Blowing Off Steam Pt. 1

I just knew I had to get Abby out of the house. The rain hadn’t let up in over a week, making us both go stir crazy. Having seen a flyer on the bulletin board on campus, I decided to take Abby to the new up and coming bar in the area. After taking Sasha, my Siberian Husky, out for a quick walk, I knocked on Abby's door and called out, “Abby, we need to get out of here for a while and I know just the place.” Getting no answer from Abby, she opened the door to find Abby sitting on her bed listening to her iPod and reading a book.
After a few minutes, Abby realized that I was standing in her doorway looking at her. Removing her head phones she leans back to stretch and asks me if everything was alright.
“Of course” I said, “I just wanted to see if you wanted to go out with me for a bit. I hate all this rain and need to clear my head.”
“Sure” Abby replies, “I could use a little time out to blow off some steam. Any ideas where to head off to?”
“Good. I saw an ad for the perfect place. It’s a new club called East Bend.” I replied.
Abby didn’t even hesitate, “Ok. Give me about 30 minutes and I’ll be ready to go.”
After walking back down the hall to my room, I took a quick shower and changed into a rather sexy outfit. Short leather skirt, bl**d Red silk sleeveless blouse and thigh high leather boots. Checking myself out in the mirror, I decided to go check on Abby’s progress.
“Abby, you almost ready to go?” When I didn’t get a reply I opened the door and heard the shower still running in Abby’s master bathroom. Walking up to the door I called out “If you don’t hurry up I’m leaving without you Abby!”
“Give me 5 more minutes and I’ll be out I promise.” Hearing this I started to laugh. 5 minutes of “”Abby”” time meant an additional 30 minutes just waiting on her to pick out her cloths and get dressed. Not wanting to wait much longer I decided to have a look in Abby’s closet to see what I could throw together for my best friend to wear. Having made my choices and hearing the water finally turn off, I laid the cloths on the bed and waited on Abby.
As Abby came out of her bathroom, she noticed that I was still in her room waiting on her. Starting to feel a little but pressed for time, she glances to the open closet door and then back to me. “What have you been up to?” she asked.
“Just thought I’d help you cut out some time and picked out some cloths from your closet.” I laughed. “I hope you don’t mind.”
“I’m sure I won’t, but let’s see what you came up with” Abby said as she started laughing. “Hmmm. You know me so well. I couldn’t have picked out anything better myself.”
Abby walked back over to the bed and dropped her towel. Comfortable in her naked appearance, she began to dress in the layers that I had picked out for her. A matching red lace thong and garter set, black thigh high stockings, and a red lace shelf bra were the first to go on. Turning on the ball of her foot towards me, she asks “How do I look?”
“Good enough to eat as always Abby, but you need to stop messing around and finish getting dressed.” I said playfully.
Turning back to her bed, Abby picks up the black pencil skirt and black silk blouse, that’s cut low enough in the front to catch a healthy glimpse of her generous breasts and red lace bra, slowly putting them on. Taking a minute to look at her reflection in the mirror, she notices that I am standing just behind her. I lean forward and whisper in her ear, “Let’s get out of here and find something to get into!” sending a wave of goose bumps along the skin of Abby’s neck.
Checking on Sasha one last time, we head out. Arriving at East Bend, they spot a small table in the corner of the bar by the dance floor. After ordering their drink they make it to the table and sit down and finally start to unwind.
Having decided to get out and throw back a few, Jacob, Samuel, Kevin and Thomas, walked through the door to the new club “East Room” just after 10 pm. Glancing around the place they headed to the bar to grab a couple of beers. As Jacob is taking in the crowd, he notices a couple of hot chicks at the table in the corner. Turning to Samuel he says “Hey, did you get a load of the chicks over there.” pointing to the table where Abby and I are at. “Isn’t that Abby from your Psyche class?”
“I think so” says Samuel. “I’m going to head over and say hi.” Making his way over to the us, Samuel notices Abby’s smile as she sees him approach.
“Hey there Sam. Out for a bit of fun tonight?” Abby asks feeling the heat creep into her cheeks as she blushes.
