dark alleys

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College. Boring little town, ten kilometers wide, could walk through
the fucking place in forty minutes. And dust, everywhere, all over the
place, couldn't get rid of it. But I loved the place. Wouldn't have
wanted to be anywhere else, just one reason (and that was more than
enough): the females outnumbered the males two to one. Hell!! I was in
female purgatory, women all over the place just waiting to feel my
pulsing, throbbing dick in their wet, warm and moist insides, rubbing
against the inner walls, their moans filling the room, the smell of
raw sex permeating the air, and me in their midst, one of the few
sex-hungry bastards crazy enough to get something done before I got
out of there. And I sure had fun, lots of it, more than I care to get
and have. This is one of them, an incident with a twist that got me a
pussy guaranteed for the rest of my time there.

Had a small hostel as a part of our college, rooms the size of pigeon
holes, broken furniture, crappy bathrooms, so I decided to stay out in
the middle of that sea of women floating around, watching, peeping,
their breasts heaving as they hung out clothes to dry. Their asses
swinging, ass cracks visible through the saris, salwaars, as they
scrubbed the floors of their verandas. Man I don't know why guys crave
for minis and tank tops; have you ever noticed, really noticed a babe
in a well made salwaar kameez, hiding just enough to fire up your
insides, the curves outlined by the fabric, showing just enough for
you to want more, all of it. Look at it really closely and you will
see why a lot of women still stick to it.

So I took up a room on the first floor of a house in a colony near
college, living alone, just waiting for my time to come. Right across
the four yard street was another double storied house, with (guess
what) a pretty good-looking babe in it. She had a b*****r too but who
gave a damn. The guy who built it never really thought about privacy,
it had windows and doors all the way across the house so that even in
day time I could see right into the house, almost every room on the
floor. I have no idea what she did, never bothered to find out because
I didn't need to. What I did know was that she came back from wherever
she went, at about the same time that I came back and changed just as
I walked into my room. She would come in and close the door to her
room; surprisingly she never closed the windows on both sides of the
room (did she want to be seen?? never knew, could be the heat). She
would take off her kameez or a shirt and the tits would jiggle free,
colorful bra just holding in those hard conical boobs. How I wanted to
suck them, hold them in my mouth and swirl my tongue around the
nipples!!, fondle those boobs, cup them and pinch them. She would take
off her salwaar or pants and go into the bathroom, her panty riding up
her ass crack as she moved. I just wanted her. Whenever I saw her, my
dick would be on fire, the veins standing out ready to rock somebody.

I was just frustrated, man, my brain would just stop working, never
could get any idea as to how to get her. One fine day as I am peeping
at her, I realised, that I was not alone in enjoying that body. Just
outside the her door kneeling in the somewhat dark corridor I could
make out her b*****r peering though the keyhole... her fucking
b*****r!!! But hey, it takes all kinds to make up the world. So be it.
But then again this could be the chance I was looking for, and an idea
was taking birth in my head, as to how to take her, and take her the
hard way, the way I liked. They had a pretty boring life I guess
b*****r and s****r, but pretty regular, used to go to a movie every
Friday, the 9:30 show. And that too to one cinema hall only (crazy?
stupid?? who cares..). Way inside the city, small winding roads, not
very well lit (maybe I was just born lucky!) led up to it. One had to
walk a couple of kilometers before you could catch an auto in the main
road. And that would be the place to hit, somewhere in the middle,
somewhere isolated. As for the b*****r, I guessed he would be just as
interested in getting some from her. Anyways, one of the things that
came in handy was this plastic gun (looked pretty real, even cocked
like one) a friend had brought back from a trip abroad. Looked almost
real at night, and boy how I used it.

The night came, I went right behind them to the hall, sat next to them
on one of the side rows next to the wall, me on the outside, and
waited for the cinema to finish. The waiting was hell, I could hear
her breathe next to me, her intoxicating smell, the swell of her
breasts outlined in the dark, just drove me nuts. I have never hated a
director more, for making such a long movie. Once it was over, I
waited on my seat, not letting them pass waiting for everybody to
leave. Once the hall was almost clear I got out and let them get ahead
of me. As we came out of the hall, the streets were almost deserted.
And I followed them waiting for my alley to come. Some time later as
the alley drew nearer, I walked up real close behind them and just as
the guy was about to turn around, I cocked the plastic gun and shoved
it in his back. It scared the shit out of them. I told them not to
look back and turn into the alley. There were a few people around but
nobody noticed us as we walked down the unlit alley down to the
dead-end into a small turn and another dead-end. Nobody would see or
hear us, we were too far inside (almost a km) deep in an industrial
area in the city.

