Jessica and Her Mum Being Rude Together Part 2

Mark, the dirty bastard, was lying naked on the bed with his girlfriend’s mini skirted 46 year old mum and her petite schoolgirl s****r. His hard 9” thick 16 year old cock had just had a sex act performed on it by the mother and daughter. Jessica, the daughter, who was dressed in her schoolgirl uniform, was about to ring her older s****r back. The mum, Susan, got off the bed and walked over to get her laptop. She was dressed in only a black micro mini skirt and killer 6” stilettos. She was topless, her lovely big 38D tits swung as she walked. Her mature milf lips were painted in bright red lipstick. They were already to wrap themselves around a stiff young cock. She looked really fuckable. She was just made to have ridged cocks buried in her. As Susan switched her laptop on, to link up with her other daughter’s laptop by the webcam, Jessica began to ring her s****r.

‘Hi Lau’ Jessica said

‘Oh hello Jess, didn’t expect to hear from you so soon, anything up?’ Laura replied

‘Well no, not really, everything is going great. Have you got your laptop on?’ Jess asked

‘Yea I have, why?’ Laura responded

‘Well there’s something I have just done which I would love for you to see’ Jessica said giggling ‘can you turn your webcam on’

‘Of course I can, s*s’ came the reply.

Susan had by now moved her laptop so that it sat between Mark’s open stretched out legs. Then all of a sudden Mark could see Laura’s face on the screen.

‘Oh my god’ she gasped as Laura saw her boyfriend’s big stiff prick appear on her laptop and Mark grinning at her. She then gasped again as Jessica brought her sexy young schoolgirl face into view so that it was next to the hard meat, which was throbbing and twitching every now and then. With it sticking straight up in the air all ready and waiting. Jessica giggled at the laptop as she saw her s****r’s face, now in shock with her hand over her mouth.

‘Hi, s*s’ Jessica giggled ‘look what I have here, your boyfriend’s lovely big stiff beautiful cock. I’ve made it all lovely and hard, well not just me actually. It’s really nice, isn’t it, so fucking big and thick. I fucking love it’ Jessica kept giggling ‘You’re very lucky to have a cock like this to fuck with. Unfortunately you’re not here, so that’s your loss and my gain. Mark says he needs he’s big prick relieving of its white stuff. So he has asked me to do it for him. But I can’t do it by myself so I have got someone here to help me’

Jessica then looked at her mum before she brought her face into view. Laura gasped again as she now saw her s****r and her mum’s face together, smiling at her with her boyfriend rock hard prick standing up straight next their faces.

‘Hello, darling’ Susan said in a very sexily voice to Laura while continuing to smile ‘look at what me and your s****r have done to your boyfriend’s cock. As you can see we’ve made it’s all nice and stiff. We have both dressed up for him in what he asked us too, me in my mini and heels and Jess in her school uniform. And now because of that, we’ve both got a lovely hard prick that’s going to do rude and very naughty things to us’

‘Oh my god, I thought Jess was just joking with me earlier when she rang. I thought she was just randy and was making it all up to get to me as I wasn’t there. I never thought it was true’ Laura replied obviously still in some shock.

‘Yea it is’ Jessica replied ‘and what’s more me and mum have already performed one sex act together on it. It was very rude what we did. Now Mark says he wants you to see what we did to it’

‘Oh Jess, I still can’t believe you have Mark’s dick there’ Laura cried still in a lot of shock.

‘Yea s*s, just sit there and watch me and mum do a rude thing to it. We’re going to share his prick together and Mark wants you to see it, it’s very naughty’ Jessica told her s****r while giggling

Laura sat there in total silence as her boyfriend grinned at her.

Jessica continued to giggle while looking at her mum ‘are you ready then mum. We can show Lau the sex act that we have just performed on her boyfriend’s big hard meat stick’

Susan, the dirty fucking mother, looked into the laptop and smiled at her daughter Laura.

