Jessica and Her Mum Being Rude Together Part 3

Susan walked back into her bedroom and sat on her bed. She now had doubts about continuing with the threesome. She thought to herself that maybe she has made one of the worsted decisions of her life and had just got too carried away. She should have never even contemplated having a threesome with her little Jessica in the first place. She had just sucked a cock off with her while her other daughter had watched it all on her webcam. This was not good. She decided that she must go back to Jessica’s bedroom and tell Mark that this must stop right here and now. She was beginning to get herself into a right state over it. How can she let herself be arse fucked in front of her daughter, she thought?

After a few more minutes of turning it over in her increasingly confused head, she got off the bed and found the knee length black leather high heeled boots, which the randy bastard Mark had brought her just so he could ream her in them, while wearing nothing else. Very reluctantly she removed her mini skirt and heels and started to put them on instead. She stood in front of her full length mirror and looked at herself. The sight as you can imagine was fucking horny. She decided there and then to put her full length coat on and go and tell Mark that the threesome was now off. As Susan walked back into Jessica’s bedroom she could see Mark’s cock all stiff again in her daughter’s small young hand, which was still wanking away at it

Mark grinned at her and said ‘where you been cunt, your daughter’s got my prick all nice and hard again and it’s already for me to use again, as you can see’

‘Mark’ the reply came back very quickly as Susan stood at the end of the bed ‘I think we should stop this now. I’ve made a very big mistake and should never have let you try and bed Jessica and I definitely should never had joined in’.

‘What you fucking mean bitch?’ Mark shouted back to her ‘you can’t fucking stop now, whore’

‘Yes I can’ the mum told him as Jessica’s face dropped and started to look worried as she could see her mother was starting to get angry with Mark. Mark pulled Jessica’s hand away from his hard shaft ‘so why is it I can see you have put those boots on for me if you fucking don’t want to continue, tell me that fuck meat?’

Susan just shrugged her shoulders and told him not to talk to her like that.

‘I’ll talk to you how I fucking like, whore’ Mark shouted back at her again ‘anyway seeing you have put them on, you might as well show us what you look like in them, you filthy dirty slapper. My cock wants to see you in them’

Susan stared into Jessica’s worried eyes. She was now confused more than ever. How can she get out of this situation, she thought to herself? She really didn’t know which way to turn. Mark continued to glare at her. Then after a few more seconds she gave out a big shy and started to unbutton her coat. As it dropped to the ground, Mark gave out a big “fucking hell” on seeing the 46 year old mother standing before him wearing only a pair of knee length high, high heeled black leather boots. His cock gave out a massive twitch which both girls saw.

‘Now that’s better’ the filthy bastard told Susan. He then got off the bed and went behind the mother and reached round and grabbed two full handfuls of tit. He then groped them in front of the daughter and grinned at her, Susan just let him do it. He pressed his hard meat into the mum’s arse crack and leaned forward. He whispered into the mother’s ear ‘I knew you couldn’t stop, Susan. You know I’m going to arse fuck you in front of Jessica, don’t you whore. I’m going to ream your milf shitter for my own fucking pleasure, you know that don’t you. You know I want to feel my balls pressing against your lovely big round mature arse cheeks, don’t you Susan’ Susan nodded to him ‘and how can I do that to you, slut?’ Susan shakes her head ‘only by burying the whole fucking shaft into your beautiful inviting milf dirt box and leaving it in there, throbbing away up your filthy cock hungry mature rectum. Do you want that too, cunt?

Susan didn’t know what to do now. Should she continue and let this young boy take her bum in front of her youngest daughter, knowing that if she does, it will only stop when Mark, the dirty bastard, has done everything that he wants to do to her and her daughter. Or should she get away now and try and sort the situation out later.

What should she do folks? Well we know what Mark wants and us as well, don’t we now?

