"Devil in a Blue Dress"

"You don't hang your dirty laundry out to dry!" my mom would say. Or simply "Don't be hangin around those little white girls!" haha. In either case, fornication of any form was not tolerated while I was living under my parents roof. This rule really didn't fit my lifestyle from the age of 14 to 18 while I still lived at home. Needless to say I was your average dick driven teenager, no more or no less. This story is about one of those times I could escape my parents rules. One of my cousins weddings is the site of an unforgettable sexual encouter for me. It was summer time after I started college, so I was at home and 20 years old. I had been dating a girl, but things had gone sour. We were still on fucking terms though, and I didn't have a date for my cousins wedding so I invited her. I figured we could have a good time..drink and have some intoxicated sex, since we would be staying in a hotel room together. The plan was going great until the reception started. It was not long after I walked into the reception I laid eyes on one of the most beautiful young women I have ever seen to this day. She was wearing a light blue short dress that held her young curvacious body like a glove. She was a friend of the f****y's of the groom and although I won't share her age or name, she was younger than I at the time. She was just there for the wedding and was from Europe. She was half black and half white, long curly dark hair, big pretty brown eyes, amazing slightly thick teenage year old body, booty poppin, tits poppin, which means shes mint, a 10 on any reasonable man's scale!! The only well known person I can compare her to in looks is "scary spice", but mostly I say that because of the british accent, but she was way prettier than her, more similar looking to Paula Patton from Mission Impossible actually. She was so hot my dad pointed her out to me and said "look at her!" that's how fucking hot she was!!! At the same time as him pointing at her ridiculously, I looked without even thinking to see her staring at both of us oodleing her hahaha. She smiled and I'm sure she enjoyed the attention. I knew the moment I made eye contact with this young fiesty looking beauty I had to have her. But I brought a date!! What was I to do? I thought to myself "Fuck guy..stop thinking about wanting her so bad..you have a sure out here..just relax..see where the night takes you." So I did. During the reception we eye fucked each other the whole night, even while I was dancing with my date. She would be close by watching and staring. She was young and so innocently hot and carefree. She knew what she wanted and could care less about my actually pretty smoking hot date. hahhaha. I finally got a chance to escape my date casually for cigarette.. alone. She followed."Hey" she says to me. "Hey." I replied as I lit my cigarette half in the bag already. We gazed in each others eyes for a second. We were both totally into each other hard. "So.. Are you having a good time?" I started a conversation with her. "Yeah.. Is that your girlfriend?" she replied in a teenage manner. "HAHA" I laughed and said "No, just a friend". "Oh" She said grinning happily. We started a short conversation about our particulars before I had to end the conversation before a possible unexpected guess. We were party rocking real hard, including her, and it was a real fun wedding! As the night ended, another casual meeting lead to the two of us discovering we would be staying in same hotel, which was great because some of my cousins were having an after party in their room. I told her to meet me in the hallway by the room in 20 minutes or so. At this point I was stampering about in my head how I could ditch my date and go to this party and score with her. As we walked back to the hotel slammered and got back to the hotel room my date proclaimed "I'm tired.. I'm just gonna pass out". "O.k I'm gonna have a few drinks with the fams" I replied. "O.k goodnite" she said. WHATTTTTTTTTTTT!!! Perfect! IT WAS ON!! Everything was working out in a way that I knew couldn't be any better for lust. I was already craving her when I stepped in the elavator to go up to the room, anticipating what might occur. When the elevator opened I stepped out and she was there waiting in the hall by the room. "Hey!!!" she says "Where's your date?". "She went to sl**p.. she was tired.". "Awww to bad." she said as she smiled as I walked towards her. She started walking towards me, we met in the middle of the hallway in the hotel and locked into a passionate intoxicated make out session. Grabbing and groping each other as we moaned and kissed against the wall of the hotel hallway. We stopped and she lead me into the stairwell exit right near where we were making out. As the door closed behind us we began another passionate makeout session as I dropped the top of her dress and slipped out a perfect tit and began to suck it. She was completely involved and turned on by our physical situation and proceeded to undo my pants and go down on me. I stood in the stairway of the hotel as she sucked my rock hard cock. She looked so hot while looking up at me. She stood up and we began to make out again as I gropped her body and pulled up her dress exposing her thonged ass cheeks. I began to play with her soaking wet pussy with her panties pulled over to the side. She had my cock in hand as we played with each other and kissed. She stroked me with her hand tightly wrapped around my cock fingers down as we continuted to play with each other. I turned her around against the wall and put her arms up. She held them there as I fondled her from behind while she stuck her ass out. Her ass cheeks were a beautiful tanned brown. I went down for a taste of her pussy and a good sniff of her ass from behind. She moaned and gasp for air as I moved her thong to the side of her ass and dove face first into her pink pussy. Her taste was fresh. Her pussy was steamy from her nite of dancing, it had the sweetest young aroma. I licked her pussy and ass rightly. I stood up, she turned around and began diving in for a tongue kiss. She asked me to sit down against the wall. I did. She kept her panties on and pulled her dress up and pulled her panties to the side as she began to prepare herself to sit on my throbbing awaiting cock. She straddled my legs and hunkered down and grasped my cock with her hand as she slid it in her pussy and sat down on me. She began to give me a good grinding, balls deep in her, bare cock. She went back and forth and shook her ass on me and then would get on her feet and slam her pussy against my cock. I was enjoying it, but knew I had to see that ass bent over. I pulled her off and bent her over. I remember her brown little asshole staring up at me stuffed between her perfect ass cheeks. I pulled down her panties and they stayed locked between her thighs as I thrusted her slow and fast from behind. I pulled her hair and began to bang her really hard before I could no longer and pulled out and relieved myself on her awaiting asshole. She sighed and moaned, as I did. We were hot and sweaty and officially both relieved. We sat against the hallway in the stairwell and talked, some of what just happen, and some about each other. Although she was young she was not a virgin she proclaimed. I had already figured that out of course, but she said she was only with one guy and her current boyfriend was still too scared to have sex with her. She proclaimed she had wanted me all night, but didn't think anything would happen because I had a date. Neither did I suppose, but I guess the f***es of attraction are strong and when there is a will there is a way.??.. Or.. the devil can hide in a blue dress.
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great story