‘Yes I am, Jess. Mummy’s lips are already for that fucking nice big young hard weapon to be pressed onto them again’ the mother said as she licked her bright red lipstick lips ‘I can’t wait to perform on a cock with you again, Jess. I love it’

‘Mmmmmmmmm mum, I love it too. I’m ready again to share a fuck pole with you and be very rude together again on it’ the young schoolgirl replied in her little sweet voice ‘and being rude with my s****r boyfriend’s cock as well, ohhhhhhhhh nice’

Mark said nothing and just grinned as the mum and daughter were now hungry for his massive hard fuck meat again. He put his hands behind his head and just looked down at the scene before him, all ready and waiting, his meat throbbing away for them. Jessica smiled at her mum and then laid her head down onto Mark’s right thigh, just as she had done so before. Susan smiled too and then looked up at Mark. She tilted her head and said very sexily, as she ran her randy mature tongue all over her sexily cock draining lips ‘can I join my daughter and help her to perform a sex act on your lovely big hard fucker’ Mark just nodded and grinned at her. What else could he do, the bastard? The mum then laid her head down onto Mark’s left thigh. Now Mark had both mother and daughter staring at his throbbing meat, just like before, only this time Laura was watching also.

‘Mmmmmm beautiful, look at that Laura, look at your mum and s****r, aren’t they fucking dirty. There just two pieces of fucking cunt that just want to share your boyfriend’s fucking rock hard prick. That’s got to be one of the filthiest things ever, a mother and daughter wanting to share the same cock and do rude things to it, that’s fucking dirty and I fucking love it’

‘Do you love it, Jess?’ Mark asked her

‘Yesssss I love it’ Jessica replied in her sexy young giggly voice

‘Do you love it, mum?’ Mark then asked Susan

‘Mmmmmmm I love it also’ the randy mum replied

‘Do you love cock, mum?’

‘I love cock’ the mother replied again

‘Do you love cock, Jessica?’

‘I love cock too’ the daughter replied again now in fits of giggles.

Mark looked into the laptop ‘hear that, Laura. Your mum and s****r both love cock. Aren’t they both just two pieces of cunt and what makes it even better that there related?’
Mark then pulled the laptop very close to his straight up dick. Laura now had a lovely close up of Mark’s cock filling her screen.

‘Now Lau’ Mark said ‘I want you to witness your mum and s****r performing a sex act on a cock.’ Mark put a hand onto the back of each girls head, as he had done before ‘I’m now going to push your mum’s lips onto my cock at its root’

Laura then watched her mother’s head being pushed forward until her lips were pressed onto the waiting shaft

‘Mmmmmmmm beautiful’ Mark moaned ‘now for your s****r’s lips’

Laura watched again as her dirty boyfriend pushed her s****r’s head forward until her young lips joined her mother’s around the thick shaft.

‘Mmmmmmmmm fucking great’ Mark said grinning as he put his hands behind his head again ‘now Lau, watch this, watch your fucking dirty mother perform a sex act on a cock with your s****r’ I will count to three and then watch them go. One, two, threeeeeeeeee, go’

Laura watched in amazement as her mum and s****r slide their hungry lips all the way up her boyfriend’s hard fuck pole to his knob, wrap their filthy lips over it and then go back down to the root. Her mind went back to doing exactly the same thing a few weeks earlier with her mum on the same cock They continued to repeat this several times before they finally released it from their grasp.

‘Wow’ Laura cried as her mum and s****r giggled to themselves.

Susan looked into the laptop ‘what do you think of that, Laura. You didn’t mine me and Jess performing a sex act on your boyfriend’s hard piece of fuck meat without you?

‘No, mum’ Laura replied still in some shock.

The dirty mum ran her tongue over her mature milf lips again at Laura ‘Mmmmmmmm I tell you what, Laura. I fucking loved it. Just like the last time. I love sharing young prick with my daughters’

Mark was just sitting upright watching and listening while grinning away to himself, thinking all the time that he was the luckiest bastard alive. He certainly hit the jackpot here, two beautiful daughters and an equally gorgeous mature mother who all want his cock. Mine due he just thinking about their tight arseholes wrapped around his stiff meat, but he’ll have to wait for that to happen. Mark then reached out and grabbed a felt pen from the side cabernet. I think we have been here before, haven’t we.

‘Do you remember this, Lau’ Mark said to her while waving it at the laptop.

‘Yea I do, Mark’ she replied as young Jessica looked perplexed. Mark then looked at Jess ‘don’t look like that Jessica. I will show you what this is for’ Mark then also grabbed the tape measure which he had brought in earlier and gave it to Jessica.

‘Now first I want you to measure my prick. How long is it?’ Mark said to Jessica.

Jessica, giggling, measured it ‘9 inches long’ she told Mark.

