My first asian cock sucker

I thought it was a joke when she said she was flying in. But here she is. After a little talk we decided to go straight to our business. She was 5ft 2, black hair, and a great body. I was rather shy becouse she was a stranger and i doubted if she could fuck my 9 inch male. She moved closer and kissed my lips. I felt a steady chill run down my spine. Her lips were so soft n wet i guess so was her slit. She pushed me on the bed and came over me, sat on ma thighs and undid ma shirt. I untied her dress and it slid down her bodice leaving her medium breasts in the cool breeze.

She had no bra on. I pushed her down and pulled her dress and her panty off. I also took off my trousers and my boxers exposin my semi-erect member. She came closer and held me strong in her arms and kissed me on my lips. I kissed her and lowered my head to her neck and kissed it. I felt her hot tongue caressing ma right ear and let out a deep sigh.

I capped her left breast with my right hand as ma tongue teased her right nipple. She pushed he chest foward and gave me a better chance to explore her rich chest. I lay her with her back on the bed and ran ma hand over her thighs. I went down and kissed her belly sucking in her nerval. My mouth found its way to her salty wet cant
I tongue fucked her then landed on her fully erect clit. She parted her feet to let me explore her little heaven. I heard her sigh and knew she was almost cuming. I stoped and let her take the lead. She took my head into her mouth and started sucking on it. I felt spasms racing in my body as she pushed the whole of my cock down her throat. She stuck her fingers and stroke her clit as she sucked on ma cock rythmically. I was a bout to cum then pushed her head away. I lay her by her stomach and entered her from behind. I sank into her and she let out a loud moarn. I gave her the last thrust and our bodies froze at ones as we climaxed togather
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4 years ago
very good but needs details