Jessica and Her Mum Being Rude Togethet Part 4

Jessica’s young tongue was poised at the entrance to her mum’s wet cunt. She was just about to have i****t with her. The sight of her dressed in her school uniform i.e. a very short pleated skirt and a white buttoned up blouse, kneeing while blind folded between her mother’s stretched out thighs with her mum all tied up in a chair, gagged and her legs roped wide open already for her daughter to eat her out AND on top of that her other daughter’s boyfriend was wanking his cock looking on, was fucking erotic I can tell you.

But how did we get to this situation in the first place, you may ask? Well let’s rewind back to a time a little bit earlier in the threesome.

Back then Susan and her daughter were in a 69 position together. Jessica had just had her pretty face coated in Mark’s spunk that had been shot previously into her mum’s rectum and was now draining out of it very quickly. Jessica’s soaked face was looking up at her mother’s cunt and her ripped open arsehole as her mum’s thighs straddled her young face. As Mark looked on in wonderment at the sexy scene before him, he started to imagine what it would be like to see little Jessica eating her own mum’s cunt out. He thought to himself “yea let’s go for it”. So he decided there and then to tell Jessica to move from her current position and sit on the bed, which she did willingly, the slut.

‘Did you enjoy that…….Jessica............did you like taking filthy spunk on your face that’s just came straight out of your mummy’s bottom? Mark very rudely said to the bemused teenager.

The cunt giggled back ‘yea…… was I suppose kind of nice…….I guess…..but very rude…Mark….’ Jessica replied as she screwed her face up as she said it.

‘Yea it was………...that’s why I fucking loved it……you sexy piece of fuck meat’ the randy lad replied back to her ‘now I have something else that you might like……Jessica’

‘What’s that?’ the innocent schoolgirl asked

Mark went and grabbed a long sock from the draw of the sideboard cabinet. He then got back on the bed and blind folded Jessica with it. She giggled as he also tied her arms around her slim back.

‘What are we going to do now……..Mark?’ Jess said all inquisitively.

‘You’ll know very soon………..I want to see how far a little schoolgirl slut… you…….will go with her own mother’ Mark told Jessica

Mark then sat on Susan’s back, forcing her down onto the bed. He slowly untied both her arms and brought them back and tied them up again around her back before she had even the slightest chance to struggle free. He then pulled her by her hair, which made her cry out in pain in her gag and dragged her over to the chair, which was on the opposite side of the bedroom. Mark then f***ed her to sit on it. He then roped her milf body to it (good job he had plenty of rope, hey folks). He f***efully pulled her long legs back and opened them up wide. He managed after some thought to tie them back using some more rope around her ankles and securing the end to the handles of the wardrobe door which was locked. She was once again completely helpless to Mark’s wishes. Her cunt was exposed and at the mercy for anything the dirty bastard wanted to do to it, which of course he did. She looked into Mark’s eyes all worried about what was going to happen to her next. The bastard just grinned back at her. His eyes then fixed onto her damp looking cunt. He could see in his minds eye Jessica already licking it out. Then he went back to the daughter on the bed to get her ready.

‘Now Jess……I bet you must be a bit hungry now after all this fucking going on……..would you like to have something to eat so that you can get some more energy to carry on for a good while longer? The dirty bastard asked smiling big time knowing what’s going to happen next.

‘Yea…….I suppose I could….. Mark’ Jessica replied ‘…….but I haven’t got anything in my bedroom to eat right now’

‘Oh I think you have…’s looking straight at you’ Mark replied and then looked at Susan.

At that precise moment the penny dropped and Susan realised that Mark was going to get her daughter to have i****t with her by eating her cunt. She tried to scream and struggle free from the ropes as she realised this but Mark had done them up to tight for her to break free. She was now in a complete panic. Tears began to appear in her eyes as she came to the conclusion that she couldn’t stop this disgusting act happening. The mother watched in terror as the grinning young lad, her other daughter’s boyfriend at that, pulled Jessica off the bed and made her knee on the floor. She knew that the randy bastard was getting her youngest daughter ready to perform i****t on her own mother.

