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It was a warm, spring day and I hurried home from school in great anticipation as today was my birthday. Every year my Mother would spend the day baking a birthday cake from scratch and shopping for my present. She never ceased to amaze me by her ability to find an incredible birthday present that always reflected her love for me. We had a very strong emotional bond having been on our own for the last 18 years and she had seen to it that I never wanted for anything. During those years I had grown into a tall, strong, young man never failing to attract the attention of the girls at school. I attributed my good looks to her, as she was still rather young herself having had me at age 22 and by all accounts a very beautiful woman who still turned the heads of men everywhere she went.

As I opened the door I was greeted by the warm, comforting scents of home baking wafting through our home. “Mom, I’m home!” I shouted. I hurried to the kitchen eager to see what she had bought me; looking at the kitchen table I was disappointed to see only my birthday cake and no beautifully wrapped gift accompanying it. I assumed that she had merely not yet put it on the table, quickly dismissing any thoughts that this would be my first year without a present.

“’I’ll be right down!” my Mother called from upstairs. “Okay.” I responded half-heartedly, as the disappointment of not seeing a present settled in. “I hope she got me something” I thought selfishly only to feel a pang of guilt for being so c***dish. After all, in the days leading up to my 18th birthday she had made such a big ordeal over my becoming an adult and assuming my place as the man of the house. Maybe it was time for me to stop thinking like a c***d and realize that the best gift that she could give me was there all along, that being, her total love for me.

I stood leaning against the kitchen counter listening to the sound of my mother’s footfalls cascading down the stairs. I recognized the click-clack of high-heel shoes and thought possibly she had dressed up to take me out to dinner. “Happy Birthday!” she shouted as she entered the room looking simply stunning in her silky, black, high-cut dress and stiletto heels. I judged by the appearance of her gloss, red lips and black, mascara-lined eyes that she had obviously spent considerable time doing her make-up, with her short, blond hair framing her beautiful, smiling face perfectly.

As I watched her make her entrance I wondered why she never remarried, but was grateful none-the-less to have been the focus of her attention all these years. “You look gorgeous!” I told her as we fell into each others’ outstretched arms and held one another closely. I hugged her petite, fragile frame as tight as possible breathing in the pleasant aroma of her perfume.

Releasing her from my hug I allowed my hands slide down her back stopping at the small of her waist and resting on them on the tops of her slight, slender hips. She cupped my face in her hands as we stood silently looking deeply into one another’s eyes; it was at that moment that I realized my mother was truly a very beautiful woman. “I cannot believe that my little boy is 18 years old. I have watched you grow into a man before my very eyes” she spoke softly gently caressing my cheeks with her fingertips.

She had never been as passionate as she was when she uttered those words to me and I could not help but feel that there was an underlying ulterior motive to her affections. My thoughts were quickly forgotten when she burst out giggling and began the customary two-handed tugging at my cheeks counting off one tug for each birthday until she got to 18.

Still holding each other we filled the room with merriment and it was then that I realized I had u*********sly tightened my hold on my on her tiny hips and pulled her up against me. Throwing back her head in jovial laughter her body pressed firmly against my own and I welcomed the soft, unique contours of her body. Continuing in her mirthful state, she leaned back further and further, the tips of my fingers fell into the curvature of her spine, the edges of my hands grazing the smooth contour at the top of her buttocks.

I pulled her hips enthusiastically against my own, preventing her from falling over. Sensations of arousal began to wash over me; I had never held her like this before, the feelings of guilt and feelings of pleasure, confusing me. A peculiar longing began to surface inside me as I was becoming sexually attracted to my Mother.

As I held her, the proximity of my increasingly sensitive penis to her cleft and the knowledge that they were only separated by layers of thin clothing heightened my excitement. Out of a desire not to startle her and possibly end this unique moment, I fought to resist my primal urgings to press harder against her warm, soft body.

With our private parts pressed together I wondered sinfully to myself what my MotherÂ’s vagina looked like. Did she shave it clean like the women that I had seen in the Playboy magazines? Did she have just a small, clean cut patch of hair? What color was her pubic hair? Every woman that I had seen in porn magazines varied and I was sure my MotherÂ’s vagina was equally magnificent. I brazenly held out hope that today she would share her secret with me.

As her laughter subsided, she gently wrapped her arms over my shoulders and around the back of my neck, her breasts pressing against me she stared back into my eyes. I realized that the pace of my breathing had quickened as her face slowly and seductively closed in on my own until her lips softly grazed my ear, she whispered gently, “I can feel that you truly have become a man.”

I suddenly felt ashamed of my hormone-driven erection as I began to blush and pull away. “Sshhhhhh, don’t be embarrassed honey its’ okay” she spoke softly, offering me reassurance while shifting her hips until my fully aroused penis settled snuggly into the cleavage between her legs. An involuntary startle shook my entire body, my heart pounding as my self-restraint began to crumble.

Leaning back to gaze into my eyes, she once again took my face with both of her hands and told me, “You have come of age and in doing so you are now the man of the house.” Pulling my face down into her own she kissed my lips tenderly, not anything like the kisses that she had bestowed upon me, to show compassion for my suffering or pride for my success, this was a very meaningful kiss. We were now two impetuous adults and my body was responding to touches of this very beautiful woman.

It was after our initial impassioned kiss, our faces only inches apart that she revealed to me what my birthday present would be that day. Our hips pressed firmly against one another, my swollen penis completely filling the void between her legs, she disclosed her desire to vitiate me, “This year I am your birthday present.” Unable to speak, I gazed upon her small, beautiful face, as I was suddenly struck with a feeling of astonishment at the unexpectedness of her gift, without hesitation I began to kiss her full, red lips deeply and devotedly.

Moments later, our kissing became lascivious, as our lips parted and the unfamiliar, light touches of my MotherÂ’s tongue entering my mouth shocked and excited me. I repressed my initial inclination to pull away and gradually opened my mouth further allowing her tongue to move freely into my mouth. Stretching our mouths wide in perfect accord, our tongues met and entwined, the true meaning of her kissing grew more poignant. My strong, amorous feelings of love turned into uncontrollable, sexual desires as I started to experience first hand, lust.

My libido taking over, I found my hands slowly sliding from her hips and following the firm, pleasing contours of her silk dress covered bottom. Responding immediately to my touch, she raised her right leg and wrapped it around my hip, her dress sliding aside as her most intimate, feminine body part rested firmly over my mass of bulging manhood.

The sensation of warmth engulfed my throbbing penis and the realization that there was now one less layer of clothing separating us was titillating. Locked in a reprobate embrace, the alluring call of her femininity was too powerful to overcome as I became hopelessly lost to my excessive sexual cravings.

