jhon and mom

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I had intercourse for the first time when I was 14 years old. I fucked
my mother. And it wasn't her idea; it was mine. I was only 14, but I
seduced my beautiful 29 year-old Mom. I'm sure committing i****t never
entered her mind until I became obsessed with idea of fucking my Mom
and deliberately set out to corrupt her. I look at old photographs and
I realize that I was a very good-looking k** at 14, except if you saw
the picture you would probably guess I was only 12. My growth didn't
begin until I was 16 and then I shot up fast. Not that you'd mistake
me for a basketball player; I'm just 6 feet. I might have been small
for 14, but I was very advanced mentally. I was only in the 1st grade
3 weeks and they jumped my to second grade, I was no genius, but I was
very smart. Obviously I was born with a strong sex drive. My Mom once
told me I was always playing with myself from the time I was 2 years
old. I know that when I was ten I got a hard on almost every night and
stroked my cock till I fell asl**p. My cock, now there is a funny
thing. I was physically small for my age everywhere but between my
legs. At 14 I had 6-inch long dick and it was a thick one. As far as
my sex drive, it shouldn't have surprised my Mom because I later
learned she was playing sex games with her older b*****r since she was
7 years old. And she was younger than me the first time someone
fucked her. When she began school she was a very pretty girl and kept
getting prettier. All the boys were after her and I guess she
satisfied most of them. So I definitely inherited my sex drive from
her. I inherited something, as well. A gene that open to i****t.

I've told you a lot of personal stuff, but let me introduce myself.
My name is Billy Davis; my mother is Susan Davis. When my mother
divorced my father she went back to her maiden name and had mine
legally changed to match hers. We lived in the south and my mother
married when she just turned 15 and I was born a week later. I missed
by 7 days being a bastard. A girl getting pregnant and married at 15
wasn't all that unusual in the south back then, and she stayed in
school until she got her high school diploma. My father was only 17;
but he had a job at his father's garage. As a matter of fact, by the
time he deserted us he was a master mechanic. And desert us he did
when I was 6 years old. He had been a good father, took me places,
taught me how to throw a baseball over the plate, how to fish, and
lots of other things a young boy should know. Even how to fight dirty
if some big k** bothered me. The first time a bully tried to beat me
up I was 9 and the k** was 12, big for his age and almost fat. He was
the school bully. I used some of what my Dad taught me. As he started
to throw his first punch, I kneed him in the balls and stamped as hard
as i could on his toes. Boy did he yell. Of course he eventually did
beat me up, but I never stopped swinging and kicking so I know I hurt
him some. He had me on the ground but I kept going until some k**s
broke it up. I found then bullies leave you alone if they know you'll
fight back, and probably hurt them even if they win. That applies to
anyone, so I never got in a real fight again.

So I only have good thoughts about my father, but one day he was gone
forever. When he left us he was only 23 and my Mom 20. Eventually my
mother divorced him; she told me my Dad had weakness for very young
girls and had runaway with a 14-year-old. We never saw him again. When
he left, we moved in with her mother, her Dad was dead. A year later
my mother's luck suddenly changed dramatically for the better. Her
father's bachelor b*****r died and left everything to my mother. Every
thing consisted of small 7-acre farm in another town, and $6000. We
moved immediately. Of course, my mother didn't attempt to operate the
farm, but the farmhouse was a 2-bedroom wood frame built 70 years ago
and built to last. The neighborhood around the farm had become almost
residential when we moved in and Mom sold off 4 one-acre house lots at
a nice profit. My mother used some of the money to modernize the
kitchen and paint the house; all the rest is just as it was built. The
remaining money lasted long enough to pay the taxes and utilities for
a few years at a standard of living similar to a f****y not much above
the poverty line. Mom had become a very good seamstress and used the
small room off the living room my grandfather had used as an office,
to open a tailoring business. It flourished and now we are what I
guess they call working class or lower middle class or what ever. In
short we are no longer poor.

My Mom was very smart and was not just pretty, she was a knock out. A
lovely face ringed by genuine blonde hair and a body any model or
Hollywood star would have traded for in an instant. Had she been born
outside the South, or there just a few years later, with her brains
and looks her life would have been entirely different. Or maybe it
wouldn't have mattered. Once our life as lovers began my mother joked
she was a born slut. I think she was and, as it turned out, a taste
for i****t. As a result of her early marriage, when I was 14 my
mother was only 29. But she looked no older than a college coed. Slim,
blonde, with legs up to her armpits. Sometimes when she was walking
down the street a car full of teenage boys would honk the horn and
wave. Imagining seeing her totally nude would turn anybody on. The
fateful moment for me had happened when I was 5. I had been sent to
play with a friend at his house, but we had gotten into fight about
something and his mother brought me home early. When I came through
the back door into the kitchen I heard my Mom's voice from the living
room. She was shouting: "Fuck me, Billy, pound your prick into me!" I
sneaked over to the living room door and peeked in. My Mom and Dad
were on the rug, both naked. He was on top, ramming his cock into her.
Of course, at 5 I didn't know it was called a cock, but I saw what he
was doing. I heard my mother shouting, "Fuck me. Oh God fuck me." And
then my Dad shouted back. "I didn't marry you because you were the
prettiest girl in school, I married you because you were the biggest
slut. And I wanted a girl who loved to fuck and was good at it as I
was." My Mom yelled, "Well, fuck me like I was a slut, pound that big
prick into me." I sneaked away, but I loved my Mom and someday I
wanted to do what my Dad was doing to her. And from then on every time
I touched my dick I fantasized about it. As I got older and knew more
and more about sex my fantasies became wilder and wilder. And now at
14 when my prick was big enough and I could cum off, I was desperate
to do it.

