Redheads really are hornier!!!

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the show "Manswers". One episode was questioning the hornyness of Blondes vs Brunettes vs Redheads. I've always had an affinity towards blondes, but have always been attracted to pale redheads, but had never had the pleasure of ones company. As most of you would assume, I thought blondes would be the hornyest, but Redheads were determined to be more horny and more sexually active! "Yeah right" I thought, "Bullshit". It wasn't long after I saw this episode that another random d***ken bar night lead me to a Redhead girl I once worked with. I won't share her name, but she was your typical long straw haired redhead, about 5 foot 8, average body type, skinny, but with a nice ass and curves, cute face, I'd say maybe a small C cup, perky tits! If I had to give her a 1 to 10 scale in hotness, she'd be at about a 7 to 8 on most mens scales, even for a ginger! haha Anyway, like I said, my typical bar night out with some buddies, which means I'm d***k, but I'm not a sloppy d***k, I can hold myself together alright. I go up to the bar to grab a drink, and I see her as I'm walking towards the bar standing with a friend. We have known each other for a while, I would consider her an aquaintance already. As I mentioned we worked together in the past, and had mutual friends, since we are the same age. We were always friendly with each other, but your average type of communication, no flirting or anything of that nature. On this night though, I was feeling d***k and horny as a cat in heat (I swear females can sense this certain combination like a pheromone for sex)and as I walked towards the bar, we made eye contact and she cut her eyes at me and said "Hey Kyle!, How's it goin??" in a sweet toned voice. I said "Hey!! Pretty good" and we struck up a conversation. As we talked, I could tell she was into me. Haha I was laying it on pretty hard, but not aggressively, but something told me she was hooked when she saw me first walk up. We partied with our friends, but found each other again at the end of the night at which point she offered to give me a ride home. I said "Sure, as long as it's back to your place?". She smiled and said "sure" without a hesiation in her thought process. And like that, we were on our way to her place, but oh fuck, soon as that car got rolling... my world began to spin!! I was inebriated.. the combination of marijuana and alcohol in my system was at max and I knew it. I struggled with myself in my head as it turned and turned and I tired to stay calm. "Kyle, you can do this've been worse than this..fucking pull yourelf together".. suddenly I took a deep breathe.. and actually felt somewhat restored, or maybe it was cause the car had stopped since it was just a short ride to her place, thankfully! I struggled up what seemed to be a mountain of stairs to her apartment, at which point I pleaded for some water "HAHA" she laughed and got herself some and a nice cool tall glass with ice for me! "So, this your apartment?" haha I tried to be play it all cool like I hadn't just missed a few steps walking up there!! "Yeap" she replied. I knew this had to happen quick or it wasn't happening at all. Luckily, that question sparked her to show me her bedroom! "Nice!" I said. "I'm fucked up..I'm gonna get comfortable." I began to undo my pants and take my shirt off. She agreed "Yeah me too!". As I watched her take her clothes off at the same time as me I began to get hard as I saw her black thonged ass and white bra, and a seemyling transluent beautiful pale skin tone. She had a great body on her! I was immeadiately aroused. We layed down on the bed.. looking at each other and laughing innocently at our new found situation. We started to make out, and fondling. She removed her bra and exposed the perkiest set of tits I'd ever seen. "You have really nice tits!" I said. She remarked on how much she liked her own tits too! I was laying down beside her and she promply went down and pulled my breifs off and started sucking me off. She knew what she was doing as she stroked my cock and went down real good on it with her mouth back and forth at medium pace. I laid and let her suck me for a bit and sat back and enjoyed it getting real hard, at which point I stopped her put her on her back and took her panties off. She was shaved, sorry no red bush, but had a nice looking pink vagina. I began rubbing her already soaking wet clit with the enlarged nob of my dick. I stuck it in with her legs open in missionary position and began to pump. I was so incrediably horny and quickly it became apparent she was too as she laid there and moaned as I thrusted her. I went back and forth between hard and soft fucking. I had been drinking mostly hard liquor, so my dick was like an energizer battery! She grabbed onto me as I fucked her on top and moaned and just took it so well. I would stop from time to time and go down and eat her pussy, she would stand up on her feet, legs bent, and still lying on her back and f***e her vagina to my face soon as she saw me going down for another taste. I suspect it turned her on greatly, well, she told me it did after HAHA! I asked her to bend over and she readily complied. Her ass was nicely shaped and round. Her asshole was perfectly shapely round and rivetted, it begged to be licked, so I did. She did not flinch a bit as I tongued her asshole quick before I sat back up on my knees and stuck my black cock deep in her pussy as I asked her if she had ever had a black cock in her before? She said "No" and moaned as I sunk it deep into her. I asked her if she liked it. She said "Yes, I love it" and we were both so incrediably into this sexual experience. It was starting to feel real free and good as we talked dirty to each other at points. I began to pump her back and forth hard and soft doggy and we had been having sex for at least 15 minutes by now. It was hot in her tiny little apartment and we were both heavily sweating. I remember the smell of sweat, sex, and alcohol in the air as I licked the sweat off her back well I pumped her doggy. She loved how carnal I was being so much she decided to get on top and show me how well she fucked. She put me on my back and got on me and began to rock her sweaty torso back and forth as she continued to moan. She too went back and forth between hard and soft, and her hard consisted of her getting on her feet while still on top of me and slamming herself on my cock. This went on for a while before I could no longer conatin my enjoyment of this session and I bent her back over and thrusted her as hard I could until I blew my load deep in her. She did not budge as I realeased a gratifying load deep in her awaiting bent over vagina after about 30 minutes or so of amazingly pationate dirty sex. I immeadiately passed out, and stayed passed out until I heard her saying "Kyle, wake up". It was probably 4 or 5 in the morning when we went to sl**p and about 7 or 8 now. I woke up in a daze "Hey...whats up?". She proceeded to tell me she had to be somewhere importnat this morning, but she wanted to have sex again before she left if I wanted to! The thought of this got me hard, although I had just woken up. We started to kiss, and I rolled over and got on top of her already spread legs. I put my cock in her already wet and awaiting pussy and I began to pump her slow again, eyes barely open, mouth incrediably dry. It started to get hardcore quick and I couldn't believe this because I was barely awake, but her bed made it possible for her to put her feet all the way back behind her head and hold herself to her headboard with her feet. She did so, she got herself in the best position possible to take my dick and I fucked the hell outta her as her headboard slammed back and forth off the wall with a loug "BANG, BANG, BANG!". For about 10 to 13 minutes total I fucked her in this missionary position until I pulled out and busted another large size load all over her pussy and pubic region as she sighed with relief and said "MMMMmmm". She promptly got up, smiled at me and went into the washroom. I rolled over on her bed scanning across her floor for my clothes and particulars. I stood up, got changed and by the time I was done, she was also and ready to take me to my car, so I could get into it still d***k and drive home like an idiot! We recollected a bit on the car ride, but as you can imagine my head was pounding and my hangover was starting to settle right in. We both were basically like "Wow", "Did that just happen?", "That was a real good time" etc etc. I exited her car without a kiss, just a glance and a smile, and we parted ways. I remember thinking to I unlocked the door to my car..."Man, Manswers is right, REDHEADS REALLY ARE HORNIER!!!"
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