I have found the stories on this website to be incrediably entertaining..haha almost as much as the porn. I figured I'd share a story about a true SSBBW I once had and still lust over from time to time. The thought of our one sexual encounter makes my cock pulsate and leak without touching it when I recall the scent of her sweet aromas. By true SSBBW I mean over 6 feet tall and 300 pounds, easy. Usually, those types of stats will make you think of a huge b**st of a women...but her curves were soft and well pronouned. She was extremely pretty and polite, and always smiled at me when I saw her. She had big beautiful brown eyes and brunette long hair, and her ass was as big as your imagining it to be. I wouldn't consider her a pear.. but her ass was easily 50 inches and stuck out like an attachment to her body. Let's just say she was the perfect SSBBW.. pretty.. intelligent and confident. I will not share her name.. but are relationship was typical of any other employee to employee relationship. We worked together in different departments, but would talk from time to time. She was about 7 or 8 years older than me and I was 20 at the time. After various flirtacious encounters, she decided to let another co worker know she thought I was "really cute", "but too young for her." Obviously, that co-worker told me about what she had said and I was smitten at the idea of her being attracted to me enough to tell someone. I knew she was opening the door for me to show more interest in her.. So, one day after another extremely flirtacious conversation, I told her I knew what she had said to the other co worker and I thought she was very attractive as well, and proceeded to give her my number insisting she call me whenever she wanted, she reciprocated and gave me her number, but under the condition I didn't tell anyone, which I was completely in agreement with. She had mentioned before in our talks she would love to hook up with me, but wouldn't want to look like a slut, especially since I was in a higher position than her and although she was older she had to listen to me. About 2 weeks after I gave her my number, after yet another flirtacious talk at work we discoverd we would be going out with each of our friends and getting d***k that night. I told her to call me after she went out if she was bored. After a great night out with some friends.. I got a call at around 2 in the morning from her. I was pretty intoxicated to say the least. She began to tell me she had went out with her girlfriends... had been drinking and really wanted me to come over.(She wanted to booty call me!!). My throat dropped, and I began to get nervous, but I instantly got hard, I agreed immeadiately and was in my car on the way to her place. When I got there, I knocked on the door, and heard a dog barking inside. She opened the door and to my suprise she was in panties and a t shirt. I remember seeing the size of her ass and how the white patterned panties were held so tightly around it, and being so turned on by the beauty of her tanned skin and round luscious curves. She was so big and sexy with her thick framed glasses on and hair doww. Before her I had only been with your average size girl, but when I saw her big curvy body I knew instantly this was on!! Not very much was said, she rushed me into her bedroom, and laid on her back. I removed my pants and climbed onto her and we began to kiss pationately. After a few minutes of fondling and kissing, we stopped, and I pulled up and marvelled at her big legs sread wide and could see a wet spot in her panties..I began to take them off when she reached over on her side table and grabbed a condom at the same time. She was trimmed but nicely hairy in the pubic region, and had a fresh looking plump pussy. We were both in a mood to fuck, I put the condom on and stuck it in slowly, still in missionary position. She was wet, I was harder than a rock, but since I had been drinking all night I knew I was going to be able to fuck the hell out of her without cumming quick! We got into it in missionary pretty good, not long after we started it, she asked me to fuck her hard, so I did, and she came within 4 or 5 minutes of us starting!!! She made a remark after cumming about not doing anything like this for a while. I asked her to turn over, she hesitated, but complied. Her ass was sooooooooooo big and beautiful that words really can't describe seeing her flip over and pearch her ass up in the perfect doggy posistion. I immeadiately grabbed her big cheeks, one in each hand, and did a little wiggle and spread. I slowly inserted my cock in her vagina and began thrusting her very well, until suddenly the condom broke! I pulled out quickly and removed the broken condom and put my cock back in bareback, she sighed with relief when I put it back in and I ask her if this was o.k? She said yes, not to worry and it was o.k while moaning as I continued to slowly rock her ass back and forth with my hands while I laid my cock in her doggy. Her pussy was twice as wet as before, and although I wanted to fuck her until sunrise, I couldn't contain myself and within 5 or 6 minutes of good thrusting, I pulled out and laid a whopping size load all over her opened ass. It was an extremely liberating bust off, I must say. We laid there for a few minutes and recollected, but not long after I took off, and not much was said after. It was never really awkward after, but she told me she felt shamefull, mainly because I was so much younger and we never hooked up again. We are on good terms though, but little does she know I will cherish that casual hook up for life!!
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1 year ago
Thanks man, She was absolutely by far one of the best experiences I have ever had to date. So much women, ever since her sex has never been the same.
1 year ago
Your Lucky Dog .. I've been a few sort to say shinny women .. and a few bbw's ,ssbbw's ..and by far the lady's of weight are way better lovers They love all what you give to them and will give you much more in return...
2 years ago
Big woman are the best!!
2 years ago
really good... i also had this pleasure a bunch of times...
2 years ago
Very nice. I've been with 2 SSBBW. Nothing like Fucking that big ole ass from behind.