My First Experience

It was just two days before my eighteenth Birthday. I was very excited and making plans to celebrate it in a memorable way with my friends. So after coming back from school, I quickly finished my home work and rushed to Udit's place to give finishing touch to the plans and to finalize the list of invitees. Udit is my next door neighbor, my class mate and one of my best friends.

He was not at home. When I rang the call bell, to my surprise the door was opened by his "Dubai wali aunty." Aunty was younger s****r of Udit's mother. She was studying somewhere at Dubai and used to come to India once or twice during her vacations. Since early c***dhood days she used to be our favorite. We liked her because of the tasty chocolates that she used to bring for us from Dubai during her visits.

" Arre aunty aap! Kab aayi. Es baar to bahut din ke baad aayi hain (O it's you aunty!When did you come? After a long gap this time),"I was really happy to see her. Despite the fact that she was 7-8 years older to us she was more like our friend and I was sure that her wonderful ideas would really make my birthday party memorable this time.

Aunty was equally surprised to see me," Chhotu tu! Ek saal mein itna bada ho gaya. Mein to shuru mein pehchani he nahin." ( It's you Chhotu! You have grown so big in just one year. Initially I could not recognize you.)
"Come in! Come in! what are you doing out side. Udit has gone for his tuitions and will be back soon."

In my excitement I had forgotten that it was Thursday, and on Thursdays Udit go for Maths tuitions after school. I had nothing else to do at home so I preferred to remain there chatting with aunty. Somewhere it was the expectation also that aunty will favor me with chocolates.

Udit's mummy and papa both are working, so other than aunty nobody else was there at home at that hour. As I had expected she gifted me two big packs of Cadburys. It was really fun talking to her. She was wearing a miny skirt and a low cut T- Shirt and looking stunningly beautiful. While talking, once she bent down apparently to scratch her feet when her beautiful round breasts became more exposed under large opening of her T- shirt. With a boyish curiosity I could not refrain myself from looking at her asset. Aunty noticed the curiosity in my eyes and simply smiled. Then after a few minutes she suddenly jumped from her chair and shouted in a frightened voice, "It seems some insect has gone inside my T-Shirt and its biting me. Chhotu come fast. Help me!" The way she was jumping and shouting, I also got frightened. Immediately rushed to her but not knowing how to check for that insect inside her T-Shirt. Seeing my hesitation aunty herself lifted her T-shirt, took it out and threw it away. She was not wearing bra or anything else inside, thus her extremely beautiful round breasts where nakedly exposed just in front of my face. The sight was unexpectedly arousing for me and I felt my tool is bulging inside my pants.
" Please Chhotu, just check if something is there."
I went near her and examined closely but could not found anything. Her naked silken and smooth skin was just a few inches away from me and its delightful feminine smell was maddening, making my tool more and more stiff. Aunty took my hand and put it on her left nipple, " See the insect first bit me here." Touch of her smooth breast and pink silken nipple passed shudder all through my body. I noticed there was neither any insect nor sign of any insect bite.

I said , "Aunty, nothing is there. Don't worry."

Other than my early c***dhood days when I was few months old and feeding on my mother's milk I had never seen or touched a female's breast before. Just out of curiosity I asked, " Aunty, do you get milk in those?" Aunty gave a very encouraging smile and said, " I am not married and don't have k**s to feed. So how will I know whether any milk is there. Why don't you yourself try it and check whether any milk is coming out or not." By saying this she pulled my head near her breasts. Just by intuition I took one of her nipples in my mouth and started sucking it and caressing it with my tongue. Aunty took one of my hands and put it on her another breast. Again by instinct I started pinching this nipple with my thumb and forefinger. It was such a divine feeling I cannot explain in words. Although, nothing was coming out from her breasts, I felt like going on sucking it till eternity. That divine feminine touch had a direct impact on my tool that was bulging and getting harder and harder inside my pants.

Holding me in that position aunty gently lied down on sofa. So with my mouth on her soft breast, now I was lying on top of her stunningly beautiful, soft and silken body. I continued sucking her breast and caressing her nipple with my tongue. I felt Aunty's breathing has become very fast.