I took off her b*****r's belt and tied his hands behind his back, took
his socks and shoved it in his mouth, he didn't like it for sure, tied
his legs with his shoelaces and shoved him to the ground (hey he liked
to watch too!! so I let him have the pleasure). Now it was my turn,
what I had waited for... I pushed her against the wall, her face
towards it and told her to raise her hands and tied her hands with her
chunni. Placing my hands on her belly, I slowly started sliding it up
to her tits. She was whimpering, pleading..." please please..." Feeling
and pressing her belly with my palm I felt the underside of her tits
and scratched her there. She squealed..." eeeooooooooo" I slapped her
on her ass..hard. I cupped her left tit with my hand, kneading it,
pressing it, the soft flesh under my palm, my fingers circling her
nipples, she cried out "uuunnnnnnhhhhh" , "aannnnnhhhh" . Was she liking
it?? I lifted my hands and dipped inside her kameez... into her bra
and grabbed a nipple between my fingers. She suddenly started
struggling, twisting around, groaning..." uuunnggggh" . I amost lost
control but I had her nipple in my hand so I pinched really hard....
and she screamed.... "aaaaaeeeeeeeeee e", so I piched again, harder. She
got the message and all that came out of her was a "unnhhhhaahhhh" .

I pushed her back against the wall again, got behind her back and
grabbed her pussy.... my hand closing down on the warmth.. and she
screamed again "aaaaauuunnnhhhhhh" . I pressed down harder on her choot
pumping it, shoving my dick in the crack of her ass, dry fucking her
through her salwaar. Her knees buckled, I had to hold her up by her
choot, rubbing her cunt slowly pushing in through the cloth. She was
shaking her head wildly fom side to side, groaning with every rub of
my fingers, every pump of my dick "aaaauuuunnnnaaahhh " "unnnnhhhh". I
pushed the toy gun down the back of my pants and brought my hand up to
her boob. She was writhing in my grip trying to get away, her harsh
breathing, her grunts making me harder and harder. Her b*****r was
just lying there watching the action with wide-open eyes gaping at
what I was doing to his s****r. I started playing with her tits,
rubbing and kneading first one then the other tit, my fingers moving
faster on her covered choot, my restrained cock digging in deeper in
her ass. She was struggling really wildly now, trying to cross her
legs, one leg then another thrashing around, tied hands trying to push
my hand away from her tits with her elbows. Sounds of hard breathing,
her low grunts as she exerted herself, "uuunnnnnnggggh" ,
"aaaannnnggggh" filled the cul-de-sac. Her struggling body was driving
me to a climax... and I pinched her nipple one last time, presssing
down hard on her choot.... and came in my undies... as she screamed
"aaaaaaaaaaa" . I pushed her to the ground as I recovered. Her b*****r
was breathing hard too. Did he come too... well tough luck.. He would
get his chance..

I pulled out the toy gun and told her to stand against the wall,
facing us. I pulled the b*****r by his collar and stood him up in
front of her. She was terrified, eyes wide open looking for a way to
escape but as long as I had the toy I had control. I lifted up her
kameez and pulled down one cup of her bra. He b*****r was fascinated
by the sight of her boob. I told him to suck it. She was staring
wildly at her b*****r, mouthing silent noooos. I held her by the back
of her neck and held the tit in my hand and told him to suck it and
the fucker was still staring at it mesmerised. Only when I slapped him
on his head did he put his mouth to her nipple and started licking and
sucking it. She struggled, arching her back trying to pull her tit
away, but he slurped on at it. Man it was a sight.. the guy sucking
hungrily, she squirming and trying to push away.... groaning,
squealing "aaaaaaaeeeehhhh" . "Enough" I barked and told him to kneel.
She was relieved but just for a moment, as soon as she realised what I
was upto, she started squirming harder, wriggling trying to get away,
screaming "no" "no" please". I put my arm around her waist and held
her tight. Shoving the toy-gun at her pussy, I told her to part her
legs. I untied her salwaar and let it slide down, gripping her panty I
ripped it away. Boss!! she had a shaved choot, smoooooth. I told him
to lick it, and he went at it like he was just waiting for the order.

