s****r's Touch

Netania helps her s****r Kaylee relax after work
Netania walked downstairs. She had just gotten out of the shower and was now wearing sweatpants and a blue tank top. Her s****r Kaylee wasn’t home from work yet; no surprise there, though. Kaylee was a waitress at a local restaurant/bar, and she often worked late hours. Kaylee was the most popular waitress at the restaurant, and it was no surprise. She was absolutely gorgeous. She stood 5’7” and had shoulder-length blond hair and ice-blue eyes. She was very athletic, so she had a tight, firm body. Her breasts were also very perky. Kaylee would often come home with quite a bit of tips. Netania wished she was as pretty as her s****r. Even though both of them were eighteen and young, Kaylee was definitely more attractive. Netania stood at 5’8” and had long brown hair and brown eyes. She was thin and almost flat-chested. She would give anything for a pair of nice breasts. Even though boys at school asked her out, she suspected it was just for one thing – to get into her pants.

Netania went to the cupboard and pulled out a pack of popcorn. She put it into the microwave then sat on the couch and turned on the TV. There was a new episode of Desperate Housewives on; it was her favorite show. A few minutes later the popcorn was done. Netania put it into a bowl and grabbed a soda, then sat back down. About ten minutes later she heard the door unlock. It opened.

“Hey, Netania! I’m home!” Kaylee shouted.

“I’m the living room watching TV!” Netania yelled back.

Kaylee took her shoes off and walked into the living room. She plopped down on the couch. She looked exhausted.

“Long shift?” Netania asked.

“Yeah,” Kaylee said. “And I had a few people hitting on me, including a couple girls.”

“Aw, that’s cute,” Netania smiled. “It’s no wonder. You’re gorgeous. And that outfit…I’m not surprised.”

Kaylee was wearing a short denim skirt and a tight white t-shirt. It was so tight in fact, you could see Kaylee’s hard nipples through them. Kaylee blushed and looked at her s****r.

“I’m pooped,” she said.

“Let me get you a drink. Have some popcorn and watch TV with me,” Netania said.

Netania got up and went to the fridge. She had noticed how perky her s****r was tonight. Netania had been attracted to Kaylee for several years now, but she’d never acted on it. Something inside her said it was very wrong, but something deep down burned with lust for Kaylee. Netania began to get wet just thinking about Kaylee’s perkiness. She shook off the feeling. She grabbed a soda and returned to the couch. She handed the soda to her s****r.

“Thanks,” Kaylee said.

Netania and Kaylee sat and talked about how work had gone. Kaylee had been hit on by some old guy who had even propositioned her. That had ended in the man being kicked out of the restaurant. At least Kaylee’s boss was a good boss. Then they talked about school and boys. Some boy had asked Netania out yesterday, and she wasn’t sure what to say. He was, like her, a senior and he was very handsome, but Netania had heard things about him.

“I heard he likes really young girls. Someone told me he slept with a freshman girl,” Netania said.

“Yeah,” Kaylee said. “And I heard he even tried to sl**p with his little s****r.”

“Ew! That’s sick!”

“I know!” Kaylee agreed.

“Now that one teacher we have, the geography teacher, he is a dream!”

“Oh yeah,” Kaylee said. “I wouldn’t mind showing him a good time.”

The girls giggled and continued talking about the guys at school. Netania noticed that Kaylee kept rubbing her neck.

“Are you sore?” Netania asked.

“Yeah, just a little tense,” Kaylee replied.

“Here, let me massage that for you,” Netania said.


Kaylee turned sideways to allow her s****r to get in a good position to massage her. Netania placed her hands on the back of Kaylee’s neck and began to massage. Kaylee had knots all in her neck. She massaged hard.

“That feels really good,” Kaylee groaned.

And indeed it did. Netania was very skilled with her hands. It was like Netania knew exactly where the kinks were. One by one, the kinks and knots began to work themselves out. Netania noticed her s****r’s moaning; it was turning her on. She could feel her young mound swelling and her pussy getting moist. She pulled Kaylee’s hair aside. She leaned in and gently kissed her s****r’s smooth neck. Kaylee gasped and shuddered.

