The tailor's surprise

Jenny had been lucky in life, she had three healthy and clever c***dren, a loving husband, wealth and a great group of friends, but she found herself in her forties with something lacking. When she was younger, men and women would stop and stare at her, she knew that they were undressing her, fucking her, licking her pussy, finger-fucking her tight asshole in their minds, as their eyes lustfully ate her up. But as she got older, even though she retained her good looks and firm slim body, she sensed that those lustful gazes and wicked thoughts were becoming less and less. She was becoming invisible.

Even at home, her once passionate and hardcore sex life with her husband had gone off the boil. She had been used to her husband fucking her as soon as he got home, he would bend her over the nearest sofa and fuck her ass, hard and savage, until he pumped his cum into her. He would push her to her knees, whilst pulling his hard cock out of his trousers, then fuck her mouth until he shot his load deep into her mouth. He would even fuck her in the garden, pushing her onto the lawn and fucking her hard and fast, almost fully clothed, except for her thong which he would rip off and stuff into her mouth, she could taste her own cunt juices whilst he fucked her hard. She loved it. The way he would lose control, the way he needed to fuck her, without care as to whether she enjoyed it, whether she came, or what her needs were – just because she turned him on so much. The fact he was so turned on made her so horny, that his hard a****listic fucks would make her cum so hard. But even that had gone.

Her pussy, mouth and asshole craved to be fucked by his cock. They still had sex, but it wasn’t the fucking she needed. It was a more sensual love making, the kind achieved through years of familiarity. Of course, he was now used to her – his cock didn’t hunger for her as it used to. His desire to fuck every hole in her body, to pump her full of cum, to claim her as his fuck doll, had slowly gone to be replaced with an intense love but without the lust. She needed lust in order to feel wanted, needed and valued. Perhaps she was a true fuck doll, a cum whore whose value and existence depended on a hard veiny cock pumping its cum into one of her fuck holes.

So as she did everyday, she used her collection of toys to satisfy her needs. She would dream of her husband fucking her hard. Fucking her with his majestic cock, until her cunt and ass were sore, until her jaw ached, her lips swollen and her face covered in his glorious cum. Today she would be alone, her husband and c***dren having flown to their vacation home. She would be flying out in a couple days after she had attended to a few tasks. She could enjoy a longer session – the thought of it made her so wet, she couldn’t remember the last time her pussy had been so slick with her love juices. She could feel them running down her ass crack as she lay in bed. She opened her legs and slowly ran her fingertips up and down her pussy and ass crack. The feeling of her nails on her slit and ass hole was wonderful; it sent tingles through her pussy, through her stomach to her hardening nipples. She pinched and tweaked them, wishing that her husband was here to bite them and roughly massage her firm breasts. Oh well, she would make do with some nipple clamps, their steel jaws biting into her nipples send waves of delicious pain through her body. Her ass seemed to ache in jealousy, as though envious of her nipples. It wanted filling.

She got up and took some toys to her shower room, as she moved her breasts jiggled up and down, causing the nipple clamps to race more sensations through her. Her pussy was even wetter, her cunt juices now covering her inner thighs. As she reached the shower room, she got on all fours, and started to rub oil into her asshole, and then a finger, followed by another. She could see herself in the full length mirrors, on all fours, like a cum slut waiting to be fucked in her mouth and ass. She could see her firm body, the nipple clamps biting into her breasts, she could see herself finger-fucking her ass. She was so turned on; she just wanted cock, any cock, as long as it was hard and strong. She reached for the nearest toy she could find, it was a big black dildo, and started to f***e it into her hungry lubricated ass hole. The dildo stretched her ass hole, and then made its way in. She pushed it in fast, knowing that it would hurt, but it was an exquisite pain the almost made her cum. She fucked her ass with the black dildo, whilst rubbing her clit. She could see herself in the mirror, she looked like a fucking cum whore.

“You fucking cunt! You dirty little cunt bag!" She shouted at her reflection in the mirror. "That’s right bitch, fuck your ass with that big black dildo. If only it was a real cock. You want to be fucked in your ass with a real throbbing cock. You are the kind of fuck doll that would suck one and fuck another at the same time! A spit roasted cunt bag!”

