Unexpected Consequences

Jake walked into the laundromat an hour later than usual. Balancing two baskets of clothes, he paused to get detergent from the dispenser. he was digging for quarters in his jeans when both baskets toppled from his other arm sending clothes all over the floor.
Cursing, he bent and scooped his dirty clothes back into their baskets with violent little jerks. A sock had slid just beyond his reach under the seats along the wall, next to rounded, curvy legs with golden skin and an occasional sun freckle here and there. His eyes ascended the legs, taking in the firm muscles beneath the skin, the cute little round-toed flat shoes. The skirt covered the legs at mid-thigh, d****d over skin that looked smooth, almost silky.
His cock twitched and he looked up at the woman who owned the legs he was already fantasizing about spreading. He was slightly disappointed. A rather plain woman with features slightly too narrow to be pretty owned those bilogical marvels of engineering. She had small, high breasts which barely bulged the sports bra she was wearing. Unremarkable brunette hair slipped over her ears to her shoulder, and she was deeply engrossed in the mass market romance treasured in her long-nailed fingers. She looked to be in her early thirties...the telltale signs of small wrinkles here and there indicated a few miles.
Jake stood and moved around to the other side of the double row of washers facing her, trying for a look up her skirt while he threw his laundry into one of them. In his head he could see the scene; he walks up to her, introduces himself, and she is charmed and ready to converse with a moderately handsome man paying attention to her. He would express interest and she would be delighted at the opportunity to hang with him, since she was rather hoomely of face.
He slammed the lid of the washer. Wrapped in her book, she didn't look up. He sauntered over and slid into the seat next to her.
"Hi," he introduced himself. "I'm Jake." She looked up from her book with an annoyed look.
"I'm really enjoying my book." She said pointedly, and immediately went back to reading. Feeling foolish and a little angry, Jake got up and went to the vending machine for a Coke. What a bitch, he thought.
After watching the latest pointless news from the crappy little barely color tv, he saw here at the bank of dryers, bending to pull clothes into her basket. Her skirt lifted a little, showing her beautifully muscled thighs shifting as she altered her balance. Her hips were wide and her ass showed as a mysterious dream of firm, smooth flesh through her skirt. She put clothes back into the dryer and walked over to her bag. She pulled out a cigarrette and headed for the back door, where you could smoke in an alley.
Jake waited til she had been gone for a minute, then headed out back for a smoke himself. She was leaning against the brick wall outside.
"Got a light?" Jake asked.
"I'm sorry for interrupting you in there. I thought you were really cute and made a fool of myself."
She looked at him with pentrating brown eyes. "Yeah, I'm not looking to meet anyone. Just want to read and do my laundry without some asshole who just wants to screw me making stupid conversation in a misguided attempt to get laid."
Jake flicked his smoke away and smiled at her. "Fuck you, bitch!" He walked back inside, leaving her spluttering outside.
She came back in, back stiff with anger. She ignored him for the next hour. Jake was seething. Some people were just rude for no reason. So what if he wanted to fuck her? Maybe if women would wear something that didn't display all their assets all the time, then they wouldn't have to deal with assholes and disrespect so much. Fuck her!
Not really knowing why, Jake collected his laundry and followed her when she left. She walked a few blocks, her ass swaying side to side, her legs twitching her skirt out of their sexy way.
Without warning, she left the sidewalk and went into a narrow alley. Jake waited for thirty seconds to give her time to get down from the street a little way, then went in after her. The alley showed no sign of her. Boxes and dumpsters crowded the sides, but no one was visible. It dead-ended only fifty yards from the sidewalk. Jake walked a little further on. The doors had security grates, and he would have heard had she opened one.
He felt deflated somehow, and turned to walk out. The next instant he caught movement as some boxes tumbled and someone shouted "Take this pervert!" A blinding stream of pepper spray caught him and he gasped, his throat constricting and his eyes tearing up. A kick from a muscular leg knocked him flat, and he vaguely made out a shoe descending for his face.
He threw his forearms up, and a shoe damn near broke his left forearm as he deflected it into the asphalt. Angry and choking, Jake grabbed the ankle and pulled it across his body to unbalance his attacker, which quickly turned out to be a mixed result as something heavy landed across his chest and began pummeling the shit out of him. He grabbed an arm after the elbow slammed into his head sendind stars dancing across his vision, and shifted his weight to pin and break the arm.
A very feminine gasp then shout of pain stopped him just in time, and he let go in surprise, only to catch a foot in the balls. Writhing in agony, Jake had had enough. He grabbed her around the waist and after a moment, pinned her securely so he could catch his breath. As his vision began to clear, he saw it was the woman from the laundromat. He had pinned her arms and straddled her thighs but she was far from giving up. Anger, fear and a little hatred were arcing up from those brown eyes, or at least, he remembered they were brown because his vision still wasn't very clear. She writhed below him, and he realized that firm as they were, her thighs were also soft and her struglles were arousing.
"Let me up you son of a bitch!" She shouted. Jake coughed and gasped, his eyes were clearing so he looked at her closely.
"Stop struggling. I find it, surprisingly, very arousing."
She was instantly still, apprehension growing to replace the anger. "Please, let me go."
"The hell were you thinking lady? I was following you trying to figure out my next move to have a conversation and ask you out!"
"Bullshit," she spat. "You followed me for blocks to ask me out? Then attack me in an alley and expect me to believe your intentions are beneficial to me? Get real!" She paused and the fear came back. "What are you going to do?"
Jake realized she could feel his throbbing cock on her thighs. "I don't know. You sprayed me, kicked my ass. Maybe that deserves some form of compensation after you were such a bitch to me before." He twitched his hips and rubbed his jeans-clad hardon across her pelvis, just to freak her out a little.