I was smart enough to realize what I wanted would be wrong and getting
my mother to have sex with her own son would not be easy. For 2 years
I fantasized how to do it and many ideas came to me and were rejected
as exciting to imagine, but not possible in the real world. Then when
I reached 14 a thought came that I believed might work. And it did! A
day came when my young 14-year-old body was lying on top of my mother,
both of us naked, my cock plunging in and out of my Mom's cunt. But
before I tell you the story, it's important to I relate an event that
occurred just before I seduced my mother, but later had a very large

A year before our i****t began, a young boy moved into a house a
little way down the street from us. I learned that the boy's parents
had been killed in an auto accident and he came to live with his Aunt.
I saw the k** only rarely; he seemed to stay in the house most of the
time. One day I was walking home from school when I heard k**s behind
me shouting, "Get the queer!" I stopped and turned around. There were
five what looked like 10 or 11 year old boys chasing the k** who had
moved in down the street. When he tried to pass me I grabbed him. "Let
me go," he shouted, " they'll beat me up!" I held him and the chasers
stopped when they reached me. At 13 I was a lot bigger and stronger
than these boys so I tried to sound authoritive as I could. "What the
hell is going on here?"
"He's a queer. He tries to get boys to fuck him in his ass!" the
boldest one answered. I replied, "Then he deserves it, give him a good
beating! Which one of you has he tried to get to do it?" They looked
at one another. Their spokesman said, "None of us would ever do that,
we're not queer! But everyone in the 6th grade knows he is." I
continued to stare at their spokesman. "I understand. Did who ever
told you say he was one of those this k** asked to fuck him?" I could
see the spokesman was looking a little unsure of himself, "I don't
know" "What's your name?" I asked.

"Teddy Delvico." I nodded my head, "I thought I recognized you. But I
don't understand why you're chasing this k**. Everyone in the high
school knows you asked two guys on the football team if they wanted to
do it with you." The k** blanched. "That's a lie! I'm not queer! I
never did that!" The other four k**s focused their eyes on him. "I'm
not queer!" he shouted again. "Why should I believe you when
everyone in the high schools says it's true? You believe what you
claim everyone says about this boy. Or should I not pay any attention
to rumors unless I know myself? "

The k**s got the point; they hung their heads and shuffled their feet.
I said, "But you should stay away from him" I looked at the boy,
"What's your name?" "Alex." "Are you the new k** on my street?"
"Yes." "Then I know all about you and you are a bad guy. You boys,
stay away from Alex here."

The one who said his name was Teddy asked, "What did he do?" I shook
my head, "I can't tell you, but my cousin lives in the town he came
from and when this k** moved in I asked him to check him out. I don't
want to get any rumors started so I won't tell you what he told me,
but, believe me, it's bad."

"We won't tell anyone," they exclaimed almost as one voice. I nodded,
"Well, I guess the lesson I just gave you says I can trust you not to
pass on rumors. Alex was arrested when he was 9 years old. Of course
he was too young to go to jail, but no one wanted him in the town so
that's why he's living here. Now this is secret just between us;
that's all I'm going to say." One of the 5 piped up, "You can trust
us, you should tell us his crime so we'll know why to keep away from
him." I hesitated and then, "Okay, but I'm trusting you to keep it a
secret. One day the woman who lived across the street saw Alex and the
8-year old girl who lived next door go into his garage. The lady was a
busy-body so she kept watching. When they didn't come out she tried to
call Alex's mother and the mother of the girl, but no one was home. So
she called the police. The cops found Alex and the girl naked and she
was letting him do dirty things to her."

Alex was staring at me with wide-open eyes, but he said nothing. The
five k**s were almost drooling. The one named Teddy asked. "What kind
of things was the girl letting him do?" I snapped, "I've already told
you more than I should. The things the girl let him do are his
business. Now remember, you better keep your mouths shut! Put up your
right hand, boys, do you swear to keep this a secret and stay away
from Alex?" The five of them solemnly said, "I do!" When I said no
more they ran off.

"Come on, Alex, I'll walk you home." He looked up at me and said,
"What you told those boys are all lies." I answered, "I know, I was
making it up as I went along. Tomorrow every boy in the 6th grade will
believe you've done things they've all fantasized about. They'll all
want to be your buddy and have you tell them all the details of what
you did with the girl next store. Just make things up that 11-year-old
boys would do if they could get a girl naked in a garage. And only
tell things a little bit at a time. Make them work hard to coax it out
of you. Believe me, no one will ever believe you're a queer." The k**
nodded at me and smiled.

"Of course, some k**s may tell their mother about the rumors, but the
worst that can happen is they'll believe it and tell the k** not to
play with you. Who cares, right? And when their mother tells them not
to play with you they'll want to all the more." Alex nodded his head
and asked, "Why did you do this?" "For a couple of reasons. One, I
don't give a shit if you like boys to fuck you up or ass or not. If
you do, you're not one of those swishy fairies I hate. Second, I don't
like to see k**s gang up on someone. Finally, you're sorta a neighbor
and neighbors should stick together." As we walked he kept looking up
at me like I was a hero to him or his big b*****r or something. I
swear he wanted me to reach out and hold his had! It made me very
uncomfortable. After that we never spoke again, but he would wave
whenever he saw me. I never imagined that someday all this would

The Story

Chapter 1

Although my mother was single and more than attractive, I knew she
didn't like to go the honky tonks that in the Deep South was where you
met men, all of them wanting to get into my mothers pants. It was
almost two years since the last time she dated a guy a few times, and
I was sure got laid. However, I could remember that before my father
left, to my 5 and 6 year old mind, it seemed they were always telling
me to go play and locking themselves in the bedroom. And she must
have began fucking very early if she was knocked up at 15. My Mom was
obviously a woman with hot pants, and not getting as much sex as she
needed. I figured my Mom was ripe to seduce. One night I laid down on
my bed naked, stroking my 6-inch cock. I had left my bedroom door
partly open. My light was on and I was certain my mother would glance
in when she walked by. She would get a good look at the size of my
prick and her son jerking off. I heard her come up the stairs and I
closed my eyes and stroked my cock as fast as I could. After a minute
I opened them and caught a glimpse of my mother as she quickly walked
away. Obviously she had stood and, for a few seconds, had watched me.
In the morning, she didn't mention it.

The very next night when I heard my mother on the stairs I repeated my
performance with the door open wider. Again I kept my eyes closed as I
stroked my prick, but I could tell that mother's footsteps had stopped
just outside the door. I knew my Mom must be standing there watching
her son jerk off. The fact that she stayed there seeing me stroke my
prick I believed meant it was turn on for her. I suddenly opened my
eyes and she was right there looking in. She didn't move and we locked
eyes for a few seconds, then she slowly turned and walked away. I felt
a surge of lust that shot 2 bursts of cum 10 inches in the air and two
smaller spurts that oozed out of my cock. All of the cum landed on my
stomach. Again I felt so overwhelmingly horny that I scooped it up and
pushed into my mouth and I gulped it down.

