Mother Susan and Her Daughter Make a Porno Part 2

To recap from the end of the last part, Mark had gone into the kitchen to get a beer. He was quite blown away at what he had seen on the DVD so far. He decided to have a break from it, too calm down. So he sat in the kitchen for at least half an hour. Although he doesn’t always see eye to eye with his fellow hoodie gang member Sean, he has it admit to himself that he is quite impressed with him. Then there was unexpected knock on the front door. He would have to wait to for another day to see the rest of the video.

About a week had pasted before he was able to watch it again. Then one day he had the chance. He settled down with a beer and got his cock out to wank it as he watched the dirty action coming from his 42” TV.

The rest of the video went like this:

The picture reappeared with the light from the camera shinning on the two girls who were sitting on the end of the bed with spunk still on their faces. Sean then appeared in the foreground. Well when I say Sean appeared I mean you just saw the side view of his limp dick appear on the left side edge of the screen.

‘Oh what a mess we must look like….Jess’ Susan said as she looked at the string of Sean’s spunk that was still joining her lips to her daughter’s.

‘Yes mum………..but I think he needed that……..didn’t he’ Jessica replied which made the string break.

‘Yea I reckon so……….but look at it now….darling…….it’s gone all limp ……I think we better find a quick way to get it stiff again’ (Susan)

‘Yes mum………but how?’ (Jessica giggled)

Susan thought for a second ‘I know how’

The dirty mum then whispered something into Jessica’s ear. She giggled at what she had heard. Then with the two girls smiling at the camera, Mark saw them get up and walk around to the side of the bed. Susan indicated to Jess to get onto the bed. Susan joined her daughter. Jessica had sat on the bed with her legs together. Her mum then gently rested her bum onto her daughter’s stomach. Susan kept her legs together as well.

Susan then said ‘Jessica…….I knows a sure fire way to get any dick hard………usually works for me on my own but with you here as well it should work twice as quickly’

The mother then looked at her smiling daughter ‘ready then’

‘Yes mummy’ (Jessica)

‘Good……..if this doesn’t do it nothing will…… after 3……..1 2 3 go’ (Susan)

Mark and obviously Sean then saw the two girls spread their legs wide open. Mark saw Sean’s cock twitch upwards and his own mouth dropped open.

‘Fucking hell’ he shouted out to the TV.

What a fucking beautiful sight was before them. Susan had shaved her cunt, the dirty whore. It was completely bald. It was already moist. It shined as it lay just above her daughter’s young equally bald cunty. Mum and daughter’s cunt were looking straight at the limp prick. They were trying to coast it hard again.

Susan had a wicked smile on her sexy face ‘mmmmmmm….is that nice Sean…..what you see…..what do you think of that…… you like them………there all for you …you know………you can have them both together if you want too…….would you like that……….would like to have a mum and daughter holes at the same time’

The scene was fucking exotic. Mark couldn’t see Sean’s face. He could hear a few grunts coming from him. But what he could see was the effect it was having. Sean’s cock started to grow. As the two girls smiled at him with their legs stretched wide open, they began to get the reaction they were hoping for. Very soon Sean’s meat was rock hard and back to its magnificent best.

‘There Jess………..I said it would work…… always does………..we’re made a cock stiff………we better not waste it now…..hey’ (Susan)

‘No mum’ (Jessica)

With that Mark watched Sean move to the bed. The picture changed to show his face next to the girls’ two pussies. The camera shot was angled so that you could also see Jessica and her mum looking down at Sean’s face between their legs.