But Susan, unfortunately for us, there and then decided that this was wrong and that she was not willing to carry on. The mum then made a move to get out of there. As she pulled free of Mark’s groping hands, she started to run to the bedroom door. Mark run after her and grabbed her. A short struggle started. Jessica sat on the bed in amazement and watched her mum and Mark as he pulled her back to the bed. He throws her onto it and sits on her. Susan was crying out ‘No No’ as they continued to struggle together. Mark quickly reached out and grabbed the rope that he had placed earlier on the bedside cabinet. Then with some f***e and a lot of shouting coming from the both of them, Mark eventually managed to tie both Susan’s hands to one bed post.

‘There you fucking are, cunt. Now try and stop me now’ the bastard told the mum.

‘No No’ Susan cried as she shakes her head.

‘Now this will fucking shut you up, slut’ Mark replied and then grabbed an old sock and tied it around the mother’s mouth ‘try and fucking protest now, whore’

Susan was helpless on the bed and on her side. Jessica sat next to her mum and couldn’t quite believe what was now happening. Mark was very pleased with himself as he knelt by Susan’s lovely round mature bum, his hard dick pointing directly at it. He thought to himself that he was going to fucking enjoy this. What a bastard? A young 16 year old lad was about to do rude things to a 46 year old mother’s arsehole as her young teenage schoolgirl daughter watched everything in extreme close up.

Mark then looked at a still in shock Jessica ‘your mother decided that she didn’t to be fucked up her shitter while you watched. But what she forgot was too ask me first’ Mark said now laughing out loud to himself ‘that’s so fucking funny, don’t you think Jessica. Did she really think that her bum hole was not going to be torn apart by a fucking thick cock shaft in front of you?

Susan was still trying to break free from the ropes that held her hands. Her voice was all muffled as she tried to talk. She wriggled about trying to make it difficult for Mark. ‘Keep fucking still, bitch. There’s no point in struggling as I’m still going to bang you in the shitter anyway’

Susan slowly calmed down a little. She had no choice really. Mark then brought Jessica’s face down to the level of her mum’s arse cheeks and his waiting cock. She lay on her stomach looking at her mother’s bum.

‘Mmmmmmmmmm that’s it Jessica. Shell we open up your mum’s arse crack and see what we can find in there? Mark asked the now starting to giggle again young schoolgirl.

‘That’s very rude, Mark’ the reply came back.

‘Yea it is, isn’t it? Fancy me doing that in front of you? The bastard grinned.

Mark then grabbed one of Susan’s buttocks and opened the mature mother’s 46 year old arse crack. Susan felt her bum hole now being exposed in front of her daughter. ‘Wow look at that’ Mark shouted out as Jessica giggled as she saw her mum’s anus close up for the very first time ‘doesn’t that look inviting, all lovely and warm I bet, just waiting to be reamed’.

Jessica couldn’t stop giggling at the dirty talking Mark, her s****r’s boyfriend.

‘Would you like to see that anus destroyed and turned into a fucking wide hole, so that you can look inside it, Jessica?’ Mark asked

’Yeaaaaaaaaa I supposed so’ the daughter replied back very nervously.

‘Well I can make it like that for you, you little schoolgirl cunt, with this meat stick I have here’ Mark said pointing to his ridge dick ‘shell we do it then, Jessica? Shell we stick cock up your mother’s shit box?’

Jessica nodded back very slowly.

‘Right in that case wrap one of your hands around it and go and press the tip onto the entrance of the hole’ the sod said. Jessica smiled and reached out. Her small young hand barely able to wrap it’s self around the thick shaft. She giggled as she very slowly moved the cock forward and placed the bell end onto her mother’s arsehole lips. She then took her hand away. Mark could see her staring at his massive hard 9 inch thick fuck meat posed at the entrance to her mum’s shitter and Susan could feel the dick too waiting to go up her rectum.

‘Mmmmmmmmmm doesn’t that look beautiful, Jessica. A big hard prick already to slide up her mum’s lovely turd hole. I can’t wait to fudge pack her shit. Would you like to see that in close up, Jessica, me fudge packing your mum’s p*o? Mark asked.

Jessica was now getting very embarrassed with what Mark was saying to her, so she just shakes her head and says nothing at all. Mark grabs the felt pen one more time and gives it to Jessica.