The effect was instantaneous. She heaved, and nearly threw him off, and began trying to break her arms free, jerking her knees up to try to throw him off. Jake had his hands full and she was stronger than he anticipated. every move she made though engorged his cock further, he had never been harder in his life, and a picture of her panties with a wet spot slipped into his mind.
He shifted slightly and began trying to get her legs apart with his feet. He lowered his head and bit at one of her small tits through her halter top and she immediately head-butted him. bl**d and stars swam in front of Jake's vision. As he recoiled she got a leg btween his and one of those firm thighs smashed into his balls. Jerking reflexively, she broke his grip and was on her feet in an instant. Instead of running though, she kicked him in the ribs. Jake's breath left in a rush, and as he rolled away he saw her drawing her leg back for another kick.
He rolled onto a stack of cardboard, and as her kick swept in he threw himself into her legs. The impact with the cardboard stunned her for a split second, all the time Jake needed to slip between her legs and pin an arm. Gasping for air, he looked down at her waist. Her skirt was around her hips, and her thighs were slightly up. Simple cotton panties disappeared into the v of her thighs, and desire overrode Jake's impulses. He reached his hand between her legs and ran his fingers over her pussy through her panties.
She looked up at him. "I knew you were a sack of shit! You're gonna **** a helpless woman that wants nothing to do with you!"
"Helpless my ass, lady. But yes, I am going to **** you." The honesty of his statement stilled her again, even though his fingers were now working busily against her clit through her panties.
"I know what you look like. The cops will get you for sure, with my help. And there are cameras at the laundromat."
Jake considered her words. "Lady, I gotta say that I guess I'm going to jail already for assault, so if I **** you, I get to go to jail with the knowledge that I had the hottest woman I have ever know. You are a little fireball." As he was speaking, he slid his fingers under her panties and started sliding them up and down her pussy. She was wet, whether with sweat or some sort of physical response he didn't know. Or care.
"If you let me go right now, I won't say anything to anyone about it." She said. Jake looked deep into her eyes and a sense of shame came over him, because he already knew what he was going to do.
"I'm sorry...but I'm going to have you," he said almost tenderly.
She looked up at him with a strange look, then started struggling again as he slid two fingers into her. He pulled them out of her and tasted them. She tasted of fresh salty sweat and that undefinable taste a clean healthy woman has. She swung at him with her free hand, and he let the slap connect, because he was freeing his cock from his jeans.
He whipped it out, then brutally tore her panties off of her. He brough his hips further into hers and started rubbing the tip against her thighs and the bare lips of her pussy. He could feel the heat and once the smear of silky wetness of her. He grabbed his cock and ran it up and down her pussy a couple of times to lube it with her juices.
"Wait, you aren't going to use a condom? I thought modern r****ts wore condoms to reduce risk and evidence," she said sacrastically.
"I'm already going to jail," he whispered in her ear as he eased his cock solidly into her tight cunt. She gasped as he entered her, and he felt all the more the asshole when she started to cry quietly, the tears wetting his shoulder. He pulled out a little way, then slowly, but frimly, drove his cock all the way to the balls in her. Her pussy gripped his cock with the wet, tight feel of a woman in prime health. The myriad small muscles expanded for him and contracted around him, massaging him the way a healthy pussy does.
He pulled one of her legs to his shoulder, and spread her out, beginning a long, slow stroke that he used to keep himself from cumming. He leaned against her and pulled her small breasts from under her halter top and sucked on each nipple in turn. Faster he went, driving his cock deep and back and deep, trying to fill her full and maybe bruise her a little for kicking him in the balls.
She had her head turned from him and was biting one fist, so he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back while he fucked her. Nonsense dirty talk came from his mouth, punctuated by each stroke into her seething cunt.
He whispered to her that she actually like him in her cunt, that she wanted his boiling sperm deep in her abused pussy, that she liked being treated like a dirty little whore, that she was going to look him up after he got out of jail for r****g her and that she would want more, more cock, more abrasions, more bruises, more good rough fucking.
He was in the middle of that talk when she suddenly yelped and her thighs closed around him so hard she almost spit his cock out. Her cunt bore down on him and a small rush of fluid washed over his balls.
"You are a dirty little freak! You just came, bitch!"
She didn't look at him, but now her arms were pulling his shoulders, nails digging into his collarbone. He grabbed her behind the knees and f***ed her legs apart as far as they would go. He rammed in and out of her bare little pussy, brutally hard and fast. Her pussy was so wet that cunt juice slicked her thighs every time he went into her.
Suddenly, another wash of warm fluid bathed his balls and she looked into his eyes, her own were on fire.
"Cum in my pussy! Empty my balls into me, you asshole! I want to feel your cock explode deep inside and feel your cum dripping down my ass! Fuck me and cum in me!"
It was too much for poor Jake. Grunting with effort, he jammed his cock into her cunt so hard she yelped and jerked, then his balls contracted in the most Titanic orgasm he had ever known. Flood after flood of semen jetted from his cock deep into this strange woman's pussy. He collapsed onto her as his throbbing cock jerked inside her and became aware of her moan as she came again around his cum and cock.
They lay there a few moments with nothing said in an alley on some cardboard, cum dripping out of her sore pussy and across her ass just like she had asked. After a moment, Jake reared back and looked at her.
"Okay lady...now what?"

And that was how Jake met his fiance, Kelly.
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3 years ago
Thanks people. Toned my stories down cuz my other were getting denied to post.
3 years ago
Very good
3 years ago
That is one way to play hard to get...I hope she was worth all the pain in the beginning
3 years ago
Nice story, good climax