My urges escalated as I kissed her neck and then the tops of her shoulders, the tip of my tongue now moving lower down her chest, stopping only when I was over the small protrusion of her erect nipple. Sliding the strap of the dress from her shoulder the loose silken black material hung low exposing her perfectly upturned breast.

Cradling her breast in my hand, I traced the outline of her stiff, dark pink nipple with the tip of my wet tongue. I felt her body shake in response to my touch, her warm, moist breath caressing the back of my neck as I gently sucked on her breast. I felt her long, slender fingers gently stroking my hair as she silently watched my attempt to suckle.

Time began to slow and with her breast in my mouth, my hands slipped down her back until my fingers could trace the delicate line of her panties under the almost sheer, silky material of her black dress. Allowing her breast to fall from my lips we locked in an impassioned kiss, my fingertips wandering down into the curvature of her bottom causing her to sigh gently into my mouth.

I began to roll up the silky material of her dress with my left hand, my right hand seeking the nakedness of her flesh. I needed to vigorously explore all of the forbidden parts of her body, experiencing everything she held sacred. I was now determined to indulge myself in every manner of pleasure she could offer me.

My hands softly caressed the smooth, warmth of her diminutive bottom. Cupping her buttocks in my hands I pulled her closer pressing my fully bl**d-gorged penis tightly between her legs. Climbing up onto me and wrapping her legs around my hips she suddenly broke free of our kiss and flung her head back emitting a loud groan of pleasure.

Slipping my hands under the seams of the flimsy fabric of her panties my fingertips stretched to reach deep into the furrow of her bottom. I began to lift her tiny frame up and then lower it down again, grinding myself more f***efully against her. Working my hands further under her and parting her slight bottom until my middle fingers rested against the surface of her tiny puckered hole between her buttocks. I strained to stretch my pinky fingers reaching excitedly for the smooth, softness of my MotherÂ’s vagina.

Now moaning out loud as she rode my crotch, she met my thrusts with her own. I could control myself no longer and placed her frail, almost weightless frame up onto the kitchen table laying her upon the open space normally occupied by my birthday present.

With my her now on top of the large butcher block table I quickly moved my birthday cake to the countertop, but not before I ran my finger across the chocolate icing and held it up in front of her mouth. Without speaking she took my finger into her mouth and closed her eyes, holding my finger perfectly still I could feel the gentle motions of her tongue as it cleaned the frosting from my finger.

As I held my fingertip in her mouth she reached down between her legs, her fingertip gliding under her sheer, black panties, shivering as she touched herself, withdrawing her finger she held it to my lips. My jaw fell slack and she glided her sweet-scented finger over my bottom lip and into my mouth. Closing my lips around her finger I began to discern the pleasant and agreeable taste of my MotherÂ’s previously forbidden fruit.

I sucked gently on her finger drawing the last traces of her exotic, natural, aphrodisiac into my mouth. Looking into her eyes she appeared to be trying to think fully and deeply about how next to proceed towards fulfilling her growing passions.

Removing her finger from my mouth she reached back down between her legs. I watched her shake in quick, involuntary movements as she slid her finger back inside herself, her gaze into my eyes never wavering. Bringing her shimmering, aromatic finger back up between our faces, I opened my mouth to receive her distinct, savoriness again. “You like that don’t you”, she questioned.

“Mmmmm”, was all I could respond to her inquiry with as I found myself too preoccupied with the fully arousing tanginess that covered her finger. Sucking deeply of her finger, my lesson in carnality had begun, my appetite for her body and her flesh had been fueled completely, my senses now fully aroused.

We held each othersÂ’ gaze as I slowly moved my hands up the outsides of her thighs, pulling up her dress until they rested on her hips. Raising her hips upward in quiet expectation, the faint image of her distinctly female perforation was visible under the transparently thin, black fabric.

My hands trembling uncontrollably, I ran my fingers under the waistband of her panties and very slowly, very carefully began to slide them down the sides of the milky, white flesh of her hips. The silky fabric drew taut as the slender material of her thong fought to free itself from the narrow of her clenched buttocks.

I stole a glance back at her and spied a naughty smirk spreading across her previously angelic face. I hesitated in anticipation before fully exposing my Mother’s divinity, guilt spreading over me as I contemplated the grossly immoral act I was now committing. Her words of temptation filled my ears, coaxing me into her seemingly nefarious plot, “Go ahead baby open your birthday present!”

I stood breathless, nervously peeling her panties from around her hips and unwrapping the most indecent gift of my young manhood. Fully preoccupied with sexual desire, the very sight of her unfamiliar, fissure fully exposed was incredibly erogenous. I had never considered that my MotherÂ’s vagina would be my first and as I stood staring I could not contemplate that there could possibly be anything anymore more beautiful.

Her panties now removed and in my hand, I closed my eyes and placed them under my nose, breathing in a mixture of fragrant soap and perfume. Nuzzling my nose into the black, cotton panel of her panties that had only moments before covered her private parts, inhaling deeply I found comfort in the warm, damp scent left behind by the fabricsÂ’ close contact with my MotherÂ’s pudendum.

“Baby” I heard her call out, breaking my trance. Looking down into her big, brown eyes and she stared back at me smiling mischievously, she had slid her dress over her head while I was engrossed with her panties. For the first time ever I was able to look upon her unadorned body, she appeared docile and defenseless now wearing only her black, high-heels.

Taking in her graceful figure; I watched as her legs began to spread wide in lewd invitation, her small, perky, breasts standing out on her delicate frame. Hypnotized by the untainted abundance she was offering me, I uttered “You are so beautiful”. Her shimmering, red, full lips turned upward and parted framing her brilliant white teeth, obviously pleased with my compliment.

As I took in the beauty of her heavenly figure lying on the tabletop she lifted up her outstretched arms beckoning me to begin my unrighteous passage into manhood. I leaned down over her, our lips met f***efully; pulling my ear to her mouth, she seductively moaned, “Happy Birthday!”

As she lay upon the table, I let her silken panties fall from my hand onto the floor and stood motionless in a trance-like state capturing the exquisite beauty of her womanhood. I could not believe that she was prepared to enter into such an unspeakable act, allowing her own son to take part in sexual relations with her.

I secretly prayed that she would not have any second thoughts and end her licentious behavior. I then began to realize the perverseness of my luck to have such an extraordinary mother who was offering me permission to enter into her; willing to totally abandon her immaculate state in order to advance my ascendance into manhood.

