Her fantasy

I want to thank Hollywood3 for adding a portion to this story. This is from a series of texts that me and my girlfriend have had this is a a big fantasy of hers will it come true? Maybe who knows. This is also the first time I have ever written a full real story I hope everyone enjoys it.

I had been talking with our friend, Jay, about a fantasy that Aly told me about not long after we had met, about a year ago. Her fantasy was to be fucked by a Black man. While Jay and I were having lunch one afternoon, I decided to tell him about it. Well, a smile crept over his face. So we had talked about what got Aly off and we had set the plan. He had told me a few times what a hot piece of ass my wife is and I very much agree with him. She blushes every time when I call her my sexy bitch in front of him to. Now one of her big turn ons is she LOVES gay porn. I didn't know this till today, but Jay just happens to be Bi himself. I am as well.

We decided to set it up for this coming Friday night, when my baby got home from work. Jay and I would have things all set up ahead of time so he and I could fool around a little bit before she came home from work. Well she was due home in about an hour, the both of us we screwing around already and we were both ready to fuck. I, myself, am a bottom so I laid down on the bed, on my stomach and he started fingering my ass. I knew it wasn't gonna be long before I'd have his 8 inch cock pumping me hard. I love having a good hard cock in my ass as much as my wife does.

Anyway, Jay had me moaning kinda loud when we heard the front door shut. He didn't miss a beat either. I was groaning for him to fuck me harder. I knew she would be up the stairs so fast.

“Hey Baby come on and join us”. In a half of a whimper, I had welcomed Aly home

“Bitch get the fuck undressed NOW, and get your ass on the bed this second!” The words out of Jay's mouth sent me over the edge, how f***eful he was with her I hadn't seen her strip so quickly before either. He pulled out of my ass and ordered her, “Suck my cock bitch!” Hearing another guy being so f***eful with her was sending me over the edge and I knew she wouldn't last long at all.

She was sucking his cock like there was no tomorrow.

“Damn Jim this bitch can suck!”

I had rolled over on my back to watch her going like mad, trying to swallow almost all of him. If I had to guess, Jay was close to around 8 inches long but pretty thick. My Baby was sucking him like a champ. I had started rubbing her back and grabbed a good handful of hair, pulling her off his cock.

“Enjoying yourself baby?” I asked her. All she could do was try and nod with a whimper,

”Yes Baby, can he please fuck me?” She was almost pleading with me. I knew how bad she wanted it. Tonight she was his bitch, his slut.

Now I had given him the orders earlier, before she had gotten home. I told him he could fuck her anyway he wanted to, but he was not allowed to cum in her. I am the only one allowed to. I wanted to see my wife covered in cum badly.

Jay looked to me. I just nodded to him and gave him a smirk, “She's your bitch tonight man.”

“Get the fuck on your hands and knees bitch,” he told her.

She did as she was told to, like a good girl. I just grabbed a beer, sat in the chair across from the bed and watched my buddy fuck the hell out of my wife. She was soaking wet and wouldn't last long. He had her screaming begging to let her cum.

I was watching my wife get slammed as I heard the front door open again. Aly was oblivious to the noise. Jay looked at me and smiled. He was in on the ‘other’ surprise too. Holly slowly crept up the stairs.

Holly is tall and long legged, curvy as hell and has a killer ass. Aly was getting hammered and didn’t even realize she was here. Jay and I looked over at her as she stood in the doorway with her little bag of tricks. She slowly opened her coat to reveal her naked form underneath. Now Holly and I have never… only flirting. Aly had commented several times about inviting her over to see where it would lead. Aly had confided in me several times that she has wanted Holly for a while now.

When I bumped into Holly out and about one day, we sat for coffee and talked. She was very interested in Aly and has wanted to see for herself as well. So I told her about Jays and my plan. Her face brightened up and she started squirming in her chair.

Holly dropped her coat and placed a finger to her lips. Jay had, by then, flipped Aly over to her back. She was lost in the sensation. Holly walked over to Jay and kissed him. He moaned into her mouth and fucked Aly harder. Holly reached a hand up and ran a fingernail along his ass crack and smiled. She turned and walked over to my chair. My gaze slowly slid from her glistening pussy, up to her large breasts. OH FUCK, her nipples were pierced. She smiled as she straddled me in the chair, her heated pussy trapping my hard cock between it and my belly. She lowered her mouth and captured mine as she pressed her breasts into my chest. She nipped my tongue as she slid from my lap. My cock was coated in her juice. She turned and walked to the edge of the bed. She ran a finger around Alys nipple.

Aly gasped and screamed “Jimmy” thinking it was me.

Jay continued fucking her pussy. Aly felt the bed give way on either side of her head.

“Fuck Jimmy, give me your cock, deep in my throat baby.”

She cupped her tongue expecting to get my cock in her mouth; instead her tongue met smooth, juicy pussy. She screamed and her eyes popped open. Looking up, Holly was the last thing she expected to see. “Oh my God” Aly moaned. She turned her face towards me in a questioning look.

“I love you Aly,” I said with a smile.

“Oh baby, I love you too!”

She turned her head back to Holly’s waiting pussy, wrapped her arms around her hips and dove in. Holly whimpered as her hand flew to her own nipples and pinched. Jay reached a thumb and flicked Aly’s clit. Holly reached down and grasped Aly’s nipple and pinched it between her fingers. Aly’s and Holly’s moans filled the air. Fuck, just seeing those three sent me to stroking my cock.

Holly looked at me with glazed over eyes and crooked her finger. I quickly jumped up as she bent over. That movement sent her nipples brushing against Aly’s. Aly gripped her hips tighter and drove her tongue deeper.

“Oh fuck Aly!” Holly whimpered.

I slid my cock deep into Holly’s throat. She took all 7 inches. Her muscles gripped my shaft. I grabbed her hair and fucked her throat. She moaned as Aly hit her clit. The moaning sent vibrations along my cock and down to my balls. Jay fucked Aly harder as his hand reached for my ass and he slid a finger deep. He moaned as Aly’s walls gripped him tight, indicating she was getting close. I moaned as his finger fucked my ass and I fucked Holly’s throat. Holly moaned as my cock slid in and out of her throat and as Aly ate her pussy. Aly moaned as Jay fucked her, as my finger flicked her clit and as she fucked Holly’s pussy.

Jay increased his pace and Aly tensed. I hammered away at Holly’s throat and she moaned faster around my cock. Jay pulled out of Aly and shot his load over her belly. He grunted and moaned “Ahhhhh fuck!!!” I pulled out of Holly’s throat and shot all over Aly’s breasts. Both Aly and Holly screamed as they exploded. Heavy breathing filled the air.

Holly leaned over and sucked one of Aly’s nipples into her mouth. Her tongue lapping up my cum. I leaned over and caught the other one and tasted myself. I gathered some in my mouth and kissed Aly. She moaned as my taste exploded on her tongue. Holly crawled down to Aly’s belly and gathered Jays cum and crawled back up to Aly’s mouth. She slipped her tongue into Aly’s mouth, sharing his cum. Aly’s hand came up and threaded into her hair, pulling her deeper. They both moaned. Holly straddled Aly’s hips without breaking the kiss. She stretched out over Aly and they rolled onto their sides, hands traveling to each others pussies. Breathing heavily we all collapsed on each other to cath our breaths.

“Fuck me what a night,” I said to Aly before kissing her passionately
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3 years ago
very good & hot
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very good , but wish it was longer