Her cum suddenly erupted. Her face, breasts and back turned red, as her pussy and ass spasmed. It felt so good. Wave after wave of cum, ripping through her body. She looked so wrecked and yet so beautiful. She stayed there, on all fours, slowing regaining control of her senses. Her ass pushed the huge dildo out and savoured its emptiness. How she wished that there was thick creamy cum making its way out of her shaven asshole, that she could taste sperm on her lips as she ran her tongue along them. But not today.

Her thoughts and longings were interrupted as the door bell rang. Fuck! She had forgotten that she had a morning appointment with her tailor, Amy. She looked a mess, both she and her bedroom smelt of sweat and pussy. She didn’t have time to shower, so she grabbed her silk robe and quickly put it on whilst she ran to answer the door. She would make an excuse to get rid of Amy.

She opened the door and stood in front of Amy, the cold made her nipples hard which Amy noticed. She could also see that Jenny had been playing with herself. Amy could feel a tingle in her groin and her nipples. But she had to stay professional.

"Amy, I am so sorry, can we rearrange? I am a little bit of a mess this morning!"

"Jenny, don’t worry, let’s go upstairs and quickly put on the dress and see what needs to be done and I will be gone before you know it. Then you will be free to do whatever you want."

Amy winked as she squeezed passed, making it clear she knew what Jenny had been up to. Not only did Amy guess what had just been happening upstairs, but she could see the post-cum flush on Jenny as well as smell her musky pussy juices. She let her fingers touch Jenny as she made her way through the hall and to her bedroom.

"Oh my, what have you been up to Jenny?" Amy asked. "I can see lube, butt plugs, nipple clamps, and a huge black dildo! I can smell pussy too!" Amy reached for the black dildo and licked it, before plunging the head of it into her mouth. She sucked it as though she was giving a blow job.

"Tastes nice! Now come over here and let me taste you!"

Jenny couldn’t help herself, she could see Amy was turned on, that was all she needed for the cum slut in her to come alive, to feel wanted, to feel needed, to feel fucked. Amy reached and opened Jenny’s robe, which fell to the ground leaving her naked. Her beautiful firm breasts, crowned with hardening nipples, her flat stomach, her toned legs and arms, and her smooth shaved pussy – all of her there to be feasted upon by Amy’s eyes. The more Amy’s eyes roved all over her body, the more the heat in her built. Her cunt lips felt swollen, her pussy mushy and wet, the more her tits ached, the more her skin tingled. She knew she wouldn’t be ravished by a hard cock and balls full of cum, but at least a tongue, fingers and a cunt would be taking her for their owner’s pleasure. Amy turned Jenny around so that her back faced her. She ran her fingers gently all over Jenny’s back, shoulders, and down to her ass cheeks. Without warning both her hands slammed into her ass and gripped her ass cheeks. Her nails biting into the firm flesh. She could feel Amy slide one hand down her ass crack to her special hole, her fingers dancing all over her asshole.

Jenny moaned – she loved her ass being played with and fucked. She so wanted Amy to stick a thumb into her asshole but she stayed quiet. Amy’s other hand snaked its way to Jenny’s shaven mound, then slowly the fingers made their way towards the top of her cunt slit, and her throbbing clit. One finger traced its way down her slit, so wet and slick, that the fingernail was coated with cunt juice. Jenny suddenly felt three or four fingers being stuck into her pussy, quickly and hard. They disappeared into her wet tight love tunnel. Jenny couldn’t help but emit a deep guttural moan, as she went weak at the knees at the attention her cunt was getting. Amy started to fuck Jenny’s cunt with her fingers, whilst the fingers of her other hand played with her asshole. When she could feel the spasms from Jenny’s pussy, Amy thrust her thumb deep into her asshole, sending Jenny over the edge, deep into a hard cum.

Amy held onto Jenny as she came and then pushed her back towards her. Jenny’s ass was grinding into her groin. Even though she had cum, Jenny was full of wanton lust, all she could think of was to get her mouth and fingers onto Amy’s cunt. She ground her ass into Amy’s groin, the more she did it, the more she could hear Amy groan, but there was something else. She could feel a thick hardening pressing against her ass cheeks. What was it? Surely it couldn’t be her clit? It felt more like a big fat cock!