‘There where nearly there… Jess’ Mark said excitedly ‘you’re soon going to be eating something really yummy’ he continued to say and then laughed out loud at the thought of it.

‘Where is it then…Mark………what am I going to have? The unknowing teenage slut asked.

‘Come with me…………. I will take to it’ the reply came back quickly.

Susan was shaking her head “No No” as her eyes went really big as she watched Mark help Jessica over to her until she was sitting right between her stretched out thighs.

‘That’s nice’ Mark said nodded at Susan as he looked at the erotic sight of a young girl clad in her school uniform kneeing between her leather booted mother’s legs with her mum’s mature cunt within an hairs width of her lovely young innocent teenage mouth.

‘Mmmmmmmmmm are you ready to eat…..Jessica? Mark asked the still no idea daughter.

With Susan looking on with a totally horrified look on her face, Jessica replied smiling ‘yea……..where is it……..I hope it’s something I like?’

‘Well just put your tongue out and lean forward a bit and you’ll taste it………it’s really yummy as I said’ the sod told her.

‘Oh good……ok’ Jessica said smiling away.

The teenager then stuck her wet tongue out and moved her head slightly forward. Susan gave out a muffled cry as she felt her youngest daughter’s tongue bush gently over her fuck hole for the very first time. Jessica quickly pulled away.

‘Yuk………..what’s that?’ she said in her little young voice as she screwed her face up ‘it’s a bit smelly what ever it is’

‘Mmmmmmmm probably……..but you didn’t give it a good try…..did you…. here try again’ Mark responded back as he pushed Jessica’s mouth back onto the waiting cunt hole ‘……….now eat that……… you little piece of schoolgirl fuck meat’

Jessica tried to pull away as Susan felt her daughter’s tongue once again touch her pussy. Mark pushed even harder to keep Jessica’s face buried in her mum’s cunt. Susan looked down in total distress now. Her cunt had engulfed it’s self all over her daughter’s face. Mark was furiously wanking his cock with his spare hand as he watched young Jessica performing i****t on her own mother for the very first time. After a few more seconds of watching Jessica’s face being plastered in her mum’s hairy cunt, he whipped the blind fold quickly of Jessica’s face to show her what she was doing.

‘Noooooooooooooooo’ Jessica cried all muffled because she had a mouthful of mature pussy (shame).

‘Oh yessssssss’ Mark replied as he continued to hold her face in the cunt ‘……lovely fucking i****t………… that’s what I really like to see from a mother and her daughter……that’s it………Jessica… your mummy’s cunt out and make her cum all over her schoolgirl daughter’s face………you little whore’

Susan kept shaking her head. How could she ever look Jessica in the eye again after this?
But fucking Mark loved it, he would, wouldn’t he. He kept Jessica’s face pressed hard into her mother’s pussy and watched her performing a sex act on her as his cock grew harder and harder.

‘Wow…….look at that’ Mark said smiling at Susan ‘……..look how naughty your daughter can be with her own mother…….. but I bet her mum could be just as fucking nasty as well................I reckon you’re love orgasm all over your daughter’s pretty face and plaster it with your hot randy mum cum…… fucking dirty cunt’

Susan shakes her head “no…”

‘I don’t fucking believe you……slapper……how can you not when you have her right now between your legs……eating away at you………look the little slut’s got her tongue right inside you now…….I can see it for my fucking self……now don’t tell me you don’t want to soak her face with your love juices………oh I forgot you can’t tell me can you’ Mark then began to laugh out loud again at the helpless mum.

He then looked at Jessica ‘….now Jessica….. I’m going to remove my hand from the back of your head……. when I do so….. I want you to keep your face pressed against the cunt and wait for your mum to soak your face….do you understand…… Jessica.

Jessica replied back in her muffled voice ‘yesssssssss’

‘Good……… and do you understand that too……mum………. I want you to make your daughter’s face all fucking wet……ok bitch’ Mark said to Susan.