I am sure millions of mothers have stumbled on their sons masturbating
and doubtless acted in million different ways. But I doubt many were
turned on, so sexually stimulated that thoughts of i****t began to
enter their mind. But I was sure my Mom was thinking about it. I
believe that there must be something in my mother's genes that had
been activated by the sight of her son lying naked beating his young
cock. As I later learned, her sex life began when she was 7 and it had
been with her b*****r. But if I had not done what I did, her i****t
gene would never have surfaced. It had to have been there or she would
not have reacted as she did.

However, as promising as my Mom's actions had been there was still no
assurance that my cock would soon be in her cunt. That came the next
night. I undressed but kept my door shut. After a time I heard my
mother walk past. I waited a few minutes and then opened my door wide;
my prick was a hard as a rock and already leaking pre-cum. I began to
stroke it and when I felt an ejaculation was near slowed the pace
until the feeling had temporarily faded. While I was jerking off I
groaned as if I was overwhelmed with pleasure. I knew my mother
couldn't fail to hear me so I watched the open door. Almost
immediately she appeared and stood there looking in. I stared directly
in her eyes and for a moment our eyes locked; then she returned to
intently watching me stroke my prick. My own mother watching me
masturbate triggered a blast of white cum shooing into the air. From
my stomach I scooped up a big glob of cum and, as my mother looked on,
I smiled, sucked it off my fingers and swallowed. As I did it I kept
smiling at her and she was smiling back. I scooped up more cum and
brazenly held my hand out towards her. She looked, gave her head a
little shake 'no', and walked back to her room. Remembering that smile
I spontaneously erupted again. That night I got to taste and swallow a
double load.

How was I going to get her to actually commit i****t, let me actually
fuck my mother? I instinctively knew it had to occur naturally, not
just "Okay Mom, can I fuck you?" When I came down to breakfast next
morning my mother was already there. She proceeded to act if nothing
had happen the last three nights. "What do you want for breakfast
"Just cereal, Mom; I can get it myself." I filled a bowl with Wheat
Chexs, added milk and sugar, sat down and began to eat. "Billy, I've
already had my breakfast, but I'll sit with you and have another cup
of coffee. We need to talk about something. Why do you want me watch
you jerk off. That's not a natural thing to do."
"Well you did watch and last night you smiled and winked. You must
have liked seeing me jerk off."
"You're absolutely right. That's why we've got to put a stop to this
before it gets out of hand. What made you suddenly to start flaunting
yourself at me, your own mother?"
'I might as well say it out loud. Because I've wanted to fuck you
since I was 5 years old."
"Five years old! My God, what could put a thought like that when you
were 5?"
I told her how I had watch my Dad fucking her and heard all the
raunchy things she was shouting. "Every since then I wanted to be on
top of you and you say to me, 'Fuck me, oh God fuck me' and say 'I'm a
slut and I want you to ram that cock into me as hard as you can'.
That's what I want."
"I actually said those things and you still remember?"
"Yes, like it was yesterday. I want you to love me like a son. But I
want to be your secret lover, too. Look how excited I get just talking
to you about it." And I pushed my shorts down to my knees and my 6
inch prick was standing straight up."
"Billy, a mother having sex with her 14 year old son is simply wrong.
Now pull up your pants or I'm just going to walk away. Oh, God, this
is terrible; talking to my son like this has me a little turned on,
"Are you tempted to feel your son's cock in your cunt?'
"You shouldn't be using those kind of words to your mother."
"What word?"
"Cock and cunt and prick and fuck! Why do I get a tingle in my pussy
when I say them to my young son? So it all ends right now. I'm going
to go up stairs and get dressed and go grocery shopping and we'll both
pretend none of this has happed!" And she did just that. I found a
note after she had left that after shopping she was going to visit her
s****r and I should get my own supper.

The next morning Mom and I ate breakfast and neither of us said much
more than "Good Morning" or "Want me to get you another cup of
coffee?" Then sounding bright and cheerful I said, "This is going to
be another scorcher so why don't we go swimming?"
"Well, I have no customers until after lunch, but I just don't feel
like digging out my bikini. Then drive to the park. And around the
pool and beach there'll be a million little k**s racing around and
"I didn't mean the park, I meant the river right behind our house."
"Don't be silly, Billy. You know all along the river there's at least
25 feet of scrub trees and thorny bushes. You can't even see the river
until winter when all the leaves are down."
I smiled at my Mom, "That's why it's perfect; you can't see the river
from the trail along it unless you walk a couple of hundred yards to
where the city has cleared everything to make the public beach.
Otherwise there's no way to get to the river without a machete. But
some of my buddies decided to make a place where we could swim with no
one seeing us. So we could swim naked."
I told my mother how we had taken tools from our fathers' collections
and spent a whole morning hacking our way to the river. We then
cleared an area for a little beach. Johnny had the idea to leave some
of the thorn bushes where our path started. Bushes we could pull away
when we wanted to get to the river, but would make it hard to spot our
path from the trail if you didn't know it was there. We used it all
the time.."
My mother laughed, "You little devils! Did any one find it?"
"We never saw any signs of it. It was great. We could swim whenever we
felt like it and we didn't have to wear a bathing suit. So you see,
you and I could cool off in the river by just getting up from the
table and walking down the back yard to the river." Of course I made
it sound easier than it was; remember this had originally been a farm
and from where I stopped mowing our yard, there were 2 acres of tall
grass. "Come on Mom, be a sport. It'll be fun. Just like when you were
a k**.."