“”Yeah! Me and the guys wanted to check out the bar and grab a few drinks.” Samuel replies.
“Well we have plenty of room if you want to join us for a while” Abby states as she places her hand on his arm. “We could definitely use the company”
Samuel agrees and heads to round up the guys. When they make it to the table and the introductions are made, another round of drinks and some shots are ordered. After a while the bar is in full swing and the drinks are flowing around the table, when Samuel notices that my hand is on Abby’s thigh, absently making a gentle sweeping motion back and forth just under the hem of Abby’s pencil skirt. Intrigued to say the least, Samuel leans over and asks Abby “Should we leave to two alone?”
“Why would you ask that?” Abby says in a started tone.
“Well, I don’t want to make your girl jealous.” Samuel says as he points to where my hand is on Abby’s thigh.
“Don’t be silly. She’s not my girlfriend; she’s my best friend and occasional playmate.” Abby announces. “It doesn’t make you uncomfortable does it?” she whispers.
“Oh not at all. Actually I’m finding it rather hot!” replies Samuel with a grin.
Abby lean’s over and whispers in my ear, “I think we found our steam to blow off! What do you say we check with the rest of the guys and head on back to the house?”
“I was just about to ask you the same thing.” I state. “I’ll hit up Kevin and Thomas and you grab Jacob and Samuel.”
After agreeing with a nod of her head, Abby turns back to Samuel and asks if he and Jacob want to go home with her. Without any hesitation they both agree and get up from the table to let the girls out. Before sliding out of the booth, I also got the acceptance from Kevin and Thomas, to head home with me.
It took all of 5 minutes to pay the tabs and make it out to the parking lot, where the group split up. Abby choosing to ride with Samuel and Jacob, while I drove Kevin and Thomas, back to the house we shared. Once inside the house, we told the guys to make themselves comfortable and would be back in a few min after we had changed into something more comfortable.
With the girls having gone upstairs, Samuel turn to the group and asked “So what should we make of this guys? “
“Not sure what to think Sam, just hoping that we all go home satisfied.” Kevin answered as they turned to look back at the stairs.
Once upstairs, I follows Abby to her room. “So what’s plan babe?” I ask as we go into Abby’s walk in closet. “Think the guys know what’s going to hit them tonight?”
With a sly grin on her face Abby answers “Probably not, but they are in for a surprise.” “Let’s find something to wear and head back down.”
After donning our “comfortable” attire and covering up with robes, we make our way back down stairs to the living room.
Samuel hears us come down the stairs and turns, noticing that we are both dressed in robes. Not sure what to think, he opens his mouth to speak but it stopped by Abby before he can get anything out.
“Now I think it’s time for the night to start” Abby calls out. “Anyone want a drink? We have pretty nice bar in the back of the house.” She and I start to walk down the hallway waiting to see if the guys are going to follow.
At the end of the hall is a large mahogany door. Abby pulls a key out of the pocket of her robe and unlocks the door once she is sure that they guys have followed her and I. Walking into the room and turning on the light she stops to see the looks that appear on the faces of the guys as they take in the room.
As the guys glance around the room in total awe, they start to realize just what this night is going to entail. To the left of the door is a large wooden bar fitted with a sink, to the right of the door is a row of 3 chests-of -drawers and directly in the center of the room is a bed big enough to hold at least 12 people, above the bed the ceiling is covered in mirrors. On the far wall behind the bed is yet another large mahogany door. To the left of the door they notice a large kennel with an extremely large dog sl**ping peacefully in it.
“Don’t mind Sasha” I call out, “He’s our big baby, and wouldn’t hurt a fly.”
After taking in the space the guys find themselves in, they begin to relax and little and head over to the bar. Making them all a drink, Abby turns to the guys and asks if they are comfortable. With nods of acceptable from the guys, she casually walks over to Samuel, lifts her hand and grabs a fist full of his hair. Pulling his head back slightly, she leans over and runs the tip of her tongue from his collar bone, up this neck only stopping just below his lower lip to give him a hard lust filled kiss. Lifting her mouth up from his, she looks into his eyes and then to the others in the group, noticing the shocked yet lust filled stares from the guys.
