A CFNM Fantasy

Chapter One- A CFNM Fantasy
It’s a Saturday, and you have gone out shopping with
your friends. Home alone, I start getting horny, wondering
what kind of clothes you may be buying, and if there will
be any sexy “presents” you will be wearing home for
me. I love when you dress sexy. I feel my cock starting to
get hard just thinking about what you might get….maybe
some sexy lingerie….or a cute new dress that shows off
your body…..some shoes that let your toes peek out…..or
maybe you’ll buy another sex toy to use on yourself. I
open up the laptop, lie down on the bed, take off my clothes,
and start slowly stroking my dick. God, that feels good.
My balls have a load of cum that needs to be released. I hope
you won’t mind that I am starting without you, but I know
you won’t be home for hours.

I hear the key turning in the latch to the front door, glance
at the clock, and realize you are home early. You must have
forgotten something and returned early, as you haven’t
had enough time to do your normal shopping. Oh well. Caught
with dick in hand, maybe you’ll decide to stay home and
we can spend the entire weekend nude and fuck like bunnies.
What a great way to spend the weekend! You walk into the bedroom,
stop in the doorway, and see the laptop and me with my hand
on my hard dick. You cock one eyebrow questioningly and
at the same time subconsciously lick your lips. “Well, well, ” you say, as you walk over to see what
I am viewing. “Look who couldn’t wait to look at a little
pussy.” You’re wearing a blue sundress with spaghetti
straps. It comes to a few inches over your knees and you look
HOT! (As always!!) You have gorgeous legs. The dress is
sprinkled with red and yellow and pink flowers. No bra (not
that you need one) and white sandal type flip-flops showing
off your feet. You have an ankle bracelet on your right leg
with a small heart charm with my name on it. You slowly inch
the dress up your thighs, and stop just below your panties.
I wonder what color they are today, as I hadn’t watched
you dress like I normally like to do. “Should I continue?”
you ask.

“Oh yes, ” I moan, slowly stroking my cock and anticipating
that you will soon be joining me in bed.

You bring your dress up a couple more inches and I see your
neatly trimmed pussy. That sight gets me every time. You
reply “Surprise, I decided not to wear panties today
while shopping to get it all wet and juicy.” That has me
licking my lips. A little louder you yell down the hall,
“Girls, come on in the bedroom and see what was going on
while I was away.” A moment of panic sets in as I realize
that your friends are with you, and I reach for the sheets
to cover myself. “Oh no!” you sternly command. “I
want them to see what you do while I’m out shopping.”
When you use that tone, I know not to argue, but just accept
my fate. My dick starts to go soft as stage fright sets in.

Your friends, Amee, Terri, Linda, and Krissie walk in.
A mixed variety. Amee is a true MILF. Probably early fifties.
Very petite, not much over if even five feet tall. She’s
a strawberry blond leaning more toward the strawberry
side, almost no tits, and an athletic body that a 20 year
old would envy. I’ve always wondered if her pussy hair
matches the color on her head. She’s wearing a bright
red tank top with a white mini-skirt. WOW, she still has
the legs for it. Bright red on a female says, “I’m hot,
I know it, and I’m ready to fuck.” Pink flip-flops to
complete the view.

Terri is the youngest of the group, and probably early 30s,
and a BBW. Chestnut colored hair, with a slight wave to it.
She has some extra pounds, but whether it’s five, fifty
or a five hundred I don’t care. They make her natural EEE
boobs look huge. I’ve always wanted to take one of those
in each hand and feel how heavy they are. She’s has on a
low-cut white blouse showing off her cleavage, a pair of
tan shorts, and comfortable flats.

Linda is Hispanic. Dark eyes, long dark hair, and an infectiously
gorgeous smile. Nice C cup boobs. I’ve never been sure
of her age, but guess maybe late 30s. She’s wearing a tight
set of jeans to show off her butt, and a multi-colored shirt.
Red high heels. It’s not your normal jeans choice of shoes,
but then Linda isn’t conventional. I wish she was showing
a little more skin today, but as close fitting as all her
clothes are, there is not much left to imagine.