My mother sat looking at me for a minute and then stood up. "Okay, you
talked me into it. It's nice for a mother and son to do something
together." I thought, "Yeah, like me pushing my cock between your
pussy lips and fucking you hard!" And so we walked down to the trail
along the river. "I don't see any path, Billy"
"Good, but it's right here," And using a stick we kept lying just off
the trail, I pulled back some thorn bushes and there it was. My mother
laughed and started down the path. I followed after using the stick to
pull the thorn bushes back. The narrow path zigzagged and then there
was a small cleared area with the river very slowly drifting by. Under
our feet was a soft layer of dirt (a mess when it rained). Over the
years my buddies had stolen bags of weed killer their homes until the
soil here and along the path was probably so chemically saturated
nothing would grow for a hundred years.
My mother stood looking at the river and smiling. "Okay Mom," I said,
"let's get undressed and go for a swim. Remember I told you no bathing
suits here."
Of course when I first suggest it, my Mom must have know I hadn't
dropped the idea of i****t. And over night she must have thought about
it and her sex drive must have taken control of her better judgment.
My Mom replied, "I'm still a little nervous. Anyone can see us from
across the river. There's no trees or bushes there."
"Come on, Mom. You know across the river is a quarter mile of
abandoned cotton fields. Someday maybe someone will put in one of
those housing developments, but no one ever comes there now." When my
mother didn't move I decided the time had come for action. While she
looked on I took off my Tee shirt, stuck my thumbs into my shorts and
underwear, pushed them down to my ankles and stepped out of then.
There I stood naked, just a few feet separating my mother and my hard

Mom looked at me, "Billy, you know you're a little small for 14, but
in some ways you're a lot bigger than most boys your age." I smiled,
brazenly stroked my cock twice and dove into the water. My mother
watched me swim across the river. When I swam back I stood up at the
shallow place in front of the riverbank. The water reached only to my
knees. My cock was still sticking straight out, hard as a rock. "Come
on Mom, you've got to come in." All my plans depended on what my
mother did next. She turned her back to me and slowly undressed. When
she had finished I stood holding my prick and staring at a beautiful
round, naked ass, smooth as white silk with an inviting crack running
down the center. My own mother's naked ass! A thrill ran through my
body, it was certain now that very soon my cock would be in my
mother's pussy.
"You know, Billy, I'm your mother. I shouldn't be standing in front of
you naked."
"I know Mom, but I want you to turn around so much, you've simply got
to do it"
She said, "It's an awful, forbidden thing I'm doing Billy," and she
turned around to face me. She was 29, but with her youthful body she
could have been 18. I gawked at my Mom's petite, firm tits, her flat
stomach and where her narrow waist widen into the beautiful ass I had
just admired. Her long legs were perfectly shaped and where they
joined, surrounded by a thin thatch of blonde hair, was the object I
had for so long desired. Her cunt. Her pubic hair was not thick so her
cunt lips were visible through the blonde strands, and I suddenly
ejaculated. As the thick white fluid suddenly spurted from the end of
my prick into the river, it caused my mother to gasp in surprise. Then
Mom said something that granteed what our secret relationship was
going to be. She said, "Billy you shouldn't be wasting that cum in the
"Oh Mom, it's just that you're so beautiful you made me cum-off just
looking at you. You can't imagine how exciting it is to look at your
mother's pussy while standing in front of her with a hard-on!"
"That's the trouble Billy, I know how exciting it is because I know
how I feel with my 14-year-old-son looking at and talking about his
mother's cunt. I also know what a terrible thing I'm doing. But when I
think about it, for me i****t seems to magnify sexual excitement until
it's overpowering. I wish I had more willpower, but I don't."

My body shivered with pleasure as my mother climbed down into the
river. She was a strong swimmer and made it effortlessly to the
opposite shore, although looking a bit awkward because she was keeping
her hair from getting wet. She swam back and stood in front of me at
the river's edge. Two naked bodies, one the mother, the other her son.
"We might as well say it, you and I going to fuck. We're going to
start feeling about each other as lovers.
"O God yes! I've fantasized about it, jerked off thinking about it
since I was 5, so yes, I want to be your lover! I want to find out
what it feels like to have my prick in your cunt. My own mother's
'There's a word for what we're doing, Billy. It's a terrible word."
"Sure. I'm 14. I know the word is "i****t". And for me that's what
make this so extra exciting; we're doing something we shouldn't be
"Oh God, I know it, Billy. The thought of my 14-year-old son fucking
his mother makes my cunt begin to leak my pussy juice. And it
shouldn't! I should put the thought out of my mind. March right back
up to the house and never mention any of this again."
"Oh Mom, please. You're not going to do that are you?"
"No, I'm going to lie down on that blanket, spread my legs and
say....come on, son, screw your mother." I almost had another
spontaneous ejaculation!
When she was lying on the blanket she spread her legs as wide as she
could, and bent her knees in until her feet were together. Now her
pussy lips were wide apart and I could see the pink folds inside. My
Mom smiled, 'This is the raunchiest pose I can take, Billy. It's a
terrible sin to let my own son see me this way, but I want you to see
your mother looking as wanton as a slut because I know you want to. In
your fantasies I must have looked like the this."
I looked down at my Mom's slit. The lips were puffy, and love juice
was leaking from her cunt and dribbling down her ass. It was a lovely
sight and it told me that my mother wanted to be fucked by her son
just as much I wanted to put my shaft in that wet and waiting pussy.!

