Our first threesome

My girlfriend Annie and I were looking to explore some of our sexual fantasies with another partner. We were open to either a guy or girl joining us, but it was a girl who gave us the first opportunity.

Sammy was a cute blonde who I saw on the bus every day going to and from work. At first we just gave each other a polite nod of the head and smile in recognition of seeing each other every day. That progressed to a polite good morning, which in turn lead to small talk, mostly about the weather and current events of the day. One morning Sammy told me her boss was out of town for the day, so it was going to be a boring day without much to do. I gave her my email address and told her if she got bored she could email me and I'd be happy to help entertain her for the day.

About mid-morning I got my first email from Sammy and we just goofed around, chatting about nothing much in particular. After lunch Sammy told me she was going to leave early for the weekend so I wouldn't see her on the bus that night. I was a bit disappointed, but I'd see her again on Monday morning.

I was playing on the internet later that night when I got an email from Sammy. It turned out she had been drinking and wanted to have a quick chat. She asked if I wanted to know a secret, and naturally I said I did. The next email I got from Sammy simply said, "I think you are hot and I have a crush on you."

"Hmmmm, thanks. I think you are super sexy too." I replied.

"You are my free fling. My boyfriend and I have agreed that you are the one guy I could have a fling with." said her next email.

That sounded interesting. I was very happy with my own girlfriend and not interested in cheating on her, but wondered if Sammy might be up for a little threesome with me and Annie.

I was wording an email to that effect when I got another email from Sammy. It had no text, just a jpeg file. I clicked it open expecting to see Sammy d***kenly holding a glass of wine. Boy was I wrong.

The photo was high resolution and filled my screen. It was Sammy, laying back on a bed, completely naked. She had a wicked smile on her face and I looked down to see the rest of her body. Her breasts looked firm dark brown nipples proudly standing erect. She was shaved smooth and with her knees up and spread wide, her pussy lips were slightly parted. I was in shock - I certainly hadn't expected this. As I clicked the reply button, I realized I had my hard cock in my hand already.

"Wow! Wish I was there!!" I said.

"Me too." she replied

I quickly took a photo of my hard cock and sent her a reply with it attached that said "Now look what you've done!"

She soon replied with 5 or 6 more photos, close ups of her breasts, one of her from behind as she bent over a chair, close ups of her wet pussy. The next email had a single attachment and said "May I?"

I opened the photo and saw Sammy taking a nice hard cock in her mouth. Her boyfriend was helping her with the photos and now he was getting his reward. Seeing her taking him in her mouth and knowing she wanted to do that with me put me over the edge, and I was soon cumming as I masturbated.

"That last one put me over the edge and now I have a mess to clean up" I replied to her.

"Yummy" was her simple reply.

I told my girlfriend about the emails and shared the photos with here. She was as surprised and turned on as I was and we decided to ask Sammy if she'd be interested in exploring a threesome with us.

I sent an email to Sammy over the weekend explaining that Annie had agreed that I could fuck Sammy as long as Annie was with us and involved. Sammy replied that she and her boyfriend were okay with that. We agreed to meet at my place the next Saturday afternoon.

We were all excited as the week rolled on and soon it was Saturday. Sammy came over and we had decided to go to my local pub for a few drinks to chat in a non threatening place. Although Sammy and I saw each other every day and were comfortable with each other, Sammy & Annie had never met, so this was a chance for them to feel each other out and decide if they were attracted to the other.

Everything went great and we soon found ourselves back at my place in my bedroom. We were all excited, but none of us had done this before and weren't really sure how to get the ball rolling. Sammy needed to go to the bathroom, so Annie and I decided to get things going on our own and see what happened from there.

Annie lay on the bed and I pulled her t-shirt off. I left her bra on, but she slipped one arm out of a shoulder strap to loosen it, allowing me to free one of her small firm breasts. As I gently sucked her small nipple erect, Annie reached down and unzipped my jeans, slipping her hand into my boxers to rub my hardening cock. Suddenly Sammy was back in the room, and laughed, saying we were starting the fun with out her. I looked up at her and suggested she take off her top and bra and show us the lovely, huge eraser nipples that we had seen in her photos. Sammy smiled and quickly took off her t-shirt and bra and began caressing her breasts, squeezing her nipples as they grew hard.

"Maybe you should just the rest off now too, huh?" I suggested, and Sammy laughed as she quickly stripped naked. We had seen several photos of her naked, but seeing her right there, naked in front of us was quite a turn on. By now Annie had pulled my hard cock from my bowers as she stroked it.

"Maybe I can help you there Annie", said Sammy as she stepped up to the bed. She reached down and pulled off my jeans and bowers as Annie continued stroking me. Sammy reached out and put her hand around Annies hand, helping her rub me. There was a large drop of pre-cum on the tip of my cock and Sammy looked up at me and Annie and asked if she could lick it off.

"Go for it" said Annie, and with that both girls released my cock from their hands and Sammy bent down to take me in her mouth. Hmmm, that felt good as I lay back, closing my eyes to enjoy the gently sucking. I felt Annie moving off the bed and opened my eyes to watch her slowly undress as she continued watching Sammy suck my hard cock.