Krissie is the stereotypical soccer mom with two k**s and
the minivan. Blonde, short hair that is easy to maintain,
early 30s, with a few freckles on her nose. She has glasses
and a dimple on her right cheek when she smiles. Not beautiful,
but she’s damn cute, and usually quiet and reserved.
She always dresses more conservatively than the others,
and today is no exception. A tee shirt advertising her daughter’s
soccer team with tan capris, as if to say “I’ll show
you a little of my legs, but you’ll have to imagine the
rest.” No socks and white tennis shoes. Her chest looks
like somebody placed two scoops of ice-cream on it. Overall,
a very sexy, athletic look that says, “I have the stamina
to fuck 24/7.”

You say, “OK girls, it looks like he couldn’t wait for
my pussy. Let’s make him pay for that. These are the rules.
You can play with him all you want, do whatever you want to
him, but NO making him cum. THAT’s for me to do.” “He’s
not allowed to touch you without your permission” you
say as you look sternly at me making sure I understand the
rules you have set. “If he doesn’t comply, he knows
he might not get any of this, ” as you point to your pussy.

By now my cock has shriveled to about 2 inches, even at the
sight of all these beautiful women. “You call that small
thing a dick?” Terri teasingly says. Surprisingly,
the reserved Krissie is the first to shout out, “Let me
have some of that cock, ” as she boldly walks over and
grabs my rod and begins to stroke me with her right hand while
cupping my balls in her left. I can feel her hot breath on
my cock and balls.

You take a seat in the armchair that is opposite the foot
of the bed, and lift one leg over each side which spreads
them wide. You lift your dress over your waist and spread
your pussy with two fingers. You know how much I LOVE that….seeing
your pussy with your dress still on…..like I’m getting
a peek at something I shouldn’t be seeing. I NEVER tire
of seeing your pussy. We lock eyes, and I silently mouth
“Thank you.” I then allow my eyes to wander down to where
your hand is. Bright pink. The color of my surrender. I’m
powerless to do anything but submit to your will when you
spread your pussy like that. A spread pink pussy is the most
powerful weapon in the world. You know it, and use it to your
advantage. “This is what he wants, ” you say. “Get
him nice and hard for me, and he knows he might get some of
this when you are all done playing with him.”

Krissie’s stroking and the sight of your bright pink
cunt has me hard to seven inches again. My arms are at my sides,
and Amee straddles my left hand. I take that as an invitation
to explore up her thighs under her mini-skirt. I brush my
fingers across her panties. She adjusts herself so my fingers
are directly against her panty-clad twat. I go around the
edges, and explore with my fingers. Pussy hair, not a lot,
but it doesn’t feel like it is trimmed. I wish I could see
if it matches her hair color, but as fine as it feels, I know
it has to be a match. I insert two fingers into her juicy cunt,
as she slowly begins to rock back and forth on them like it’s
a mini-dick. Her pussy is wet and hot and feels good on my
fingers. I love the feel of exploring a warm, slippery cunt
with my fingers. All the time my eyes are locked with yours.
“It looks like Amee is having some fun, ” you say. You
have your pussy spread with the fingers of one hand, and
with the other you are slowing drawing circles around your
clit. I can see it growing bigger and starting to peek its
head out. I love that sight!! “Don’t you wish you could
taste this?” you ask. I can only groan my approval. You
have the most delicious pussy in the world, and I can’t
wait to taste it.

Terri gets on my right side and starts rubbing her hands
over my chest. I take that as an invitation to do the same
to her, and reach up to grab her left boob. She slaps my hand
away and says, “You weren’t invited. You want to feel
these??” She leans over and smashes her left boob into
my face for just a second and then backs off. Wow that fell
soft and squishy, and covered my entire face.

Linda gets down by Krissie and says, “Let me have some
of that cock!” She brushes Krissie’s hand away and
slowly explores the feeling of my dick in her hand. Precum
is leaking everywhere, and Krissie leans down and licks
it off like she had her favorite ice-cream cone. My cock
jumps. God the electricity of her tongue felt good. A strand
of precum stretches from my dick to Krissie’s lips. Linda
pushes her away and takes the head of my cock in her mouth.
She swirls her tongue around the sensitive underside.
Krissie adjusts and sucks my right ball into her mouth while
Linda is working on the head. The duo combination has me
about to explode. The feeling deep inside my nuts is that
the cum wants to find its way out.

