Trapped in an elevator

My name is Will i live in Toroto ontario and im 25 and i play hockey in the NHL. I have Dark brown short hair, im 6foot1 and about 190 pounds at my last weigh in. This is the story of one night in a stuck elevator, this happened about 6 or 7 months ago during a bad rain storm the area was having i was comming home from an dinner date that didnt go well and i was in the elevator with a girl in her early 20's she was about 5'11 120lbs, beautiful stawberry blonde hair and a well formed body with curves in just the right places. I got on the elevator at the parking level and she was already on it, we engaged in the normal elevator chit chat of hi, hows work, some weather eh?. Then the elevator shuddered to a stop between the 11th and 12th floors or so the sign said. The lights flicked out and i could hear the fan stop, she screamed quickly but stopped more starteled then frightened. I pressed the emergency alarm button but didnt hear anything, waited and waited still nothing. I pressed it again and counted a minute on my watch still nothing. I felt around for a phone or intercom untill she lit up the small elevator with her cell phones screen, i found the intercom and to our surprise it also didnt work. We decided to sit down as it was going to be a while, I said who i was and it was nice to meet her she told me her name was Steph. We started talking just about life everynow and then i felt her hand grase my knee and run up my thigh a bit. I started to do the same back to her figureing i may as well try to make the best of a bad situation. Then it happened she staddled my lap and leaned into kiss me, our tounges darted in and out of each others mouths as we kissed passionatly. I ran my hands up her short skirt and found she wasnt wearing panties or had taken them off, she slipped off her shirt and undid her bra relaseing her well rounded and soft breasts. She helped me out of my clothes and before i knew it she was working my cock with her hand before begining to suck on it, she was going slow at first then faster as she took my cock into her mouth. She pulled it out and Pulled me ontop of her. Just as i was lineing my cock up she confessed she was a virgin, she had blown guys before but never sex. She then said that she always wanted her first time to be with somebody famous, as i slowly slid into her knowing she would be tight. Her pussy was the tightest i had ever fucked i could barely get passed my cock's head at first it took a bit of work and slow thrusts but after a while i got it in her and we started to make love on the floor of the elevator, i was going slow so i didnt hurt her untill she told me she wanted me to speed up and she would say if it hurt. I picked up speed doing 3/4 of what i was used to she hand said anything as i took it up to my normal fucking speed, she cried harder faster, i picked up speed again and started to pound her deeper each time she was getting close i could tell as she moaned and cummed on my cock. I pulled out of her and i was close myself, she reached up and jacked my cock onto her chest untill i shot my load all over her tits. We then heard the intercom come on, it was security and the elevator was now fixed. We both got dressed fast and when the lights came on did a quick check we both looked like hell but no evidence of sex in the elevator. She handed me her number as she got off on her floor a few below mine. Dispite our age difference of 5 years we have started to date and our hobby is to have sex in public places so far we have done it in my locker room, coachs office, a private box, on a bus, plane, train, in the back our friends car well driving, and a few other places. She loves "cumming' on roadtrips with me and the team because i give her tours of the locker room during shower time and i even let her blow some of the guys pretty much everytime cause she loves to do it and i love to watch. She has also stood in the centre of a team circle jerk and ate every last drop of our cum that day, but those are all stories for other days.
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3 years ago
Great story. Hot girl.
3 years ago