I sat up and asked Annie to come and lay back on the bed. I got off the bed and asked Sammy to lay next to Annie. I stood naked at the foot of the bed.

"Now spread your legs girls. I want to see and taste your beautiful pussies" I announced.

They looked gorgeous, Sammy with her shaved smooth pussy, wet lips already swelling open, and in contrast Annie had a nice trimmed patch of bush above her pussy lips. Annie kept her pussy lips shaved smooth because she knew I liked that when eating her out. I got on the bed and decided to start with guests first. I moved between Sammy's legs and as she rubbed her now very wet pussy, I began to flick my tongue along her lips, chasing her fingers as they rubbed up and down. She soon moved her hand away to give me complete access to lick her wet snatch. She tasted so good and really had her juices flowing. reached up and slipped a finger in her easily, so quickly inserted a second and then third finger, stretching her, but knowing she was super horny and ready.

I continued fingering her with three fingers as I moved sideways between Annies legs. I eagerly went down on her familiar pussy, my tongue exploring, teasing behind her opening lips, flicking up to tease her clit.

I moved up between Annies legs, my cock nice and hard. With the ease of familiarity, I quickly guided my cock to Annies pussy, and gently entered her. Sammy turned to lay on her side, her upper body propped up on her elbow to watch me fucking Annie. It was quite a turn on, gently fucking Annie with Sammy laying right beside us, watching us and rubbing her juicy pussy.

"Would you like some of this Sammy?" I asked.

"Oh yes please!" she replied. I wriggled the girls around so i could lay on my back in the middle of the bed.

"Why don't you ride me Sammy?" I suggested, and soon she was up and straddling my cock, her hand reaching down to guide me. I felt her lowering onto me. Her pussy was incredibly wet and warm. I slipped straight in her like a cold hand in a warm mitten. Her pussy was so lubed I could barely feel her riding me up and down.

"Come over here", I beckoned Annie. I guided her to straddle my head so I could once again lick her pussy as she faced Sammy, watching my cock disappearing in her with each bounce. Soon I realized Annie was leaning forward giving me a better exposure to her pussy as she was kissing Sammy. I was in heaven! Sammy was riding me cowgirl and Annie was sitting on my face as they both kissed and I reached up with my hands to play with there beautiful breasts and nipples. I knew this memory would last forever!

After a short while, Sammy asked Annie if she wanted to go down on her. This had been a discussion point all week. Annie wanted to explore Sammy, but she had never been with another girl before and wasn't sure if she was ready to try going down on a girl. Annie reached down and rubbed Sammy's smooth slit and said she wasn't ready yet.

"Would you mind if I went down on your delicious pussy?" Sammy asked Annie. "I'd like to taste you."

"I'm okay with that. Are you okay doing that even if I don't return the favor?" asked Annie.

"Trust me. I'm more than okay with that!" purred Sammy.

So we all got up to reposition ourselves. Annie lay back on the bed on her back, her head propped up on a pillow to watch Sammy moving up between her spread thighs. I sat alongside Sammy to watch and as she began to gently lick my girlfriend, she spread her legs to allow my hand to slip between them to rub her soaking pussy. I moved to kneel between her legs.

"Kneel up Sammy," I said. "I want to fuck you doggy style as I watch you eat Annie".

Sammy dutifully got up on all fours, resting her arms on he elbows so she could lean down to eat Annie, all while exposing her ass and pussy to me from behind. Sammy was at a slight angle to Annie so I could watch her expertly work her tongue and mouth around her pussy. This wasn't the first time Sammy had eaten pussy. I rubbed my cock along Sammy's soaking wet, swollen lips and easily slipped inside her. She was so wet I slipped in and out of her easily, yet her pussy still gripped me tightly as I fucked her with a good rhythm. I enjoyed hearing my balls slap on her ass with each deep stroke, watching Sammys face get pushed into Annies pussy with the f***e of that same stroke. I leaned forward and reached around to fondle Sammy's tits. They were a bit bigger than Annies and her nipples were much bigger when hard. I found her nipples, squeezing, twisting and pulling gently on them as I continued banging my cock deep inside her. Suddenly Sammy tensed and started reacting to me more than Annie, pushing hard back onto me as I pumped each stroke into her. Suddenly the intensity and pace increased and I felt Sammy tense, her wet pussy tighten as she shuddered with an orgasm. Feeling her cum on me as I watched her eating Annie finally put me over the edge. Just as I was about to pump my hot cum deep inside of Sammy, I pulled out and my hard cock sprung up as the first squirt of cum flew over Sammy's head and landed on Annies tummy. the next shot was shorter, landing in Sammy's hair and the remaining spasms of cum squirting along Sammy's back. I was spent and we all collapsed on the bed together.

We all hooked up a few more times after that, exploring each other and trying new things. We tried to get Sammy's boyfriend involved. We all decided it would be fun to get together in a hotel room and share a king bed with use each fucking our partners along side each other. A kind of voyeurism, I guess. Maybe we would move from that and swap partners. I was excited at the thought of watching Annie being fucked as I fucked Sammy right beside her. The possibilities seemed endless, but eventually Sammy's boyfriend backed out. He did later enjoy having Annie visit him and Sammy for their own little threesome a few months later.
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