‘Is that nice’ (Susan)

‘Mmmmmmmmm…..fucking nice’ (Sean)

‘Would like to lick them both’ (Susan)

‘You bet……….I fucking would…… fucking whore’ (Sean)

‘Go a head then……………enjoy them both’ (Susan)

Jessica giggled as Sean moved even closer. He now had two beautiful bald cunts before him, one very small and the other much meatier. The two sluts tensioned their bodies up as they saw Sean stick his tongue out and move it first to Susan’s cunt hole. She moaned as she felt the hoodie’s tongue gently touch and glide over her cunt lips. Lucky Sean had every boy’s dream, a mature mum’s cunt lying just above her teenage daughter’s cunt. He ran his 16 year old tongue down over the mum’s 46 year old cunt hole and continued down to her daughter’s. He ran it all over Jessica’s small fuck hole lips before he went back up to the mum. He went up and down several times. The two girls moaned as they felt the hoodie yob’s tongue lashing away on their two cunts together, lucky boy.

Sean then after a few minutes doing this took his tongue away and placed one hand onto Susan’s fuck hole and his other hand onto her daughter’s. The two girls then felt him gently prise open their cunts lips apart. He then returned his tongue to now probe inside both of them. He eats a mother and daughter. His face got wetter and wetter as he just kept on going. Susan was rolling her head from side to side. Then all of a sudden she explored in an almighty orgasm. Sean watched in extreme close up as a mum cum around him. Her randy love juice’s run out of her as a boy d***k it. The whore screamed as her whole body shock as the orgasm torn though her. Sean then sunk his tongue deep into the mother’s soaking wet hole. This made Susan cry out once again. He lashed her good and hard, making her wriggle over her daughter’s stomach. The dirty slapper kept her beautiful milf legs spread wide open for him.

Sean then moved his tongue out of her. He moved one of his hands to her cunt hole and pushed two fingers deep into her and began to finger fuck the tart. As he did this he used his other hand to prise open Jessica’s tight cunty and then sunk a couple of fingers into her tiny hole as well. He was now fingering a mother and her daughter. He pushed another finger into the mum and then continued until she had Sean’s whole hand wrist deep up her cunt. He then went about trying to stretch Jessica’s cunt apart. This took a bit longer as she cried out in pain. She though soon took the boy’s hand wrist deep in her very tight tiny fuck hole.

‘Beautiful…………’ (Sean)

The young lad then fisted fucked a mum and daughter together as Mark watched open mouthed.

‘Wow……..Sean’s the man’ Mark shouted out to the TV.

Sean was literally r****g the two sluts’ holes before the camera. He twisted both his hands around inside their stretched open pussies making them both cry out in pain and ecstasy at the same time. Mark saw Sean look into the camera and from inside his hood he grinned big time at it.

After Sean had had enough of that, the sod pulled his hands from their now well fucked cunt holes. They were soaked in randy girls’ cum. He then held his thick meaty shaft and brought his large swollen knob to the girls’ pussies and rubbed it up and down over both their swollen cunt lips.

‘Mmmmmmmmm mum and daughter together……..fucking lovely’ Sean said looking at Susan………‘I’m going to take a mum and daughter together……….I’m going to split their differences and I’m going to fucking enjoy doing it’

The hoodie then pulled Susan off her daughter so that he now had them both lying on their backs side by side on the bed. He then got between Susan’s milf legs and pulled them right back. He placed them over his stretched out arms. Susan now had a boy’s hard thick meat pointing directly at her exposed wet mature cunt. The whore smiled up at the lad.

Sean did his (as they all seemed to do these hoodies) usually nodding. He looked down at the mother underneath him and told her………’I’ve always wanted to ride a mum’

Susan smiled up at him and ran a finger down his hoodie jacket………’well now you can……….ride this mum…….Sean………have what you have always wanted’

‘Mmmmm you dirty whore………yea…….I’ll tell you something…when I see all the mums’ at the school gates…I just fucking look at them and want to fucking ride them all……….treating them like fucking slappers’ as I bang them……….I fucking reckon most of them are slappers anyway…….and there just begging to have stiff young cock meat sinking up their fucking dirty mum cunts……especially if they can have their little daughters’ watching as they take it………..well that’s enough talk for now……..let’s now ride a mum….as I like to ride one’

Sean pulled Susan’s mature mum legs back a little bit more. Jessica looked over to see Sean nudge his knob onto her mum’s cunt lips.

