My Son My Lover Part 2

Saturday morning at 7:30 am I woke up to my son asl**p in my bed and I smiled and gave him a little kiss and he had a half a hard on and want to the kitchen to start breakfast and at 8:00 am my son woke up and want to the bathroom and I put his breakfast on a plate and he came to get his breakfast and we ate are breakfast and I got change in another outfit and want back to the kitchen and the time was 8:45 am and my son come in the kitchen to get a drink and his cock go hard as he saw me and he got his drink and I was sucking his hard cock as he drank his drink and I made my way up his body and kissed him and he kissed me and my his way down to my breasts and suck on them as we made are way to the dining table (we have a open plan kitchen so it don’t take long for us to get to the dining table) I sat myself on the dining table and my son came and kissed me and I could feel his cock against my pussy through the thong I was wearing and he was kissing me as he laid me down on the table kissing me on the way down and sucking on my breasts and kissed my thong covered pussy and he removed the thong and put a condom on and rammed his cock into my pussy so fast that he made me cum and I said “oh god you made me cum, now let me catch my breath” but he didn’t as he started pounding my pussy like an a****l as he fuck me and did this for sometime but I know that I have to get my own back on him and he said he was coming to cum and he pulled his cock out of my pussy I said “no you're not sweetie” and I stop him from cumming and said “save it for later and I’m going to my room and you pay for making me cum at the start” I went to my room as he stood there looking at me walk away and this is where it get more sexy for me.

I went into my room and got out an outfit that I haven't worn in ages which made me have a flashback moment where my son was 3 and I had gone out for the night with my friends and got a babysitter that my friends requested and she came this 17 year old girl named Lisa and I left her with my son to go out for the night and I got d***k and my friend’s gave me a bag and said “let’s go back to mine” and we go in one of my friend’s car who doesn't drink and we want to her home and we got her home and rest of my left to go home after they said how you like your outfit and have fun and of they want and i didn’t know what they meant until the next morning but i’ll get to that later and thanks to my friend Ann who help me who this part of the story because i don’t remember a thing that happen and her girlfriend Lisa and Lisa is the babysitter that i used and long story short my friend Ann has always like girls she told me and she loved Lisa more then any of are other friends that just fuck her when their husbands are out of town and she has k**s and whenever Lisa round they just fuck look a****ls she was never like this before and her husband left her before my first husband left me so she ask Lisa to be her girlfriend and lover and Lisa said yes and they’re together now and engaged but this happen after that night where i got d***k and be for you ask, yes i did fuck my friend Ann one on one and threesome with the babysitter Lisa and group sex with all my friends but that come later in the story but now we Continue where I left off my friend told me to take off my clothes because I split some wine down them but I was so d***k I didn't know what she was saying and she went fine I'll help you as she walk over she pick up the bag with the gift that my friends bought me and I was slowly sobering up but still pretty d***k I didn't even notice that she kissed me as she took off my dress she was rubbing her hands over my bra covered tits and rubbing my panties covered pussy as she took off my bra she was squeezing my breasts and kissing them she made her way down panties took off my panties and a little tingle in what body because she licked kissed my pussy she pulled out the outfit and it was this sexy lace leather open crouched bra less bodysuit and she also pulled out a scrap on tied it around my waist so she could feel what pussy one more time before she took me she buckled belt buckles under the crotch and lick her hand you taste nice sweetie to wrap me in this silk dressing gown put my shoes back on and she drove me home as I said I was still it d***k and my friend help me into my home Lisa waited up as my son was asl**p now I could barely see but I could make out that Lisa was up wearing clothes my friend behind her and we went to my room And my friend put me on the edge of my bed gave me some water to drink so I can sober up a bit more Lisa sat next to me stroking my hair and face with her hands and she told my head towards her kiss me on the lips I didn't fightback after all I was still d***k my kiss back and my friends sit in the chair that I had in my room and she still had her dress on could see that she was playing with her pussy and boobs and she watch me snogging Lisa and she grabbed my hands and placed it on her soft breasts that started to grope them and my friend stood me back up again I was still playing with Lisa's breasts as we broke the kiss my friend started snogging Lisa and she placed one on my hands on her breasts my friend undid the gown showing off my outfit to Lisa they broke the kiss and Lisa said wow that outfit looks so sexy on you Jane is my friend started snogging me and placement a condom the strap on Lisa laid down on my bed Lisa as she pulled me down and I broke the kiss with my friend and Lisa grabbed the back of my head Her legs and according into my friend I began to lick Lisa pussy like a woman persist as Lisa was moaning Jane are you sure that you never been with a girl before, then I started to move up her body so it sucking on her breasts as I slowly put the strap on into her pussy began fucking her she was moaning as I move my hips back and forth we fucked for hours until her and made her cum I pulled strap on out my friend came and did it to the condom that was on it replaced it with a new one and then she strapped on Lisa and Lisa began to fuck me I was moaning she made me cum and then then we fell asl**p my friend woke up before us and took my son to school she told him that I they had a good time but she had to keep an eye on me and my friend came back Lisa was just about to wake-up when I woke up biggest headache in ages and I said what time Lisa answered 11 AM I went our fuck who took my son my friend answered and said I did and I said Ann is that you and she said yes it's me Jane and then I look at myself all my god what am I wearing my friend said that was the outfit that we brought you last night then I saw Lisa was naked in my bed and I saw the strap on on the floor I said what exact last night my friend said I'll explain everything Lisa dressed and go home this was she did and my friend told me what happened I could believe what I was hearing my friend says don't worry Lisa won't tell anybody neither will I if I show you what happened last night and before know it I was having sex with my friend and I have been having sex with my friends until I went to a bisexual party when my son was 12 and I think his second father their and I wore that outfit and fuck him with a strap on and that's how I met my second husband and I thought to myself and a lot of good times in this outfit was I really going to use it again my son and then I heard my son say he's cumming or a picture of me that's when I knew I had to use this outfit against my son.

To be continued.

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7 months ago
1 year ago
part 3 up now
1 year ago
agreed but i liked it.
1 year ago
geez to hard to follow this story
1 year ago
good but confusing
1 year ago
i did use spell checker
1 year ago
Damm ...... I never tried to read something that was one long sentence....For the next part .....use spell and grammer check !
1 year ago
the 3 one will make for this one.