Fucking the new girl

I was sitting in my office when the new girl walked by, at first i didn’t really notice anything special because i was caught up in my work. When i finally looked at her i saw her long brown hair that reached to the middle of her back, she was muscular and tall she had to be at least 6 feet on her heels. Her body was shaped and toned, but had curves in all the right places she had a round bubble butt and a nice set of tits that i guessed had to be at least D's maybe even DD's. She was settled into the cubicle across from me so i had a great sight line on her all day everyday. The first few weeks where uneventful she barely noticed me or said anything to me, but about two months after she started we both were working late one night. By 11 we both were only 1/2 done our work and the only ones left in the building, i noticed this and slipped of my jacket, tie and shoes to get more relaxed and comfortable at my desk. She noticed my arms and said, it looks like you work out too i gave her a grin and said everyday. She slid off her heels and then walked over to my desk she said she wanted to take a break and talk a bit, as we were talking i noticed she kept playing with her chest, enough for me to notice she wasn’t wearing a bra or had taken it off. I responded by casually playing with my cock though my pants, now we were on the same page, she reached down and started to rub my cock though my pants. I slid my hands inside her top and started to pinch and rub her soft nipples that grew hard in my hands as i played with them. She pulled back and stood up, and then started to strip for me first she loosened her top exposing her soft voluptuous breasts. Then she lowered her skirt showing me her sexy hairy pussy under a small thong that didn’t seem to do much other then cover her slit. My cock was now starting to hurt because it was fully hard and straining against my pants. I stood up and slid of my pants and underwear my cock sprang out directly in front of me pointing at her, i took of my shirt and threw it to the side as well. Now we were both naked and facing each other in the office, the cold AC sent tingles up my spine she moved back and laid down on a near by conference table with her pussy right on the edge of the table, she said she wanted it now and wanted it rough no time for foreplay. I lined up and slid right into her she was already soaking wet with pussy juice, I started to pump in and out faster and faster at her shouts of harder and deeper. Soon we were moving at a rhythm she would push down and pull back as I did the opposite making sure I could pound her as deep as possible I played with her tits with my hands as I fucked her harder and harder with each stroke. Her tits bounced up to her face and back down towards my cock with each pump, I leaned down and sucked on her nipples making them even harder then before as she moaned and started to buck up and down. I knew she was getting close to cumming and so was I. I told her and she said she wasn’t able to have k**s so I could cum inside her pussy. I sped up feeling my nuts tighten I could hear them slapping against her as we moved faster and faster until I felt her tighten up and she moaned so loud. At the same time I shot a huge sticky load into her pussy, as I pulled out I saw my cum and her pussy juice leak out, she wiped her finger along her slit and then licked my cum clean off her finger, she did this till there was no cum left leaking out of her. We both got dressed and left for the day, the office smelling of sex and sweat.
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3 years ago
Great story but more details next time - I was finished reading before I got a full hard-on!
3 years ago
i love impromptoo sex like that