He walked slowly out of the bathroom, leaving the belt sitting where She had left it. His mind was spinning as he contemplated the options before him; a life under the control of this admittedly stunning Woman or walking away free but knowing he'd never see Her again. "How bad could it be?" he wondered, looking at the belt, just visible through the bathroom door. His mind was full of flashbacks to the night before, undoubtedly the most fulfilling sexual experience he'd ever had. He recalled the softness of Her touch, Her demanding hips pounding on him, urging him on again and again to ever higher pleasures. He also recalled Her vulnerability, lying naked on the bed, eyes closed, waiting for him to take Her, slowly, gently and sensuously.

Almost without thought he walked back to the bathroom and strapped the belt round his waist, picking up the tube and slipping it, with difficulty, over his cock. Just as he reached for the securing hoop he had a sudden hesitation. What if She never let him out? What if She was trapping him, locked & helpless, to be Her plaything. His mind reeling he suddenly found resolve and stripped off the belt, dressing quickly before walking out, head high, into the kitchen.

"Thank You, Miss for a wonderful experience but I'm afraid that I don't feel ready to give You the commitment You desire. I'm sorry." His opening words seemed to surprise Her to an extent but She quickly recovered Her composure, drawing Herself up to her full height and turning to face him, full on. He could see She was wearing almost nothing, Her nipples straining at the flimsy fabric of Her top, Her legs naked save for the shortest of short skirts wrapped round Her waist. For a moment his resolve faltered, stunned once again by Her overwhelming beauty but the words were out, there was no going back.

"Very well" She said, "Take your belt and leave, now. Not another word. I will, however leave you once chance to change your mind. If you do, be here at 8pm sharp two days from now. Wear the belt and bring Me all the keys. No tricks, and be warned that if you choose that path you will be punished for wasting My time and you will be agreeing to surrender yourself to Me completely and until I decide to set you free. Now go." With that, she turned Her back and resumed Her breakfast preparations.

For the next two days he fought with himself, unable to flush the memory of Her from his mind. No matter how he tried, he simply couldn't forget that evening, nor Her parting words. Logically he knew he he should just forget her, walk away and enjoy the pleasures of life but somewhere deep in his brain a more primal, a****l instinct kept driving him back to thinking about Her and the pleasures he knew waited there.

He finished work on the second day determined to go home, relax and forget about Her and Her deadline. He ordered pizza, sat in front of the television and tried to blot the looming ultimatum from his mind. "Just a couple of hours and it'll all be over" he kept telling himself but the thoughts of Her simply wouldn't go away. By 7pm he was in the bedroom, locking the belt round his waist and gathering up the keys. Almost in a daze he called a cab, locked the house and left for his appointment with destiny.

When he arrived he approached the door with trepidation, still unsure of himself yet drawn forward like a moth to a flame. He knocked and the door opened at once. "Inside, quickly." She ordered. The door closed heavily behind him and he immediately felt totally relaxed, his fate was no longer in his own hands. "Strip, completely" came the next order and he rushed to obey, almost falling as he tripped on his trouser leg. "Keys" She demanded, holding out her hand as She walked towards his naked body. Only now did he see that She was transformed; gone were the filmy silks and revealing dresses, in there place a tight, strict corset encircled Her waist, emphasizing Her hips and Her ample breasts while a skin-tight rubber skirt clung to Her shapely legs. Below it from the thigh down, She wore a pair of glistening patent leather boots, ending in vicious looking 6" heels.

In silence he handed over the keys, his jaw dropping as he gazed on the Dominant beauty before him. Before he could say a thing She stepped forward and f***ed a large rubber gag between this teeth, buckling it tight behind his head, the harness straps running under his chin forcing him to bite down onto it and preventing any attempt to expel it from his mouth. She pushed him forward, up the stairs and into the living room where, in the middle of the floor, stood a sturdy table. To each of it's four legs were attached strong chains two of which She proceeded to wrap round his ankles, forcing his legs wide apart. Working from behind She placed a thin metal tube around his neck, closing it behind his head with an audible click. "That collar will only be removed when I permanently release you, not before. It's locked with a special lock to which only I have the key. Damage it and you will be severely punished, is that clear?"

Unable to speak he nodded his assent, just as She clipped a chain to the collar and pulled him down over the table. Hooking the chain over a hidden hook She ensured he could not stand as She stretched each of his arms out as far as they would go towards the corners of the table and locked the chains around them. He gingerly tested his bonds, drool running uncontrollably from his gagged mouth. He couldn't move at all, not once inch of freedom did he have. Just as he began to panic he heard a sharp whistling noise behind him and time seemed to stand still. His mind registered the impact of the cane on his buttocks, then the pressure as it transferred all it's energy to his flesh. next came the burning, spreading like fire out from the impact point until his entire ass was aflame. Dimly he heard Her voice... "1".

Again and again the cane struck, yet strangely he found himself almost floating, riding the strokes, at peace with himself now that he was entirely under Her control. Then, as suddenly as they had started the cane strokes stopped; replaced by Her hand massaging a cool, soothing gel onto his sore ass. His relief was so great that he scarcely noticed Her finger smoothing the gel down between his cheeks, nor did he register the moment when She parted them to make way for Her strap-on.

His first inkling of what was to come came when he felt the pressure of Her strap-on pushing against his anus. He tried to beg Her to stop but the gag ensured only muffled grunts escaped his drool-filled mouth. Further and further She pushed, opening him, taking him in a way he'd never been taken before. Helpless to resist he tried to clench his sphincter and push Her out but found it only caused him pain. Defeated, he relaxed and She began to fuck his ass, gently at first but Her strokes gradually grew deeper, longer and harder. Before long he was fully open, unable and unwilling to resist as Her strap-on pushed mercilessly against his prostate with every stroke.

Suddenly he felt a new and very strange sensation. A warm feeling spread from the root of his cock right up to the very tip, yet locked as he was he simply could not get hard. He didn't understand what was happening but with great effort he managed to snatch a glimpse of of steel-encased cock. His mind reeled at what he saw; dripping from the end of his tube were long, thick ropes of cum! He knew he hadn't had an orgasm, even if his hands had been free the belt would have prevented that. Baffled, he watched as more and more cum ran out, a fresh load with every stroke from Her strap-on.

Finally, She was done. She wiped him down before unlocking his restraints and removing his gag. He stood, sore from the bondage and the punishment and saw a puddle of his own cum lying on the table. "Clean that up", She ordered and he reached for a cloth. "No! Use your tongue" She demanded, and so, reluctantly he bent and licked the table clean, almost gagging at the taste of his own cum.

"Now, dress" She commanded. While he got dressed She explained his situation to him. "You are now mine. You will do as you are told or you will be returned to this table and punished again. From now on You will be kept in chastity at all times unless you earn Your release. I much prefer being nice, and I enjoy sex so please don't disappoint me. If you are good you will be released every weekend, if you aren't then I will f***e you to ejaculate without removing the belt. The experience is frustrating for both of us - it removes your physical need but does nothing to reduce your mental desire. Be back here on Friday and pack for the weekend, I will expect you at 7pm. Don't be late"

With that, She kissed him long and deep before showing him to the door and sending him on his way. He walked down the street, captured but totally content in his surrender, dreaming of the weekend.
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your misstress is so hot she can punish me with the cane anytime