After having breakfast at this very same table only hours earlier, I had never envisioned what was now happening. The meal my Mother had so carefully planned and prepared for me was to be her. I watched her naked, writhing body now displayed before me in libidinous sacrificial offering. The table had become the new altar for our i****tuous High Mass as I silently prepared to forsake all of my moral beliefs. I thought of Adam and Eve. My Mother was now the impious Eve calling out to me with her illicit, maternal fruit.

I viewed her feminine offering as so simple and faultless; the delicate, burgundy-colored folds of flesh, topped off by a small, inverted, triangle of closely shaven golden hair. The true nature of her sacrifice was so much more as she lay offering her unspoiled womanhood to her virgin son.

A solicitous look upon her face, she gripped the backs of her thighs, her legs bending at the knee and parting for me, she solemnly presented herself in an act of complete and totally selfless devotion that was surrealistic. Here was my gift and like every year previous, she never ceased to amaze me by her ability to find an incredible birthday present that always reflected her love for me.

I wondered how many other boys received such incredible gifts from their mothers on their 18th birthdays. Was I just exceptionally lucky or was this a secret that every f****y had? Did other mothers teach their sons how to become men?

I continued to ponder silently, “Why shouldn’t the first woman I have sex with be my Mother?” After all, I loved, respected and trusted her. She would never do anything to hurt me and I could not think of a better teacher of all things in life. “Yes!” I thought to myself, it would be very natural to have my Mother teach me about sex and this would be one more of life’s lessons.

Legs raised and spread wide, she granted me the privilege of viewing what so many men must have sought from her over the years. Taking in the previously unimaginable offerings between her legs, I now understood what drove men to court her, wishing only to be where I was at that very moment in time. I, however, began to feel as though all I surveyed was in fact my birthright and I was entitled to everything that was my Mother.

“Do you like?” she questioned me, smiling deviously. “I do, it’s so beautiful”, I replied staring at the slight, narrow opening between her legs. “It’s all yours. I have been saving myself for this very special day”, she went on, confirming my egotistical belief that she was in fact my birthright. “It’s time baby” she spoke softly, calling me to attend her lewd services of worship.

Lowering my face into the hollow at the juncture of her thighs, I breathed deeply, filling my lungs with her essence. Anxiously anticipating my touch, her breathing became ragged and labored as I knelt before her, in preparation for our iniquitous act of communion.

Being between her legs was to be in my temple, at which I would ceremoniously honor thy mother and give thanks for the truly miraculous gift she was now bestowing upon me. I regarded her body with respect and reverence, subconsciously declaring her to be sacred. I gazed upon her hallowed entrance in absolute awe before obediently leaning forward and gently anointing her with multiple soft kisses, consecrating her magnificent vagina and making it an object of veneration.

Now that I had been permitted to view my MotherÂ’s most carefully protected treasure I would devote my being to serving her. Grazing the soft, fleshy gates to her divine sanctum with my pursed lips I could sense the faint tremors throughout her body, generated by my displays of affection. Her vagina was my sacrament, possessing mysterious significance for which I would display reverent love and devotion.

I marveled at the simplicity of the sacrifice she was asking of me for the privilege of experiencing a state of familial togetherness that few sons ever encounter with their mothers. To properly worship her body would merely require a very minute sacrifice on my part. And I could think of no better way to honor her then by introducing into her exquisite vagina, my virginal penis and bestowing her long dormant body with my seed.

I bowed my head in obeisance, displaying my deep respect for the goddessÂ’ genitalia now laid out before me. I was no longer aware of my MotherÂ’s presence; I only had awareness of the beautiful fissure between the set of smallish, c***d-like legs. In my lustful state I only gave notice to the object and not to the fact that it was my MotherÂ’s reproductive organs that I longed to taste.

Wrapping my hands around her hips, her thighs now resting against my shoulders, I kissed her once more, pleased with the gentle sighs of pleasure that it caused her to emit. I contently traced the outline of her womanhood with my fingertip and began to associate it with a beautiful flower, her lips were soft like rose petals, her fragrant scent pleasing to the senses. Pinching the plum-colored edges of her outer lips between my thumb and forefinger, caused her to quiver, as I peeled open her fleshy folds revealing a most beautiful shade of vibrant, shimmering pink.

Lowering my gaze I could not take my eyes from the, puckered, brown, hole between her buttocks and my tawdry compulsion to lick it. I was simultaneously attracted and repulsed by the tiny hole buried between her waif-like buttocks. The thought of licking her anus appealed to the deviate behavior I was slowly discovering inside myself, but the knowledge of that holesÂ’ function made the act seem vulgar.

At some very subconscious-level the decision had already been made as I pried open her girlish buttocks and descended into the furrow of her soap-scented bottom. My serpentine-like tongue slithered from the confines of my mouth to begin the sordid task of stoking her puckered hole.

The sharp alkaline taste of her rigid anus bit into my tongue, a feeling of revulsion washing over me. I heard her shrill sighs as she experienced for the first time the oral stimulation of her never before touched orifice. The tip of my tongue continuing deeper into her unexplored knot of muscle fighting against her bodyÂ’s natural reaction to contract further. She pulled her knees to her chest and curled herself into a tight ball, allowing me unobstructed access to her virgin hole and in return I bathed the entire furrow of her bottom with my salivating tongue.

Out of the corners of my eyes I witnessed her fingertips excitedly grasping and pulling apart her buttocks as she craved more stimulation, the first traces of pink were now exposed. I reciprocated by stabbing my tongue into her virgin sphincter making her cry out for me to continue my disgraceful conduct, “Oooo, ooooo, ooooo, what are you doing down there baby?” she wailed, “Oooooo, oooooo, ohhhhhh” she continued exhaling rapidly through clenched teeth.

Just as the pressure of my tongue started to overcome her sturdy hole allowing me entrance, she cried out, “Oh no, no, please no” she protested. “Oh my God, I can’t let you do that, it feels so good, but I can’t” she stammered overcome in a moment of modesty.

Respecting her wishes, I began to move my tongue from the still-to-remain virgin knot between her buttocks, towards the delectable lips of her wanting vagina. I felt the light touch of her hands on the back of my head and listened to her deep, long moans, as I succumbed to the irresistible compulsion to experience the deplorable act of true Mother-Son cunnilingus.

With a faint, high-pitched sigh her hips came up to meet me and the subtle tastes of her venerate fluids played upon my tongue. Each lick fueled my lust to taste more of her scandalous succulence. Sensing my hunger she spread her legs as far apart as possible, completely captivating me, luring me deeper into her long unattended notch.