You are starting to moan as the pace of your playing with
your cunt has increased. God, you look so fucking sexy when
you do that!! I could watch you play with yourself all day,
and then give you the fucking you deserve. Your eyes are
briefly closed and I wonder what you imagining. You have
one hand working on your pussy and another pinching your
nipples through your dress. I want to push the others away
and just go stick my dick in your inviting cunt, and fuck
you good, but I know you don’t want me to yet. You open your
eyes and see that Krissie and Linda have me close to cumming
and warn them, “Careful, don’t make him cum! That cum
is for ME!!” They both lift their heads from my cock and
balls, and slowly run their hands through my pubic hair.
Teasing, but not quite touching my aching dick. I can still
feel their combined breaths blowing softly of my balls.

I give a deep exhale, and slight shudder, and you know that
is a sign I had a mini-orgasm. You know that I can often have
many of those without ejaculation. Brought to the brink
of a full explosion, I feel all the release of an orgasm (just
not quite as intense as the final one) without ejaculation.
“Great job, girls.” “You stopped just in time or
you would have had a huge mess on your faces, ” you say
with a chuckle. “Get him all worked up so he can give me
a good fucking, and then give me a big load of cum!”

Amee suddenly throws her head back and shouts, “YES,
I feel her juices running down my fingers covering my hand.
She has her legs clamped tightly together and I can’t
withdraw my hand. Her whole body trembles from her orgasm
and her cunt is like a vise gripping my fingers.

“YEEEEESSSSSSSS!” she shouts as she cums again. She
slowly starts to relax and I pull my fingers from her pussy
and bring them up under my nose and inhale. The pheromones
of pussy juice automatically make my dick grow harder,
and more precum starts to leak out. I lick her juices off
my fingers. Fuck she tastes so good. You know what I am thinking
and warn, “Just don’t get too used to her pussy taste, ”
“You know mine is the best.”

“Don’t worry, ” I tell you, “your pussy is the
best I have ever tasted!!” I give you a small smile as I
stare into your eyes and watch you play with your cunt. “You
are so fucking beautiful, ” I say. “Do I ever tell you

You give a small laugh and reply, “Only about a hundred
times a day, but I never tire of it.” “Good” I think
to myself. I want to be sure that you know I think you are the
most beautiful woman in the world. My eyes may look at other
women, but they belong to you.

Terri notices the precum covering the head of my cock and
leans over and licks it off. Not to be outdone, Linda starts
at the base of my cock with her tongue and licks all the way
to the tip like it was an all-day sucker. Terri takes Krissie’s
place, and joins Linda in licking up the other side. The
sight of two tongues licking my dick has precum flowing
like a mini-river. Temporarily displaced, Krissie shouts,
“I need a good, hard FUCKING. I NEED that cock buried deep
in my pussy.”

“Nope, ” you tell her, “No fucking, but do whatever
else you want.” To everyone’s surprise the normally
quiet soccer mom pulls down her capris revealing a swollen
cunt with her pussy hair shaved in the shape of a heart above
it. “Eat me you bastard!” she shouts, “FUCK my pussy
with your tongue!” She climbs up on my chest and plants
her cunt right over my mouth. “EAT MY PUSSY!! FUCK MY CUNT
WITH YOUR TONGUE!! LICK MY TWAT!!” She is now grinding
her pussy into my face. “STICK YOU TONGUE WAY UP MY WARM
Who would have guessed that behind the normally reserved
Krissie was a sexual dynamo that is so VOCAL and loves to
talk dirty in the bedroom?

I can hear you moaning, and know by the sounds you must be
getting close to cumming. I want to see you cum, but Krissie
is blocking my view. I know I need to get her off (figuratively
and literally) if I want to watch you cum. FUCK she has a HUGE
clit. Another surprise from Krissie. I suck it into my mouth
and swirl my tongue around it. Her pussy is leaking juices,
and my entire face is wet from the way she is bouncing around.
I feel a mouth engulf my cock and slowly inch its way down.
“OH MY GOD, ” I think. I feel lips clear at the base of
my cock and it feels like someone attached a vacuum cleaner!
Whoever it is is deep-throating me. Two other tongues are
licking my balls and softly blowing on them. I wonder who
has the talented mouth?? Three mouths near my cock, a cunt
on my tongue, and I can hear you playing with your pussy.
I’m in heaven. Not only are you softly moaning and making
primal a****l sounds, but your pussy is soooo wet that I
can hear the slushing sounds it is making as I know you must
be rubbing it hard. I NEED to see that!

