Daddy's Little Girl


1. The act or process of conquering.
2. Something, such as territory, acquired by conquering.
3. One that has been captivated or overcome.

Have you ever had sex with a girl just because you could? Or, was the thrill of the chase for a women all you wanted and once you had it the mission was complete? In my younger days and before I was married, I wasn't about quantity as most men were when it came to having sex with women, I was about quality, and not much has changed. I much preferred the challenge of slamming the ungettable, rather than slamming the common slut or whore. This a short story about one of my favorite conquest. This conquest was particularly long, but very rewarding. When I was in grade 12, there was a grade 9 girl who was particularly fond of me. She was very stunning, curly brunette hair, great athletic body, and an interest in men beyond her age. She was just too young for my liking. She would hound me for attention, and I would play her along, but with no intentions on fooling around with her. I could tell she was ready for such attention, but didn't want to spoil her innocense. She was a Daddy's girl, she came from money, and was the most popular girl in her grade. Many guys would have swooped at the opportunity to taint her, but that just wasn't my style, and she didn't want just any guy, she wanted me, someone with similar social attributes and good looks. We hung out one time, she invited me over for a movie, and since I knew I had no intention on being with her phsycially I agreed. I went to her mansion of house, and as a young black man in a small town, I was not expecting a warm welcome from her parents. Her father wasn't home when I arrived, but her mother was. She greeted me very pleasantly, thinking back on it, she might have wanted a taste herself. I found it quite odd that she didn't mind her adolecent daughter with an almost 18 year old young man, but she seemed to really like me genuinely, which was suprising and well accepted. Her father later came home that night, and by the end of a handshake and gruntled dissappointment in his body language I could tell he was not impressed with his baby girl's boy selection and he wasn't very happy to have me in his home. It was apparent though that his wife was wearing the pants in this relationship, and he kept quiet while I was there for the most part. We sat and watched a movie alone together in her basement, and she cuddled up against me, in a flirting, but friendly manner. She would look up at me from time to time and gaze in my eyes, waiting for a response. I played with the thought of it, but would not initiate. As the movie went on, I finally broke a bit and allowed for a kiss session, but only to explain at the end of it that she was too young for me, and although she was very attractive, I suggested she find a guy closer to her age. She saddened with the thought of it, and assured me she was mature enough to date a guy of my age, and that she wasn't interested in any other guy, but me. I was flattered of course, but this meant no difference to me. I told her I wouldn't be able to hang out anymore, and at the end of this year I was going to college, but I told her to keep me in her thoughts and call me when she got older. She moaned and groaned, but accepted my offer. After the movie and this talk, I walked upstairs to find her dad patiently waiting to see me out, after yelling downstairs a few times that it was getting late. He had a scorned look on his face as I left his smiling and gitty daughter at the door, but before I left I looked at him dead in the eye and smiled as if to say, you can have her for now. Later that year I graduated, and skipped town. Throughout college I would come home on holidays, and occasionally bump into her at a high school party or something of that nature. Each time I saw her she was more beautiful than the last, and each time she saw me, she would make a point to come give me a hug and update each other on our current agendas. After I graduated college, she was just finishing high school and I was living at home until I could find my own place. I ran into her after not seeing each other for some time at a local bar. She noticed me before I noticed her and while getting a drink, she bumped up next to me. "KYLE!, Your looking good" she said to me in a cute white girl voice. It was a minute before I realised, she wasn't old enough to be in there, she was 18. This sparked the beginning of our conversation. "Are you old enough to be in here?" I proclaimed. She giggled and laughed and said "No, I'm using a fake I.D.". My little innocent daddy's girl had grown up, and daddy was not around to ensure she was behaving. I laughed and the flirting and foreplay began. We drank and parited together throughout the night and when the bar was to close, she asked me for a ride to her place. I readily complied and once I got to her fancy house, she asked me in. I once again readily complied, and knew what was about to ensue. We quickly went downstairs without much noise to escape the possibility of her parents hearing. She took me into her room and began coming on to me. We started to kiss passionately, as I gropped her ass and tits. She had a great body on her, nice thick ass, and a very sporty figure. I took off her pants, as she took off her shirt, I can still remember how she looked as I was on my knees staring up at her in her panties and bra. It had been years since our first hangout, and here I finally was with daddy's girl all alone. I sniffed her pussy through her panties then turned her around and bent her over her bed. She did whatever my hands told her to do without interjection. While in doggy style on her bed, I removed her panties and placed my nose on her asshole and sniffed while I began to lick her from behind. Her toes curled and she moaned and groaned while I began to munch on her. Her pussy was soaked, nicely shaved, what you would expect to see out of an 18 year old. Her ass was perfect, and not long after I inserted some fingers, she proclaimed she was gonna cum. I started licking her asshole and fingering her at the same time, when to my suprise she squirted on my face and hand. She quivered as she orgasmed and turned around to return the favor. My dick was hard through my pants, and she undid me and began to suck me off. I was not interested in getting head from her, I had pretty much already gotten what I wanted by sniffing her fresh ass and pussy, but I allowed her to continue until I was ready to fuck. I flipped her back over and slipped in my pulsating cock while she was on all fours, ass high in the air. I slammed her as hard as I could, she was enjoying it, but I could tell it was semi painful for her. I stopped and told her to get on and ride me, but I wanted her in reverse cowgirl so I could see that thick ass bounce up and down. She was deeply turned on, and rode me like a porn star. After about 20 mintues of sex, I pulled off her and blasted a gratifing load all over her face and tits. It was obvious I couldn't sl**p there, so as abruptly as I splat my load, I began getting dressed and grabbed my things. She laid there in the bed, naked, glazing at me the whole time, a smile on her face, and a look of satisfaction. I never hooked up with her again, but living in a small town, I still see her father from time to time. He quite often waves at me, as I have become a successful well known member in the community we live in and I have even talked to him a few times, business related. He is a nice guy, I wonder if he has any clue what happen between me and daddy's little girl?
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1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
my personal favoritepart:

KYLE!, Your looking good" she said to me in a cute white girl voice. It was a minute before I realised, she wasn't old enough to be in there, she was 18. This sparked the beginning of our conversation. "Are you old enough to be in here?"
2 years ago
Patience! A quary worth of capture is most certainly worthy of patience. It makes the inevitable so much more pleasurable and rewarding.
2 years ago
needy girls