Chapter 2

My mother on her back, spreading her legs for me left me speechless. I
immediately dropped down on my knees between her legs and lowered
myself till my young cock was just touching my Mom's pussy lips. And
then I did what I had dreamed of for so long. Her pussy was already
wet and lubricated by her pussy juice so I plunged my prick as deep as
could into her cunt and began to fuck my mother.
As I pumped my mother said. "Ooohhhh......That feels so wonderful..... I
haven't had a cock in me for almost two years, and the guy's cock
might have been a little bigger, but it didn't come close to how good
yours feels inside. Let me savor it for a minute before you start
pumping. Oh god, this shouldn't feel so good. It's an awful thing I'm
doing, allowing my 14 year old son to fuck me. I'm a terrible mother."
"No your not", I cried, "you're a wonderful mother. For most mothers
and sons, the mother letting her son fuck her probably would be wrong,
but not for us. No other son would become obsessed with fucking his
mother just because he saw her dong it for a few seconds when he was 5
years old. I'm not so dumb that I didn't know that doing such a thing
was forbidden, what I wanted to do was wrong, but that made me want to
do it all the more. I wasn't interested in any of the sexy girls at
school I should have been fantasizing about. I wanted my mother and
no one else. And I wouldn't have my prick in my mother's cunt right
now if, like me, you didn't want to commit i****t. We're a mother and
son who were meant to fuck."
"I'm afraid you're right. The thought of sex with my 14-year-old son
never entered my mind. But, like when you suddenly wanted me when you
saw me having sex with your Dad, the moment a I saw you with your
prick hard in your hand and cum shooting out of it, all I could think
of was that I wanted it in me. So, no matter how wrong i****t is, I
want you to fuck me now, pump that cock of yours in and out of your
mother's cunt as hard as you can!"
I shivered because my Mom wasn't talking to me like her 14-year-old
son, but like a sex partner. Talking about cocks and cunts and
cum-off. The whole situation was so overwhelmingly exciting that I
knew I would cum off pretty quickly. And I knew that when the feeling
started I would not be able to hold it back.
My mother surprised me as we fucked; she was groaning "Aaahhh....Am I
really fucking my 14 year old son? I love it....ahhhh," as she said it
she shuddered. Mom seemed to be swept up on a wave of passion. "Oh
God ....fuck your mother ..... screw your mother .....oohhh .....fuck.....
oooooh fuck me hard!." She flung out obscenity after obscenity,
completely consumed with the act of i****t. "Oh Billy, I want your
cock in your mother everywhere ...... I'd love your cock up my ass.....in my
mouth.....oh yeah.......fuck harder......I wish I could suck your prick while
you fuck me......oooooh..... I don't want this to stop.......pound me...... fuck
your wicked mother!" I realized she liked dirty talk and so did I.
"Yes, Mom, your son has his cock in your pussy......." I felt her
shudder. "In a minute your son is going to fill your pussy with
cum-off. Your own son's cum-off is going into our cunt, Mom." My
mother seemed nearly out of control. "Fuck .....fuck...fuck .........I love
your prick in me....Oh god, I love being fucked by my son!" She had
lifted her ass from the ground and was thrusting upwards in an effort
to get my cock in deeper. I shouted, "I've got my prick in my own
mother's cunt!". Hearing myself say those words was too much for me.
I came off and the feeling was ten times more intense than I had ever
"I feel your cum shooting into me, Billy, and it's making me have an
orgasm .... Ooooooo ... there's another. Don't stop. Billy. Keep fucking
me until you go soft. ........ahhhhh.....the orgasms keep coming.....Oh God,
this is so good."

We had both had enjoyed massive climaxes, but my cock was still
rock-hard. I said, "We both had so much pent up anticipation of what
we were going to do that when we did it we both came too soon. Do you
feel how stiff my prick still is?"
"Oh, I do! Fuck your mother again, Billy fuck your mother again!" As I
began to pump her pussy again Mom kept calling out, "Oh, God, I love
my son screwing me....ooohhh, your mother is depraved, Billy, she
can't get enough of her son's cock......fuck me, fuck me, baby
.....Ooooooo!" Obscene talking with my mother had gripped me. "You're
a terrible mother, letting your son fuck you..... you're my mother and
on your back pleading for your son to ram it to you!" "That's
right!.... Ram it to your mother.....keep your young boy cock plunging
in and out of your mother......ooooh this is so horny......fuck me
harder, Billy.....fuck your raunchy mother harder!"
I was now so carried away with what we were doing and saying that all
I could do was put my face close to my mother and keep calling out,
"Fuck....fuck....fuck!" I began to feel a climax rising in my groin as
my mother almost screamed, "I want my son to fill his mother's cunt
with cum.....oh, God.....I want you up my ass, in my mouth....oh,
Billy, your mother wants her son to fuck her everywhere.....
Ohhh.....your giving your mother multiple orgasms, baby.....now you
cum in me!" Her timing was perfect, my young body shuddered and
semen erupted from my prick with the power of a fire hose, "There it
is, Mom, there's what you wanted your son to give you!" My mother was
actually writhing with passion as I filled her. When it finally ended,
in our exhaustion, we lay against one another for a long time. I don't
think anyone but an i****tual mother and son could have felt as
excited and sexually fulfilled as we did.

"Oh Billy, your mother has never had anything feel that good. I wish
you had seduced me when you were 10! When I imagine me fucking a
10-year-old boy, it sends chills through me. Oh, I'm such a perverted
person! I would never have imagined that i****t could make sex so
All I could say was " I know!" Then I remembered something I liked
when I jerked off and had fantasized doing with my Mom. I slipped two
fingers into her pussy and came out with a gob of cum-off. My mother
watched and smiled when I put the cum into my mouth and swallowed it.
"Billy, I think your getting addicted to your own cum-off."
"I am. But it's really exciting when I am taking my cum out of my own
mother's pussy, I almost making me cum off again!"
"Well then, give your mother some." So I scooped out more from inside
her leaking slit, brought it to her lips and my mother gobbled it up.
"Believe it or not, Billy, I haven't tasted cum since your father left
us. That's a long time. Oh god, eating my son's semen. My whole body
tingles! Next time I want to eat more of that delicious white stuff.
Your mother is going to give her son a blow job and you're going to
fill my mouth with gallons of cum-off."
"Oh Mom, do it! "Suck my cock until I cum-off in your mouth!"
"I want to so much, but we've got to get back. I'll teach you lots of
ways to have sex tonight, I promise. We've committed i****t and
there's no going back. So, if you'll excuse my words, fuck it! You may
be only 14 years old, but your prick is magic to me."
"You know, Mom, I could come off just saying it out loud. "I'm 14
years old and I'm fucking my own mother!'" And sure enough my prick
began to stiffen.
"It does sound luscious because it's so depraved. Mother and son
i****t! It's wonderfully obscene!. Billy. Tonight you'll do lots more
to your mother besides fuck her. Come on, we've got to get out of here
before I'm on my back again with your prick in me." With that she
dressed and hurried up the path with me behind her..