While lying over her in this position my already stiffened tool, which has now started pulsating inside my trousers, was pressing her beautifully rounded, soft and silken thighs. Aunty moved her hands down and before I could understand anything she slipped it inside my trouser touched my thing and said , "let me see what is this strange thing that is hurting me." By telling this she unzipped and removed my trousers in a flash like lightning and then took my erect penis in between her warm and selender fingers. Her touch on my thing was unbelievingly pleasant. It grew more stiffer and started pulsating in her hand. Self pleasing by rubbing my thing with my own hands was nothing new to me. But the first touch of soft and warm female fingers on it was something very new to me and it was giving me such pleasant and divine sensations that I cannot put in words.

"What is this strange thing, let me see. " Aunty gently pushed me on one side on the huge sofa and moved her head towards my feet.

"O God! It's your shu shu (she was meaning my penis) that was hurting me. You look like a small boy but see your thing is even bigger than that of a fully grown up man." She moved her head more closer, and now I could even feel her warm breath on my bare thighs. Since now we were lying in a position that our heads were in opposite directions, I was unable to see what aunty is doing. But in this position I was getting full view of her exotic round buttocks, her smooth and silken thighs and also the lining of her vagina, which were nakedly exposed as due to her downward movement her skirt had lifted up to her slim waist. She was wearing a very sexy kind of small and transparent pink colour panty. It was so small that it was hardly covering the crack of her ass and with her movements occasionally giving exciting view of her pink cunt lips. I had heard something about girl- boy relationship with some of my senior friends and also fantasized about it while masturbating, but truly speaking I was not knowing much about it.

Aunty was still holding my penis with her warm fingers. Then I felt her face moving towards it. Now her warm breath was distinctly falling on my fully erect penis. Then I felt something very soft and warm has tightly encircled the tip of my penis. Subsequently, I realized that it was nothings else but Aunty's soft lips. Then she started caressing my glans with amazing movements of her tongue.

Oh God! What a fantastically pleasant sensations. It seemed as if I am floating in air and small balls of pleasure are exploding inside my body. Just to reciprocate, I also pulled her panty down. There was no resistance from Aunty. Now her beautiful vagina and its soft pink lips were just few inches away from my mouth. I had never seen a naked female body before. The wonderful feminine smell emanting from her vagina was simply maddening. I moved my mouth closer and inserted my tongue inside her opening. Aunty's body quivered. Inside it was wet. I started moving my tongue in and out of it in a novice way. Not only its smell but even its salty taste was wonderfully pleasant. In the meantime aunty's soft mouth had swallowed almost half of my penis and she was moving her head up and down giving it a fantastic massage with her soft wet lips. In between also caressing it with amazing movements of her tongue. I am unable to explain the pleasure that I was getting now. I thought, if at all any heaven is there, its here and only here.

Probably aunty was not getting desired result from my inexperienced tongue movement. She moved her hands down. Pulled my head little up till my tongue reached almost the upper end of her vulva. I felt with my tongue that something small, spongy but hard was protruding from that upper end of the folds of her vagina. When I moved my tongue over it her entire body quivered. The more I moved my tongue on that spot the more her body started quivering. Now she removed her mouth from my thing but clasped it tightly with her hand. I understood that my tongue movement on that thing is pleasing her tremendously. Because now with quivering she started moaning also. I increased the speed of my tongue movement. Started making variations- sometimes moving it in circles, sometimes teasingly making English alphabets. Later on I came to know that this very sensitive part of a girl's vagina is called clitoris. It contains the same number of nerve endings as on a boy's penis and it has no other function but to give pleasure.

Aunty's entire body was now writhing and quivering with the pleasure that my tongue was giving her. While licking her clit, I will say it was my male instinct, I inserted my middle finger inside her wet and slippery cunt. She moved her buttocks up to welcome my finger inside her. Then started moving her fantastic hips up and down in a rhythmic manner, making my finger to glide up and down inside her tight hole in the same rhythm. Now in order to pay her gratitude for the pleasant sensations that I was giving her, she clasped my huge penis with her fingers at its base and put its tip inside her mouth and started caressing it with the movements of her naughty tongue. Simultaneously, she inserted one of her selender fingers inside my potty hole. The finger was lubricated, I don't know how she lubricated it, apparently from the saliva that was coming out from her mouth, because it glided smoothly without any resistance deep into my sensitive ass hole. The pleasure that I was getting now was becoming uncontrollable for me.

I also did the same. Took my finger out of her vagina, which had got lubricated with her cunt juices and inserted it inside her very tight and warm ass hole. My finger also glided deep inside her smoothly, without any resistance. Simultaneously, I entered my index finger into her vagina. So now my tongue was caressing her clit, my index finger was moving in and out of her juicy cunt and my middle finger was massaging inside of her very sensitive ass hole.