Sean stared down at the expecting dirty milf and began to grin at her through his hoodie hood and said to her ‘but first before I ride a whore I want to root one………I want to fucking root a mother……… you want that as well whore….do you want to be rooted Susan’

‘Oh yes……root me Sean……I want to be rooted by a dirty yob hoodie……I love it’ Susan replied quickly back.

The filthy cunt then looked over to her daughter lying next to her and said to her ‘mummy’s going to be rooted by a dirty filthy fucking hoodie yob and she can’t wait’

Susan then asked Sean if he had an ASBO and takes d**gs.

‘Yea cunt………I fucking have and do…….and I’m fucking proud of it…….slut……… that a fucking problem then………bitch’ (Sean)

‘No……….I love it………..I love to be rooted by a young 16 year old hoodie yob with an ASBO ……….I just love it…………….but after you have rooted me I want you to **** me……….I want a 16 year old hoodie d**g taking yob with a ASBO to **** me and then **** my daughter as she lays next to me’ (Susan)

Sean nodded down at the dirty filthy milf ‘yea……….I’ll fucking **** you and your daughter anytime anywhere………..cunt………if that’s what you want……….whore’

Sean then smiled down at the gorgeous milf he had below him. He paused briefly to admire the stunning view. Then he began to sink his entire length, all 10”, into the mother’s beautiful body. Susan moaned as she felt a young lad’s shaft sliding up cunt and stretches it open. Sean didn’t stop until all of it was buried to the hilt up the bitch’s fuck hole. He had rooted Susan. With his shaft still buried up her cunt, he told her that now she was going to be ridden by a hoodie. He then slammed hard in and out of her beautiful body, the lucky bastard. She cried out in ecstasy as Sean pistoned fucked her, r****g her mature cunt for his own fucking pleasure. Her mature thighs were being battered time and time again as the youth slammed hard into her with every stroke.

‘Yeaaaaaaaaaa……..fucking beautiful’ Sean shouted out to Susan……’I fucking love this shit………..what do you think mum?’

‘I love it’ Susan said in a very breathy voice.

‘Yea I like riding fucking mums’………yea look at that………told you that all mums are just fucking slappers really’ Sean said as he came banging down each time onto Susan’s thighs, making that slapping sound.

He looked over to see a watching Jessica………..’look at your mum go…Jessica…..she’s a fucking slapper alright……….take a good look as your being getting some of this very soon’

Sean continued to bang the mum hard as she shouted out to him to service her.

Sean then stopped all of a sudden and told Susan that he was now going to fuck **** her daughter in front of her. He pulled his cum soaked cock from the milf’s pussy and moved over so that he now had Jessica’s skinny legs over his arms. His wet meat looked really angry as it pointed at her waiting schoolgirl fuck hole. He looked over to Susan and said to her……..’I’m now going to fucking enjoy riding your daughter in front of her own mother ………I’m going to piston fuck her body as well………**** her tiny hole in front of her mum with my entire 10” length’

The bastard hoodie then split Jessica’s cunt hole lips apart with his knob. He then grinned down at her with an evil look on his face before pushing his very thick shaft into her very tight tiny hole. She screamed as the yob sunk a good length up her young fuck channel before he paused. She screamed again as he began to piston fuck her violently. The whole bed rocked as she took a violent pounding from Sean. He really rode her well, ramming his stiff prick into her over and over again. Susan watched in awe as her daughter was being taken fucking hard by a randy boy. Sean had really wanted to do this to Jessica for a very long time and now he was, he was going to fucking enjoy every second of it.

For the next 15 minutes both girls had to experience a very rough fucking indeed. Sean moved back and fro between them as he enjoyed riding a mother and daughter alternatively. Then one time as he was banging Susan hard the picture faded out.

