Considerate Sean Bonds A Mother and Daughter Pt 1

Sean was full of himself after he had made his porno with Susan and her daughter. For the next few weeks he was really cocky. Then one hot summer’s day as he was walking around the estate where he lives he spots Jessica and her horny looking schoolgirl friend Emily, who is 9 months younger than Jessica, coming towards him.

Emily as I say is very horny looking. She has one of those schoolgirl mouths that are just made to suck cock. With the shape of her mouth and her puffy plump cherry red lips you could just imagine as soon as they wrap themselves around a hard cock shaft it would cum virtually immediately.

There’s going to be some very happy boys indeed in the near future

Anyway getting back to Sean. He had not seen Jessica since he had left her house. The two girls were on their way home from school. They both were dressed identically. That is to say they both were wearing tiny pleated school skirts, white pop socks, trainers and white buttoned blouses. Both girls had their hair up in ponytails.

They started to giggle when they saw Sean.

‘Hi girls’

‘Hi Sean’ they replied in union and immediately broke out in fits of giggles again in their silly little schoolgirl voices.

Jessica looked really embarrassed and couldn’t look at Sean.

‘How are you Jess?’

‘Ok’ was the only reply he got.

Emily kept looking at her friend trying to figure out what was suddenly wrong with her. The conversation was very much in mono symbols.

‘Where’re you going?’ Sean asks them.

Jess looks down so Emily pipes up ‘back to my house to get something to eat and watch a dvd…………….we haven’t got anymore lessons until this afternoon…………….and my mum and dad are both at work’

Jessica looks up at Emily and giggles again.

Sean nods and thinks to himself ‘………..yea I know where you live’

‘Your mum work’s at that estate agents in town which is by the clock tower……doesn’t she?’ Sean asks Emily

‘…………….aaaaaa yea she does’ Emily replies thinking ‘why would he ask that?’

‘Well we better go………………laters’ Jessica said quickly

The two 13 year olds hurried off.

Suddenly Sean had an idea pop in his evil head.

But what is it?

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2 years ago
hes going to fuck another mum & daughter