Daddy's girl

Not a ture story and will have spelling mistakes and it for all dads that went to fuck there daugthers.

Hi there my name is John Smith and this story how I got my daughter to be my new wife and i'm 55 and she 36 and her name is Hayley.

This happend 10 years a go where my ex-wife left me for my daughters ex-boyfriend witch she been having sex with sin's he was 16 but I didn't now antil one of my friends next door showed me a video of them having sex and I said "it took you 10 years to show me this" and that when my daughter came home and hugged me and then we moved homes.

The home was nice and me and my daughter loved it and we had only on bed up at the time and she came over to me a hugged me and said "look like we have to share daddy" and I said "I don't mined baby girl" she kissed on the cheek and I kissed her cheek then I kissed her on the lips and she kissed back and then she had her hand on my rock hard cock and said "look like you want to fuck me daddy" the I grab her and to the room with bed and said "you have no idea hiw bad I wanr fuck you right now" then she took her clothes off and said "ok daddy fuck me as hard as you can and I know that you been dreaming of this sin's I was 16" and with that I took my clothes off and kissed her again.

Then she moved down to my cock and put it in her mouth and she moved her head up and down my cock as I moaned "that i baby girl suck daddy's cock suck real good" and she did and I got her boobs and sucked them as she moaned "yes daddy suck my boobs" then I moved down to her sweet tasing pussy and began to lick it as she moaned some more and she said "yes daddy yes lick my pussy oh yes now put your cock in my pussy and fuck me" witch did.

I put my cock in her pussy and began to fuck her and she said "oh daddy your so big and long and I love it" and she kissed me as my cock was going in and out of her wet pussy as she moaned "fuck me daddy fuck me oh yes i****t is the best" and I moand "yes Hayley i****t is the best now keep fuck me and we will have a baby togerher" and she "yes daddy make me have your baby and cum in my pussy" and we both cammed at the same time.

To Now.

We have a son and daughter that are 10 and don't know that mummy and daddy got married before they where born and that we are father and daughter who fuck now and forever and maybe I might fuck my second daughter as well but for my daughter wife is the one fucking every night.

The End

(I can't right long storys)
52% (12/12)
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2 years ago
The subject matter is great--father and daughter and child(ren) of the union. However, the writing lacks lot to be desired.
3 years ago
Short and to the point. Good.
3 years ago
every daddy needs a daughter like her
3 years ago
Lovely story, spoilt by poor writing.
3 years ago
will rewirte it when i have a new laptop
3 years ago
not to bad