I increase my pressure in sucking on Krissie’s giant
clit and hope she will soon be seeing fireworks. “MORE,
MORE, MORE, ” she screams. I’m thinking the neighbors
a block away can hear her. “SUCK MY CUNT!!! I’M A FUCKING
she throws her head back and howls (literally!) “AWOOOOOOOO!”
What a fucking wild woman! I make a note to myself I would
love to have another go at her sometime (if you let me.) She
climbs off my face, and I take it that she just came, as she
lies on the bed breathing heavily. I can now peek down and
see that it is Amee that is the talented cock-sucker (almost
as good as you). Over her head our eyes meet, and you have
a slight smile on your face. I know I’ll never be able to
repay you for this gift, and that I will be a slave to your
pussy forever.

I watch as you are playing with your pussy in your favorite
ways, and I know you too will soon be cumming. I see you get
an intense look on your face, and know it won’t be long.
God, you are so fucking beautiful and glow when you cum!!
Did I mention before how fucking, beautiful you are???
It turns me on soooo much to watch you play with your pussy.
I never tire of that sight. BOOM! There it is. You just had
your first in a series of orgasms. Our eyes are locked together,
and I watch as you cum again and again. I can almost feel your
orgasms with you and our souls are as one. How was I so lucky
to meet someone like you?

“Let him up now, ” you tell your friends, “Your playtime
with him is over, but you’re welcome to watch.” You
crook your middle finger back and forth in a combination
“come here” signal, and like you are flipping me off.
I crawl off the bed and over to the chair you are in. I know
what you want. You slide forward so your pussy is right on
the edge of the chair. I move my head close, stopping to enjoy
the aroma, but you want none of that and pull my head up against
your cunt with your hands. Your pussy is so wet from your
orgasms, and I enjoy the flavor as I lick it all up. You always
enjoy when I eat you pussy, and usually have several more
orgasms while I lick you. You must be feeling exceptionally
sexy and horny performing in front of your friends as you
mash your pussy against my face as I try to lick as fast as
I can. I don’t know if you have ever been juicier and sweeter
tasting. I can tell you’ve climaxed again as you lock
your legs against my head. “I need to be fucked!” you
frankly state. “I’m ready for and need some good hard
cock.” “Get on the bed, NOW” you order.

I get on the bed lying down on my back, my cock aching for release.
You stand up from the chair, smooth out your dress, and reach
down and take off your shoes. You have a wry smile on your
face, and I know I’m in for a treat. You climb on the bed,
straddle me, grab my cock with one hand, and slowly sink
your hot pink pussy down my dick. “OH FUCK, THAT FEELS
SO GOOD!!!” I groan. My dick was perfectly made for your
pussy. I would keep it in there forever if I could!!! All
at the same time your pussy is hot and wet, slippery and loose,
gripping and releasing, tight and warm, contracting and
seizing, like a silk and velvet lined vessel for my dick
to be stored in. I never cease to be amazed by the million
contradictory feelings flowing through my cock when I
have it buried in your cunt.

Our eyes are together the whole time. God, I can’t get
over how fucking beautiful you are. “Oooo, you hoarsely
whisper.” “I’m going to FUCK you, and when I’m
done, I going to FUCK you some more. We’re spending all
weekend in here.” You know I love when you talk dirty and
tell me what you are going to do to me. It’s so unlike your
“everyday” personality, and I love when you get sexual.
You demurely smooth your dress out so that it covers the
sight of what is happening underneath it. You begin to grind
your hips in circles. FUCK, I love that so much better than
in and out, and you know it. It feels like my cock is touching
and searching out every corner of your cunt. My heart is
pounding and my breathing is deep. Your face is flushed,
and I know you are enjoying yourself.

Your friends are around the bed and enjoying the “show.”
Krissie hasn’t gotten dressed, and is openly displaying
and playing with her cunt. Amee has removed her panties,
and her hand is buried under her mini-skirt. I sneak a peek
at her pussy. I was right: strawberry-blonde pussy hair.
Terri has unbuttoned her blouse, and unsnapped her bra.
She is slowly drawing circles around the nipple of one of
her gigantic boobs, and Linda has taken the other one in
her mouth while massaging it with her hands. Another surprise.
All are keeping an eye on us, with occasional moans coming
from them as they pleasure themselves, or cheering us on
of “FUCK that cock!” “Make him cum.” “Look at
the way she is grinding on him!!” “Take off your dress.
We want to see!” “I wish that was my pussy getting fucked.”

