The Longest Day of the Year

It was one day in a hundred; no wind, 78 degrees, and being mid-week the beach was unpopulated as well. The couple had enjoyed a small, delightful homemade meal in their cabin, along with a glass of white wine, and decided to go for a walk. It was already 8:30 at night, but since it was June 20th, the sun wouldn’t set for at least another hour.

Walking along the beach, sometimes hand in hand, other times apart; stopping to pick up tiny stones, or examine unknown objects, they found themselves in a remote cusp, about 150 feet wide, with a gentle sloping hill surrounding the protected spot. There was a flat, sandy area just beyond a large drift-log, hidden by thick outcroppings of beach grass; Scott and Janet each spotted the place and walked toward it as the sun approached the horizon.

They sat down on the warm sand, kicking off their shoes and wiggling the tiny grains between their toes. Facing the calm, flat ocean, they watched pelicans soar inches above the water, searching for a final meal for the day. Janet leaned onto Scott’s shoulder and he slipped his arm around her back, holding her close to his body. She felt a warm sensation in her chest as his hand gripped her arm, stroking it gently. Janet turned her face toward his and kissed his exposed neck. Scott turned his head in the opposite direction, revealing the small hollow between his shoulder and chest. She knew exactly where he loved to be kissed, and she snuggled closer, nuzzling him with her lips.

Janet reached her hand into his partially open shirt and caressed his hard nipple as she kissed and licked the tender neck. His arm became weak and he lay backward on the sand, pulling her along with him and on top of his body. Straddling his form, she unbuttoned his shirt and kissed and licked his chest with her soft, supple lips. In time her love-making moved downward toward his belly, and the top of his jeans. She sat upright, still straddling him, unbuttoned his pants, and tugged open the zipper. She could see his pubic hair peeking above the waistline of his shorts, as she reached her hand in from the top to fondle the soft patch.

Slipping her hand further into his drawers, she found his penis, pointing downward in his pants, struggling to find an escape. Janet took hold of his waistband and slid his pants down as he wriggled his hips, raising them from the sand. His knees were bent upward, pants just below his knees, where she stopped. Leaning her chest onto his flexed knees, she reached under his legs and stroked his exposed cock and balls. Scott released a soft moan as her tender, soft, fingers explored his manhood; his perineum.

Unknown to the two lovers, a lone woman had crested the hill that sloped downward to the cusp; she watched the sun dip toward the horizon, casting a warm orange glow on her features. Janet noticed her first as she looked up into Scott’s eyes. The woman was just visible above the grass, and appeared not to notice the two lying below on the beach. Lifting his naked feet from the sand, she pressed his knees close to his chest, revealing his bottom. His balls hung loosely, cock to one side; she admired the way his manhood looked, so masculine, rugged, and so erotic. Crawling below his legs, Janet whetted her lips and kissed his cock head; his penis jumped at the touch of her tenderness.

She moved her tongue to stroke the right side of his cock, and then the left. His prick grew with each touch from her mouth; the head swelling in her sight. Looking up between his legs, she could still see the lone woman standing facing the light; her sunglasses reflecting the glowing orb just above the water on the horizon. As Janet started for Scott’s penis, the woman dipped her head slightly and looked down the hillside, smiling subtly. Excited, feeling naughty, and showing off, Janet took his cock into her mouth and inch-by-inch consumed its entire length.

The woman above parted her own lips slightly; overcome by the sight of the woman on the beach sucking her lover’s cock so deep. Slowly and quietly, the woman took a few steps down the hill toward the two. Scott was watching his lover kiss and suck his cock, unaware of the intruder stealing toward them. Janet’s head bobbed up and down as her saliva made him slick and wet. She pulled gently with her lips, stretching his cock, and paused at the crown of his prick as she ran her tongue on the underside of his head. Looking up at the approaching stranger, she held him there in her mouth; teasing the observer.

The sensation of Janet’s tongue on his most sensitive spot caused Scott’s head to roll backward as he let out a moan. When his eyes opened he discovered the woman, about 20 feet away, watching the scene. Had Janet seen her approach? He wasn’t sure, but no matter . . . it excited him to know that someone was enjoying them, watching their lovemaking. Scott pumped his hips and slipped his cock into Janet’s mouth as he watched the woman’s reaction.

He noticed that she was wearing a long, tie-dye skirt, and could see her bare feet from underneath. The woman placed her hands on her knees, gathering the material and pulling it upward, inch by inch, revealing her ankles, shins, knees . . . Slipping her left hand between her legs, she reached up beneath the garment and probed with her hand; hidden from his sight. Unknown to him, Janet was watching the woman between sucks; her own pussy growing wetter by the minute.