She acknowledged back that she did understand but of course she didn’t want to do it at all.

‘Great…………. let’s do it’ Mark responded.

Mark then moved his hand away as he had said he would. Jessica kept her face buried tight in her mum’s fuck hole. She was far to scared to move.

The randy sod looked at the mother ‘now cover your daughter’s teenage face in cum……… fucking whore’

Susan was now in a mess. She could feel Jess’s face pressed on her cunt. The mother couldn’t admit to herself that it did feel quite nice actually. She was starting to enjoy it and was beginning to get turned on by having a girl lapping at her mature pussy hole. Mark could see that himself because Susan was starting to roll her head from side to side and began moaning as an orgasm started to build up in her body. Susan couldn’t stop herself from starting to move her hips up and down and begin to rub her cunt, over and over again, all over her daughter’s sexy young innocent face. Then all of a sudden she exploded and flows of cum run out of her and sprayed Jessica’s expecting face. She soaked her completely in an almighty orgasm as Mark roared with uncontrollable laughter.

‘I knew it……I knew it’ Mark cried ‘………..I knew you fucking wanted to cream your daughter with dirty mum cum………. you fucking randy bitch’

As Susan started to get her breath back and calm down a little, Jessica pulled away in total shock at having her face creamed on like that by her own mother. Susan couldn’t now look at her daughter at all.

Jessica looked at Mark and he said to her ‘how was’ve just had i****t with your mum….. Jessica…….did you like it?’

Jessica looked down at the floor all embarrassed, still in complete shock at what had just happened to her

‘Well I fucking loved seeing it even if you didn’t…………now that was very rude…. Jessica……..what you’ve just done there’ Mark told the daughter still laughing at her

The two girls couldn’t look at each other at all now. Mark then moved his now rock hard prick and positioned it so that his knob was pressed against Susan’s cunt. He looked back at Jessica’s wet face and said to her ‘now Jessica………..I want you to return your mouth to your mummy’s fuck hole but this time I want to see you eating a knob as well as cunt at the same time…………do you understand that… Jessica........... I want you to convince me that you are just a little fuck whore actually’

Jessica was now starting to get really upset. She began to think that this had gone too far now. She looked at Mark’s swollen red knob resting against her mum’s wet cunt lips. Hesitating for quite awhile, she eventually brought her lovely young sweet lips over to the knob. She pressed them onto it and then slid them slowly over it until they came to rest pressed onto her mum’s cunt once again as well.

Little Jessica then eat cock and cunt together, lovely.

Her mum, Susan, just stared down at her daughter doing depraved things between her stretched out legs. She now knows that her relationship with her would be changed forever after this threesome that includes i****t. Jessica continued to suck on the cock and cunt. Mark grinned for all his worth.

‘Your daughter’s really very naughty……. isn’t she.............fancy having sex with her own mum and her s****r’s boyfriend at the same time’ Mark told Susan as he looked up at her and smiled ‘…..look at the way she’s munching on that knob and cunt…………she’s working on them like a real pro…………..such a young girl too experience such naughty things like…….don’t you think mum?.................well at least she can now tell her friends at school that she’s licked her mummy’s cunt out’ Mark said laughing big time to the shocked milf.

As Mark continued to hold his prick against the cunt, he now thought to himself that he wants to see the mother eating her daughter’s hairless young pussy out instead. He had to plan it just right so that he kept Susan still roped up as he knew she would try and get away if she could. He had to be very careful because he didn’t want the threesome to stop prematurely. He still had great plans to arse fuck little Jessica and then arse fuck both mother and daughter together side by side, working his cock off on them, just using their bodies for his own pleasure. That’s his plan, anyway. Whether he can keep to it, we will find out later.

He looked down and let Jessica enjoy her mum’s pussy for a bit longer (so kind) before telling her to stop. He moved away as the two girls watched his every move. He grabbed the other chair that was in Jessica’s bedroom and brought it over to the middle of the room. He then took Jess and f***ed her to sit on it. He grabbed the remaining rope and tied her to the chair. He told her to pull her legs up and spread them wide open. Jessica began to cry as her very short pleated school skirt fell back to reveal her white knickers. Mark laughed as he ripped open the knickers to expose her young bald cunt.

