my first underwater sexual experience

I was staying at a friend of my wife's house and it was hot that night so we decided to go for a swim and we did. The water was so nice and just the right temperature so my wife and I went in. It was then that we decided to go skinny dipping. It was the first for her and she was nervous but I comforted her and told her that we had a high fence all around so no one could see us. I kissed her and she agreed. I took my trunks off and went under to remove them when I saw that she was underwater looking at me. She could hold her breath for a long time and she was smiling at me as she was under. She then took her suit off and she was glistening in the moonlight her body was beautiful and then I made the first move to comfort her. I went under and pressed my lips against her pussy and licked her I felt her legs buckle and then she took her hand and pushed my head inside her I kept licking till I almost ran out of air. I came up and she started to rub my cock and she whispered for me to relax and enjoy what was coming up. She tied her hair back and went under she held my legs and then I felt her sucking even better than she did in bed. I fell forward underwater and we 69d it was great for the first time I came in her mouth and she came in mine. we both surfaced and swam to the edge where we then kissed and held each other and could'nt wait to do it again. But thats another story.
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4 years ago
wooow nice
5 years ago
ya i'll say
5 years ago
you are lucky man