Gently pulling back the soft, fleshly lips of her magnificent flower, I plunged my tongue deep into her muscular passage, causing her to moan out in ecstasy, as I enthusiastically lapped up the more exotic tastes of her fully aroused body. Suffering from an insatiable thirst for her sustaining fluids, I tried in vain to stretch every inch of my tongue into the ripe goodness of her mature body. Convulsing violently as my tongue dug deeper she moaned out unintelligibly, “Tongue, I need…..,feeeeels, feeeeels, need inside me, tongue feels soooo gooooood!”

Sensing my tongueÂ’s desperate attempts to draw out the fecund richness from her rapidly moistening vagina, she f***ed her hips into my face, eager to feed me her inimitable fluids, as she became my i****tuous co-conspirator.

My excited feeding now heightening her arousal, creating a steady stream of pre-coital secretions that flowed from the deepest, untainted recesses of her body. I had unlocked the secret to the most closely kept sacrament she had to give and took great pleasure in letting her fluids cover my face and drip down my chin as I feasted voraciously on her sweet, pink flesh. What flowed from the exquisite slit between her legs and onto my tongue was so distinctive that itsÂ’ attributes would always be recognizable to me as my MotherÂ’s from that day forward.

Beneath my consciousness part of me understood that the delicate, scarcely perceptible tanginess I was now experiencing were my MotherÂ’s rare, procreative secretions as they gently flowed from her fertile body. The very thought that these were the fluids that the female body subtly produced as it prepared to mate excited me greatly. The realization that the fluids I was lapping up so voraciously were my MotherÂ’s own, as her body instinctively prepared to copulate with me was almost incomprehensible to my racing mind.

For whatever reason I thought of the rudimentary biology of what was happening. The simple act of stimulating my MotherÂ’s sex organs with my tongue had caused her to generate heavier and heavier flows of natural lubricant. Her bodyÂ’s innate desire to prepare her female receptacle for the male penis was a basic a****l function that did not take into consideration the fact that it would be her sonÂ’s penis she would be receiving. Our brains were unable to override the incredible satisfaction that our mutual sexual stimulation was creating and tell our bodies that a mother and son should not be propagating.

We had gone too far and it was too late to stop, my Mother was to become my mate as our basic biological programming to reproduce made ending our orgy of flesh impossible. My a****lism became inescapable; I eagerly lapped up her precious fluids, my body absorbing her streaming maternal nutrients. Digging my tongue still deeper I sought to explore her very core, the pleasing flavor of her body was extraordinary.

I fed on her glistening reproductive passage like a ravenous jungle b**st the sucking and slurping noises accompanying my heavy breathing drowning out her own pleasured panting. My head swam as I took in the scent of her perfumed body, the aromas of jasmine, peaches and flowers filling my senses.

As I worshipped at her altar, her moaning served as the perverse, ministerial edict to eat of her flesh, and drink of her womb. The room filled with bestial grunts and groans as a wicked son cannibalized his wanton mother upon the kitchen table. Freely submitting to the stimulating pleasures of the flesh I became fully obsessed with my immodest and obscene feast.

Her hands now securely wrapped around the back of my head, she held my face firmly between her legs and I stole a quick glance into her eyes. What I saw as I gazed into her wide eyes amazed me, with her jaw slack, mouth fully agape, her body now convulsing in spasm, I could sense the fear and emotional distress that only a mother could experience during i****t.

As we locked eyes she appeared shocked by a moment of clarity in witnessing that it was her own sonÂ’s face buried between her legs giving her such incredible pleasure. I could tell she clearly understood the loathsome act we were committing, but was now helpless to stop, as she f***ed herself to watch me ravenously devouring her previously chaste offering.

In her face I sensed an imperceptible questioning coming from her, “Why?” It was very faint, but as she watched me her mind was subconsciously forcing her to verbalize her fears, “Why am I allowing my own son to do this to me?” I thought I could hear her questioning out loud. “Why am I helpless to stop you?” I imagined that I heard her call out with each whispery gasp of air she drew.

Her underlying desire for pleasure at any cost was winning out and I looked away to avert her panic stricken gaze and continue my feast. My hunger was so compelling that I craved to taste, touch and explore every sensation possible, my fire fueled by her moans of ecstasy. With my face hidden between her legs, I enjoyed the power I held over her body, feeling it respond in spasms of pleasure to the touch of my tongue and fingers.

Soon her hips started to reflexively move in slow rhythmic thrusts to the pace of my bawdy tongue further stimulating her sexual desires, “Ooooo, yes baby, eat Mommy all up that’s it honey, lick Mommy’s pussy” she cooed

Her reference to herself as Mommy made me feel dirty and I realized just how vulgar it would appear to anyone else if I were caught licking my own Mother’s ‘pussy’ at our kitchen table. I lapped feverishly of her unholy bodily secretions, listening to her truly obscene requests to be eaten, understanding that the evil of i****t had gotten the better of her.

“God you make me so wet!” she proclaimed loudly before laying her head back down on the table as I continued with my sinful meal of maternal flesh. I wondered who was exploiting who as we both sought to use one another selfishly for each their own ends.

I watched as the bl**d-red nail of her index finger slide into the furrow of her vagina, stimulating her clitoris in self-gratification. I stared in silent fascination as she began to masturbate right in front of my face, her slender finger tip skillfully manipulating the tiny, bulbous bundle of flesh.

I pulled my tongue from her tight, soaked hole of her vagina and followed her wet lips upward. Taking her finger into my mouth, my tongue came to rest over the small, soft pearl that lay glistening between the top of her pink lips. She reacted instantaneously raising her head off the table in a roar of approval while pushing her hips up into my face, “Yes, baby, yes, right there honey!” she yelled out.

Reaching down with both hands she excitedly pulled my face deeper into her crotch. “Oh my God, yessss, yesssss!” she hissed from between clenched teeth. I was amazed at how she had turned into a crazed a****l and I continued to bear down harder with my tongue on the shimmering jewel buried between her soaking, wet folds of pink flesh.

Completely insensible to the disgraceful act we were committing she enveloped my head with her legs and arms, frantically pulling my hair as she tried to f***e my tongue to bear down harder. She began chanting as she clamped herself around my head, “Yeah baby, oh yes, oh yessss!” The blasphemous rites of i****tuous cunnilingus rang throughout the kitchen as she became completely incorrigible her only awareness was an acute sensitivity to the stimuli of my tongue.

My cock was now so incredibly hard that it began to ache from the confines of my tight jeans. I reached down with one hand and began to unbutton and unzip my jeans; I needed to escape them to get some sort of relief. Kicking off my sneakers, I skillfully stepped out of my jeans, my cock springing forth as I tore off my boxers, all the while continuing to focus on her immediate needs.