‘Mmmmmmmmm that’s what I fucking like to see’ the bastard told Susan as she looked at her daughter, who’s birthday was only 6 weeks earlier, knowing that her tongue will be soon f***ed to be lap away at her daughter’s fuck hole.

Mark then went to the mum and began to untie her. As he did he gently put some rope over her head and made a noose with it. He pulled it slowly tight, just enough to pull Susan along on her hands and knees. She stared at him and said nothing as Mark pushed her to the floor. Grinning big time, he held the rope as he looked back and fro at both mother and daughter.

‘Now Susan………..I’m going to lead what I reckon is a fucking dirty mother over to her waiting daughter’s cunt and I’m going to just stand there and enjoy watching a mum eating her own daughter’s virgin cunt out……I want to see a mum make her daughter cum over her own mother’s face and soak it with her lovely sweet schoolgirl cunt cum…………in fucking other words………I want to witness a mother having i****t with her daughter’ Mark told her as a wicked grin appeared on his face.

Jessica continued to sob as her mother shock her head “No…. no”. But Mark didn’t listen, of course. He then pulled Susan, with the rope around her neck, on her hands and knees to her daughter’s spread legs. He tugged her to within an inch of Jessica’s cunt lips. She tried to pull her face to the ground but Mark would have none of it. He tugged the rope harder which f***ed her head up. Now Susan’s lips were very nearly bushing against her youngest sibling’s pussy.

‘Mmmmmmmmm now eat your daughter……….Susan……….be really dirty with her……….enjoy her lovely sweet cunt for the very first time………….**** her bald pussy with your tongue and have i****t with your own daughter’ Mark ordered her.

As tears streamed down Jessica’s face, her mother hesitated at first before Mark saw her mature tongue suddenly appear and reach out and gently bush it’s self, for the very first time, over her daughter’s cunty.

‘Beautiful…….’ Mark shouted out in glee as Susan’s tongue went back for a second go and this time the whore run her tongue all over her daughter’s bald cunt. Mark roared with laughter and then decided to help the mum by reaching down with his spare hand and gently prising open Jessica’s fuck hole. Susan removed her tongue momentarily and looked at her daughter’s opened up cunt before going back to it and began to lick her daughter’s inner cunt walls this time. Her face was now starting to get smeared in her daughter’s lovely cunt juices, which the filthy schoolgirl had allowed to start to flow from her cunt. Mark and Jessica could clearly hear Susan slurping away. Jessica looked down in utter horror, crying, at the terrible sight of her mum’s face buried between her legs, working franticly away on one of her fuck holes. She couldn’t believe her mum was letting herself behave like this on her. Then all of a sudden she felt her mother’s tongue probing further and further into her secreted inner sanctum. Susan was allowing herself to go deeper and deeper in her daughter’s body with every lick.

‘Ohhhhhhhhhhh……….. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……………that’s nice’ Mark said as she watched Susan’s tilted head buried in her daughter’s piss hole lapping away at it.

He glazed at Susan’s beautiful milf body. She looked fantastic on her hands and knees wearing only knee high stiletto boots. He stared at her beautiful mature round ample arse and wanted it badly. With her mouth still pressed tight onto her daughter’s cunt, munching away at it for all she’s worth, he moved around so that he was kneeling behind her gorgeous bum. He was still holding onto the rope that was attached to her neck. He pressed the small of Susan’s back down so as to make her arch it and therefore raising her bottom up to him. He then reached down and spread open one her bum cheeks with one of his hands and placed his rock hard thick throbbing cockend onto the milf’s arsehole entrance. Susan felt it and pulled off from eating her daughter immediately.

‘Don’t stop……..Susan’ Mark told her ‘…..I want you to place your mouth back onto your daughter’s cunt and then I want you to feel a rock hard cock sliding up your dirty shit hole until you have all 9 inches of it buried in your arse while you have i****t with your daughter……………do you understand that…………you piece of fucking cunt?’

