doing it to straight looking guys.

After a few more questions and answers the doctor told me to stand up and to open my robe. I did as I was told, and the doctor grabbed my scrotum and said cough. I coughed and started too get hard. I started to turn red from the embarrassment, and the doc said to relax that it was normal. I was still embarrassed as I continued to get hard. The doctor could not take her eyes off my growing man hood. I was as hard as I have ever been in my life as the doctor is a fantastic looking woman. She has the perfect deep blue eyes. Long brown hair, full lips, long legs. and a really fine ass.

She then put my cock into her mouth. I was not expecting this and almost came on the spot. She could tall I was about ready to cum, and slapped my cock with her hand just hard enough to take the urge away, and not lose my hard on. She then took off her lab coat, and then start to unbutton her blouse. She then told me to bend over the exam table so she could check my prostrate. Again I did as I was told, I could fill her walk up behind me. She said that she would go slow as not to hurt me. She lubed my ass hole, and started to put a finger up my ass. She said that she could not get a good fell of the gland and need to get in there a bit further. She pulled her finger out of my ass then started to put something bigger in.
I started to complain that it was starting to hurt. She then slapped my ass with her right hand while holding me still with her left all the time pushing this thing into my ass. It then dawned on me that if she slapped my ass with her right hand while holding me still with her right what was going into my ass? I pulled away from her and looked. She was completely naked and just as hard as I was now. Yes she had a huge beautiful 9 inch clean cut cock.

I was so turned on by looking at my shemale doctor that I got onto my knees and started to suck her cock. She let out a moan just loud enough for me to hear. After about 5 minutes of me sucking her cock, she pulled me up to my feet. She pulled me close to her, and we kissed as I fondled her fantastic looking tits. I bent my head down and started to suck her nipples. She pushed my head away from her nipple, and pushed me down to her cock. I started to suck her cock without being told. I was sucking her and so into it I did not hear her say she was going to cum. I felt her cum squirting down my throat. I kept sucking til she was hard again.
She pulled me to my feet and turned me around and pushed me down face first onto the exam table, and said, I did not complete my exam on your prostrate. Again she lubed my ass, and started to push her 9" cock into me. Man it hurt, but I was starting to enjoy it. She got her cock all the way inside of me, and started to move slide her cock in, and out of my ass, She started slow and then was speeding up her movements. She was fucking my ass with all her might. Slamming her cock into me so hard that her ball sack could be heard slapping my scrotum. I was in heaven having a cock pounding my ass and a hand slapping my ass. I was so excited that I came without even having to touch my cock, I have never had that happen to me. She was slamming me so hard and then moaned that she was going to cum. I could fell her cock start to swell and then expolde into my ass.

We fucked and sucked each other for three more hours. When we were spent the doc told me my prostrate was fine, and that she would need to see me in two weeks for a follow-up.

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2 years ago
good story
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WOW!!!!! hot one love it, so sexy
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so hot
2 years ago
lovly storie yummmy
2 years ago
Now That's what I'm talkin about!