I slowly walk over, coming up behind Abby, reaching around to cup her breasts over the silk robe. “So boys, here’s what we want you to do. Take a few minutes to look through the chests over there and pick out a couple of things that peak your interest. Then come back over to the bar and remove ALL your clothing. It’s time for us to see what kind of stuff you are made of. Will you be boys or men?” Garnering nothing more than open mouth nods from the guys, I grab Abby’s hand and lead her over to the bed. Once at the bed Abby and I sit on the end waiting for the guys to finish their tasks.
“So now what do we have gentlemen. Please present your choices with an explanation as to why you chose them.” Abby says as she reaches over and slowly begins to untie my robe, careful not to open it just yet. In return, I do the same to Abby, waiting on the guys to explain themselves.
The guys turned and looked at one another and as a group, decided to be most honest. “We they looked interesting, but we’re not sure what it is that we can do with them. Neither of us has ever done anything like this. We’re just hoping that the two of you will show us what we’ve been missing.” Samuel stated with a slight blush to his cheeks.


“Ok let me ask you all one thing then” Abby says seductively, “are you game for what we’re willing to give? That means you need to be comfortable with each other as there are only 2 of us and 4 of you.” “If not you may leave. If you stay, you had better be ready to begin.”
Looking around, all of the buys nodded their agreement in unison. “Ok then. Let us begin.” I drawl out. “You may all approach the bed and lay your toys down. Then we want you to take 2 steps back and with your backs to each other and shoulders touching. When you get into position we want your arms spread out to your sides with your palms facing back. And you will not speak at all this evening. Tonight is for feeling only. You speak and we will ask you to leave.”
While the guys were getting into position Abby and I slowly slide off the bed, letting our robes fall slightly open, revealing our matching red leather pushup bras, red leather thongs and black garter belts, along with black silk stockings. Walking over to where the guys were now in position we both shook of the robes and moved closer to the guys. Looking over to Abby, I nod my head and go to the chests. Pulling out several long pieces of black silk.
Heading back to the stunning sight in front of me I sigh as I feel the arousal stating to build in me. Before me are 4 of the hardest, excellently sculpted male bodies. Each with an alluringly beautiful stiff cock jutting up from between their legs. Each of them had most definitely been blessed by the gods, for they all were hung like Gods themselves. Samuel standing proud at around 10.5 inches in length and 3.5 inches in girth was the most endowed of the group, but not by much. Each of the remaining guys was weighing in at around 9 or more in length and 2.5 inches in girth. Smiling at Abby, I realized that we were definitely in for a treat.
Making it back to Abby and the guys, I handed her 2 of the silk scarves and told the guys to close their eyes. Making our way around them we blind folded each one with the silk.
“Now we are going to move each of you into the position we want. Do not dare move until we tell you to.” Abby said. She and I began walking in a circle around the guys standing there blindfolded for our viewing pleasure. Abby stopping in front of Samuel, she takes his cock in her left hand and slowly starts caressing it. Feeling it harden more, she takes a step to her right and takes Jacob’s cock in her right hand and does the same. Now that she has set a good rhythm, I do the same with Kevin and Thomas. “Now gentlemen, this is the exact position that we will begin and complete this evening in.” I call out. “Are you still game?” My only response from them, were lustful groans of anticipation.
Know the time had come to move forward, Abby and I both dropped our hands and the same time. Leaving the guys with a feeling of loss as our hands were no longer on them, touching and caressing them. Circling the group one last time, Abby and I changed places. I was now between Sam and Jacob and she was between Kevin and Tom. This time, instead of either of us taking their cocks in our hands, we began placing their hands on each other. Now standing in our pattern, each of the guys had 2 hands wrapped around their cocks. One from each of the men standing next to them.