With my pants off, my rock-hard cock stood straight up and throbbing, I knew what I had to do next. Things were moving too fast, I didnÂ’t want her to cum just yet, so I gradually lessened the f***e of my tongue and began probing her dewy hole again.

“UUmmmmppphhhh……” was all she could communicate; expelling the last of her breath, the pre-orgasmic waves inside her body began to subside and the familiar gentle, deep probing of my tongue commenced. “I want you inside me” she uttered in hushed tones, as if not to allow anyone else to hear her secret desire. “Please, I need you inside me” she pleaded desperately, completely out of breath.

Placing a very gentle kiss between her legs, I stood looking down at her; the table top glistened with a light sheen of her fluids. Her vagina was completely drenched and she was now in heat and unable to control her carnal desires, her body writhing sinfully atop the kitchen table. Eagerly pulling my shirt over my head, I tossed it aside; we were both now completely naked in each otherÂ’s presence for the first time.

Without any clothing to hinder us, my heart raced until I thought it would burst from my chest as I nervously stepped closer. My pulsating cock was so close to her unobstructed opening that I could feel her fiery warmth radiating over my crotch compelling me onward to an yet another outrageous and unnatural act.

Her eyes rolled wildly around in her head, legs spread wide as she reached down and took hold of my cock. “Please, please, pleeeease…..” she wailed, as she guided the tip of my cock up against her sweltering, gash beckoning me to enter into sin with her. ”Oh fuck yes, baby you have such an incredible cock, please fuck me, I need to feel you inside of me!”

I could not believe this was my Mother openly soliciting me for her own sexual gratification. She was always the strong one, always the one in control of every situation and now she was calling me into a world of total depravity, begging me to breach her.

Since my days as a small c***d, I had always felt deep respect tinged with awe of this almost goddess-like woman now lying beneath me, seeking desperately to consummate our relationship. I would not need any further encouragement to fully engage her in seemingly explicable behavior.

With a firm grip on my cock she slid my tumid head up and down the length of her luxurious slit in ultimate temptation causing my innate moral willpower to completely dissolve. The steaminess of her gash combined with a drop of my pre-cum that had begun to ooze from the opening of my cock to provide the lubrication we would need to fully engage one another. I sensed her outer lips begin to separate, her shameless enticement influencing me into a condition of excited desire.

My deep reverence for this woman had made me long for this to be a very special moment between us. I held her small face in my hands and began to gently kiss her forehead, her cheeks and then slowly graze my lips across hers. After a few moments she regained her composure and our kissing became deeper and more intimate. Still holding her face in my hands I stared intently into her gorgeous, big, brown eyes and told her “I don’t ever want to forget this moment. I want this to be the most perfect moment of our lives.”

The tip of my cock now snuggly tucked into the firm, outer folds of her womanhood, we held each othersÂ’ faces in our hands entering into an unspoken covenant. I felt as though this moment had somehow been predestined and I craved entry into her loins.

Once again she reached down between our legs and I welcomed the soft, gentle touch of her long, thin fingers wrapping around my rock-hard manhood. I moaned out in pleasure as she massaged her outer lips with the head of my throbbing cock carefully studying my pleasured response to her actions.

Wiggling my cock head back and forth over her aperture with her right hand she parted her lusty folds with the index and middle fingers of her left hand. The tip of my cock seated snuggly into her dank, fleshy mound ready to defile the center of her generative power.

Urgently spreading her legs as wide as possible in her most visible display of willingness, I could no longer resist her beguiling advances as I felt the tip of my penis beginning to stretch the entrance into her vagina. My MotherÂ’s consent came in the form of the uplifting of her tiny hips. She was now ready to engage me in our mutual quest for profane, sexual gratification.

I knew that to insert my penis into my MotherÂ’s vagina would be to vitiate my earliest memories of her and render them worthless. I was still her progeny with a desire to please and my acquiescence would be expected no matter how base her desires. I understood that my entrance into manhood depended on this very moment and that until my penis was finally inside my Mother, I would always be just her c***d.

Staring at me in a piercing manner through squinting eyes she watched me keenly. I could sense the underlying evil motivation inside her as she quietly regarded my passive compliance. The pressure of my penis building, smiling deviously, she waited attentively for me to pierce her and fulfill her darkest sexual desires.

In silent obedience I continued to press against her, the head of my penis now fully enveloped in her soft cleft trying to overcome her tightly drawn orifice. With the momentum of my cock momentarily halted by the tightness of her long dormant opening, my MotherÂ’s hips reflexively pushed up overcome the last of her resistance capturing the head of my cock inside her. The sensation of my entry caused us to gasp in unison, looking deeply into her eyes, I saw the recognition within my Mother that her sonÂ’s penis was now inside her. With one thrust of her hips and in less than a second she had ushered us into our final state of spiritual ruin.

“Is it in?” I asked, expressing my novice wonderment, completely overwhelmed by the excitingly strange sensation of my full, thick head overcoming her muscular opening. “Mmmhhhmmmm?” she smiled stroking my hair, a look of pride on her face. “I can’t believe it’s really in!” I proclaimed victoriously. “Do you like that way it feels?” she asked inquisitively. “It feels good, but I feel really weird” I confided in her.

“I am sure it may seem a little strange at first, but its’ okay”, she tried to reassure me. “What if anyone finds out?” I started to worry. “Nobody will know, it will be our little secret”, she replied soothing my concerns. “Does it hurt?” I felt the need to ask. “No honey, it feels wonderful” she sighed. “Shouldn’t I be wearing a condom?” I asked. “Don’t worry baby I want you to know what a woman really feels like, no condoms” she stated, making it clear that she had no concerns about our unprotected state.

The uniqueness of her tight confines gave rise to an extraordinarily queer sensation within me as I realized I had now crossed the line and fully entered into a damnable relationship. Ensnared by her vaginal muscles, our sensitive flesh fused together, my abnormal sexual drive fueling the increasing need to culminate our lecherous deed. I had sexually violated my Mother, there was no turning back.

I was so completely overcome by my uncontrollable lust for her that I found strange satisfaction in knowing that I had done something very few sons are able to do with their mothers. This would be our most carefully guarded secret, creating an incomparable bond that would last our lifetimes.

The love I had for her and the feel of her body conflicted with my feelings of wickedness and depravity for engaging in our i****tuous act. Deceptively my bodily sensations were telling me this was something very beautiful happening between us. My heart raced and I kissed her lips gently once more readying myself to venture further down our dark, unholy path, my destructive nature defeating my moral beliefs.