Janet released his cock from her mouth and took it in her left hand, stroking from below as she lowered her head to find his anus. She flicked his balls with her tongue, and licked underneath, finding the knot just above his asshole. She licked upward and down on his swollen spot, working closer to his hole with each stroke. Scott rotated his hips upward, letting her know what he desired. Janet ran her tongue across his ass and Scott gasped with delight. “Oh god Janet, that feels sooo good!” She circled his hole a few times and then plunged her tongue inside, fucking his butt.

She stroked his cock with her hand and licked his asshole as he watched the woman above them. She had seated herself on the hillside and spread her legs, revealing her pussy in the glowing light. Her skirt was pulled down to her lap and her legs were parted wide as she fondled her cunt with both hands. The woman wondered curiously about the sight that Janet enjoyed right now, but was delighted as she watched her stroke his cock. In moments, Scott began to rotate his hips back and forth, timing Janet’s licks with her stroking. “I’m going to cum baby, I’m going to cum . . . now!”

Scott shot his wad onto his belly, dribbling on the back of Janet’s hand, as she continued to lick his butt hole. “Oh my god” he cried as she squeezed the last drops of semen from his prick. The woman on the hillside had somehow contained herself throughout the scene. She was waiting . . . wanting to watch Scott pleasure his woman. When his throbbing cock had subsided, he relaxed his legs, and asked Janet to pull her pants down. “Sit on my face and watch the sunset” he told her.

She turned to face the ocean and unbuttoned her pants, slipping them down past her hips. The woman on the hillside could see Janet’s butt crack as she pulled her panties down, bending over to release them from her legs. She bent over, touching her hands to the sand and placed her feet shoulder-width apart, revealing her pussy to the woman. She stepped over the top of Scott and straddled his shoulders with her feet on either side; slowly Janet squatted downward, lowering her bottom toward his face.

She stopped just short of his mouth, dangling her pussy lips just inches from his hungry lips. The woman on the hillside could see Janet’s cunt lips clearly in the contrast between the setting sun and his face. Scott rotated his head back slightly and extended his tongue, whetting her labia. Janet inched her bottom closer to his face and reached her hands behind her to spread her butt cheeks. The woman on the hillside licked her fingers and slid them up and down alongside her own labia, whetting them as she squeezed her pussy lips between her fingers.

Scott ran his tongue along Janet’s butt, licking her hole with a broad, flat motion, wiping her entire ass. Sticking his left index finger into his mouth, he wet that too, reaching up between her legs and inserting his fingertip into her cunt. His thumb found her clitoris, and he gently rubbed her love bud as he stroked her hood. His tongue explored the length of her bottom, from ass to pussy hole; touching her anus with the tip of his nose. When he lightly flicked Janet’s clit with the tip of his tongue, she gasped audibly. “Ohhhh”

Slipping his nose into her vagina, he wrapped his lips around her clit, taking it entirely into his mouth, along with her labia; he paused there, sucking gently as she rocked back and forth on his face, fucking him. The woman on the hill slipped the fingers on her other hand into her mouth, whetting them and lowering them to her bottom, found her own asshole, and began to probe. Scott slipped his index finger into Janet’s ass and fucked her gently, just barely exploring the tight hole as he flicked her clit with his tongue.

Removing his finger momentarily, he wet the entire length, and slid the tip into her butt once more. Janet relaxed her sphincter and pulled his finger into her butt; a squeeze, relax, pull, until his finger was inserted fully into her rectum. She relaxed one more time and sat firmly on his extended digit, grinding it up her butt. “Oh, fuck my ass with your finger!” she exclaimed. Scott’s finger was slick with saliva, and he removed it slowly from her ass as she squeezed it out. He wiggled the tip gently dwelling on the entrance to her hole.

“Lick my clit” she said, and Scott wrapped his lips around her nub, licking and sucking as he slid his finger in and out of her ass; each time she met him with f***e as she fucked his finger. The woman on the hill had two fingers in her ass and three in her pussy as she fucked herself vigorously while watching Janet being pleasured. “I’m going to cum soon” breathed the woman on the hillside. She pointed her toes and dug her heels into the sand where she sat. “I’m going to cum soon” Janet gasped as Scott fingered and licked her holes.

“Oh my god, Oh, OH, OHHHH” both women climaxed at exactly the same moment, both lost in their own worlds; neither aware of the others' orgasm . . . Scott enjoying them both. Janet pumped up and down on his finger as her waves of orgasm subsided. Eventually she let his finger slip from her butt, rose to her feet and turned as the last sliver of light disappeared into the sea. The woman on the hill had vanished, leaving only two deep heel prints in the sand, set wide apart, and a tiny damp spot.

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very good
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Very well written shame he didnt do both of them lol