My Wife Fucks Black Men In Our Garage 2

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This is our true story of Memorial Day 2012. Today was Memorial Day, and man it was hot. Ninety six degrees of hott. My wife and i recently purchased our first home. Three Bedroom, Two Bath, and a one and a half car garage. On the half car side i have an old washer and dryer being stored and i made a space between them and laid some old sheetrock over the top of them, sort of like a little tent under the sheetrock in between the washer and dryer. Then i poked a few holes in wall so i could see out into the garage.Now my wife and i have a perfect alibi. I am sl**piing in the house and she can sneek in garage to fuck her Big BLACK Cock friends.Little do her Lovers know i am hiding watching every set of BLACK BALLS slapping my wifes pussy, every drop of spit running down their shaft onto their balls as she slurps their cocks, all the while stroking my little pathetic, skinny, 4inch poor excuse for a dick, babydick.Well today was really hott and she actually told her friend Kris that i had knew for the last 3 years all along that she had been fucking him and i was ok with it. See, he had thought she had been sneeking around all this time, and i would hide and peek or listen or just let her go fuck him just so i could taste his nutt off her pussy.She told him we could come pick him up and she would sit in back with him and suck his cock all the way to our house but he chose to fuck her alone, so we acted like i was in house sl**ping and they could fuck in the garage. I was waiting in my spot when the garage door raised and they drove in. It was so hott they gott right out of the car and sat on the bench directly across from my spot. By this time i was already hot as hell sweating bullets, completely naked and stroking my babydick as she pulled down his pants and i finally got to see his huge BLACK COCK. Now I know why she kept fucking him all those times, and why there would be so much cum to clean up in an around her pussy.His cock limp was twice as long as mine is fully erect, and mine is about two thumbs big around, his was about as big around as a 20 oz. pepsi bottle if not fatter. My wife immediately went down to her knees like a good black cock slut and took his fat black cock all the way to the balls until it started growing and she gagged. Slobber ran from her mouth and chin to his fat head, down his shaft and onto his fat black babymaking balls. She eventually got a good rythm going and before you know it she was sucking his Black Cock like a full time prostitute pro cocksucker. When asked later why she didnt suck my cock like that she would reply "because yours isnt worth sucking like that, there is no deepthraoting your dick. it doesnt go deep in anything".Anyways he started getting hot to so he stood up to take his shirt off and she kept sucking, and he stood her up and bent her over the car she started stroking his cock as he cupped her ass with one hand a rubbed her spread open white married pussy with the other.She told me later he is good with hands and was actually finger fucking her and rubbing her clit with one hand and rubbing and spreading her ass with the other and got her off like that. Thats about the time i blew my first load, if you can call the 3 drops that came out of my babydick a load. He then put on the Magnum I had bought her earlier and started to penetrate her tight pussy. Her moans were so orgasmic i could tell she loved it and that i could never make her make those sounds. It took a little work, since it had been about 6 months since she had a real dick inside her for him to finally get it all the way in, and then he started ramming the shit out of her. His hip thrusts were twice as long and 4 times as hard as mine. You could hear his balls slapping her sopping wet pussy echoing through the garage over moans of sheer extasy. Before you know it he was picking her up Big Black cock still inside her stretched to the limit twat and sitting her down on top of him reverse cowgirl style right in front of me on the bench. I could see her pussy juices foaming on his long thick black cock more and more with every long thrust into her married pussy. It seemed like she was bouncing so high she would have to come off that dick, but she never did.It was really about 3 times as long as my babydick.After she had a shuddering leg shaking orgasm again all over his massive COCK she stood up and laid on the hood of the car and let him fuck her missionary into a loud screaming Nut blasting into her pussy.He took off the rubber and handed it to her and she threw it in a plastic bag and into and empty beer case in the corner. They sat around for a few minutes and cooled off in front of the fan and got dressed she left closed the garage door and took him home. When she came home i was waiting in the garage and she got out of the car and kissed me and told me to fetch the rubber out of the box and follow her inside. We went inside where she made me eat her pussy as she poured a little of his cum at a time on her worn out black cock smelling pussy and made me clean it off. She would not let me touch my cock or suck her clit until i had sucked every drop of his cum of her beat up stretched out pussy.And it took awhile since she poured so little at a time and there was so much cum. ALl the while slapping me with the rubber telling me how much better he fucks and how much bigger his dick is. Finally she poured the last gulp straight down my throat and told me to suck her clit until she came again, then she let me stroke my cock but i had to hold the empty rubber in my mouth and her sticking her pussy in my face asking me if it smellled good and looked good, because its the last time i will get that close to it, and the only way i am aloud to be that close to it anymore is when I am cleaning warm NIGGA JIZZ off her

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