With a sharply focused gaze she watched me, slowly licking her lips while holding the head of my penis hostage inside her. As I watched I couldnÂ’t help but feel as though her body was devouring me, her tiny hole securely compressing around the narrower portion of my shaft directly behind my head.

With her tiny orifice relenting and no longer capable of shielding her insides from my invasive tool, I was now free to delve into her previously chaste confines. Time slowed as I very gently began pushing my penis into the comforting confines of my MotherÂ’s silky, soft vagina. The delicateness of her warm, moist insides caressed my hardness, as I found myself falling deeper and deeper into love with her. Looking into her lucent eyes I began to ponder the significance of what it meant for a woman to give herself to a man and how much different that it must have felt for her to give herself to her son.

Gazing into one another’s eyes as my penis continued to move forward into her silken passage I could sense her love for me growing as well. The deeper my penis ventured the stronger our bond until the head of my cock pierced that previously inviolable place she kept untouched until this day. As I watched her eyes roll back in pleasure I realized that we had become one and knew instinctively that his was the place that I would deposit my seed. I stopped and kissed her tenderly, whispering into her ear, “Thank-you”, with the tips of our noses touching, we stared into each other eyes once more.

With the snugness of her sultry hole coming to bear around the base of my rock-like shaft; her fleshy, reproductive receptacle was now completely filled by my thick, virginal penis and her body trembled uncontrollably. Our eyes remained locked as we tried to peer into one anotherÂ’s souls. By entering into my Mother I had passed into manhood, she was now my lover.

Tears flowing we both were totally overcome by the emotion of our intense, physical transformation, as we were now locked in the act of sexual procreation as man and woman; my penis fully inserted into my MotherÂ’s vagina to be excited until orgasm and the ultimate display of true love, ejaculation of my seminal fluids into her fertile reproductive tract.

The full awakening of our bodies was instinctive and very gradual and we began moving in perfect harmony; the smooth, even strokes of my rigid cock probing the lustrous softness of her body. The swollen, bulbous head of my cock moved back and forth as I desperately sought refuge in her inner most recesses.

I ground myself into her, needing to feel as close as possible, until the coarse hair of our crotches slowly started to rub our bodies raw. My cock fully extended into her womb produced a dull ache in her belly causing her to groan out loud. In her heightened state of arousal I felt the tantalizing sensation of the full flow of her vaginal fluids coating the entirety of my pulsating cock; with each thrust her flesh began to melt around the entire length of my agonizingly stiff shaft. I held her close as we both began to shutter in a state of complete and total euphoria.

I began to experience tremendous feelings of remorse for having violated the hallowedness of my Mother’s body. Then looking back into her eyes I was quickly comforted by her glowing smile and the tingling sensation of my throbbing cock now fully enveloped by her warm, velvety wetness. I gently kissed her tears, “Are you okay” I whispered. Fighting back her tears she replied, “I’m fine baby, just fine!”

I couldnÂ’t take my eyes off of this magnificent woman who was giving me the most sacred thing a mother could give her son. Our bond was the strongest that I had ever experienced in my entire life. She broke out in a big smile then slowly laying her head back, closed her eyes and exhaled deeply as our hips moved back and forth in uninhibited copulation.

Several moments later I stopped and remained perfectly still, content to gaze upon her entrancing face in total amazement of her willingness to accept me inside her. As her eyes opened I told her, “I don’t want this to ever end.” “It’s not over yet baby” she replied smiling as I felt the smooth contractions emanating from inside her as she gently tightened herself around my pulsating cock. I kissed her lips as I slid my right hand under her back, carefully raising her limp, almost weightless frame up towards me.

Reclining in my grasp, our eyes simultaneously drifted downward to gaze upon the point at which our bodies joined. My bl**d gorged cock was now safely hidden within the warm, soft confines of my MotherÂ’s body. I watched in fascination as her hand glided down over her soft, creamy, white belly, her long, slender fingers spreading wider and moving lower until the base of my glistening cock rested snuggly between her middle fingers.

I reached out with my left hand moving it down between our crotches and covered her hand with my own, leaning forward I kissed her forehead. As I leaned back she did not raise her eyes, caressing the base of my cock between her fingers and rubbing herself at the same time she fell into a pleasured hypnotic state.

The power of our union was indescribable, contemplating the vision of our joined bodies, I stared at point where or bodies joined, only the last ½ inch of my vein-lined cock protruding from her body, our patches of pubic hair close together. I ran my hand over her soft belly; coming to rest over the area my cock occupied inside her. Her hand covered mine and together we rubbed her belly in a circular motion over the very spot where she now held me inside trying to fully comprehend our indecent sense of oneness.

As I watched her in an almost catatonic-like state; gradually I came to understand her mysterious behavior, almost reading her mind. It became clear to me that she was reverting back to her days as an expectant Mother, rubbing the belly that once held her progeny; rubbing it once again, she seemed to silently ponder the dark, forbidden pleasure of my fully erect manhood and the alluring promise of my seed.

“What are you thinking?” I inquired softly. “You make me feel so beautiful” she replied. “You are the most beautiful woman I know” I told her, watching her upturning lips. “Do you really mean it?” she asked still looking down and rubbing her belly. I raised my left hand to her face, holding it softly against her cheek and watched as she continued rubbing her belly in a completely peaceful state of reverence over delicate bond.

My eyes fell once more, “I really mean it” I assured her, and together we gazed in stunned silence our hands moving back and forth over our entangled flesh, all the while our minds unable to truly understand any immorality in our joining since it offered us such a pleasured contentment. “You don’t have any regrets do you?” she spoke softly. “No, do you?” I asked in return. “Only one” she replied. I suddenly became frightened that I wasn’t making her happy. “What is it?” I quickly questioned. “My only regret is that we had to wait so long” she giggled.

I contracted the muscles of my loins causing my cock to jump inside her. She reacted instantaneously with a large glowing smile a look of cheer spread across her face. “Are you cumming?” she asked me excitedly. I flexed my muscles several more times and feigned climax, all the time my Mother urged me on as she looked down at her belly trying to envision my seed filling her womb, “That’s my good little boy, cum inside your mommy! That’s it baby just let it happen.”

I broke out in a large smile, laughing at her for having fallen for my deception. “You aren’t cumming, are you?” she asked, seemingly disappointed. “That wasn’t nice” she told me. I flexed my muscles in rapid fire motion which got her instant attention, distracting her from her line of questioning, “Oh, but that does feel good!” she proclaimed, smiling and giggling.

