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Now im 23. I dont know exactly when i started to get turned on by the sight of women panties probably right around the 7th grade. The sight of a girl leaning forward and exposing the waistband of her panties give me hard on. I remember one time a girl in my class wore a blue shirt and jeans, she leaned forward and i could get a perfect view of her brand of panties on the waistband. It was jockey panties and i would see a bit of her panties which was white cotton. The trim on the waist band was a scalloped edge. She was smart and studied a lot. A few other times throught out my live Ive seen girl with her panties exposed when they lean forward it is such a turn on when they wear cotton panties. When I was around 19 years old i was able to get into the casino. And this girl was leaning forward checking out the poker table and could see she ws wearing hanes her way panites. above her jeans. I thought to my self how ofter is this going to happen. Which my cell phone in my hand I attempted to take a decret picture by making it look like im txting. I tired to keep a distance so i would not get caught. But the picture was not that good. I tried to take a few. But i because of the distance I couldnt get a good close up of the waistband. So now as usual i just rely on my memory for masturbation
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