Susan shakes her head that she did.

‘Good……………now do it slut’ Mark ordered the mum.

As soon as Mark saw Susan put her mum mouth back onto her daughter’s hole, he put his hands behind his back. He then pushed his knob into the mother’s arse and watched her arsehole lips part open for him one more time. His knob then disappeared from view as the dirty mother’s anal lips engulfed his bell end once again. He then pushed again and the rest of his 16 year old throbbing randy shaft disappeared as it slid slowly up the mother’s 46 year old dirt box as he rooted her. He was soon buried to the hilt up Susan’s backside. She was now letting herself be used by this young boy at one end and allowing herself to do depraved things to her daughter at the other end. She had a youth’s cock buried balls deep in her anus and her tongue was working furiously away on her daughter’s young bald cunt. Where would it end, she thought to herself?

As Mark continued to watch he now decided that he wanted two bottoms to bang instead of just one (two’s always better than one, hey folks). So he pulled slowly out of Susan’s arse, his cock springing out of it as if it was on a fucking spring. He then yanked hard on the rope which pulled Susan head back very violently. But before he rearranged the girls into the next position he suddenly decided that he wanted to see Susan lick her daughter’s arsehole nice and clean before his watching eyes. So he moved back to stand next to Jessica’s legs and then grabbed her left ankle. He brutally f***ed it back and in doing so this raised her arse up in the air. Susan’s mouth was then pushed forward by Mark so that it came to within a hair’s width of her daughter’s lovely young shit hole.

‘Ohhhhhhhhh………….beautiful……………now that’s a fucking lovely sight to see……………..a mum that’s already and willing to eat shit out of her daughter’s anus............yea go ahead mum………eat your own daughter’s shit………you fucking filthy mother’ Mark said nodding and all cocky ‘…….clean her fucking dirty hole out…………….I fucking want to see shit smeared all over your randy mum tongue’

Susan tried her utmost to pull away but couldn’t quite make it. Her mouth was being pressed to tight onto Jessica’s arsehole. She once again had no choice but to comply with the randy bastard’s wishes and so began reluctantly to work her mature tongue into her daughter’s smelly rectum. Mark began grinning big time and roared with laughter as he watched the f***ed mother eating shit out of her young daughter’s bum. Susan’s face screwed up as she tasted shit for the very first time. Mark fucking loved it as Jessica continued to cry aloud. She now had streams of tears running over her face cheeks as she looked down once again to see her own mother lapping away at her shitter. Mark kept the pressure on the Susan’s face for a few more minutes until he was completely satisfied that he had seen enough. Mark then released her face to witness her spitting as she tried to get rid of the shitty taste that had been left in her mouth.

Then over the next few minutes with a few struggles thrown in, he eventually managed to rearrange the two girls to his liking. The scene he created was of a mother and her daughter standing in the middle of the bedroom, faced to face, and with them roped tight together around their waists and ankles. They obviously couldn’t walk away all tied up like that, which was of course what he wanted. Susan was still in her turn on knee high black leather high heel boots while he had removed Jessica’s blouse to reveal her very small breasts and had also made her put on a pair of her mum’s 6 inch stilettos. The reason for this was that not only did it make her look very fuckable but it also brought Jessica’s anal hole higher up and so making it much easier for him to fuck it. He also had pulled her short pleated schoolgirl skirt up a bit more so that it was only covering the top half of her slim arse. He then left the room briefly. Jessica was still crying and Susan was very upset as well. She was trying not to cry for her daughter’s sake.

‘Mummy………… mummy’ Jessica sobbed ‘……what’s he going to do to us next?’

‘Oh darling’ Susan replied knowing that they were both probable going to be fucked in the arse ‘… will be alright……….we will get out of here soon and I will deal with him then’

Then after a couple of what seemed like two very long minutes the bedroom door suddenly came flying open. The two girls quickly looked over their shoulders to see Mark walk in. The fucking bastard had put his hoodie jacket on and his boots and nothing else at all. He stood before them, nodding with the biggest attitude ever as he admired the view before him. His cock was all fucking hard and pointing in their direction, already to bang their helpless shitters to pieces. He then walked very slowly around them, over and over again, all cocky, nodding and grinning all the time. Susan glared at him as Jessica continued to cry.