Jenny was suddenly turned around to face Amy. Amy’s face was full of want and hunger. Amy grabbed Jenny’s hair and pushed her to her knees, and whilst one hand kept her there, her other hand fished in her mini skirt to free a huge thick cock from under her thong. Jenny was faced with a thick, hard veiny cock, bigger than her husbands, in fact one of the biggest she had seen, and she was an experienced cock whore. Although she was puzzled – why and how does Amy have a cock?– her pussy overrode her concerns, all she felt was a deep hunger for cock, Amy’s cock. Amy pushed Jenny’s face towards her cock, and before Jenny knew it, she was sucking and deep throating that thick hard cock. Amy built up a steady rhythm as she face fucked Jenny, who all the while let out moan after moan as she felt the cock invade her mouth and throat, leaving a trail of semen in its wake. The taste, feeling and power of cock made her pussy so wet, that she made herself come just by squeezing her thighs. She moaned deeply but the cock in her throat muffled her. In fact the loudest sound was the slurping sound from her mouth as the cock slid in and out, as well as the banging of Amy’s balls against her face.

"You like that don’t you my little cum whore! You love my she male cock. I am going to fuck you hard until I cover you in my cum!"

With that, Amy pulled her cock out of that skilled mouth, and pushed Jenny towards the bed, then bent her over so her ass was in the air, and her chest flat against the bed. With one swift movement, she embedded her cock ball deep into the shaven slit in front of her. Without a moment to lose, she started to fuck Jenny real hard, as though they were a****ls on heat, fucking and fucking, without any other care in the world. This was exactly what Jenny needed – to be used as a fuckrag, the more harder Amy fucked her, the wetter and hotter she became. A huge orgasm ripped through her, her pussy spasmed around Amy’s cock, which took no notice and continued to fuck and fuck that wet slit. Jenny was breathless, and her head was dizzy but she could feel another cum building up. She was almost crying as she was swamped by another huge orgasm, exploding through her.

Amy gripped Jenny’s ass cheeks really hard, and then with a few final thrusts, shot her load deep into her pussy. Jenny could feel the cum pumped through that huge cock, f***ed into her cunt, filling her with sticky warm spunk. She could feel that cock shoot load after load. Amy stayed still until she was done, then she reached for a butt plug, and as her cock vacated her client’s cunt, she replaced it with the butt plug, making sure not a drop of her cum seeped out.

"You are a real cock whore, aren’t you baby? That felt so fucking good. But I know what you really want," she said as she slapped Jenny’s ass hard.

She grabbed Jenny’s hair, and brought it to her cock.

"Now clean me up bitch!" Amy ordered.

Jenny licked and sucked, tasting that magical mix of her pussy and Amy’s cock. She felt so good, serving Amy, cleaning her cock, after she had fucked her like a worthless cumdoll, and she still had a butt plug in her cunt. Amy moved away, and lay down on the bed.

"Now get over here baby. Squat over my face."

Jenny did as ordered, and soon felt Amy pull the butt plug out of her cunt. She knew what was going to happen, that large load of cum was going to make its way out of her cunt, into Amy’s mouth. She felt cheated and pleased. Cheated in that she craved the taste of Amy’s cum, she wanted to have taken that delicious load into her mouth, straight from a cock covered in her cunt juice. But yet she felt pleased, as she was only a cum whore, and by Amy taking away that precious spunk, it proved to her how worthless she really was. Just a body to give pleasure – and in that thought she felt valued. She felt Amy’s tongue lap at her gaping cunt, taking the last drops of spunk from her.

Amy got out from under her, and soon her face was moving towards Jenny’s. In a second they were sharing a passionate kiss, and then Jenny tasted it, Amy passed the spunk she had sucked out of her cunt, into her mouth. She could taste Amy’s spunk as well as her own cunt juice on Amy’s lip. Jenny swallowed the wonderful gift. They were locked in a passionate kiss, Amy’s cock hardening and Jenny’s pussy becoming wet and hungry. Amy broke the kiss.

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