It reappeared to show a different scene. Sean was felting really proud of himself. He had just ridden a mum and taken her daughter as well. Something he had always wanted to do. Now he was ready for some cock sucking. He couldn’t wait to see and feel a mother and daughter’s mouths and lips sliding up and down his meat. The picture on the TV revealed Susan and Jessica lying on their sides on the bed all tied up. They had both had their hands roped back behind their backs and attached to their ankles. Both their hair was tied into a pony tail. You could really see now the f****y resemblance. Both their mouth lips were plastered in bright red lipstick. All ready for Sean’s shaft of course. Mark then saw his mate get onto the bed and prop himself up against the headboard still in his jacket with the hood up.

‘Look at them…….beautiful aren’t they………lucky bastard aren’t I………a beautiful mother and daughter ready to drain a cock……….you can’t get much better than that’ (Sean)

Mark nodded in agreement. He then watched the grinning yob reach down and grabbed both girls pony tails. Sean then violently yanked Susan’s head up and laid it down onto the top of his right thigh. He then f***ed Jessica up by her hair to join her mum opposite.

‘Recognise this mate………they told me some of the things you made them do to you……….want to try some for myself………. I fancied feeling what it felt like to feel a mum and her daughter too going up and down on my shaft together as well’ (Sean)

Then Mark saw Sean produce an A4 size piece of paper which had writing on it. He held it so that Susan could read it as he shone a light on to it. Susan then read it out loud. It went

‘My names Susan and I’m a mum. I’m 46 years old. Opposite me is my
daughter Jessica and between us it a huge hard dirty prick. It’s only
16 years old. I do unspeakable things to pricks. I’m now going to show you
one of unspeakable thing I like to do to them when I’ve got my daughter with
me. Pricks love it. I love it. My daughter loves it. I especially like to do it
as a thank you after they have just serviced me and my daughter together’

‘Wow’ Mark shouted out.

Then he watched Jessica reading from a piece of paper.

‘My names Jessica. Like my mum has just said we want to thank the prick
that has just had our bodies. I too love doing unspeakable things to pricks. I
love it best when I’m with my mum when I do it to them. We’re now going
to show one of them, aren’t we mum.’

Susan nods back and smiles. Sean, the randy git, then reaches down and places a hand each onto the back of both girls’ heads. Susan and her daughter smile as they both know what they are about to do to a massive rock hard throbbing fuck pole. Then in perfect tandem and total silence Sean pushes their faces forward to his waiting cock shaft. He looks down to see a mum and daughter wrap their beautiful painted lips wrap around the base of his cock. Sean moans as they do this to him. Then as they had done before they began to slide their beautiful mum and daughter lips up and down repeatedly on the entire 10 inch thick fuck meat, coating it in salvia.

‘Wow……….yeaaaaaaaa……that is fucking beautiful man………….I see why you enjoyed them doing that to you…….fucking hell that feels fantastic’ Sean cried out as the two girls kept on going ‘yea………..look at them go…..a mother and daughter sharing a prick together’

Mark could see pre cum oozing from the Sean’s very lucky cock meat.

Sean looked into the camera ‘I’m going to let these two sluts blow a cock together’

Sean carried on watching them perform on his dick for a few more minutes. Then he grabbed both their pony tails and yanked their mouths off this shaft. He then furiously pulled their heads together so that their mouths were just above his shiny wet knob and they were looking at him.

‘Now slut’ he said to Susan first ‘are you going to blow a cock with your daughter?’

‘Yes…..I am’ (Susan)

Sean nodded in approval and then asked Jessica the same question.

‘Yes………I will Sean’ (Jessica)

‘Good……….now you two don’t mind me using your beautiful fucking mouths to drain my cock….do you…..I need my fucking balls empting’ (Sean)

‘No…..we don’t mind’ Susan replied.