‘Mmmmmmmmm what do we have here then?’ the bastard said ‘…….looks like a mother with a young daughter that’s waiting to be fucked…….I reckon……….now that’s a lucky find……. mmmmmmm’ Mark continued to say as he circled them and rubbed his chin ‘…….now looking at the bums on those two…………..I reckon their just asking for someone to **** their fucking arseholes……….yea that’s what I reckon and I’m not usually wrong’ he then laughed ‘………well I think this shit hard prick here is just what these two sluts need up their shitters……………I believe their just waiting to have their shit fudge packed by a rock hard cock…………yea that’s what I fucking reckon’

‘Mum……mum’ Jessica cried out ‘…….don’t let him do that to us………please Mark, stop now and let us go…………..I want to stop’

Mark laughed out even louder ‘are you serious….. cunt……no fucking chance………when I’ve got a mother and daughter dressed and roped together like that before me…….dream on girl………..anyway my balls need fucking draining………… now who’s first……I wonder?’ Mark said with a wicked smile on his face.

The bastard continued for awhile longer to walk around them in just his hoodie jacket and his jack boots. He had a swagger about him and the biggest attitude going. He looked down proudly at his weapon that swung as he walked. Then he stopped and picked up Jessica’s blouse. He then wiped his cock shaft dry in front of both girls. His prick was now ready. He then moved and stood behind Susan first. She looked over her left shoulder and glared at the randy hoodie youth. The milf then fixed her eyes down onto the throbbing weapon that was pointing directly at her mature ample arse. Mark grinned at her and then reached out and opened up her lovely mature bum cheeks to reveal her anus to him. She said nothing as the lad, for what seemed like the umpteen time, brought his huge swollen knob towards her and pressed it against her rectum entrance. Grinning and nodding to himself like the dirty hoodie that he is, he then sunk his dick without telling her all the way up her shitter in one fucking go. She screamed out loud as the dick torn up her arse. Jessica cried as she pressed her face tight into her mother’s big beautiful breasts.

‘Mmmmmmmmm……….fucking beautiful……….**** the mum…………that’s what I fucking like’ Mark said as he began pounding Susan’s bum hole for all his worth.

What a sight that must be. A young 16 year old dressed in his hoodie and boots r****g a mother’s 46 year old arse with still her young daughter to come, what a lucky bastard he is. He pulled out after he had shafted the mother in the bum for a couple of hard banging minutes. He nodded and grinned to himself before moving around to stand behind Jessica as Susan began to protest loudly at him, all in vain of course Mark 6’ body towered over her daughter’s very slim and tiny 4’ 1” frame.

‘Shut the fuck up…….bitch’ He told her ‘…….now I’m going to enjoy your daughter’s back passage around my bone dry cock shaft’ Mark said to Susan as Jessica cuddled her mum even tighter, in horrid anticipation of feeling a thick hard cock sliding up her bum for the very first time.