‘Now what is the girth?’ Mark replied back.

‘6 inches’ the reply came.

‘Ohhhhhhhhhh that’s thick’ the dirty mum butted in.

Laura nodded in agreement as Jessica giggled.

‘Now Jessica’ Mark told her ‘I want you to measure exactly halfway down my shaft and draw a line around it. Susan and Laura watched as a continuing giggling Jessica marked a line around Mark’s hard pole.

‘Do you know what that means, cunt?’ Mark asked the schoolgirl.

‘No’ replied Jessica shaking her head.

‘Well that’s the fucking point where your s****r was able to swallow my fuck pole too’ Mark replied. Jessica’s mouth dropped open and she gasped on hearing this.

‘And now I want you to show your s****r and your mum how far you can go by performing another sex act on a cock by this time putting it in your mouth as far as you can, you little piece of schoolgirl cunt meat’ the randy sod told Jessica.

Jessica giggled ‘I don’t know if I can get anywhere near that point, Mark. Your cock’s so big and thick. I don’t know if I can take it that far in the mouth’

‘Well, you schoolgirl slut, I want you to fucking try’ Mark ordered her ‘fucking place your lips onto the tip’

Jessica looked at her watching mother and stared at her for a few seconds. She then slowly leaned forward and very carefully put her young lips onto the top of Mark’s big red agony looking shiny knob. Mark then grinned at Susan and Laura as they all looked at the dirty sight of Jessica’s mouth pressed onto the top of a ridged dick, her young lips just waiting to swallow it down her throat as far as she could.

‘Mmmmmmm that’s a beautiful sight to see isn’t it, mum. Now Jessica I want you to show your mum and s****r what your schoolgirl mouth can do to a rock hard prick’ Mark told her f***edly.

Jessica then took a deep breath and very, very slowly started to wrap her young lips over the big waiting knob. Mark, Susan and Laura witnessed Jessica taking a knob into her lovely young gob. Susan smiled as Mark’s bell end disappeared into her daughter’s young mouth. Jessica held her mouth over the knob for a several seconds. Mark’s now straining fuck pole was waiting for a lovely young mouth to slide its way down it, the lucky bastard again. Jessica’s mum and s****r eyes were transfixed on Jessica’s schoolgirl mouth.

‘Mmmmmmmm beautiful. Now slide those beautiful lips of yours down the fucking shaft, Jessica and show us what you can do to a rock hard piece of fuck meat’ Mark told her.

So as all three continued to watch, Jessica started to move very slowly further down the shaft. Just a little bit at a time went in her stretched gob until she had reached her s****r’s point. Then in amazement, all three stared as she kept going for a further inch. Laura’s mouth dropped open and gasped as her mum grinned proudly on seeing her youngest daughter take cock deep into her lovely young gob.

Mark looked up grinning into the laptop and stared at it ‘mmmmmmmmm 5 and half inches. That’s what your s****r can do. I bet you didn’t think that, Laura. Now mum, I want you to lap away at the remaining shaft on view with your tongue, whore, and give Laura a show to watch’

Susan smiled at Mark and then laid her head down so that she could see Laura. The milf cunt then ran her dirty mature 46 year old tongue all over the remaining 16 year old shaft on view as Mark had wanted as her other daughter watched open mouthed.

‘Mmmmmmmmm look at that Laura. Look what your mum and s****r are doing to a cock’ the dirty bastard said ‘your s****r’s eaten it and your mum’s just left with the scraps’

Mark then ordered Jessica to keep her randy gob on the cock shaft while her mum lapped away at the remaining prick. After a minute or two of enjoying this action on his ridge fuck pole, Mark told Jessica to release the dick from her lips. She gasped for air as her mum kissed her ‘that was wonderful, darling. Mummy didn’t realise that you were so talented’. Jessica just giggled back and did not say anything in embarrassment of what she had just done in front of her mum and s****r to a rock hard fuck pole.

‘Mmmmmmmmm now mum, show Jessica what a real talented milf can do to a fucker?’ Mark now ordered the mother to do next thing on his lucky prick.

Susan smiled at Mark and then looked at her daughter Jessica ‘now watch this, darling. This is what a mum can do to a young cock. You will learn to do this as you get older. I’m going swallow your s****r’s boyfriend’s big hard piece of meat, completely whole’.