What for so long I had dreamed and fantasized about had happened; I
was practically walking on air. As we neared the house I said, "As
long as we aren't going try to fuck again until tonight, I'm going to
ride over to Tommy's house after lunch. So I want to check my bike
because I think I may have ran over a nail." I left her and went
around to the garage. When I did I saw Mom's s****r Ellen's car in the
driveway. I wondered if she had seen us walking back from the river
because every couple of steps I had reached over and rubbed my
mother's ass and she had done the same to my crotch. Instead of going
into the garage I went to the front door and slipped inside just as my
mother came through the back door. I went through the dining room and
sat down next to the door to the kitchen.

Chapter 3

Before my mother had a chance to speak. Aunt Ellen placed her hands on
her waist, "Well, finally Susan, you decided to come home. I've been
waiting for half an hour! "
My Mom said, "I'm sorry, but you didn't call and say you were coming."
I heard my Aunt take two steps and I knew she must be standing right
in front of my mother."
"My God Susan, you reek of sex!"
"Don't be silly, who would I be having sex with?"
"Susan, I'm your older s****r and I've been married for 12 years. I
know sex when I smell it. Who is it Susan? I didn't hear any car pull
up. Wherever you've been you must have walked there."
"Stop talking crazy, Ellen you're imagining things."
I could hear my Aunt sniffing and I knew she was smelling Mom. "He
must be one of your neighbors, which means you're having sex with a
married man. Oh Susan, I hope you know what you're doing!"'
"Ellen, you're my s****r and I love you, but if you say one more
stupid word about this, I'm going to tell you to leave this house."
"Alright, you're a 29-year old woman with a 14 year old son and it's
your life. Now, what I dropped by for is to leave this evening gown.
There's an affair at the country club tomorrow night and I need you to
take it in. I've lost some weight."
I though, "Lost some weight!" Aunt Ellen was only five years older
than my mother, 34, and she had a figurer to make any male look twice.
She was taller and bustier than my Mom and not as pretty. More like
handsome or attractive or something. But she had inherited the same
long shapely legs. Although she had bigger tits than my mother, they
didn't sag or anything. Sometimes I spent weekends at my aunt's house
using her swimming pool and I always had fantasies about us fucking.
She didn't need to lose weight!
Anyway, my mother told her the dress would be ready tonight and she
could pick it up tomorrow morning.
"Thank you Susan. You know that an affair with a married man is going
to reflect on me. Damage my reputation when people find out."
"I'll say it one more time. I am not having an affair with anyone. Now
go home!"
When Aunt Ellen left I guessed that my mother knew I'd been listening,
but she said nothing about the conversation. Instead Mom went into
her sewing den; I made myself a peanut butter sandwich for lunch and
rode over to my friend's house.

At dinner that evening I was admiring, as I constantly did, my
mother's beauty. At 29 it was in full blossom. With her model's slim
body and youthful features she could easily be mistaken for a
teenager, or at the very least, a college coed. "You know, Mom", I
said, "when I look back on my first sexual experience imagine how
fantastic it will seem when I know it came when I was only 14 when I
fucked my own mother! I dreamed of it happening since I was five, but
I still find it hard to believe that my dreams came true."
"If I was a good mother I would be repelled by a statement like that,
but since I'm not, I'm glad it's true."
"Do you remember your sexual experience?"
"Do you think a mother should tell her 14 year old son when she began
"Yes, if that mother has striped naked in front of the 14 year old son
and told him to fuck her."
"Well, in that case I guess I could tell you about it. Especially
because I know hearing about his mother's first screw will give you a
nice hard-on that I can suck later."
So she began.

"I was 7 years old, one night I came out of the bathroom after taking
a shower. When I opened the door to go to my bedroom, I hadn't put
anything on because I thought everyone was downstairs. But when I
stepped out my 11 year old b*****r standing right there. We were both
surprised, but when I walked past him he reached out and ran a finger
inside my pussy. I stopped and looked up at him and he pushed the
finger inside and wiggled it around. I still stood there and he said,
"Do you like the feeling of my finger in you?' and I said, "Yes". He
took my hand and led me to his bedroom, I sat on the edge of his bed
and he ran a finger in and out of me, then two fingers. Of course at 7
I knew we shouldn't be doing this, but I loved the feeling it gave me.
We heard someone start up the stairs so I ran to my own bedroom. After
that we did it a lot; we'd both get naked and I would rub his 11 year
old prick while he finger fucked me. We did that for a couple of
years, but gradually he did it less and less. He was 14 by then and I
asked him why we had stopped having naughty fun. He said because it
frustrated him. He had learned to jerk off and when he played with my
pussy all he could think about was putting his prick inside me. "Why
don't you?" I asked, and he said I would get pregnant. Of course at 10
I wouldn't have, but neither of us knew any more than if a boy came
off inside a girl she would have a baby.
So I was 10 years old, had been playing sexual games for 3 years and I
was still a virgin. I was also hooked on how nice it felt to finger
fuck yourself . A year later I was doling it and suddenly I had my
first big orgasm. Wow, was it exciting, so I did it lot. Even though
I didn't want to get pregnant, I had been fantasizing about being
fucked more and more. One summer day I was taking a short cut home
through some fields where there were the remains of a couple of old
granite quarries. Underground springs had filled them with crystal
clear water and girls were forbidden to go near them because, for as
long as anyone could remember, boys had gone swimming in them naked.
It was early June and was too cool to go swimming, but when, like a
good girl, I was passing well clear of the quarries; I was surprised
to hear laughter coming from the direction of one of them. My strong
sexual appetite was already manifesting itself and I got a sudden urge
to disobey and go over to the quarry and see who was doing the
laughing. It was a very naughty urge, Billy, because I hoped to get my
first close look a naked boy other than my b*****r. When I stopped
behind some bushes at one end of the quarry I saw two nice looking
boys. about 15, swimming. My young pussy began to get wet while I
waited for them to get out of the water and reveal what I wanted to
see. When they did and stood on a rock their slim young wet bodies
glistened in the sun. I gasped. Hanging between their legs was a good
size prick. I was fascinated.