Looking into her eyes, I asked her in a more sober mood, “Do you really want me to cum inside you? Biting her lower lip and breaking our gaze by looking down, I couldn’t believe my luck as she replied sheepishly, “Yes.” I thought to myself, “This is my best birthday ever! Not only has my Mother allowed me to fuck her, but she genuinely wants me to cum inside her too! This is fantastic and unfortunately I will never be able to tell a soul for as long as I live.”

Rubbing her clit with the tip of my thumb I remarked, “You know we are committing a sin, don’t you?” “I do” she sighed. “Do all little boys get to put their penis’ inside of their mommys?” I asked sarcastically. “Only the good little boys” she smirked. “It feels so incredible” I remarked more seriously. “It does, doesn’t it” she purred enjoying the stimulating touch of my thumb on her most sensitive spot. “Why does it feel so good if it is a sin” I asked unrepentantly. Raising her fingertip to my lips she ended my questioning, “Shhh it doesn’t matter anymore.”

The subtle beauty and perfection of our physical coupling made it clear to me that this was an act of love at its purest and our time together was not to be wasted. We were merely two intensely human individuals bringing to a state of perfection their long held adulation for one another.

With our union now forged in flesh we were now completely unrestrained by any previously held inhibitions. We knew we were free to set aside any customary bounds and limits; no longer burdened by moral constraint we could now begin our journey for absolute gratification. She watched intently as I pulled her wedding ring from her finger, placing it aside. Her eyes remained on the ring lying next to her and I could sense a feeling of hurt or finality as I watched her.

Turning her head with my outstretched fingers to face me; her eyes closed and then opened slowly telling me she understood the significance of my actions. Reaching up devotedly she caressed my cheek and again her gaze fell down between us. Our bodies fused in i****tuous heat we could now give to each other without restraint. There were to be no questions of right or wrong only of how much and how far we would choose to venture.

The very thought that others would consider this a licentious sexual congress produced an intense sexual desire within me causing me to only want her more. Part of me almost wanted to have someone walk into the kitchen and witness us in an act rejected by God putting us beyond hope of salvation. My Mother and I were both now damned and I longed for the world to know what we had done.

Looking over her shoulder and towards the large sliding glass doors that led out onto the porch in the back yard I realized that the blinds were not closed. Our neighbor and good friend of my Mother, Ann, could walk up to the door at any minute and catch us fornicating on the kitchen table. I thought how exciting it would be to have her looking through the glass only 6 feet away while I fucked my unwitting Mother raw, whose back happened to be facing the door.

I pulled her closer lifting her off of the table, discreetly scooping up her wedding ring, very careful not to break our bond; I carried her up to her bedroom. Laying her down on her bed I took a moment to pause and looked down longingly at her stunning beauty. An underlying current of fidelity ran through me as I leaned over her still form, my cock buried deeply between her legs. This was the woman who gave birth to me and I was seeking to provide her with the sexual gratification she so desperately deserved. I desired nothing more than to repay her in pleasure for everything she had done for me.

Words are no longer necessary as we communicate by sheer instinct, wrapping her arms around my neck, we kiss deeply. As we kiss our bodies respond to our innate impulses and begin to move together, my need to fill her matched by her body’s desire to be filled. Our bodies intertwined on the bed, our love making became purposeful and deliberate, both sensing that we were sharing a very special moment for the first time. “I want you to fuck me forever” she sighed as our bodies moved in unison.

We moved together like long, lost lovers, our bodies fit into one another as if they were always intended to be joined. I wanted our love making go into eternity and held her tightly almost protectively, as I slowly and methodically moved in and out of her wet, silky softness. Her small hips moved in sync with my own, rising up off the bed to meet my slow, deliberate downward thrusts. That long period of self-sacrifice and abstinence could not remain pent-up any longer as the tempo of her hips quickened and the pace of our love making began to accelerate.

“Fuck me harder baby” she begged me unashamedly. The tempo of our fornication quickened until the slapping of our flesh echoed throughout her bedroom. Emitting a throaty roar of approval her moans gave me great pleasure in being able to probe her deepest confines and fulfill needs that had lain dormant for many years. I kissed her tenderly and whispered, “I want to taste you!” She broke out in a big smile and motioned me to roll over “Not yet!” she grinned. I held her close as I rolled onto my back keeping myself firmly inside her.

As she sat astride of me I felt the warm, comforting sensation of her wetness washing over my swollen testicles and into my nest of coarse, black pubic hair. Impaling herself on me I witnessed her body begin to convulse. The spasmodic contractions of her body made her appear possessed and I realized that the demon within her was in fact my 8 inch spike of flesh. Her eyes rolled back in her head as an insatiable hunger swept through her, a fire raging in her loins.

The feeling of my cock now enslaved inside her was exquisite, the gyrations of her hips escalated as the movements of her pelvis became deep and unstoppable. Her short blond hair swaying in unison with her bodily motions, the tender folds of her womanhood now drenched, bathing my body, her light, fragrant lubricant flowing freely as she moved passionately. Reaching out I took her breasts in my hands and began to squeeze them softly; she reacted by clawing my chest with her long, sharp nails.

Flipping her hair back from her eyes she gave me a sly smile, her eyes were now narrow and focused as she began to bite her lower lip. Sensing her increasing arousal I began to pinch and tug on the stiffening nipples of her firm, soft breasts. She began to inhale through her teeth creating the effect of a loud hissing sound and at that instant I could see the devil in her eyes.

Staring intensely at me, eyes narrowing further, her lip turned white as she bit harder down upon it. Fully mounted upon my cock she ground down with perfect precision, as she spoke out her words were low and guttural, “Do you like fucking me?” Her head rolled back and she drew in another breath that sounded like an evil hiss. Her head snapped down and she glared into my eyes “Well, do you?! How does it feel to fuck your Mommy?!” she spat out.

Somehow her obscene uttering shocked and provoked me as I felt a shot of hot flame flare up inside me. Aggression welled up from my deepest core as I exploded upright and threw her down on her back. Holding her under the total weight of my body, she seethed, “What are you going to do now?” baiting me to forcibly maltreat her.

Shock waves of white, hot anger crashed down inside my head as I tore her legs apart and rammed the full length of my cock into her body. My v******e spiraling further and further out of control as I pulled her hair, holding her head back and looking into her face I hissed, “Is this what you want?! You want me to take you?!”