‘Great……….now watch this mum……….I’m going to stab your daughter’s little gob onto the end of my prick and shove it down her throat……….I want you to see what I like to do to your daughter’

Sean then grinned before he pushed Jessica’s mouth to his knob. Her lovely young lips were f***ed to spread themselves over it and pushed down a thick ridge piece of meat. Jessica choked a bit as Sean ****d her tiny mouth with his fucking dirty prick right in front of her mum.

‘Beautiful isn’t she……….your little daughter’s good at cock sucking’ Sean told Susan ‘yeaaaaaaaaaaa……………..and how for the mum.

Sean then quickly removed Jessica’s mouth and replaced it with her mother’s. But this time he pushed Susan’s mouth all the way down his 10 inches solid meat stick until his pubic hairs were bushing against her lips. She had swallowed the fucking lot. Jessica gasped as Sean stabbed his cock repeatedly into the back of her mother’s throat.

‘I love doing this to mums’ Sean told Jessica ‘can you see your mum’s lips that far down a cock shaft’ Sean then pointed to Susan’s mouth for Jessica to see.

‘Yesssssssssss’ Jessica responded back and then giggled at Sean.

When Sean had had enough he pulled Susan’s mature mouth off his fuck pole by her pony tail. She gasped for air, the whore.

‘Loved doing that to you…..Susan’ he told her in a very nasty voice as he f***ed her to look at him ‘love doing that to mums……love seeing and feeling filthy mums deep throating a cock…….but I just this second decided…cunt……..I’m going to let your little daughter blow a cock on her own in front of her own mother……….I want her to be fucking rude to a cock and I want her mother to be fucking rude back by begging for spunk to shot out of it………because you just want the fucking spunk badly….don’t you whore……and that you want your daughter to show you what she can do to a filthy piece of cock meat that’s you’ve both got right in front of you………...that’s because you’re a dirty fucking mum whore…aren’t you bitch…..slapper………and that you love seeing your daughter doing unspeakable things to pricks….because you’re one of those mums that love watching their naughty daughters doing fucking filthy things in front of them to rock hard huge cocks…….don’t you cunt…………yea’

Susan said nothing and just stared at the throbbing dick right in front of her face. Sean then pulled Susan head violently to his stomach and laid her head down on to it. She now had a grandstand view, in extreme close up to watch her daughter (remember her hands were still tied behind her back to her ankles) about to do things to a cock. Sean untied Jessica’s hands but told her that he only wanted her to use her mouth and tongue on his rod to drain it dry. He also wiped the remaining lipstick from her lips to make her look lovely and young again which she did. She then willingly got into position on her front between Sean stretched out legs.

‘Now Susan………I want you to watch every fucking filthy move your daughter makes on that cock in front of you and in first in total silence…….I want you to see in close up what your little Jessica can do to a prick……….and what she’s going to do to all my crew one day soon………and then when I say I want you to start begging for the spunk……….I want to hear you telling your daughter that her mum wants spunk badly….and you want your daughter to drain the cock that she’s lovingly working on for you…..that’s right next to your cunt face……so that you can have some hot dirty spunk from it shooting all over it……..that’s what want to hear from you slut’ (Sean)

The camera moved in close as Sean ordered Jessica to eat his prick in front of her mum. Then for next nearly 15 minutes beautiful young schoolgirl Jessica performed masterly on a ridge fuck pole right in front her own mother. She performed all that she knew up to now on how to blow a thick randy rock hard bit of fuck meat as quickly as she could. She started by working her tongue sexy all over the shiny swollen knob as she staring into her mother’s wide open eyes. Then she attacked the shaft by wrapping her sexy young lips around it and repeatedly sunk the huge thing into her gob and down her throat as far as she could over and over again. She was performing like a real pro for just a little schoolgirl, in front of her intensely watching mother. Sean was loving every second of it. Why would he? His cock was being abused by a naughty schoolgirl, all because she just wants to get the spunk out of it for her mum. There are not many boys that ever experience that in their lives, he thought to himself. After about 7-8 minutes of letting Jessica work on the prick on her own Sean ordered Susan to encourage her daughter.