Mark then reached down with one hand and opened up one of her petite bum cheeks and peered inside to find the small entrance to her lovely shitter hole. It looked fucking tiny, he thought to himself. He then brought his enormous randy knob slowly to it and pressed it gently against her anal lips. Her body quickly tensed up as she felt cock meat touch her virgin hole for the very first time. She had never had a hard cock before waiting to go up it. Mark’s 16 year old knob looked massive in comparison to her young entrance. He stopped for a few moments to admire the dirty view he had before him. A giant fuck weapon poised, throbbing and twitching away ready to rip open a virgin arsehole. This is really going to tear this hole, he thought to himself. Jessica’s was going to experience taking a lad’s very thick cock in her bum for the first time and the lad doing to her couldn’t wait. Mark then grabbed Jessica’s long hair and yanked her head back. She screamed out loud as he was now ready to spear her beautiful young small framed body onto the end of his thick waiting cock meat. Susan tried to comfort her daughter the best she could. Then her s****r’s boyfriend pushed forward and tried to go into the bum hole, it wasn’t easy I tell you. He had to push again even harder for the second time of asking before all of a sudden Jessica’s entire anus opened up for him and he watched his knob very slowly being engulfed by Jessica’s rectum. Her lips for the very first time ever in her life slowly slid very willing over a boy’s fat knob. Her gorgeous young anal lips then clamped themselves tight over the large swollen knob and trapped it. With her head yanked back by her hair and a big swollen fat knob sticking in her arse, her whole body shock. Mark grinned from ear to ear. He had now stuck Jessica’s beautiful schoolgirl body onto his filthy randy fuck pole. He was now very pleased with himself. The hoodie bastard had finally speared a virgin schoolgirl, fantastic he thought to himself, that’s what a real hoodie does to schoolgirls. He then opened his legs up even wider apart, ready to thrust her body even further down onto his thick meat shaft. Jessica cried as she felt the swollen knob tearing her bum hole wide open. He then pulled her hair again which yanked her head back even further. She screamed at the top of her voice once again as Mark then sunk very, very slowly another couple of inches of thick randy cock meat in her not so virgin now arsehole. She now had 3 inches of his 9 attached up her young anal back passage.

‘Beautiful…………..yeaaaaaaaaaaaa’ the cocky bastard said grinning and then looked at Susan ‘……she’s got 3 inches in at this moment……… I’m going to sink another couple of inches into her body………… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I think will make 5 inches by then’ he laughed ‘……then your daughter’s body will be properly speared by a rock hard fuck pole…………….and also that’s when she will graduate to become a little fuck toy for us hoodies to use for their own fucking pleasure in the future’

The sod then laughed out loud uncontrollable at Susan. By pulling on Jessica’s hair still more, so therefore increasing the pain to her, Mark then f***ed more randy cock meat up her tiny shitter. She now had 5 inches in. Mark looked down and spread Jessica’s small bum cheeks to get a much better view of a cock sticking in her arsehole. He nodded to the mum in approval.

‘That’s looks fucking beautiful’ he said all cocky to Susan.

Mark then told Susan that he was now going to fucking bang her daughter’s bum really hard using just 5 inches of his length only and that he was fucking going to enjoy doing it to her. Mark then smiled at the mum and put his hands behind his head. He then grinned once again big time at Susan before starting to piston fuck Jessica’s rectum. She took a furious fucking in her now ripped open, by a cock, arse, I can tell you. Her little bum quivered and shock as Mark banged the schoolgirl slut harder and harder with every fucking stroke as he slammed into her body. He ****d her rectum for his own fucking pleasure. She screamed and cried as Susan held her tight too her. The hoodie took the tiny schoolgirl as he grinned. He can now say to his mates that he has had her when he sees her in the going to school in the future. Mark then stopped all of a sudden and pulled out of. Jessica’s anus. He looked down to see it gapping open and noticed that it was all red inside.

‘Fucking enjoyed that’ he told both girls

He then went back around to the mother and yanked her hair back violently. She screamed as Jessica continued to sob loudly. Mark then went back up the milf’s arsehole in one go and then ****d her shitter really, really fucking hard this time. Susan now was taking a violent pounding in her bum like nothing she had experienced before. Her big arse cheeks rippled as Mark slammed into her over and over again. Then he pulled out after a couple of minutes and walked back around all cocky to the daughter Jessica. He then positioned his knob again at her ****d arsehole and sunk it in. Her bum was then violently taken once again, Mark cocking it like he had just done to her mother. He was enjoying himself like never before, the dirty bastard that he is. His cock was getting coated in shit now but he didn’t care because he loved it. After Jessica had taken his cock for the 5th or 6th time, Mark stopped and went and got one of the chairs. He positioned it behind Jessica and then stood between her and it. He then ordered her to wrap her slim legs around her mother’s waist. Jessica didn’t want to do it and protested wildly. But like a true fucking hoodie that he is, Mark just grabbed both her thighs and forcibly wrapped Jessica’s legs around her mum. Now the daughter’s young anal passage was really opened up nicely for a cock. Mark then reached back and held onto the chair. With his legs spread either side of Susan’s legs and his body stretched right out, he brought his massive thick weapon to the gapping anal entrance.

