Black girl fucking part 1

Please take it easy this is my first ever story. I must say this is not a true story this has never happend to me or anyone I know. I have not used anyone elses story just my own imagination. If people like this part I will continue to write the rest and then publish that. Thanks for looking.

I have always had a thing for fat arses and until I watched some ebony I never thought about pounding a black girl. They have the juiciest arses big and round just the way I like it. There was a new girl in the office today and geuss what she was the black girl of my dreams thick thighs, big juicy arse and big boobs. I had to show her around the office as I had been there quite a while and seen many girls that I would like to fuck but never did but this one is different I would love to fuck her senseless. After showing her around which went pretty quickly as I couldnt stop staring at her she asked me was I married I replied no why ? Oh just wondering would love some hard white cock tonight if your intrested she replied. To be honest I didnt know what was going on should I say yes or no if I agree will she laugh and say she is joking ? Well after what seemed an age I muttered ok where ? 195 Whitefield avenue be there at 10 o'clock tonight.

9:59 195 Whitefield avenue
I was standing at the door for at least 5 mins wondering if I should ring the door or not. My finger reached out to ring the doorbell but she swang open the door just at the moment kinda awkward to be honest. She looked around before dragging me inside and sitting me on the sofa. Glass of wine ? No thanks I replied im driving sorry. Never mind she said I will be the d***k one then I geuss. Follow me

Walking up the stairs behind her I was sweating I really dont know what was going on. Why am I this nervous its not like I am a virgin or anything so whats this all about. She slams me onto the bed and gradually pulls down my jeans to reveal my 8 inch thick cock in my boxers. She looked suprised but happy, she started kissing through the boxers until she pulled them down and my cock slapped her in her face. I even had to laugh because it was hilarious but anyway she started licking my bellend slowly moving in a circle motion, then she ramed it right down her warm throat I could feel her gagging but I loved that feeling of a girl chocking on my big cock. I rolled her over and slid off her jeans along with her sexy black and red thong. I started kissing her clit slowly then I started licking it while sticking my fingers in her wet, tight pussy she groaned & groaned with pleasure. I just couldnt help myself I had to try this I lifted her legs forward kill her knees where near her face I then started licking her tight arsehole while sticking my finger in there. After I got her arsehole soft and wet I started sliping my tongue in there getting as deep as possible. I started licking her arse while fingering her she started shaking lifting her whole body up, moaning with pure pleasure. She let out a moan and I felt the juice dribble out of her pussy and down to her arsehole this made me want to lick it even more until this happend.

There was a bang downstairs I looked at her and she looked terrified I know at that moment she had a boyfriend and he was home. This was great I am stuck upstairs with a girl whos boyfriend is going to be walking up them stairs anymoment. The door handle moves, I freeze ... To be continued ...
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3 years ago
great story cant wait for part 2