She started screaming again... "nnaaaaaaahhhhh" so I pinched her
nipple hard. Her screams came down in volume. She was wriggling and
moving her hips wildly trying to kick him away, so I grabbed on of her
legs and pulled it up stepping on the other foot with one of mine. Now
she was stuck my hand around her waist, one knee over my elbow held
high and the other foot under mine. Sounds of slurping, her waist
bucking wildly, made me get into action. I grabbed one of her tits in
my mouth and started nibbling at it. Her arching back, flailing head,
her hips going back and forth as her b*****r licked her, got my boy up
again in no time. It was hard and thick, throbbing with anticipation
ready to push into a pussy. I ordered the b*****r off, pushed him to
the side and got in front of her. Undid my pants and took them off
with my undies. She stared at my cock horrified... shaking her head
slowly... murmuring "please no..." "please". I pulled up her kameez
and bunched it up on her hands above her head and pushed her tits out
of her bra. I slowly started to lick at them, rolling her nipple in
one hand, sucking and licking the other.

Pushing her down to the level of my dick, I held her hands in one hand
and her head in another and told her to suck it. She just looked up to
me with pleading eyes. I let go of her head and pointed the toy gun at
her head.... She immediately took my dick in her mouth . I held her
head by her hair and started pumping. Ah the sweet feel of a tongue
rolling around my dick, I started pumping harder, my dick shining in
the moonlight, wet with her saliva. Her b*****r just stared at us not
even moving. The sound of her sucking and my balls slapping on her
chin filled the small space.... Now I was ready to enter her. I pulled
my hard, shiny penis out of her mouth and pulled her up, made her
stand against the wall, pulled up one of her legs with my hand, and
guided my dick to the hot spot. She just stared at my approaching
dick. When my head touched her pussy, she just went wild and started
struggling, moving her hips all over the place trying to get away. Had
to slap her a couple of times to get some sense into her. She quieted
down and started crying.

I tried to push in but shaved and licked or not, it was tight as hell.
But my little boy being wet and her choot being freshly licked and
sucked, I was able to get my dick head in. She instantly started
panting and arched her back pulling her hips back to get away but
there was nothing but the wall. Taking advantage I slammed it in, hurt
a it but once in it was bliss. The wet walls of her choot closed in
tightening my throbbing veins, she screamed
"aaaaaaannnnnnneeee eeennnnnhhhhhh" , struggling, jumping on one foot,
arching her back, shaking her head and body wildly. I wrapped my arms
around her and started pumping. She was groaning loudly..
"aaaaannnnhhhh" "uuunnnnnnhhhhhh" with my every thrust. I held her
ass and shoved it in, trying to get in deeper with every pump. She was
shaking and trembling all over, her breath on my face hot and fast,
her legs thrown about wildly. I just pumped, feeling the wetness as I
slid in with every thrust, my dick feeling every millimeter as it
rubbed against her pussy walls, tight and hot like hell, my balls
slapping, and her grunts with every push... just drove me crazy.
Pumping harder almost lifting her off the ground everytime, I ignored
her "aaaaaoooooowwww" "aaaaaaannnnnnnnhhh h". I was in heaven, my balls
close to bursting with pleasure, my face close to hers, feeling the
pain and pleasure she felt. I was close... really close... but had to
preserve my seed and her choot for another time, so I hastily drew it
out and shoved her down, pulled back her head titling it back wards
opening her mouth and shoved my dick down her throat, shooting my hot
load again and again down it. She choked but drank all of it. I let
her go moving back to get my breath back.

Untying both of them, I walked back with them to the main road with
the toy gun in their backs, shared and auto and saw them off, warning
that I would be back and she better be ready. I winked at the
b*****r... he could have her now anytime... after all she didn't want
to shame the f****y did she......

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