Flat Mate

So I had been dating this gorgeous shapely Indian girl for a few months. We were still super horny for each other, however this was a little stifled due to our distance from each other. We lived and worked at different ends of the country, a good 3 hour drive away. This didn't stop us meeting and fucking our way through our weekends.
She had recently moved apartments, I helped her move her stuff, the extra car making short work of moving a few things she kept in her room while the majority of her stuff was at her parent's place in Oxford.
I didn't meet her new flatmate the moving day, it was late and she had already gone out. I returned home and waited for the weekend. During the week we chatted on the phone. I told her what I was going to do to her when we met, she being a sexual relationship counsellor encouraged this type of thing! Bonus!
I turned up early Saturday morning, she had recently showered and was tidying up when she answered the door, wearing a baggy white -shirt and jeans. I made my way into the living room after kissing her hard on the mouth, she pushed her tongue into mine, and grabbed my shoulders as I cupped her breast. I sat on the sofa and she got me a tea from the open plan kitchen area. I could hear her flatmate vacuuming in the bedroom.
My lady told me that her flatmate was a singer and had an audition for a famous club that night. We chatted a little, but kissed even more, my hands creeping up her t-shirt to caress her breasts and tweak her nipples. She moaned softly into my lips and giggled when I squeezed her firm breast harder. "Wait, not now.." she would be saying over and over, all day. She did left me to do some more room rearranging, I busied myself on my laptop for a few hours, lunch time came and went, she took sandwiches to her flatmate, still in her room preparing for the audition.
At about 3 pm, while busy sending emails, her flatmate sauntered onto the living room kitchen area and offered her hand, introducing herself as D..., she was stunning. Absolutely stunning. Stunning. I won't describe her. She offered me a cup of tea, I accepted, then she offered a number of herbal tea choices, I asked her to pick one for me. She handed me the mug and welcomed me to her apartment, saying she had recently broke up from a long relationship, and needed some extra cash, so had rented the other bedroom. She returned to her room.
Another hour or so passed, my girlfriend and I were fooling round on the sofa in front of the TV. Her flatmate came into the kitchen in an amazingly short black dress with a pair of heels on a pair of black thigh high boots in her hand, "Which ones?" she asked, "Well show us". She put down the boots, and spun round and walked around the apartment. The heels made her already tall slim figure, taller and slimmer, defining her calves and thighs. She then bent over to release the straps on her heels, revealing the tightest butt I had ever seen. The skirt was so shirt, that we could see her g-string underneath, her labia protruding from either side, slightly swollen and glistening. I wondered if she was slightly turned on, parading in front of us, knowing that we were kind of waiting for her to leave before we tore each others clothes off and fucked on her leather sofa. As she lifted her leg to remove the shoe, we had a clear view of her crotch again, her black g-string barley covering her mound and stretched so tightly that we had a fantastic view. She kicked the other shoe off, and tried to slip on the boots. It was roving difficult, so she sat on the wooden floor facing us, bent her legs up and slipped the boots on, all the while giving me an incredible view of her string covered pussy. I am sure if she sat there a few seconds longer, she would have left a wet patch. My girlfriend seemed to be too busy deciding which was better to notice my tongue hanging out and the painful bulge in my trousers. Her flatmate noticed though. She went with the heels. She looked my in the eye as she put them on, trying to dare me to peek up her skirt again, I couldn't help it, my eyes wandered! She smiled and licked her lips. I think my GF noticed so she whipped out a tissue to pretend she was blotting her lipstick...We wished her luck.
As she left my GF saw her out, I met her in the hallway on her way back. "That was fun for you huh?" she managed to say before I took hold of her waist and kissed her neck, she looked up as I bit softly into her shoulder and my hands travelled down to her butt, kneading the flesh as I guided her towards the corridor wall. She pulled my mouth onto her shoulder as my other hand found her breast, squeezing it through her bra. She moaned as I pinched her nipple, mu other hand moving up from her arse to her bra strap, releasing it to allow my hand to slip underneath it and cup her breast. She had super perky tits, her nipples were deliciously thick and sensitive, I made her gasp as I pulled on one before pushing my tongue into her mouth. She mashed her tongue against mine and sucked it into her mouth, as I began to pull at the buttons on her jeans. releasing them, I turned her around, pushing her up against the wall, and forcing her jeans down over her butt. I pushed them down further to reveal her thighs. I reached around her and massaged her pussy. She was sooo wet. She must have started getting turned on with that sexy fashion show earlier, I whispered into her ear as I bit her neck gently again, that her flatmate really turned me on, I rubbed on her clit as I told her that I thought I could see her wet pussy lips, and that I would love to suck on her pussy one day. She groaned loudly and told me that she would love to join me doing that and that she would lick my cum out of her flatmate's pussy after we had fucked her! I almost came in my pants. She almost came in her pants! She was grinding down on my hand something crazy, I slipped two fingers into her, she almost collapsed as she shuddered through an orgasm. "Oh fuck, oh fuck" she whispered as I finger fucked her and rubbed her clit with my thumb. Her juices were soaking my hand. She wanted to turn around, I pushed her back up against the wall and knelt behind her. I pulled her jeans down further, she arched her back and stood on her tiptoes to push her butt towards me. I buried my face in her ass, smelling the thick musty aroma of her freshly aroused pussy.
She slipped her knickers off, I grabbed her arse and spread her butt cheeks, my tongue lapped against her arse hole, she squealed and arched her arse up exposing her dripping pussy to me. I sucked up her juices and teased her pussy lips, before darting my tongue into her sopping wet hole. She shuddered as my hand found her clit and began a slow circular motion, my tongue flicking in and out of her. She pushed back harder and spread her butt herself, allowing my better access. I looked up to see her drooling against the wall! She was definately enjoying this visit!
As I massaged her clit my thumb found it's way into her pussy, it went in easy enough, her pussy tightened around it, my hand movement changed to a fucking motion, she stated to move her hips onto my thumb, her hand pulled my face closer to her as she rubbed her butt hole against me. I lapped at it before gently pushing the tip into her, she gasped, I'd never put my tongue in her ass before. She stopped moving altogether.
I slowed my hand down and pushed my tongue further into her butt, to reassure her it was no accident. "Oh FUUUUUCK" She sighed as she pushed back against my tongue. My hand increased in speed, she still didnt move, she arched her ass further, stood on her toes to give me better access. I fucked her ass with my tongue, rubbed her clit and fuked her pussy with my thumb as I tried to fumble with my belt. She moaned and groaned so loud, I thought the whole building would hear. I felt her ass muscles tighten, then her pussy tightened, she started to shake and shudder and grunt as she came. It seemed to go on for ages. Her pussy was gushing, it was all running down her thighs onto the floor, I thought was going to slip in it all. I withdrew my tongue and stood up, supporting her, she gasped for air as she tried to stand.
It took her a good few minutes to recover. We moved over to the sofa, she sat me down and straddled me, her wet pussy smearing my jeans. She kissed me hard on the mouth. She reached down to undo my jeans.......

next part is us messing up the leather sofa and getting caught fucking in the bathroom by her sexy flatmate and her joining us......

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