‘Now Jessica, would you like to see how much cock your mum takes up her shitter? Well we all know it’s 9 inched long, my cock, so I want you to make 9 even marks on the shaft, so you can count the inches as it goes up your mum’s fucking dirty bottom until it reaches the root’ Mark ordered Jessica.

Jessica hesitated at first but did eventually mark evenly all the way from the tip to the root on Mark’s continually twitching meat.

‘Beautiful’ he said as he looked down at his 16 year old cock, all marked up ready to slide up a mother’s 46 year old bum hole as her young daughter counts the inched off as it goes in. What a fucking dirty bastard he is.

Mark then looked down at Jessica ‘Now Jessica, I want you to do a very rude thing to your mum. I want you to put the first inch or so of that fucking cock shaft into your mum’s arse.’

Jessica shakes her head again ‘No I can’t do that, that’s rude, Mark’ Susan also at the same time tries to stop him by wriggling about and trying to talk. Mark starts to get angry and shouts at Jessica ‘wrap your fucking hand over that cock shaft again and push it slowly up your mum’s rectum and watch your mother’s arsehole lips slide themselves over the swollen knob and don’t fucking stop until you see it disappear from view. Now I know you can fucking do that for me, you little cunt?’

Jessica says nothing at all and just shakes her head to acknowledge Mark’s instructions. She hesitates and reaches out a few times before finally grabbing the rock hard dick in one of her small hands. She looks up at her mum’s face and then back down to the dick. Mark then begins to grin from ear to ear as he watches the young daughter push randy cock meat into her restrained mum’s arse. Susan’s shitter lips do indeed slide willing over a young swollen bell end until it cannot be seen. Jessica pulls her hand away to see a fuck pole sticking into her mother’s hole that her turds come out off.

‘Mmmmmmmm now look at that, Jessica’ Mark said looking at her ‘look at the rude thing you have just done to your mother. You will always remember this moment when you stuck a cock into your own mother’s arsehole. Even in years to come, you will think of that very first time you did it to her’

Jessica was now very embarrassed at what she had just done to her mum and couldn’t look at her.

‘Now put your tongue out, you little whore and run it all over the remaining shaft that’s on view, the shaft which is waiting to go up your mother’s shitter’ Mark ordered Jessica.

She looked up at him before leaning forward and very gingerly sticking her lovely sweet young wet tongue out and began running it up and down the throbbing fuck pole.

‘Mmmmmmmmmm now that feels fantastic. I like that. My knob stuck tight in a mother’s rectum and her schoolgirl daughter coating the remaining shaft in her randy salvia, fucking beautiful’ Mark told both girls ‘what a sight too see’.

After a few minutes of enjoying this attention that his now spit coated horny cock was receiving, he told Jessica to stop. ‘Now I think you should practise your counting, don’t you think? You don’t need to go to school to learn to count. We can practise it right here’.

Jessica smiled as Mark gave her a bit of clothing for her to wipe the spit from his cock shaft ‘there all nice and dry now, thanks. Now it’s already to tear a mother’s arsehole apart which I’m going to fucking do any second now’

On hearing what Mark had just said, Susan began pulling on the rope that was tied around her hands. But how ever much she tried, she couldn’t get free of it. She tried to scream out but the gag in her mouth stopped that completely too. She was now completely helpless to stop a dirty young bastard from abusing her mature milf bum hole in front of her youngest daughter.

‘Lovely’ Mark said ‘now move closer Jessica and count the inches out loud as the fuck pole goes into your mum’s beautiful hungry arse. I’m going to pile drive your mum’

The young schoolgirl daughter giggled and then moved forward until her face was literally an inch from the shaft. Her eyes were transfixed on it as she looked at the head that was already stuck in her mum’s bottom with the rest of it just waiting to slide in. Mark put his hands behind his head and then started grinning big time as he began to **** the mother in the arse.

‘Look at that big throbber going up your mum’s shitter, Jessica. Count it in, you little schoolgirl slut’ Mark shouted out.

‘Oneeeeeeeee twooooooooooooo threeeeeeeeeeeeee’ Jessica giggled out ‘fourrrrrrrrrrrrr fiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’

Mark stopped when he had sunk the first 6 inches in. Susan cried out, all be it muffled and tried to wriggle free as she felt the young dry cock tearing her arsehole walls apart.