“So how does it feel to have another man’s hand on your cock?” I asked. Leaning down to get a closer look at Jacob’s cock. Seeing the contrast of the other men’s hand on his fat cock is making me drip from my wet pussy. I slowly crouch down and lick the tip of the cock in front of me, trying to catch the drop of precum that has formed on the tip. Enjoying the salty and musky taste, I take the tip into my mouth until my lips are touching the hand that is gripping his shaft. Sucking hard and pulling back so that the tip is touching my lips, I hear a groan above me. Not wanting to be rude, I get up and more over to Samuel and give his cock the same affection that I had just give Jacobs. Glancing over I notice that Abby had mimicked my actions and is sucking on the tip of Kevin’s fat cock, while her hand is gently pulling on the head of Thomas’.
Leaning forward once more I tell Abby that it time. “We want each of you to stoke the cock that your hand is on.” I tell them, and then we both begin peeling the hands back from the cocks in front of us. Leaning down to take their full thick lengths in to our mouths. Slowly drawing them into us while we watch the remaining hands stroke the cocks they are gripping. The moans and grunts become increasingly louder with each passing stoke of hand and mouth as Abby and I circle the guys, giving them each a rousing round in our mouths before stopping.
“Alright drop your hands to your sides and turn around so you are all inward with shoulders toughing and your feet should width apart.” I instructed. Once the guys had maneuvered into their new position, Abby and I slowly crawled under their legs and sat on the floor in the middle of them. “Now place your hands on the shoulder of your one next to you and don’t move.”
Abby and I sat on our knees at an angle to 2 of the guys with our backs pressed together. Each now reaching up to grip a cock in each hand and starting stroking. Feeling each of them stake in turn at our ministrations, we leaned forward to lick off the beads of precum from their cocks. Stroking them faster and gripping them tighter, I told them to slide their blindfolds down around their necks so they could see what was happening. They did so and were completely enamored with the sight of Abby and myself on our knees before them. The groans got louder now that they had the visual to go with the sensations of what Abby and I were doing.
Leaning up a little off our knees, we each leaned sideways towards each other enough until our lips touched. I flicked my tongue over Abby’s lips and she parted them to let me have access to her hot wet mouth. Running my tongue over her lips and inside her mouth, I would detect the salty and musky takes of each of the cocks she had in her mouth just minutes before, mingled with her sweet essence. Tasting the combination of flavors and feeling the weight of the 2 cocks in my hands was making me wet with need.
Knowing thy guys had to be close Abby instructed them to place their right hand on the cock to their right and stroke it and their left hand on the balls to their left and massage them. Seeing this was an absolute delight. In turn each of them proceeded to close their eyes and throw their heads back. Abby and I turned in the center of them so we were now facing each other on our knees. As the guys were jerking each other off above us, I slid my hand up Abby’s thigh and under the front of her thong, while she did the same to me. Looking up I saw that the guys were watching us with full intent on blowing their loads, so I knew it was time to kick it up a notch. Leaning forward a little bit more, using my other hand, I started to lift Abby’s breasts up so they were perched on her bra. Taking her nipples one at a time and rolling them between my fingers to bring them to hard peaks, I slid the two fingers from my other hand into her hot wet pussy. Watching her eyes glaze over with pleasure, she thrust two fingers of her own into my wet pussy fucking me with her fingers. The sounds of our fingers slick with each other’s juices and the slapping sounds of the guys masturbating each other were pushing me to the edge, and I knew that they were for Abby to.
It was time. The first release of the night was now upon us so I told them guys that they needed to make their aim true and cum over mine and Abby’s faces and tits.
The sight of the multiple ropes of cum heading straight of us, spurred us to fuck each other faster and harder. Planting as the orgasm built in intensity within us, we kneeled up and closer to the cocks as they were Cumming on us, leaning over each other to lick the remaining cum off the heads of the cocks behind us, we both came in a torrent of ecstasy.
Leaning back, sitting there covered in cum, Abby says “Well that was the best appetizer I’ve had in a while. I can’t wait for the main entrée!” Grinning at me we both look up at the faces staring at us from above. “How about you. Are you ready for a drink and then the main course?”
The 4 men above us all shook their heads in unison to confirm their desires.

To Be Continued……

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