‘Mmmmmmmmmmm fucking beautiful………..this is how I like to treat a schoolgirl especially when her mother’s present’ the bastard told Susan.

Mark then rooted Jessica. What I mean is, this time she took the whole fucking length, balls deep into her little tiny butt in one violent go. She fucking screamed the house down as she felt the pain coming from her back passage. Her mum held her tight as Mark glared wide eyed at Jessica’s anus. He could see no cock shaft at all this time, only his nuts hanging their full of spunk.

‘Fucking bastard………..’ Susan shouted at him as she stared at a grinning Mark with his hips thrusted up in a locked position and her daughter sobbing in her arms ‘……..fucking take that thing out of her……….she’s only a little girl’

The sod just laughed back ‘oh I forgot something……… you didn’t remind me……did you Susan’ he said as he pulled his whole meat out until just the tip was still in the hole ‘……I forgot to wipe it dry……..silly me…… where’s that blouse? Mark then picked it up and Susan watched him rub it all over his cock shaft. ‘There that’s better isn’t it………..should have done that it the first place…….hey.

He then stared into Susan’s eyes, which were transfixed to his dick and then sunk it back up her daughter’s bum hole to his balls again. He then cocked Jessica hard as her mum screamed at him at the top of her voice. He eventually pulled out and went back to Susan’s arse.

The two girls continued to take this punishment in their bums over and over again for at least another 5-6 minutes before Mark was ready to unload his spunk onto their faces. To do this he thought to himself that he will have to untie them, at least a bit anyway. So as he stopped arse fucking both mother and daughter for the up teem time, he lost count actually. He went and untied their ankles first and then started to loosen the waist rope. He stopped to re-think and momentarily turned his back on them, big mistake. This was Susan’s chance. She tugged on the remaining rope and managed to pull it free from her and Jessica just as Mark turned back round to face them. Then all hell was let loose. Susan made a wipe at the hoodie Mark and hit him. Jessica ran out of her bedroom and went downstairs. Susan and Mark struggled together before he decided to call it a day and stormed out of the bedroom and left the house with Susan shouting obscenities at him.

For the next few weeks Mark was in a very, very bad mood. You didn’t want to know him, I can tell you. Everyone who did know him didn’t know what the problem was. On top of all this he hadn’t even heard from Laura and then found out only by chance that she had been seeing one of his so called hoodie mates. This really pissed him off big time. He decided to front Sean, who is 6 months younger an him, about this.

Sean is a right yob. He is a member of the same gang as Mark. He is well known by the Police in his local area. Since the age of 14 he has been burgling houses on the estate on a regularly basis where they both live. He currently has an ASBO which he actually proud of. Of all the yobs in the area, he has to be the worsted one Laura had to get involved with.

Mark went and found him. They had a big argument with Sean boasting that Laura had told him that he had a bigger cock. They pushed and shoved each other. It got quite nasty. Mark went off mad. Over the next few weeks he kept sending Sean texts wind him up. Then one day he bumped into Susan accidentally. She knew about the texts and so fronted him herself about them. They had a huge slanging match in the middle of the street. She promised revenge and told him that he would me hearing from her very soon. Mark had no idea what she meant and frankly couldn’t give a fuck. Several more weeks past after this as he continued to get at Sean when he had the chance. Then one day Sean went and found him and gave him a dvd to watch.

‘You’re enjoy that, mate’ Sean told him grinning as he throws the disc at him ‘……….well let’s say I fucking did anyway’.

Sean then walked off laughing aloud to himself down the road, another cocky hoodie

So what’s on the video, hey folks? Well we’ll see very, very soon.

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