Hot text makes for a great afternoon

When i woke up in the afternoon and i had a text on my cell "Hey....come over we are ready for that amazing cock again, cant stop thinking bout it", i texted back i was on my way. I took a quick shower and threw on a jogging suit with no underwear i figured i didnt need them anyways. I pulled up to their apartment building and parked, i found the door and they buzzed me in. When i walked in the door it was pitch black and i felt two hands running over my body, they stripped me out of my clothes and led me into a room i felt them push me lighly onto a bed. I felt them lock my hands above my head into restraints and my feet followed soon after, then one of them spoke it was the guard she said he name was Kate and her friend the cleaner was Tiff, they knew i was Mike but we haddnt shared names till then. They light some candles and i could see now, they where both dressed in black leather french maid outfits with thier tits, pussys and asses exposed. They said that they had fun last night but wished they had some of thier toys with them, now because we are at their house we did. Kate climed onto me and wispered into my ear that they were not into anything heavy BDSM just some like stuff that they knew i would like too, she then started to kiss down my chest as Tiff put a blindfold on me. Then they said we are going to play a game guess the whole, since i had fucked them both in all three holes i should be able to guess what hole im fucking. The first one i knew right away was Tiff's mouth it was soft and wet, it felt the same as it did when she blew me during the porn the night before, i said what i guessed and was right. They moved onto round two it was a tough one, it was either Kates shaved tight pussy or Tiffs tight ass, it took a few moments untill i heard Kate moan then i knew what it was. Again i was right, then they decided i was too good at this game and removed my blindfold. Kate then sat on my face and i started to lick her pussy out she tasted so good, i then felt Tiff start to slid my rock hard cock into her pussy and i looked up to see them start to make out as i fucked one and licked the other i didnt know it was possible but it made me even harder then i was to see this. As we picked up speed soon i she was riding me fast and i was going deeper with each of her downward thrusts, Kate got off my face and then felt her start to lick and suck my balls as Tiff was still riding me hard. She then pressed Tiff down into me and started to lick her ass as we continuted to fuck, i took over now thrusting up into her untill i felt her tighten and cumm all over my cock and Kates face. She then rolled off me to catch her breath as Kate took her place on my cock, she instead slid me into her ass and faced away from her reverse cowgirl style and i pressed back into me her luscious ass bounced each time and in the candle light i could see her relfection in the mirror as she played with her nipples she began to lean back and i knew she was going to cum soon and i could feel my balls ready to explode too. She pressed harder sending my cock deeper and deeper into her ass untill we both came hard together she slid off and laid down on the other side of me. We fell asl**p together all three of us, i woke up a few hours later still chained up, luckily Tiff was just waking up to and she united me. Just as she did i grabbed her and rolled her over and was on top now we started to make out, she then guided my cock with her hand into her wet pussy. I started to fuck her again as i sucked on her tits, with each stroke she pushed back against me sending me even deeper into her pussy. I didnt last long this round her tight pussy sucked the cum right out of me after about only 5-10 minutes, we again fell asl**p. A few hours later i awoke to the sound of slurping to find that Tiff and Kate had started up again, this time with out me they where now both totally naked thier BDSM gear trown into the corner covered in sweat and my cum. I watched as they 69'ed each other again for me just like the night before i started to play with my cock they looked over and continued to eat each other out, then the shifted to they were now sucking on each others breasts, sucking and bitting the nipples and licking around them watching this was making me so horny again. When they stopped they both smiled looked at me and got on thier knees infont of me and started to team suck my cock, from one throat to the other back and forth. Well one was sucking me the other would lick my balls, then they pushed be onto the bed and pulled my ass to the edge of the bed. As Kate slid between my legs to take my cock deep into the throat again Tiff climbed to my chest and pressed her ass into my face i started to lick and suck her sweet asshole as she then began to make out with Kate over my cock head, i could feel both of thier tounges moving around it and teaseing me. I started to stick my tounge into her ass and back out again to start to tease her back, she must have said something to Kate about trying it becuase before i knew it they had switched and i know had Kates tasty asshole to lick and tonge fuck. I was geeting close and i decided not to warm them, i felt my balls tighten up and i shot my salty load into thier mouths as they where making out, after i stopped cumming. I head Tiff cumm and heard the sound of her squriting onto the floor, Kate leaned back into me to send my tounge higher into her i moved it around inside her making her start to wiggle around and her hips started to thrust i knew i had her close to i reached around and started to rub her clit hard with my hand, Tiff stuck her face into Kates pussy and started to lick her to help her to cum, it took us another few minutes to make her cum. We decided that was enough for the night and they showed me to the shower, we showered and cleaned each other off. They let me stay the night and when i woke up they had another surpise for me :)

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4 years ago
Very nice tell us the surprise
4 years ago
what was the surprise?
4 years ago
very good