A sly smile spread across her face only furthering my outrage. Still holding a handful of her hair I tugged her head back until her throat arched upward causing her to gasp out loud at the sharp pain. Again and again I drove home my fully erect cock seeking my own gratification; watching with curious pleasure as her body contorted in anguish. I was hurting her and it felt good, my pleasure was her pain. Her face cringed each time I drove my cock home and cries of torment rang throughout the room as I f***efully violated her internal boundaries. My words like venom I growled out, “You like this, don’t you!?” “Yes! Yes, I love it! I need this soooo badly!” her high pitched cry piercing the air.

The simultaneous clapping of colliding flesh and the thunderous crashing of the large brass headboard against the wall resonated through our normally quiet home. Pushing her legs back and forcing her into a compressed ball I came down on her with explosive f***e repeatedly trying to split her wide open, the air filling with her deafening wailings of torment and agony. Her bedroom was overwhelmed with the loud creaking of the iron bed frame and the coils of her mattress squealed as I dispensed with the torturous pounding of her body.

Our sensual love-making had degraded into a heathen ritual of sadistic, unfeeling fornication. Shouting out profanity laden encouragement and outwardly pleased with her rough treatment I fed her masochistic tendencies. “It’s your pussy now baby, take it, fuck it, fuck it hard!” she cried out.

Her sexual gratification was now dependent upon my ability to inflict pain, suffering and humiliation. It was as if she wanted me to dispense with her punishment for her reprehensible behavior. “I’m not your Mommy any more, I’m your slut, fuck me hard, fuck me with that big cock until I cry!” she screamed out gouging my back with her long, red nails trying to incite me with pain. We had now ventured into a remote, soulless abyss in appalling defiance of God’ laws as a mother begged her son to sexually assault her.

I was amazed at her resilience as her tiny body accepted the pain and she very submissively allowed me to continue my constant assault on her body. My resolve to inflict pain upon her now battered hole began to waver and my pace slowed. Much to my amazement I felt her tender touch on my cheek and looked down into her face. “Is everything okay baby?” she asked. Her eyes revealed genuine concern, “I just want you to feel good honey. Use me” she pleaded while her finger tips grazed my cheek. Deep inside her I sensed anxiety that she still had not succeeded in completing our coitus and her womb still lay barren.

I was overwhelmed with remorse for having felt so angry at her. Tears began to pool in my eyes as a steady wave of shame overcame me. Reaching up to wipe away my tears I sobbed at her touch. “Its okay baby, I know it might be a little confusing, but I like it when you are rough” she told me. “It has been so very long since I shared myself with a man, but please don’t get scared.”

“I know what you need” she smiled. Rolling me onto my back, my cock fell from her body, our bond now temporarily broken. She stood at the edge of the bed looking down at my fully erect, glistening, wet cock. “Its big baby” she said licking her lips an obvious hunger rising within her.

I stared in awe as she tucked her hair up over her ears, kneeling down before the altar of my manhood. Her slender fingers, tipped by bright, red nails wrapped elegantly around my pulsating thickness, like the talons of a predator. Gripping me tightly she ran her closed hand up and down the length of my soaked cock, closely examining every minute detail of her imminent meal. “It’s so perfect, it’s beautiful” she purred. I trembled with anticipation as I watched her serenely worshipping my ramrod, straight cock.

She never took her eyes off of mine as she began tenderly kissing my shiny, wet erection in homage. Drawing my glistening purple head into her diminutive mouth she began running her hot, wet tongue in circular motions around my crown. Stretching her mouth wider, through squinted eyes she became closely observant of my reactions, the tugging on my cock increasing as she sucked harder and harder.

It was obvious that my Mother had sucked a few cocks in her day she displayed a level of skill that could only come with experience. I could tell she truly enjoyed sucking my cock and I loved the fact that she so freely submitted to such a degrading act. My body arched from the bed as she began licking and then sucking one of my swollen testicles. Spreading my legs, I reached down and attempted successfully to stuff her mouth with my second testicle which despite my painful attempt would not fit into her diminutive mouth.

I watched her head dip lower and felt her small, wet tongue probing my sensitive bottom. I pulled my legs back towards my chest as her tongue slowly swirled around the outer edge of my anus. Holding my breath in expectation I expelled my lungs as her tongue settled over my acutely responsive hole. I looked down in disbelief as she spread my bottom wide and pressed her face into me, trying to overcome my bodyÂ’s natural resistance.

I enjoyed the sensation of having her lick me, but the moment her tongue f***ed itsÂ’ way into my rectum I felt awkward and I couldnÂ’t let her continue such a humiliating act. Grabbing my cock, I pushed it into her face and she responded immediately by taking me back into her mouth. She started sucking much harder this time, the room filling with loud sucking and smacking sounds as she fed on my swollen cock.

Moaning out in a display of my satisfaction with her oral skills I called out to her, “Oh yeah, that’s it, suck that cock!” I noticed the faint traces of a smile, as the corners of her mouth upturned, while she filled her mouth further with my meaty offering. “Show me how much you love me” I challenged her.

In a complete act of selfless devotion she closed her eyes and plunged down into my crotch taking me into the deepest confines of her mouth and throat. My moaning filled the room as her lips wrapped around the base of my cock while her small hands clenched my swollen balls. “Oh fuck yes!” I shouted in gratification.

I took hold of her head and slowly began to sit up. Clamping her head between my hands forcing her to continue to hold me in her mouth I finally stood before her. I was captivated by the site of her eagerness in consuming the entire length of my cock. I took her head in my hands holding her head perfectly still as I began to fuck her mouth. Leaning over to watch closely I admired her for her willingness to allow me to use her mouth for my own pleasure.

Sliding my raging hard cock in and out of her mouth fascinated me and without thought I called out, “Look up at me!” I made her watch me as I continued to fuck her mouth asserting my total dominance. Probing the deeper recesses of her mouth she started to gag and her eyes began to water causing her eye liner to streak down her cheeks giving her the appearance of a sad mime. I loved the power I wielded over this tiny, naked woman kneeling before me. I could not take my eyes from her, now locked in this abhorrent act, trying to burn the image into my mind for all time.

She fought the urge to gag and continued to submit to my authority never looking away from my bold stare. I continued to fuck her mouth until streaky, black streams of tears covered her cheeks giving her a pathetic appearance. Her eyes welled over trying to silently convey an urgent appeal that she was now completely exhausted. The prolonged, low, inarticulate sounds uttered from her physical suffering convinced me of her full degradation.

I commanded, “Come here” reaching down to pull her up by the arm. “Why, what’s wrong?” she questioned fearing she had not performed to my satisfaction. “Nothing” I stated abruptly. Pulling her up onto the bed I climbed over her on my hands and knees and buried my face into her dripping pussy.

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