Jessica and Her Mum Being Rude Together Part 1

‘Hello s*s’ Jessica said giggling on her mobile phone ‘I thought I would ring you. Don’t be mad with me but I’m lying on my bed and I’m looking straight at your boyfriend’s nice big stiff cock, which is only inches from my face’

‘No’ Laura replied

‘Yea, its massive isn’t it, really thick’ Jessica responded

‘Ohhhhhhhhhhh Jess, I’m not mad with you but jealous’ Laura told her younger s****r not exactly believing her that she’s got Mark’s prick in front of her. Jessica had been winding her up for weeks previously about her boyfriend. So she thought it was just another wind up and that she would just go along with it, as she had done previously

Jessica was giggling as Mark, Laura’s 16 year old boyfriend; saw Jessica’s and Laura’s mum looking in and listening by the bedroom door. Susan, the now 46 year old mother, then disappeared. Mark, the dirty bastard, knew she would be back.

Jessica continued to talk to her older s****r ‘Your boyfriend’s very rude, isn’t he. He came around earlier to see me, so we went into the front room and started to chat. As we did, he put he’s hand up my short skirt. I couldn’t believe it when he pushed his fingers into my knickers and started to finger my cunt. He told me he wanted me and that he was dying to see his dick sticking in me. He then took me up to my bedroom and told me he was going to bed me. I had to knee on the floor before him as he got his big dick out. It was all nice and stiff, which he says I have made. He told me to dress up in my school uniform, which I did. Since then he has been waving his big prick over my face and has made me ring you to tell you all about it. He’s told me some very rude things that he wants to do to me. One of them is that he wants to see his fuck meat stuck in my mouth and see my lips wrapped tight around his shaft. It’s so thick that I don’t know if I am able to do that’.

Jessica is really a very petite girl for her age and definitely would struggle with a cock as big as Mark’s. She is only 4’ 1” high and very slim. Her breasts are very small and her bum is petite. When Mark puts his cock into her bum later, with its very thick girth, it will really rip her arsehole wide open. The thing is the dirty bastard cannot wait. But that is for later, back to now.

At exactly that moment Susan reappeared at Jessica’s bedroom door. She was now dressed to kill wearing only a black micro mini skirt and 6” stilettos, her big 38D tits on full display. Mark grinned wildly because Susan had just returned in time to hear Jessica tell her s****r that he wants to fuck her arsehole and bury his 9” fuck meat all the way up her schoolgirl shitter.

Susan had been expecting Mark to take Jessica to bed and bed her for quite a while now. After Jessica had witnessed her being arse fucked by Mark in the kitchen, the next few weeks had been very strained between them. The mum eventually sat down with her youngest daughter and tried to explain to the best of her ability what had happened between her and Mark. During that same period, Mark was hitting onto Jessica a lot. Susan knew before long that he was going to fuck Jessica. So when she looked in and saw them both, she wasn’t at all surprised. As she stood at the bedroom door the mum decided that she was going to join her daughter and have her second very naughty and extremely rude mum and daughter threesome, this time with her youngest.

Susan then very quietly walked into Jessica’s bedroom and got on the bed. Just as Jessica was about to say something to her mum, she put a hand over her mouth. Susan then whispered into her ear ‘don’t worry darling, mummy’s going to join you. We’re going to share Mark’s lovely big cock together’. Jessica looked in amazement at her randy mother. Then as Mark grinned, he started to whisper into Jessica’s other ear. ‘Now, you little slut, listen to me and tell your s****r all what I tell you’. Mark then told Jessica what to say to Laura on the other end of the phone.

‘But Laura what I haven’t told you yet is that’ Jessica then hesitates for a moment ‘he wants to fuck not just me but mum as well in a very rude naughty threesome’

‘Noooooooooo’ cries Laura and then giggles to herself thinking “yea right”.

‘Yea, he says he wants to bang our arses all afternoon and make us do rude and disgusting things. He says he’s not interested in our cunts at all but just wants to pile drive our rectums until they are red raw. He says he wants to see my arsehole lips wrapped tight at least halfway down he’s fuck meat and to see them being really stretched by it. He’s very rude, isn’t he? I don’t know if I can do that but I’m just waiting now for mum to turn up, so that we can start doing the naughty things together’.

Jessica then giggled and continued to say ‘Oh mum’s here now. I think we might start’

Susan stroked Jessica’s hair away from her young face and whispered to her that she better ask her s****r first if she has permission to perform sex acts on her boyfriend’s meat.

‘What sort of things do you mean, mum?’ Jessica whispered back to her.

‘Like letting the two of us eat her boyfriend’s prick together. Ask her if her mum and s****r have permission to work their mouths and tongues all over her boyfriend’s beautiful fuck stick until they drain it dry and the spunk from its balls is dripping from their faces’

Jessica giggled first and then asked her s****r what her mum had just said to her.

‘Yea, you and mum do whatever Mark wants you to do to his fuck pole’ Laura replies still not believing her at all and now thinking that her mum is on the wind up as well.

Jessica then told her s****r that she was going to hang up now and start having the rude threesome with her boyfriend and her mum. Jessica then put her mobile down. Mark had propped himself up against the headboard. He was looking down at his 16 year old 9” throbbing hard cock, which was pointing straight up in the air. Between his out stretched legs was Susan, the 46 year old milf mum and her youngest schoolgirl daughter, who was dressed in her school uniform which consisted of a very short pleated skirt and her white blouse. Both girls were looking up and smiling at him.

