My hotwife at the nightclub

This is the story about how our relationship took a turn down the road of hotwifing. This is completely true!
My wife and I have been married for 10 years. Everything about our relationship has been conventional up to this point. k**s, jobs, a monotnous sex life, you know the routine. We had talked about fantasies involving other men and women in our bed, but that was the extent of it. My wife Mandi is a total hottie! She always turns heads wherever we go. She is an attention whore, and always loves seeing guys checking her out!
About a year ago my wife went out for "girls night out". I was out of town at the time so all of our conversation took place on the phone. She told me she was bored and wanted to go drinking...but she didnt have anyone to go with. I suggested a friend of hers Leigh. She said it was a good idea, she would give her a call. The next call I got was her letting me know that Leigh was up for going out too. I commented "maybe you'll meet a couple college guys?"

Leigh and her ended up going to a dance club. After a few drinks, they spotted 2 young college studs. Leigh and her ended up flirting with the guys. They danced for a while getting more d***k. In between the dancing they would return to the table and for more flirting and drinking. I recieved a voicemail from her, "hey honey, Leigh and I met these two college guys and they are fuckin hot! We are totally going to hook up" I called her back. She answered the phone and her excitment was obvious. "Im in the bathroom, we met these 20 year old college guys and we are going to leave with them. Are you sure you're ok with this? He has no idea I'm married!" I have to admit I was nervous, but my cock was raging! I told her "yeah I'm fine with it. Have fun"

That was the last I heard from her that night! it was'nt until 6 am that she finally answered her phone. Still groggy from drinking and fucking all night. Here is her account of what happened after her and I talked that last time.

Mandi, Leigh, Ryan, Travis and another couple ended up stumbling out of the bar and piling into Travis's car. Mandi and Ryan were in the back seat along with the other couple. My wife was wearing a short skirt and sitting on his lap. All evening Ryan and her had been making out. On the dance floor, in the smoking area and now in the back seat. The other couple in the back with them were friends of Travis and Ryan and were in shock at Mandi being so slutty. Here they are sitting next to them while his hand is burried under his new married sluts skirt, their tongues down each others throats.

They get to an apartment, she thinks it was the other couples, but in her d***ken stupor...she has no idea. Ryan and her end up on the couch to continue their makeout session. Everyone else was playing beer pong across the room. Her pussy was exposed for everyone to see as he was still fingering her hole. After a while, the party was winding down, so Leigh, Mandi, Travis and Ryan leave to head to Ryans house. They get there, Mandi and Ryan are in the bathroom making out. She drops to her knees and unzips his cargo shorts and out springs a cock bigger than she has ever seen before. She said she thinks it was at least 8 inches, and big enough that her hand wont wrap around it! She had been rubbing it through his shorts all night, but this was the first she got to see it. She takes the head in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it, looking up at him. I forgot to mention, she gives the most incredible head ever! She works her way down to a huge set of balls, flicking her tongue over them lightly kissing her way back up to his head. After a few minutes of her teasing his big fuckstick, she comes back up for more wet kisses.
She whispers to him "how do you want me baby?" He says "from behind" My wife leans over the vannity and spreads her ass looking back at him with a naughty grin, "take this pussy, you own it" he takes his massive cockhead and smears his precum up and down her juicy slit. He starts to slide it in, and being as how there has been about 4 hours of glides in her dripping pussy with ease. She reaches back and rubs those big nuts swinging with each thrust. She moans "Do you like this pussy?" Let me tell you, she knows how to talk nasty! All of a sudden someone starts banging on the bathroom door, it was Travis. "are you guys ok?" "you should come out" He wouldnt take no for an answer. So Mandi and Ryan come out to the living room. Mandi sits down with Ryan in a bean bag, he's playing with her pussy. Leigh and Travis were next to them in another bean bag. Both couples are fucking side by side in the beanbags. Leigh reaches over and starts playing with Mandi's tit, then rolls a little to her side and the two start kissing. Mandi says to Leigh "do you want to be our toy?" Leigh doesnt say anything. Travis pulls his cock out of Leigh and she climbs on top of Mandi. Face to face they are making out. Travis moves up to their heads and puts his meat in between their kiss. They both are sucking his cock while Ryan is taking turns fucking their holes. Mandi said it was so intense, 2 twenty year old boys fucking them like porn stars. The two guys were alternating between fucking my wife and leigh and getting head. At one point Travis was on his back Mandi on her back, his meat burried in her box, Leigh facing her, and Ryan nuts deep in her. Holy shit, a year later it still gets me hot as fuck thinking about her being such a naughty slut.

The night went on like this until they all collapsed in a sweaty, cum covered pile. Finally at about 6 am they drove back to the bar to get Leighs car, according to leigh, Mandi and Ryan were still fucking around in the back seat at 6 am. Leigh said Mandi had his cock out all the way back to the bar. The girls got out and kissed the guys goodbye, Mandi looked at Ryan and said "hope you liked this married pussy" She said his jaw dropped!

Since this happened, she has had a few other similar experiences with dating other men. I'll save those for later.

I dont consider myself a cuck, as I'm not into being humiliated. I just love for my wife to date and then come home and share all the gooey details with me. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if she would have been texting me pics as it was unfolding! I prefer this to seeing her with another guy.

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6 months ago
damned predictive text should have read present and cuck lol
6 months ago
Great story I want to watch my wife get fucked while I am parent, but I am not a Chuck, I want to join in:))
3 years ago
Great story. And I can totally relate to you getting pics of what she is doing. I bet you will cum a lot of times too.
3 years ago
Hot story! Hope you write and post more.
3 years ago
Great story! What club did the women go to? I want to go there too!!!
3 years ago
Fucking hot!
3 years ago
HOT, Finally, another man that enjoys hearing about and/or seeing his wife's dates and NOT being a cuck. I was beginning to thing I was the only guy left in the world that felt this way. Thanks for posting.