Jennie and Natalie's Cottage Adventure

My name is Natalie but i go by Nat, i am 23, white with long fire red hair and green eyes, i have a great set of perkey 36B's and im 5'8 and i weigh about 110lbs. my s****r Jennie is 22, white with long brown hair and brown eyes, she has a great body too very close to mine only she is 5'7 and only 100lbs. We have always been close every since i can remember we are only a year apart in age which well we were growing up made us stick together against our older b*****rs.

This story is about one night we spent together up at our familes cottage, we were supposed to go with our boyfriends but both of them backed out at the last minute to go to some party. We decided who needs them and went up anyways, when we got there it was as we always remembered, remote and beautiful. We got in the door dropped our bags off in the living room and stipped down to our bikinis to head outside to tan, we were outside and about half an hour in i noticed Jennie had stipped naked and was laying in the sun asl**p, her tits were about the same size as mine a B cup, and her pussy was shaved bald. I took off my top and bottom too and moved my chair closer to hers, something about her body was turning me on. As i got closer her hand moved down her body to her pussy and she started to rub it softly and slowly up and down the slit. It was making me wet just watching her, i reached over and started to massage one of her tits as i also started to rub my pussy lips. She woke up and rolled onto her side and said "i was wondering when you would take the hint, looking at you in that sexy thong and almost nothing bra was making me so horny" I grabed her hand and lead her over to the hammock so we could lay next to each other. As i laid down first she climbed right ontop of me and we started to make out, i could taste her fruity gum as her tounge darted in and out of my mouth. After about 10 minutes of hot passionte kissing she started to kiss down my neck and onto my breasts, she licked her way from my chest all the way up to the nipple on each breast and then circled them with her tounge. She licked my nipples and breasts for what seemed like forever before she finnaly started to suck on them, as she sucked on one she would play with the nipple on the other squeezeing and rubbing it untill it was hard enough to cut glass. Then she would change and suck the hard one well she played with the other. Jennie then asked if i had ever been eaten out, my boyfriend didnt like to do it and i never had before so i told her no, she told me that it would rock my world as she started to kiss down my belly and to my unshaved natural pussy. She spread my lips open with her fingers and dove right in she started licking and kissing my pussy and clit, it was making me so wet and felt so fucking good, my hips started to press into her face on instict and she dove deeper into me with her probeing tounge laping up my pussy juices and every now and then reaching up to squeeze and kneed my tits. She stopped after a while and asked if i wanted her to lick my asshole too, i figured why not shes already down there. Her slippery tounge started to rub around the rim of my asshole and then slowly it moved to the centre and she started to lick me. I could feel my hole give a bit as she then started to tounge fuck my asshole well rubbing my clit with her hand. I could feel i was going to cum and told her she started to rub harder and stick her tounge deeper into my ass untill i started to cum. I collapsed after feeling totaly spent and for the first time without haveing to use a dildo i came during sex. She moved out and kissed me hard on the lips, i could taste my ass and pussy on her tounge. She rolled me over so she was now on her back and said it was her turn, i said why dont we go inside i brought some toys we could use and i wanted to grab a drink of water. We headed inside i grabed my water and my toy bag from inside my suitcase, and followed her to the bedroom. Inside we laid down on the bed and i started to show her my toys, first was my most used, it has a high max speed and was about 9inches long, next was a new one i had gotten as a gag gift from one of my friends but had found use for it to fuck my ass and pussy at the same time it was a 20inch double ender, Jennie grabbed the double ender and fished some lube from my bag as well. She said this was the only toy we would need right now, she moved so she was now on top of me and shen posistioned her self and the dildo to fuck us both, she was leaning back and she started to slide on the dildo, i did the same soon we were arm in arm double fucking the toy, we started to make out as it fucked us. She said that she had a stap on with her that her boyfriend usually likes to have used on him but she could clean it and use it on me when we finished. I said only if she fucked my ass with it, i was used to anal from my boyfriend and had grown to love the feel of his trobbing cock in my ass. She started to move faster and pressed me down onto the bed she was fucking harder and harder untill she started to moan and then she cummed. She squirted all over my chest and stomach i had never see a girl do it in real life, i had seen in in the porno my ex-boyfriend watched when i refused to fuck him on my periods. She slid off the dildo and pulled it out of me as well she ordered me to get on all fours and she would be right back, i laid down on my stomach and spread my ass instead as this was my favorite to get fucked in the ass by. I heared the water in the bathroom running and a few minutes later she appeared wearing the strap on, she asked why i wasnt on my fours and i told her i liked it this way more. She said ok and lubbed the dildo up as well as putting some on my hole, it was cold and made me tighten a bit untill i felt the preasure of the dildo hit my hole. She eased it in so i could get used to it, it was thicker had to be at least 8-9 inches and longer at 13inches then my boyfriend. As my ass got used to it she started to move faster. As she fucked me harder and harder we were both so close i was rubbing my clit as she fucked me well playing with her nipples. We both came togheter and again i felt her squirt this time all over my ass and pussy it was warm and felt a bit like cum as it dripped down my ass. We were both spent, she rolled over and laid down on the bed we fell alseep in each other arms.

We had a wild weekend ;) more stories to cum ;)
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