Our meeting

My name is Jack, I am 27 years old and I live by myself. I've been in a few relationships but none of them pleasured me as I liked. I didn't really blame the girls I guess cause they didn't really like my over-active sex drive. I was in a chat room one chilly morning when a girl named "Emilylove22" entered the chat. She came in asking for someone to talk to. As always numerous people IMed her but from the way she described that morning to me she said it was a click After talking to Emilylove22 I found out her real name was Emily Ashton who was 21 years old and lived a few miles away from my home in Austin, Texas. From the pictures she had sent me I guessed her around 110 lbs with silky brown hair and blue eyes. Her face was kind of cute and she said breasts were a 36c. I also found out that she was a submissive type and was looking for a Master. I was happy to take her in as my slave. As I waited in the dingy cafe waiting for her I noticed that it was empty except for an eldery couple who were obvlious to everything around them as they ate their breakfeast of egss and suasge. A pretty waiter with black hair and 32b breasts had brought me a cup of coffee and a sly wink.

I hear the door rattle open and look to see what gave me an instant hard on. Dressed in a white mini skirt and red tube top was Emily. She had her hair in a ponytail and light red lipstick on. I noticed she was beach sandals with a tatoo of a whip on her ankle. She walks over to me and asks with a sexy smile "Are you Jack?" she asked. "From now on it is Master got it slave?" I said sternly. She bit her lip for a second and nods while taking a seat across from me. "You are more sexy than the photos you sent me" I say. She giggles a thanks as we talk about everything from f****y to Fantasies.

After talking for a good 2 hours I invite her home. We walk out of the cafe and leads her to my car. We arrive home and countine talking for another hour before she leans in and kisses me. I grab her head and bring my lips to hers as I invade her mouth with tongue. Our tongues intertwine as she lowers a hand to my lap and removes my jeans. My 9" cock springs out a ready as she rubs her hands around it adjusting her senses to the feel. She gets on her knees and licks the head and begins working her tongue down the shaft. I moan a little before she thrusts her mouth on it and sucks like it will the last thing she tastes.

Her tongue caresses the head as she sucks licking up any pre-cum that comes out. I reach over and stick my hand under her dress to find she is wet. I feel her lips that are slick with her juices. I stick a finger in and feels her clit. She moans a sigh of relief on my cock. I play with her clit while she moves her head up and down on my cock. I finally can't take it anymore and shoot my semen into her mouth. Emily swallows every drop and licks her lips in approval. I take my finger out of her pussy and bend her over so her ass is facing my body. "Damn Emily you got a nice ass" I say. "I know master won't you please fuck me with that big cock of yours!" She begs.

I thrust my cock in as an answer and begin to slowly pump to spread her ass. "Fuck you got a tight ass Emily" I say. She just moans approval as I begin thrusting my hips. To tease her a little bit I pull out my cock until my head is touching her entrance. She grunts in disapproval. "Beg for it slave" I tease. "Master please fuck my ass like the slut I am and take what is yours!" she begs. "Well since you said please" I say. With a swift movement I ram my entire cock and begin fucking her ass. She moans loudly as my cock rams in and out of her ass. "You like that slut?" I ask feel my cock swell with cum and I pull out. I instantly ram my cock into her pussy and fuck her cunt until I blow my semen into her pussy. "Are you on the pill?" I ask. "Yes master" Emily says. "Good girl" I say. I help her up and cloth her. We kiss for awhile until she gets tired. "Where do I sl**p master?" Emily asks. I lead her to my room and we lie down togther my cock still hard from the fucking
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4 years ago
very good more details longer & a part 2