‘Beautiful’ Mark said grinning ‘6 inches of cock in your mum’s rectum. What do you think of that, Jessica?’

‘Ohhhhhhhhhhh that’s very rude, Mark’ Jessica replied smiling away as she kicked her legs in abandon ‘I love it’

Mark grinned ‘now for the fucking rest’

‘Sevennnnnnnnnnnnnnn eighttttttttttttttttttttt nineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ Jessica then continued ‘Ohhhhhhh that’s it’ Jessica cried out all excited as Mark’s balls were the only thing she could now see.

‘Beautiful the whole cock buried up your mother’s gorgeous arse’ the randy lad said to the daughter. As he held his prick there, he looked up at Susan’s face. She was looking down at him ‘Mmmmmmmmmm nice, your youngest daughter’s just watched a dick bury it’s self up her mum’s shitty hole and fudge pack her p*o. I fucking enjoyed that, showing her. That was rude, wasn’t it? Now I’m going to very slowly pull it out to the head and let your daughter smell her mum’s shit on the shaft’

‘No No’ Susan tried to say as she shakes her head, once more.

‘Oh yes, Susan. You can’t stop me now. I ‘m a dirty bastard, aren’t I’ Mark replied back. He then looked down at Jessica ‘now you little schoolgirl slut, I want you to count the fucking inches again as that prick pulls it’s self very slowly out of your mum’s turd making hole’

‘Yessssssss Mark’ the daughter giggled. Jessica then counted again until just the bell end was the only thing still sticking in her mum’s bum.

‘Can you smell your mum’s shit on that shaft now, Jessica?’ Mark asked. The little girl gingerly smelt the cock. ‘No not really’ she told Mark. ‘Oh well, in that case it better go back in a few more times’ the sod replied back ‘we’ll count it in and out each time, ok’

Mark then repeatedly buried again and again his randy meat into the milf’s shitter to coat it in shit as Jessica counted each time. After the sixth time he got Jessica to smell it again.

‘Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yea, yuk that does smell now’ Jessica told Mark.

‘Mmmmmmmmmmm good, that means it needs fucking cleaning. Mmmmmmmm now the best way to clean shit off a cock is with a nice wet tongue lapping away all over it. Now who’s got a lovely young wet tongue near it right now that can do that?’ the sod said grinning at Jessica.

‘No No I can’t do that. That’s very rude and disgusting’ Jessica told him as she tried to get up. Mark very quickly put a hand onto the back of her head and stopped her from moving.

‘Yes you can, you little schoolgirl whore. In fact you’re fucking going to do it’ Mark then told her stick her tongue out. She did this eventually after protesting again. Mark then f***ed her young tongue onto his waiting meat. He saw Jessica screw her face up as she tasted her mum’s shit on the shaft for the very first time.

‘Mmmmmmmmmmm that’s nice’ Mark said as he looked up at the mum ‘that’s a fucking beautiful sight to see, Susan. I wish you could see this. A young daughter licking a cock shaft, that’s still stuck in her mother’s rectum, cleaning her mum shit off it. Now that’s what I call fucking dirty, don’t you think?’

Susan did and said nothing at all. She felt now that Mark was going to far.

After Jessica had finished licking his dick, she moved her tongue away. Mark then sunk his prick, balls deep back into the milf’s anus. As he slowly pulled out from it, he held one of the mum’s buttocks and pulled them apart. Susan’s arsehole was now being stretched open for all to see ‘look at that Jessica, your mum’s turd shoot is all nice and opened up for us now. Why don’t you look inside and admirer the view?’

Jessica was very embarrassed about doing that. But after Mark had sunk his prick in and out again, she got closer and looked into her mother’s stretched hole, ‘that’s it, Jessica, take a good look inside your mum’s shitter’. As the schoolgirl looked in, Mark decided a new position was now needed. He pushed Jessica away and moved up to untie one of Susan’s hands. Mark then tied it to the other bed post. The mum was now on all fours with her arms roped, her head on a pillow and her milf arse stuck high up in the air.

