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I remember when I was in middle school I saw a girl infront of me in class lean forward and her pants started to roll down and yet her underware did not, thus I see her brand of underware and color. She was preety smart and studied alot. It was jockey brand white panties and the cut(or trim) on the waitband wasnt straight it had a design or went up and down like a roller coaster I dont know what its called. I guessing it was french cut panties. This I guess started it all with my my turn on. Thongs other so called sexy underwear arent really a turn on for me as much because u are almost putting on a show. But with high cut or french cut panties it give u that more inneocent look that you were not expecting to show off. I remembered there was an earlier time I was again in middle school and the girls locker room was door had a slight crack in it(not closed all the way) I was walking by and I saw a girl in just a pair of hi cut or french cut purple panties. I couldnt tell what brand it was. Again I bet she wasnt expecting it. Even earler time probably elementary school I remember on a windy day on the roof top a girl was standing there and the wind blew her skirt up. And I could see her blue panties. These last two times I talked about it dont think I had a turn on yet cuz I guess I was too young to understand what it was.

These days I look up on the internet about girls/teens wearing cotton panties, hanes her way panties, school girl panties, flower print panties,full back and.. etc... Believe me it is next to impossible to find exactly it. It seems like every person is wearing thongs, bikini,v-string. I sometimes wonder im lame for not gettting turned on or with thongs or not wanting thongs.

Today on and off get tuned on here and here when I see girls (not milfs) lean forward and the waistband of their underware is exposed. showing their color. I even on the internet when I see those "japanese time stopper shows" where time is frozen expect the guy and the guys being to undress her and have her way with her and then some. I imagine that she wearing those kind of panties I get turned on. Or may be her being forecefully stripped down to her underware and then some. Or maybe she lifts her skirt up completly exposing her panties get a tug giving her a camel toe. What ever the case may be I imagine it being in high cut or french cut panties. Have been able to find hanes her way panties of course they are bikini style or low cut in pictures and movies but none in the kind I want in movies but a few in pictures.

Maybe this more than anyting has influenced that personality. in general I get tuned with girls who are not too sexy but at the same time not to ugly. kind of the middle or down to earth. agian my thought it is they would be too high maintance and cant be their self and less likely to be wearing those kind of panties I like. I know the kind of panties I get turned on are considered "granny panties" But personally I really dont care. Im not sure if this is normal for a guy to be thinking of or if this would be considered a fetish.

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1 year ago
I like tanga briefs....friends mum has lots like that, lots of colours and nice and silky
2 years ago
I feel the same way! Full cut panties are soo sexy to me! Thongs are just not my thing. Do you know of any free websites that specializes in those kinds of panties?
2 years ago
i agree with you. the kind of panties you are referring to are called bikini or string bikini panties. they cover the butt but are high cut and thin on the sides. these panties ride up the butt easily. today, they are called "granny panties". i do like thongs and g-strings, but "granny panties" are my favorite. especially when they are made of cotton, are not see-thru, and are colored bright "skittles" colors. the "roller coaster" effect of the pantyline is something i like to call a "flower" panty line. you are right that this kind of content is hard to find. i want to invite you to my blog everything panties and wedgies. on there i have lots of vids with girls wearing "granny panties". check it out. it's good to see someone else who likes granny panties too
2 years ago
I also love the girl panties.