However, Billy, there was a very serious problem. The handsome naked
bodies and dangling pricks that were turning me on were black, and
this was the South. Any decent Southern girl, no matter what her age,
should have quickly walked away. But, Billy, I found those naked
bodies and cocks excited me and I didn't care what color they were.
What's more I was 11 years old and overcome with a desire to discover
what it felt like to be fucked. I was wearing a skirt; but I slipped
off my panties and walked down and sat on a rock across the quarry
from them. When they saw me they were about to grab their clothes and
escape the danger I represented. But I was smiling and had my knees up
and my legs spread, my naked pussy was clearly visible across the
quarry. I could tell they were struggling over what to do. After a
short time they decided not to run away, they remained standing where
they were. Then the boldest boy did a very dangerous thing for a
black. He dove into the water and swam over to where I sat. He put his
hands on my rock, his body submerged but clearly visible through the
clear water, I could see his prick was erect. And that caused my pussy
to tingle.
Looking up at me he said, "A little white girl flashing what's between
her legs to a black boy could get us both in a lot of trouble. What's
you want?"
Just like now, Billy, when I became consumed by sex, I liked to talk
dirty and lost all inhibitions. "I want you to fuck me."
I could see that my use of a four-letter word shocked him for only a
moment. The he replied, "You ain't the first white girl who wanted a
black cock in her. How old are you?" I'm not one to lie so I told him
I was 11. "Man, that's awful young to start fuckin'," he said. I
smiled and replied, "Maybe so, but I want to find out what it's like.
If we were to slide over into that tall grass no one could see us".
The boy nodded, "Even though you only 11 you're a mighty pretty little
girl, so I got me hard-on right now. I guess I'm scared cause you
white, but I'd love to fuck you." He thought for a moment and added.
"What about my buddy over there. You willin' to let him fuck you,
too?" I didn't hesitate, "I've never done this before so he can fuck
me if I like it when you do it. My name is Susan, what's yours?" The
boy replied, "I'm Steven and that's Jesse over there." Then he shouted
across the quarry, "Come on over and bring our clothes."

When the three of us were in the tall grass we would be visible to a
passerby only if one of us stood up. Lying between their naked black
bodies, I had no trouble slipping off my dress. At 11 I had no tits;
never-the-less both boys began to stroke my chest and slowly moved
their hands down to my pussy. An electric shock went through me when I
felt a finger sliding into my hairless cunt. The boy called Steven
said, "I never saw I naked white girl before and I'm as hot as a
firecracker. I'm goin' to be puttin' my black cock in that white cunt
right now." He placed his body between my legs, but before he put his
prick in, he said, "If you ain't done this before you gonna feel a
little pain when I break your cherry and you're gonna bleed some. But
I won't start really fuckin'right away, and if you just lay back the
pain will go away and my prick will begin to feel good inside you. I
know because I done this before. Well, only once before. In fact I'm
15, but I've only fucked a girl twice before this and one of them was
a big, fat ugly thing that anyone could screw. And Jesse here, he's 14
and I know even though he denies it, he's a virgin just like you."
His speech finished, he began to slide his cock into me and I lifted
my head and looked down to see his black shaft go in. Then he hit my
cherry and I flinched, but I didn't cry out. It was just like he said.
It didn't take long before the hurt was gone and I was once more alive
with passion. Shamelessly I told the boy to go ahead and fuck me. It
felt better than anything I had imagine and at 11 I found my self
panting. I began softly calling out "Fuck me....fuck me." And then I
experience my first fucking orgasm. It took my by surprise, I had been
able to bring my self to orgasms for a while, but this was something
else: it felt so wonderful it almost took my breath away. Actually it
was a very short fuck; like me, he quickly came off, too, and for the
first time I felt semen spurting into me. When he finished I held him
so his prick stayed in me until it so soft it slipped out. I looked at
that black cock and almost wanted to put it in my mouth. Instead I
said, 'Wow, I liked that. But I hope I don't get pregnant" Steven
laughed. You're only 11, you ain't gonna get knocked up. You can't get
pregnant until you start having periods and you're too young for
that." I was thrilled because that meant I could fuck as often as I
wanted, with no worries about having a baby.
Steven smiled and said, "Ain't no doubt you liked that as much as me
so I guess you're ready to let Jesse here have his first fuck."
f******n-year-old Jesse was just a little taller than me; he had a
beautiful black body and I could hardly wait for the second fuck of my
life. Jesse was quickly up on his knees between my legs, his 5 inch
black prick erect. But before he moved over me, Steven, a year older
and obviously in command, ordered him to wait, and he told me to get
on my knees and put my ass up. "Little Susan, you about to get screwed
doggy style. Jesse, we both gonna' like this, we can watch her cute
white ass and your black dong goin' in and out of her pussy." I was a
bold girl and like dirty talk, I said, "I don't want to hurt your
feelings, but this must be a very naughty sight, a little white girl
and a young nigger about to fuck her!"
Steven replied, "You don't hurt my feelin's usin' that word
considerin' what we doin' together. That's exactly what this is. Two
southern nigger boys shovin' their cocks into a 11 year old white
girl. And that's just how I'll describe it to my friends." Doggy
style, any style, I didn't care how I was fucked, I couldn't wait to
experience another orgasm. It was obvious Jesse was paying no
attention to our conversation because he was concentrating on shoving
his black prick in and out of my tight little pussy as fast as he
could. He ejaculated after less than 2 minutes of pounding into me. It
felt so good that I quickly had that wonderful feeling running
through my body again.

Well, Billy, you got the picture. That was your Mom's first screwing.
We stayed there a while and they both got hard again and took turns
screwing me one more time. Before the last fuck I asked Jesse to pull
it out at the end so I could see what cum-off looked like. He told me
to look down between my legs, some of it was leaking out of my
hairless little slit. "No I want to see how it comes out." There was
no need to worry, the excitement of fucking an 11-year-old white girl
quickly had them hard again and they both sat in front of me and
jerked off. So for the first time I saw how a boy ejaculated, saw cum
shoot out of the end of their black cocks onto the grass. The sight
turned me on so much I asked them to fuck me again, but they said they
didn't think they could get it up. Before they dressed I told them I
knew they would brag to their friends about fucking a white girl, but
asked them to please not say who it was. "It would be me mean," I
said, "if you ruin my reputation and every one starts calling be a
"nigger fucker!" Steven and Jesse promised they wouldn't tell my
name. I don't for sure if they kept their word or not, but there were
never any rumors about me. We saw each other once in a while walking
downtown, but we never fucked again. You know, Billy, I'd forgotten
that from the very first time I engaged in sex, it was forbidden sex.
And it was quite a beginning for an 11 year old white girl to have her
first sexual experience be one where she was fucked four times and
watched two black boys jerk off for her."
Half way through my Mom's tale my prick was stiff and I took it out
and began jerking off as she talked. Before she was finished I had
shot a load onto the kitchen floor.

