my hot mechanic

It was a monday afternoon, the sun was out but I was tired and frustrated after not having sex for weeks. But my car was going in for a service, and the good thing about that was, my hot mechanic Mike. Gorgeous, with a firm body, he drove me wild. Id never told him how much he told me on, just behaved like a good girl, but the fantasies I'd had, him bending me over and taking me then and there.

I left and arrived at the garage, wearing a skirt, black bra visable through my tight white vest top, black matching thong and black thigh high socks. I headed straight up to him, turning heads as my heels clicked along the floor, with a cheeky wee smile and dirty look in my eyes, he just stared at me. I put on my quiet sexy voice, hoping to tease him just enough that he cant resist me anymore. And it worked..

He followed me out to my car, I felt his hand grabbing my firm ass as we walked, my tight little pussy was already wet. Thankfully it was lunch for the rest of the mechanics, so they headed to the canteen, but I had something a bit more special planned for Mike. He took my car into the garage as I hopped up onto a bench, crossing my legs and pulling my top down a little, I sat waiting for him, as he walked up I could clearly see the huge bulge appearing through his overalls, biting my lip I was so turned on, I grabbed him, opening my legs and letting him in between them. We began to kiss, my tongue parting his lips and his entwining with mine. I felt his hands move down to grab my ass, pulling me against him.

He wasted no time in bending down and pulling my soaking thong to the side, the tip of his tounge slide up my slit, the circling round my throbbing clit, teasing me. I bit my lip and I watched him circle his tounge round my wet hole, knowing he was enjoying lapping up all my juices. I pulled my top and bra down a little, letting my boobs pop out, I grabbed and squeezed them, running my fingers round my erect nipples. He began to suck on my clit and I was moaning, he then slid a finger deep inside me, and began to slowly finger me, letting his finger run over my g-spot, before sliding another inside and doing the same, this time though he began pulling at my g-spot, doing it faster, I moaned louder, he sucked my clit harder, his tongue flicking it and him gently biting it, I screamed and he pulled his fingers out and I squirted everywhere. My whole body shook and I orgasmed so hard, thank god nobody could hear me because I screamed so loud, but I wasnt ready to stop there.

I hoped off the bench and ripped his overalls off, pulling down his trousers and took his huge cock in my hand, I licked the tip of his cock, gazing up at him to see his reaction, then pressed his cock up against him and licked from balls to tip, before going back down again and sucking his balls, using my tongue to caress them. I then put my lips round his cock, letting my mouth slide right down onto it, taking it as far as I could into my mouth, using my hand to wank him as I sucked him, my other hand on his balls. His cock was growing as I sucked him, his moans turned me on even more, my tight pussy begging for him to pound it.

He pulled me up, "Fuck me, hard" I begged, he quickly kissed my lips before he pulled my little thong off and bent me over, we both moaned as he rammed his cock deep inside me, spreading my tight pussy open. He grabbed my hips and began to thrust, his cock pushing right to the back of my pussy, my clit was throbbing, my g-spot begging for another orgasm. He grabbed my ass, spanking each cheek as he fucked me, I squeeled inbetween moaning but loved it. I begged for him to fuck me harder and he did, grabbing my ass and pounding so deep inside me, harder and faster, I screamed, my tits bouncing everywhere.

He pulled out and he lay me down over the bonnet of my car, slamming his cock back inside me again, he grabbed my tits and he began fucking me, so hard, I slid my hand down to rub on my throbbing clit, he grabbed my tits and leaned down to kiss me and I screamed "Im gonna cum Mike, fuck, harder!" and I came so hard all over his big cock. I told him to lay down, and he did, as I straddled him, juices dripped out of my soaking cunt. I let my pussy slide down over his cock, placed my hands on his chest and began bouncing up and down, the sound of my wet pussy being slammed by his cock was so hot. His cock was hitting off my g-spot, I heard him moaning, but I was moaning louder, and louder and I bounced faster, my tits bouncing up and down as I went, my pussy tightened and I came again over his cock, "Sarah im gonna cum!" he shouted out, and I jumped off him, he kneeled up and I sucked on the tip of his cock till he shot his huge load in my mouth. I swallowed every last drop, it tasted so good.
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4 years ago
its really hot
4 years ago
Sexy story, love the way you come on to him so quickly and he gets to work on your wet pussy with well honed skill. you got me off with the last bit, him pounding you, your tits bouncing, your wet pussy hungry for his rock hard cock.
Loved it actually
4 years ago
excellent loved the story
4 years ago
what a lucky sod, you obviously needed a good service
4 years ago
hot story sexy :)