wishfull thinking

I touch your hand and I can feel you shiver with anticipation, I move my hand slowly up your arm and I can feel the goose bumps start to raise on your arms I move in and kiss your neck and your heads tilts back as you allow me to kiss you slowly and softly. I place my hands around your waist and pull you close holding you tightly as you lean in and kiss my neck .I can feel my whole body shake as your touch makes me so weak inside I move my hands down to your bum and squeeze it gently then move them up and under the back of your shirt I feel you back arch as you press in to me and pull me tightly to you while kissing me firmly I can feel you heart beating so strong just like mine I want this so much but am so nervous at the same time I place my hands on your legs and lift you to me I carry you up the stair and on to the bed hardly missing a single kiss I place you on the bed and slide next to you, you climb on top of me and kiss me once again you reach down and pull at my shirt and slowly move it up over my head kissing my body as you do its all I can do not to pull off your top but you know this and move my hands to it and start me moving it upwards I carry on as you move your hands back to my chest and continue kissing me your top is off in almost seconds and I can see your beautiful and perfect round nipple and I lean forward and take one in my mouth and you shudder you are moving your hands up and down my back with such feeling and love I can feel myself becoming hard and you can feel It to and you reach down and feel my cock though my shorts and stroke it gently though them . I’m still giving you nipple attention when I move my hands to the button on your jeans and open it as the they fall open you move your hips up to allow me to take them of and I do you rest yourself back on top of me and I can feel the heat and moisture from you pussy and I pull you close as I can feel my self becoming more and more aroused by now you have your hand inside my shorts and they are nearly all the way down as you slide down my body and take me in your mouth my whole body stiffens at the amazing feeling your looking up at me those stunning eyes and caressing my balls I can hardly contain myself so I pull you up and kiss you again and hold your naked body close to mine and I shiver I slowly start to kiss your neck again and then move down kissing your b**sts and stomach I lean you back and remove your knickers caressing your legs, calves and feet then kissing then all the way back up to your pussy
I start to like your clit and you body jolts I carry on and its slowly becomes swollen and I can feel you rocking in pleasure as you legs start to stiffen they become stiff and your first orgasm comes over you and you let out a loud moan and you grab the back of my head and ask me to stop for a second so I move to your thighs and begin kissing then after a few moments I move back to you pussy and place my tongue inside you then back to your clit and I continue to do this as once again you feel an orgasm flowing through you but this time you moan louder your whole body is jolting now and a don’t stop a reach up and grab your hand and hold you tight but still I lick and suck at your pussy but you don’t ask me to stop as your 3rd and 4th orgasm throw you into a passionate rage and you throw me back and climb on top of me I can feel your wetness touching my skin and my cock is so hard for you its twitching with my heart beat you reach down for it and slowly rub it along your pussy lips teasing me and then you ease the tip just and inch inside you and then a little more and more until im completely inside you, you just sit the for a moment as your pussy adjust to me and I can feel it becoming tighter around the shaft when you 5th orgasm happens and as it does you start to ride back and forth on my cock slowly at first then faster and faster and faster until again your orgasm takes hold of you I can feel ever movement inside you as you lay you body on top of mine
I gently roll you over and position myself between your legs and push my still very hard and now very wet with your pussy juices cock inside you I slides in so easily as if it belonged there and I start to pull my self back and forth inside you and I can feel my own orgasm building I move faster now and I can feel you coming close to it to and eventually we both come together as we hold each other so tightly in what seems like I file time of love and then gently fall asl**p in each others arms

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