Aunty's body quivered and arched backwards. It seemed as if she had lost control of herself.
" Aaah Great!!.... Keep on moving like that……"
Her breathing became fast, she quivered and pressed her nails so hard on my buttocks that it started hurting me and then she became quiet just like the sky becomes quiet after passage of a thunderstrom. I could hear only the sound of her deep and contended breathing.

But while enjoying her own pleasures Aunty had discontinued the good acts that her hands and mouth were doing on my penis. Now it was difficult for me to control my own passion. I turned and moved my face towards her. Whatever I had heard from my seniors, tried to recollect that and mounted on her. My penis was now pressed on top of her soft cunt mound. Before I could do anything, aunty moved her hand down and directed its hard tip on the opening of her vagina. I exerted a little pressure by downward movement of my hips, when it smoothly glided inside her tight hole just like a hot knife enters in butter . Her slippery and smooth cunt walls and inner vagina lips tightly clasped it. It was so tightly pressed that I felt it cannot move even a fraction of a millimeter. But to my surprise, when I lifted my buttocks up, it very smoothly glided up and when I moved my buttocks down again it smoothly glided down. Now I had nothing to learn or to know. I started moving my hips up and down and my hard tool also started moving up and down inside that tight and slippery hole in the same rhythm. I had never thought real sex would be so nice. The blissful divine feeling was more than anything I had experienced before not even when my tool was being caressed by Aunty's naughty tongue and was inside her warm mouth. That feeling was also very nice. But the incredible sensations that I was getting now was simply beyond words to explain. Aunty was also relishing movement of my thing inside her, which was not only vigorously massaging her smooth, tight and slippery vagina walls but also caressing her very sensitive inner cunt lips and her outer pink vulva. My thick and hard penis had stretched her vagina to its maximum expandable position. I felt that after every four to five strokes her vagina that was tightly holding my penis, is contracting and then relaxing. Simultaneously, her body was quivering, her breaths increasing and moans becoming more contended. Her body language was giving the clear indication that she is at the peak of sexual bliss. Later on I came to know, that this peak or climax of pleasure is called orgasm. So that way aunty was getting orgasm after orgasm. One after every five or six strokes. My pleasure was also increasing. Her warm, slippery and smooth cunt walls were giving such a fantastic massage to my hard and huge penis that is not possible to express in words.

Now it was my penis that expanded and then contracted forcing aunty's tight vagina walls, inner cunt lips and very tight vulva which had tightly clasped it, to contract and then relax in the same rhythm. It expanded and contracted in this fashion for seven to eight times, each time spraying warm semen inside her. Oh! What a divine feeling. So much of pleasure was hidden inside my penis, I was not knowing it before. I had earlier experiences of self pleasing. But now I realized that experience was nothing when compared to this divine and blissful pleasure of real sex.

We remained in that position for about ten minutes. When aunty rose went to toilet and came back after cleaning herself. Then she cleaned me with a wet handkerchief. Searched for my trouser, that was lying under sofa and herself put it on me.

She kissed my forehead with her soft and warm lips, " Chhotu, are you angry with your Aunty?"
I was in totally different world now, " why should I be angry with my sweetest Aunty."
Aunty gave a lovely smile and said, " then come to-morrow around the same time, we will have it in a different way. You are such a wonderful and irresistible man." I liked her calling me a man. Her invitation again stiffened my tool that had become limp after that pleasant experience.

But that to-morrow never came. The very next day Aunty left for Dubai. It was a big shock for me. Later on I came to know that next day when Aunty was alone at home with Udit, some insect had gone inside her T-shirt and started biting her. When Udit was looking for the insect and the place where the insect had bitten her, unexpectedly his mother came back from office little early than her usual time. She had headache so had left office early that day. For reason not known to Udit, she got very angry, scolded Udit and subsequently aunty was thrown out of the house, with the warning not to show her face again.

Since then almost eight years have passed. I have grown up and become more mature. Had affairs with couple of nice girls. Indulged in sex. But none of the subsequent encounters were as blissful and pleasurable as my first divine experience with aunty.

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3 years ago
First time mostly is unbeatable, nice story!
3 years ago
I enjoyed your story. Nice detailing. Made just a little wet.
3 years ago
Nice Story :)