‘Nooooooooo’ Jess gasped as she put a hand over her mouth. Her mum just nodded back at her. Jessica and Laura then watched their mother place her mature 46 year old lips onto the top of a thick hard 16 year old piece of fuck meat (which later will be sliding up both their rectums). Then in one go, to a grinning and watching Mark, who knew what was about to happen, the girls watched their mum slide her mouth all the way down the ridge thick meat until she had a fucking beard. Jessica gasped out loud as she saw what her mum was doing to a throbbing cock

‘Yeaaaaaaa look at that Jessica. That’s what a real mum can do to a cock. Not their silly schoolgirl daughters but their mothers’ Mark shouted out all excited as he was felt the sensation of his whole shaft down a mother’s throat as her daughters watched.

‘Oh my god’ Jessica gasped again before the mum came up for air.

‘I bet you didn’t know I could do that, Jess, did you?’ Susan said as she gasped for air.

‘No mum, I didn’t’ came the reply very quickly.

‘Well that’s at least something you have witnessed today’ the filthy milf said. Susan then stopped and looked up at Mark. ‘Beautiful, now that you have shown Jessica how to deep throat a cock, whore, I want you to show Laura how you and Jessica blow a cock together’ Mark told Susan.

‘Ohhhhhhhhh would you like that, Mark. Would you like to see me and Jess working on a rock hard fuck weapon together, trying to fucking blow it dry’ The filthy mum then scooped up Mark’s balls in her hands ‘Ohhhhhhhhh these feel really heavy. I bet there’s loads of lovely thick hot spunk in them, all waiting to shoot out onto mine and Jessica’s faces. I bet you are dying to see our faces dripping with your lovely white hot sperm, aren’t you Mark?’

‘Yea I fucking am, cunt’ Mark shouted back all excited.

‘We’re going to milk these balls dry’ the mother said turning to her listening daughter ‘are you ready, darling. Shell we eat a cock together?’

‘Yes mum’ Jessica replied as she couldn’t stop giggling to herself ‘I’ll love too’

‘Well we’re start by tonguing his knob together, Jess’ the horny mum told her.

Mark and Laura then watched as Susan and Jessica put their faces together over Mark’s randy knob and stuck their dirty tongues out. They then both witnessed them running their filthy cock hungry tongues all over a swollen knob as they both looked up and smiled at the lucky bastard.

‘Mmmmmmmm I’m going to enjoy this’ the dirty mother said to Mark with a wicked smile on her face ‘blowing a cock with my daughter and that cock belongs to the boyfriend of my other daughter, who’s watching this’ Jessica giggled uncontrollable like the young schoolgirl that she is, on hearing her mum talking dirty like that. ‘Come on Jess, let’s drain him dry. Let’s eat a dirty fuck stick together’.

With his hands still behind his head and a big grin on his face, Mark watched a mother and her youngest daughter attack a cock together They started by running their randy tongues up and down his 9 inch thick shaft, while staring up at him and smiling away at him. Then the mum told Jessica that they would swallow his cock alternatively by passing it back and fro between their mouths ‘that usually does the trick’ she said. This they went about for several minutes as they worked their mouths together on a cock, trying all the time to empty the contents of its balls it over their expecting faces. Then on one occasion as Jessica released the salvia coated cock shaft from her little mouth, she looked at her waiting mother and said to her ‘this is very rude, isn’t it mum? ‘Mmmmmmmmmm it is, darling’ Susan replied back as she reached out and pulled Jessica’s long hair from her face ‘you must keep this a secret what we are doing here. It’s very naughty’. Jessica nodded back ‘I will, mum, it is very naughty, isn’t it’ she replied back to her.

Mark grinned and then looked at his watching girlfriend on the laptop ‘isn’t that a beautiful sight watching your mum and s****r trying to drain a dick together’ Mark then asked Jessica was it nice to suck cock with her mum as she released his dick for the umpteenth time from between her lovely young lips.

‘Yesssssssss I love it’ the sexily breathless reply came and then giggled to herself.

‘And what about you, mum?’ Mark asked the sexed up mother.

‘Mmmmmmmmm I love it too’ the reply came very quickly back.

Mark and Laura continued to watch the filthy display of cock sucking. Then after nearly five minutes of taking this enjoyable kind of punishment on his prick, from the two f****y sluts, Mark felt the spunk rising up his throbbing shaft. He quickly started to moan out loud and told them the spunk was on its way.