I glance at the clock. It’s been two hours since all this
started, and I’ve lost track of how many times I have been
on the verge of ejaculation, and backed off. I know you’ve
cum at least a dozen times. I’m just lying back enjoying
the sight of you enjoying yourself fucking my cock. You
snake a hand under your dress, and I know you are going to
finger your clit while fucking me. Our eyes never wander
from each other. We could be fucking in the middle of Times
Square for all I care. Nothing is going to distract me from
your eyes. I love to stare into your eyes and appreciate
your beauty when we fuck.

When you’re ready, I’ll cum for you. You think I delay
cumming just for you (and I know you appreciate it) but secretly
I love delaying it, as all the mini-orgasms make the final
cum with an ejaculation a real EXPLOSION. It also makes
my load so much larger, and I know how much you love to eat
cum. At my age, I don’t produce as much cum normally as
I did when I was younger, but the delay and build up helps
make for more volume. I watch the glow on your face, and the
warmth in your eyes, as you cum again, and feel your pussy
tighten around my cock. “I’m ready” you quietly
say, and climb off my cock.

You move down and engulf my cock with your mouth. FUCK! I
can’t believe how good you suck cock. I love to watch you
suck my dick with our eyes joined. You play with my nuts with
one hand as your mouth is trying to draw the cum up from depth
of my balls. My breathing is becoming more rapid and louder,
as I start to plead, “OH FUCK, MAKE ME CUMMMMM!” You
take your mouth off my rod, and just lightly kiss the head.
“Not quite yet, ” you say with a mischievous smile.
You love torturing me, but you know I love it too.

“Pleeeeease, make me cum, ” I whisper hoarsely. “You
know I’ll do anything for you if you do.” Another
smile on your face, as I know you have fun watching me writhe
in agony from the feeling of my balls being ready to explode.
I want to grab my cock and get off, but I know that is against
your rules. Only YOU are allowed to make me cum.

“Anything??” you ask.

“ANYTHING!!” I shout in desperation. “Just make
me cum!!!!” I plead again. “I need to shoot a fucking
load!!” My heart is pounding so hard I am sure everyone
in the room can hear it. I can feel the cum at the base of my
cock. Not moving up the shaft, not moving back to my balls.
It is just sitting there on the verge, waiting to cum out,
and keeping me in a constant state of near orgasm. The feeling
is UN-BEFUCKING-LIEVABLE!!! It is sweet torture that
I enjoy, and love to prolong (to a point) and know that you
like watching me squirm. The point has come though that
I can’t enjoy this pleasure anymore. I NEED TO SHOOT MY

You ask again, “Are you sure?? Anything????” You already
know the answer and the power that your pussy and mouth hold
over me, but you want to hear it again. I would do anything
for you!

“YES! YES, YES! I’ll do anything for you, anywhere
you want, anytime you want. Your pussy owns me. I am a slave
to it and powerless to do anything except but what it commands.

You lower your mouth over just the head of my prick, and
tease the sensitive underside with your tongue. OH GOD!!
I can feel the cum starting to move! FINALLY!!! It’s running
up the shaft. You take your mouth off, stick out your tongue,
and hold my cock right against the tip of it. Again our eyes
are locked and I begin to smile. ONE, TWO, THREE, and then
a delay and then a final fourth spurt of cum onto your tongue
and into your mouth. Fuck, I love the look in your eyes when
I cum on your tongue. You wiggle your tongue back and forth
showing everyone the load of cum on it, close your mouth,
and I can see you are savoring it like fine wine. Your friends
are cheering and whistling, and making comments about
how sexy you look with cum on your tongue, dripping down
your lips, and that they want some cum too. You swallow,
open your mouth wide to show that it is (mostly) gone. A trace
still lingers on your lips and you lean over and kiss me.
I can taste our joined juices, my cum and your pussy in the
kiss. Yummy. Just the way it should be.

You lean close to my ear and whisper, “Now about that promise,
I have this fantasy of……….”

[And now the story continues with Chapter 2, your fantasy.]

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