Alone on the go train

It was early morning on the weekend i had just finished my overnight shift, i was waiting on the platform when i first saw her. She was older then me but still stunning she had long red hair tucked into a baseball cap, short shorts that showed off her amazing round ass and a low cut tank top that showed off the outlines her smaller perky breasts. She kept stealing peaks at me and looking away when i would look at her, i ended up doing the same thing. This went on till the train arrived i got on first and she followed me up to the upper deck which was empty, our car as i noticed was empty as well. I sat down and she sat in the row across from me, as the train departed the station out of the corner of my eye i could see her rubbing her nipples though her shirt, when i looked over she didnt stop she was looking right at me and rubbing her nipples which were now hard and very visable though her top. I got up and moved over to her row as i passed infront of her she grabbed my shorts and pulled them down exposing my semi-hard cock to her she took the head into her mouth and started to roll it around and then moved it deeper and back out again until i was hard as a rock, she pulled her clothes off as well and then turned around facing her ass to me, she started to begg for me to fuck her asshole, she wanted me to since she saw me on the platform. I presssed my firm cock against her asshole which she was puckering and ready to take me in, with one quick press and her relaxing the muscle i slid right into my balls. I pulled back and forth slowly to tease her at first before finnaly picking up speed, it felt so hot to be fucking her like this in public i semi wished we would get caught so others could see it too. I was fucking her ass deep and hard when i felt i was going to cum, i told her and she said she wanted to suck it out of me so she turned around and had me sit down, she knelt infront of me and started to suck me again, she stopped to tell me she loved the taste of her ass juice and my precum mixed together on my cock. She started to work it faster untill i shot my load all over her face and into her mouth, when i stopped cumming she licked my cock clean and made sure she got every last drop of cum. She swallowed and then said thanks before putting her clothes on and heading down the stairs to the lower deck. I pulled my pants back up and realised i was just getting to my stop, i got off the train and as i walked to the stairs i saw her on her knees blowing the conductor on the middle car, it was empty and he was face fucking her hard. I walked down the steps into my and never agian saw the hot redhead who liked anal, never did catch your name or anything if on the off chance you read this and its you i would love to fuck that ass again, give me a shout :D
100% (9/0)
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4 years ago
very good