‘Now Jessica’ Mark said ‘I want you to crawl between your mum’s legs until you are looking up at her cunt and arsehole’

Jessica stared deep into Mark’s excited eyes. She thought first before then proceeding to very slowly get on her back and gently crawled under her mother’s stomach. She then manoeuvred her young head in such away that she ended up lying between her mum’s stretched out legs. She now was looking directly up at her mum’s two exposed holes.

‘Beautiful’ Mark said as he moved his cock over Jessica’s face so that it was pointing directly at the mother’s arsehole again. He looked down at Jessica below his dick. She looked gorgeous laying there between her mum’s beautiful thighs, looking up at him. ‘Now Jessica, you’re going to see your mum being arse fucked and I want you to watch every single fucking second of it. I’m not going to stop until I empty my nuts in her dirty shitter. Your mum’s going to fucking drain a cock dry using just her cock hungry mum rectum. Then as I pull out, I’m going to let my filthy shit laden spunk leak out of it, run over your mum’s cunt and then drip onto her daughter’s young teenage schoolgirl face below, do you understand that, Jessica, you fucking little slut’

‘Yesssssssssssssss Mark’ the reply came ‘I understand’

‘But before we do this sex act together, I just want to ask you a question, Jessica’ Mark said to her

‘What’s that, Mark? The reply came with giggles.

‘Well if you don’t mind me asking you, I think you are really just a little slut that is dying to have spunk drip on your lovely schoolgirl face that’s just come out of your mummy’s bottom?’ Mark asked ‘I’m I right, Jessica’

Jessica giggled at Mark’s dirty talk ‘Yessssss you are. I’m just a slut really’ the innocent looking schoolgirl replied back quickly in her sweet young voice.

Mark then grinned down at her. Susan, had we not forgotten her, was just waiting to be reamed again by her older daughter’s dirty boyfriend. She kept perfectly still, she couldn’t move anyway, as she felt the young 16 year old cock sliding back up her 46 year old mum dirt box. When she felt the balls come to rest on her cunt lips, she knew once more that she had all 9 inches of young hard prick buried in her bum. She then gasps in her gag as she felt Mark violently start too pistoning his cock in and out of her. He banged her shitter for all his worth. Jessica watched open mouthed as she looked up at the thick cock r****g her mum’s arse. After several minutes of thoroughly enjoying himself, Mark cried out loud and then proceeded to pull out so that only his knob was in the mother’s rectum. He then pumped wads of thick hot spunk into the mature hole. He held his bell end just in her arse until he had finally finished. He then pulled out completely, his dick springing out as he did so. Spunk immediately started to leak out of Susan’s rectum. The sperm run down over her cunt lips and started to drip from them onto her daughter’s giggling face below, just like Mark had predicted. Mark pulled back to get a good view of a mother empting the spunky contents of her arsehole onto her schoolgirl daughter’s face. Jessica continued to giggle as the spunk kept going. Her face was very soon spattered in cum. It ran down her face cheeks onto the duvet cover. Her little young mouth was plastered in shitty spunk. She was now having fits of giggles.

‘Beautiful’ Mark proclaimed as his sex act on the mother with a daughter involved had gone just has he had planned ‘did you enjoy that, Jessica, receiving spunk on your face that has just come out of your mummy’s backside?’

Jessica tilted her head to look at her s****r’s boyfriend and said ‘I love it’

Mark stared at Jessica’s spunk soaked face lying between her mother’s straddling legs. He thought to himself that it was the most erotic scene he as ever witnessed. His cock was now starting to wilt. Then another dirty thought flashed into his head. The view before him of the lovely young schoolgirl lying between her mothers legs, looking up at her cunt and arsehole was not only fucking beautiful but very naughty as well. He started to imagine what it would be like to see Jessica’s little young tongue lapping away at her mother’s mature cunt, eating it out as her mum cries out in ecstasy. He thought there and then “mmmmmmmmmmm i****t, that’s what I want to see next”

What a dirty bastard? Well as we all know folks, what Mark wants, he usually gets.

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