Chapter 4

After dinner my mother did some sewing. I watched some television, but
I knew the main thing on both our minds was sex. Eventually my mother
declared it was time for bed and I rushed up to her bedroom and
stripped naked. When my mother followed a few minutes later and walked
into her bedroom I was lying provocatively on her bed stroking my
"My, my, this is shocking. Your mother walks into her bedroom and
there's her 14 year old son lying on her bed jerking off. What's even
worse, now your watching while she rips off her own clothes, reaches
down like this, and spreads her cunt open for her son to look at. You
know I could be arrested for this."
"Mom, I know i****t is a terrible sin, but is it i*****l?"
My mother got up and moved the bureau close to the bed and tilted the
mirror so that we could watch ourselves. Then she knelt down beside
me, pushed my hand away from my rock hard shaft and began to stroke it
herself. "Billy, we are committing a very serious crime. If anyone
walked in here and found us naked and me slowly jerking you off, they
would have me arrested. I would go to jail and you would be turned
over to some agency and put in a foster home. And what I'm about to do
is even worse!" She plunged her head down between my legs and instead
of her hand around my prick it was my mother's mouth.
"Mom, one of my favorite fantasies was my own mother sucking my
Mom looked up for a moment. "Has anyone ever given you a blow job?"
"No, never.....I mean no .... but, well, sort of"
"Tell me son, what does 'sort of" mean?"
"It's a long story, Mom, and kinda embarasing."
"Is it about sex? If it is I want you to tell me about it."
"It's when I was young and ....didn't realize was...so bad."
"Billy, do you want your mother to suck your cock?"
"Oh, yes! Just hearing you ask me that is making me even harder."
"Not before you tell me about this 'sort of' blow job."
"Okay, one day when I was 11 years old there was a k**, Tommy. You
never met him because we didn't hang out together because he was 16.
But he was so cool; sometimes I walked over to his house and if he was
shooting hoops or something, even though I was only 11 he'd talk to me
and let me try to shoot a few baskets. One day when I walked over to
see if he was around he was in his garage working on his bike. I
called out to him, "I'm getting a bike, can I watch what you're
doing?" Tommy said he didn't care so I walked in and watched him
take off a wheel. "I've got a flat time, ah....what did you tell me your
name was?" "Billy." "I remember. Watch and you'll see how to fix a
flat tire." He continued to do what was necessary and all of a sudden
he asked me if I ever jerked off. I told him, yes, if he meant did I
stroke my cock in bed at night and that it gave me a neat feeling. I
told him most of the boys I knew in the 6th grade did it, sometimes we
joked about it.
"No," he said," that's not jerking off. Jerking off is when you hold
your cock in your fist and stroke up and down fast and you suddenly
get a fantastic feeling and stuff shoots out the end of your cock." I
told him I had never heard of that and Tommy asked if I wanted him to
show me and I told him, sure. Well he said he couldn't show me in the
garage even if he closed the doors because it would make a mess on the
floor. So we went behind his garage where there was a row of bushes.
We went behind them and Tommy dropped his pants, leaned his back
against the garage and did what he said you did. And sure enough,
after he was stroked his prick for a minute, Tommy made a loud groan,
pushed his pelvis out, and white stuff shot out on to the ground. "Oh
God, Billy, the feeling is sensational! You've got to see if you can
do it. You can't imagine how great if feels when you shoot off. Take
your dungarees of and try it." So I did. With my pants and underwear
around my ankles I did what he did, but nothing happened. 'You've got
hold your pick tighter and stroke up and down faster. Here, I you
don't ever tell anyone, I'll do it for you. Tommy stood close to me,
put his hand around my little prick and squeezed hard and pumped
faster than I did. It was exciting, having this 16 year old boy
stroking me.

but I show you how. Tommy moved close beside me and wrapped his hand
around my little prick tighter than I ever thought of doing, then he
began to stroke my cock, which was suddenly harder than it had ever
been when I held it. A thrill ran through my body; the 16 year old boy
I admired so much jerking me off. Suddenly I felt an intense feeling
building in my prick, and ass and stomach. I began to groan, it was
the most wonderful feeling I had ever experience and suddenly I had a
thunderous climax and cum spewed from my dick. Tommy nearly shouted,
"You did it! I knew you were very young, but I could tell you were a
little boy filled with lust and could cum-off earlier than most k**s.
Wasn't it great!"
"Oh God, yes! I'm going to do that every night! I'm going to be a
jerk-off addict! You were a great guy, showing my how to cum-off."
Tommy said, "Lets do it again and I bet it will be even better if we
jerk each other off. Billy, grab my hard cock and do me." So I
grabbed his prick, which was bigger than mine, at least 6 inches long
and so thick I couldn't get my hand all the way around it. At the same
time he wrapped his hand around my little 4-inch cock. Were both
standing there in the bushes behind his garage, naked from the waist
down, our cocks hard as rocks, jerking each other off. We shot our
loads almost together, first me, and this time it was even better than
the first time, followed by at least 5 long spurts from Tommy that
soared our at least 3 feet.
As I talked

remaining story you can continue on www.papahaxx.com website
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1 year ago
The story is raunchy with young sex, lust and wantonness! The detail of PAST experiences is too detailed, n that there is not even close to sufficient details of young Billy's (if that's his name) experiences of fucking his mother, other than the couple times the occasions did occur!!

If the story had been completely described here there would be more information in which to make comments. The website mentioned to read the remainder of the story is difficult to maneuver, and it's not worth the effort the few times I've tried it.
2 years ago
Wonderful.. I just wish it was ended here in Xhamster. Cheers!
2 years ago
Very,very nice story about a loving mother, taking care of her young boy, lovely mother.
2 years ago
Good sexy story