‘I want to spray your fucking faces in hot spunk. I want to use your faces for fucking target practise, you two fucking sluts. So I want you now to fucking stop and lay your whore faces down next to each other in front of the laptop ready to be spunked over. I’m going to do this my kneeing over the both of you and then shoot white hot spunk all over your dirty mother and daughter cock hungry faces, right in front of your s****r and your daughter’ he told them.

The girls giggled and then willing laid their heads down next to each other as Mark got up. Mark knelt over their waiting faces as he has said he would and directed his cock at them. He wanked it a few times as Susan started to beg for the spunk.

‘Ohhhhhhhhhhhh do me and Jessica in the face, Mark. Soak us both in hot randy spunk, so that it ends up running all over our face cheeks, you filthy dirty bastard’ Susan said him.

Mark continued to jack his cock quickly over the horny girls ‘Mmmmmmmm look at that, Laura, I’m going to cover your filthy mum and s****r’s faces in fucking dirty sperm and they fucking can’t wait’

Then all of a suddenly spunk started shooting out of his dick. Mark plastered their faces in hot cum. He aimed it so that he shot spunk across both their willing faces, right in front of a watching Laura. It did indeed start running down both girls face cheeks onto the bed covers. When he had finished, Mark moved away. The two girls were giggling as they got up and looked together into the laptop. Their faces were fucking dripping in spunk. It was hanging from their chins.

‘Wow that was a load and a half. I bet you feel much better for that, Mark’ Susan said as she turned to her smiling daughter ‘now lick the spunk off mummy’s face, darling’ A giggling Jessica then put her tongue out and licked the sperm from her mum’s spunk soaked face cheeks. ‘Lovely darling, now kiss mummy and let’s share the nice sperm together’ Susan and her youngest giggling daughter then had a spunky kiss together before the laptop. When they parted there was a string of spunk attached to both their lips, they were joined together again, just like at birth. As Jessica continued to giggle, they stared into the laptop with the string of spunk still attached to the both of them when Laura heard a noise outside.

‘Oh I think dad’s home’ she said in a fright ‘I better go quickly. See ya’ the webcam went off.

‘Wow that was close’ Mark said to the girls ‘at least she was able to see her mum and s****r blow a cock together and take a load all over their faces’

‘Mmmmmmmm yea’ Susan replied smiling as Jessica carried on giggling.

The mother and daughter were staring at Mark now, their lovely faces still soaked in his cum. He then got off the bed and took the laptop away. He went over to the dressing table. There he wrote a note on a piece of paper to give to Susan. When he went back to the bed he laid down in the middle of them. His cock was now going limp. He took one of Jessica’s hands and placed it around his limp shaft. He then gave the piece of paper to Susan, to read.

As Susan read the note he said to Jessica ‘now I want you, you little schoolgirl slut, to learn how to wank a cock stiff. You’re going to fucking wank this prick back to full hardest already to be used on your mum’s and your body. As Jessica giggled again and started to wank a cock stiff again, her mum was reading the note from Mark.

It read: - Susan, you beautiful piece of mum cunt. I want you now to go and dress up in only those thigh length high heel boots that I brought you. Then I want you to return to the bedroom where I’m going to fucking **** your arsehole right in front of your lovely schoolgirl daughter with a bone dry cock. I want to fucking rim you, whore. If you’re really a fucking filthy mum, you will leave the bedroom in total silence now and come back dressed like that, already for me to rip open your beautiful fucking milf arsehole in front of your daughter, just for my own fucking pleasure, cunt.

Susan after reading this turned and looked to witness a grinning Mark. Her face, as well as Jessica’s, still had spunk on it, all be it now starting to dry. She then thought for a second or two before getting off the bed. She walked ever so slowly over to the bedroom door and before leaving glared over her shoulder at Mark.

‘We’re you going mum?’ Jessica asked as she continued to wank Mark’s dick back to life.

Susan just smiled back at her and left the room in silence.

‘She’ll be back soon, you little schoolgirl piece of fuck meat’ Mark told Jessica ‘you just carry on wanking that fucking cock for now. Wank a cock stiff’ Mark ordered her.

Jessica giggled and continued to wank a cock with her young schoolgirl hand.

The rest continued in the New Year.

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Would love to cum across a mother daughters team like that....
4 years ago
dirrty sluts lol
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very good