‘I want to now hear dirty talk coming from your filthy gob…..Susan……be as fucking dirty as you can………. I want to hear utter filth coming from it as you encourage your daughter on……..because in the next 5 minutes that thing’s going to fucking explode right in front of you’ (Sean)

Then it was Susan’s turn.

‘Good girl darling’ Susan started to say to her youngest ‘your doing really well……….drain it’s big balls for mummy darling…….mummy wants the spunk……….I just want spunk…..darling…..give mummy spunk……..please give mummy spunk’

Sean then butted in ‘where to you want the spunk whore………tell your daughter where you want her to direct it at………cunt’

Susan paused for a moment and then told her Jessica that she wants her to direct it at her face ‘cover mummy’s face in spunk…..darling’

This fucking utter filthy conversation between a mother and her daughter went on for a further 5 minutes. Susan told her daughter to do all sorts of things to the hard fuck pole. As Jessica was being encouraged by her own mother she could feel Sean’s prick starting to tense up. He ordered Jessica to grab her mum’s pony tail and lift her head up by it. Sean got Jessica to wank his shaft directly into her mum’s face. He ordered her now to talk dirty to her mother.

‘That’s it mummy………..take spunk on your face from the massive prick that I’ve been working on for you for what seems like ages now……….I’ve done it just for you mummy………I’m a good girl….aren’t I …………..I’ll learnt now how to drain a boy’s prick dry’

At that precise moment Sean cock exploded into Susan’s beautiful milf face. Great wads of hot randy spunk shot out of it hitting her directly on her cheeks and mouth. Well considering her daughter was pointing it at her it wasn’t surprising, was it. Soon Susan’s mature mum face was covered completely in a boy’s sperm. Jessica continued to wank the shaft until every last fucking drop was out of it.

‘Show me your mum’ Sean said to Jessica

A giggling Jessica grabbed her mum’s head and turned it to show him her mother’s spunk drenched face to a well satisfied Sean.

‘Beautiful man………….yea…….that’s fucking beautiful’ (Sean)

Susan’s face was drenched in cum. It was running down her face cheeks and started to hang from her chin. She looked utterly beautiful. The best she has ever looked with a load from a hoodie lad’s cock plastered all over her face. She then turned to her gigging daughter. Sean ordered them to kiss. As they sat on the bed and shared a spunky kiss together, Mark watched Sean get up and pull his jogging bottoms up. He then watched him walk out of the bedroom. The camera went to the bedroom window and Mark saw Sean leaving the house and walk off down the street with a swagger and give a one fingered jester. The bastard didn’t fucking careless. The picture then swung around to see a cuddling mum and daughter looking at the camera with spunk smeared all over their faces. The picture then faded out and the DVD finished.

‘Wow………fucking hell’ Mark shouted out to the TV ‘fucking loved that………..Sean’s definitely alright’

BUT just as Mark was about to switch the DVD off suddenly Sean appeared on the screen.

‘Alright……………like that did yea……….I fucking loved it……..cocking a mum and daughter together………can’t get much better than that…...fucking have them together anytime mate………well I’m sure you’re a bit surprised to see me actually………I bet you’re wondering who shot this vid…hey……well take a look at this’ (Sean)

Sean then grabbed the camera and swung it around.

‘Fucking hell’ Mark shouted out and nearly fell out of the chair when he suddenly saw Fat Harry grinning at the lens.

Fat Harry is a fat disgusting smelly overweight pot bellied balding 68 year old who lives near Mark on the same council estate. He lives alone. All the local yobs know him well as they often hang out around is house drinking and taking d**gs.

Mark was speechless and then grinned.

‘Yea, nice one’

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