“That felt good, s*s,” Kaylee said. “Do that again.”

Netania kissed her s****r’s neck again. Kaylee didn’t pull away or even flinch. Instead, she moved her head to the side to better expose her neck. Netania began caressing Kaylee’s neck with her lips. Kaylee began to gasp as she felt herself becoming aroused. She reached around and grabbed Netania’s head. Netania kissed harder. Kaylee began to let out little moans along with her gasps of pleasure.

“Oh, Netania! That feels so good.”

Netania pulled Kaylee around to face her. The girls looked at each other nervously. They were s****rs, siblings. They knew it was wrong, but something inside them burned for the other. The s****rs pressed their lips together. The kissing was slow and sensuous at first. Kaylee and Netania’s lips caressed each other. Netania pressed her tongue to Kaylee’s mouth. Kaylee opened to let her s****r’s tongue inside. Their tongues began to swirl around each other. Both girls moaned. After what seemed like hours, Netania pulled away.

“Let’s make love,” she said.

“Yes, big s****r,” Kaylee replied.

“Arms up,” Netania said.

Kaylee lifted her arms as her older s****r peeled of her tight t-shirt. Then Netania reached around behind her and unhooked her bra. The bra fell to the floor.

“My turn,” Kaylee said.

Netania lifted her arms, and off came her blue tank top. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Kaylee smiled. She leaned in and began to suck Netania’s hard, erect nipples. Netania’s head went back as a wave of pleasure coursed through her.

“Oh, fuck, yes s*s,” she gasped.

Kaylee went from one breast to the other. Finally, Netania pulled her head up. Netania leaned in and began to suck Kaylee’s tits. Kaylee moaned as her s****r licked and nibbled on her breasts. Netania kissed down her body until she reached her skirt. Netania pulled it up.

“No panties? My, aren’t we slutty,” she giggled.

Kaylee just smiled. Netania pulled her own pants down. She began to rub herself as she began to lick her s****r. Kaylee’s back arched as soon as Netania’s tongue hit her clit.

“Ohmigod!” Kaylee moaned.

Netania licked slowly, giving Kaylee time to adjust to the pleasure. After Kaylee calmed down, she began to lick faster. Kaylee grabbed her s****r’s head. She pushed it against her wet slit. Netania’s tongue penetrated into her pussy. Netania loved the taste of her s****r. She moved her tongue around inside her s****r. Kaylee began to buck on it. Netania pulled out.

“What are you doing?” Kaylee asked.

“You have to please me, too, you know,” Netania replied.

She straddled her s****r’s face then leaned forward and began to lick her s****r again. Kaylee began to lick Netania. Netania gasped when her s****r’s tongue touched her pussy. The two girls licked and sucked on each other eagerly, wanting to taste more and more of each other. Netania began to grind on Kaylee’s face. Kaylee pushed Netania’s head down. The horny, wet s****rs moaned and began to scream as they neared climax. Finally, Netania’s pussy released. Cum squirted all over Kaylee’s face.

“YES!!! FUCK!!!” Kaylee screamed.

Her pussy released, and cum gushed all over Netania’s face and the couch. The girls laid there for several minutes, drained from their sexual experience. They finally got up and got dressed, then they sprayed some cleaner on the couch.

“Wow, s*s, you’re amazing!” Kaylee said.

“So are you!” Netania replied.

“Have you always had those feelings for me?”

“For the past few years, yes,” Netania admitted.

“Aw, why didn’t you tell me?”

“Cuz I thought you’d think I was dirty and nasty.”

“Not at all. You see, I’ve wanted you, too.”



“So what does this mean for us?” Netania said.

“We’ll have to keep it a secret, but I’d like to start making love to you every day,” Kaylee said.

“How about before bed?” Netania said with a wink.

“Thought you’d never ask,” Kaylee smiled
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