Lost lust

The crisp morning mountain air so clean and pure fills their lungs with one deep inhalation. Ariel and Eric, just starting out on what was hoped to be a beautiful day hike in the Great Smoky Mountains. Eric as normal filled with energy, running around like a 4th grade on the last day or school. Ariel so peaceful and beautiful, taking in the pleasantries around her. As they settle down and get there packs on for the hike ahead, Eric ponders if he should bring rain gear. The weather in the in the mountains is always so unpredictable. “Nah” Eric thinks to himself, “We’ll be out in back in no time”. “Ariel? Are you ready?” asks Eric. “Yes I am.” Ariel replies.

So spectacular is this area, the tree so lush and green, the smell of the foliage from the previous days thunderstorm fills the air. The two, holding hands start hiking ever so happily. Eric has been in these parts before. Unbeknowns to Ariel, Eric has a surprise, a great viewpoint just off the trail. Leading the way Eric trail blazes a path for them to follow to this wondrous over look. From here they can see out into the next valley and deeper into the following mountain range. Eric pulls a blanket out from within his pack, lays it out, “Want to just lay down, enjoy the views and each other?” Eric asks. Without haste Ariel is laying on the blanket cuddling up with her Eric.

Hours had past and the two where suddenly awaken by a thunderous “KA-BOOM”. They had fallen asl**p in each others arms while a terrifying storm had moved in. They got up in a hurry packing up and running to find the trail. The rain turned to hail and the temperature dropped significantly. Somehow Eric got turned around in all the commotion and realized that, they in fact were going in the wrong directing. They forge on running threw the woods. Ariel, wet and freezing cold, and neither has rain gear on. It shows on Ariel, her nipple so hard they push thru her sports bra. Suddenly Eric sees a cave like object in the distance. “Let’s make a break or the cave” Eric shouts over the roaring thunder.

Once in the cave Eric suggests, they undress and wrap up in the blanket he had in his pack. They both take off their shirts and shorts. Eric finds some dried brush and tree branches in the back of the cave and builds a fire. Ariel wrapped up in the blanket still shivering awaits the warmth of Eric’s hot body against her. The fire, now heating the cave is also helping dry their clothes. Eric sneaks up behind Ariel wrapping his arms around her, kissing the back of her neck and whispering beautiful and hot thought in her ear. Ariel is getting hotter as Eric's hands, now caressing her inner legs and breasts. She turns to him kissing his neck, ear and then with the softest of touch his lips. She utterly excited for this adventure is now ever more excited by the feeling of his hard throbbing cock up against her.

Turned on he removes her sport bra, licking her nipples, and kissing her neck. Advancing slowly down sliding her wet panties off, and starts softly petting her engorged clit. She arches her back and let out a subdued moan. Her pussy is dripping wet awaiting his stiff cock. She works her hands into his pants stroking his love tool ever so gently. She, aggressively flips him on his back, kissing down his chest, pulling his pants down past his knees. Slowly she kisses the tip, licking up the shaft, and gradually wrapping her lips around his firm cock. Slow, become fast and faster. He tries not to wiggle around but Ariel has total control. He’s at her mercy. Her wet lips and strong sucking have his toes curling and his back up against a rocky wall. She goes deeper and deeper. When all of a sudden he moans, and lets out a “oh,oh my goodness, I’m, I’m cumming!!” Eric eyes roll in to the back of is head in ecstasy!

Eric regained his strength and begins to kiss Ariels neck again, her nipples still rock solid, she cringes as he gives one a pinch. He starts kissing her breasts, working ever so toward that lustful valley of love. She raises one leg on a rock next to them as he kisses the inner thigh. Gently moving his finger into her wet pussy while licking her ecstatic clit side to side vigorously. His touch has her in panting in paradise, back arched, and eyes rolling, Toe curling. His licking so gentle, yet aggressive. His finger slipping in up and “OH, OH, OH!! That’s the spot”. She surrenders herself to his touch, in and out; side to side with an abrupt burst “OH, OH I’M CUMMING, OH, I’M CUMMING!!!” She melts, shaking and quivering not from the cold but the most unbelievable orgasm she’d ever had.

He lies next to her, as she again starts stroking his cock. She whispers in his ear “I want you in me!” His cock hardens to the stiffness of a 2 by 4 as he rolls on top of her thrusting his hard cock in to her moist creamy pussy. He benevolently thrust over and over again in a passive and tender manner. They wrap their arm around each other stronger and stronger as both clinching and cumming together in the most passionate of way. As they kiss and lay next to one another they again fall asl**p. Waking a few hours later to see the storm had passed and their clothes dried by the fire. Getting dressed and talking about the most wonderful love they’ve made, they start hiking only to find that they were within a 100 feet of the truck the whole time.
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