‘Beautiful’ Mark told them ‘my cock’s really fucking lucky. It’s had one fucking dirty filthy threesome with a mother and daughter and now it’s about to get another with an even filthier mother and daughter combo.’ Mark then looked at a smiling Susan ‘But this fucking time my cock’s going to be even more fucking dirtier than ever. Last time is nothing to what it’s going to do this time. There’s no holds barred this time, Susan. You haven’t seen fucking nothing yet to what’s its going to do to you and your daughter this afternoon. I love having mother and daughter threesomes. I love doing things to dirty mothers and their daughters together. I fucking can’t get enough of it, cunt. To me mums and daughters are just pieces of game fuck meat and that they really just want to share the same fucking cock together. I can fucking prove it as well’

Mark looked at Jessica ‘Jessica do you want to share a cock with your mum?’

Jessica giggled ‘Yessssssssss I do’

‘Then tell her, slut’ Mark replied

Jessica looked at her mum and smiled ‘mum, I want to share a cock with you’

‘Do you love it, Jessica’ Mark asked her again

‘Yesssssssssssss I love it’ Jessica quickly replied back.

Mark grinned ‘there you are, you see a daughter wants to share a cock with her mum and she loves it. Now you mum, tell your daughter that her mum wants to share a cock with her’

Susan looked closely into her daughter’s eyes and said ‘darling, mummy wants to share a cock with you and I love it too’

Both girls then went silent and just stared up at Mark. He looked into Jessica’s eyes and said ‘what do you fucking think of that piece of fuck meat in front of you, Jessica?’

She giggled and replied ‘it looks kind of nice’

Mark then asked her ‘Do you want to perform a sex act on it with your mum?’

Jessica just nodded and then giggled.

‘Good because I want to see you perform a sex act on a stiff prick with your mum, you fucking beautiful piece of schoolgirl fuck meat’ Mark told her.

‘So then Susan’ Mark said looking at the mum ‘you’re obviously now prepared to go to bed with your youngest daughter and a hard fuck pole’

‘Yesssssssss I am’ the milf shyly replied ‘I love it’

Mark then pointed to the top of his left thigh ‘in that case lay your fucking head there, cunt, and get ready to perform a sex act on a rock hard cock with your youngest daughter’

Susan smiled as she lay her head down onto Mark’s left thigh. She now had her mouth in line with Mark’s straight up fuck shaft, just like she had done before with her other daughter, Laura.

‘Beautiful’ Mark said looking at Jessica ‘your mum’s been there before. Now Jessica, do you want to perform a sex act on a prick with your mum?’

Jessica giggled uncontrollably and said ‘yeeeessssss I do’

‘What do you want to do, Jessica?’

‘I want to perform a sex act on a prick with my mum’ the naughty schoolgirl replied in her little giggling voice.

‘Fucking fantastic, so then fucking put your cunt face down there and get ready to give me a performance with your mum’ Mark ordered Jessica pointing to his other thigh.

Jessica then leaned forward and laid her head down onto Mark’s right thigh. Her mouth was now directly opposite her mum’s with the hard massive cock shaft waiting and throbbing between them. Mark then placed a hand each on to the back of Susan’s and Jessica’s head.

‘Now Jessica’ Mark said ‘I want you to listen very carefully’

‘Yes, Mark’ Jessica replied.

‘In a few moments time I’m going to push your mum’s head forward until her dirty cock hungry milf lips are pressed onto one side of that fucking throbbing piece of fuck meat at its fucking root. Then I’m going to move your beautiful fucking head forward until your lovely schoolgirl lips join your mum’s lips and they are pressed around the other side of that fuck pole at its root also. Then I’m going to remove my hands and I want you both to keep your fucking beautiful hungry lips pressed tight onto that fucking throbbing piece of meat. Then when I say, you are both then going to perform a sex act on it by very, very slowly sliding both your lips up the fucking shaft in perfect tandem until you both reach its swollen waiting knob. I then want the both of you to slide your lips over the knob, making it disappear from view and keep them pressed tight around it. Do you understand, cunt?’ Mark asked Jessica.

‘Yes, Mark, I understand’ Jessica giggled

‘Good, then when I say, I want you both to slide you’re fucking dirty lips back down the shaft to its root and finally release it. And then after doing that you would have performed a sex act on a cock with your mum’ Mark told Jessica.

‘Yes, I understand Mark’ Jessica replied again nodding her head.

Mark then looked at Susan ‘now Susan are you ready to perform a sex act on a rock hard dick with your youngest daughter, you gorgeous piece of fucking milf cunt’

Susan shakes her head as well and told Mark that she was willing to do it ‘I’ll love too’

‘Fucking beautiful. Now Jessica I’m going to place your mum’s beautiful 46 year old milf lips onto my waiting 16 year old cock shaft’

Jessica giggled as she watched Mark pushed her mum’s head forward until he had her mother’s lips wrapped themselves tight around the root of his meat.

‘Fucking great, look at that Jessica. Look at your mum lips pressed onto that fucking big fucker, fucking beautiful isn’t it’

‘Yes it is’ Jessica responded as she giggled on seeing her mum’s mouth holding the straining piece of meat between her lips.

Now Jessica I’m going to push your schoolgirl lips onto that fucking pole and for you to join your waiting mother, you beautiful little cunt’

Jessica was giggling as Mark f***ed her head forward and he watched her wrap her young lips around his meat stick and join her waiting mum at the root. He then released his hands from their heads and looked down at the two whores holding his throbbing piece of fuck meat between their mother and daughter lips.

‘Now that’s fucking dirty. What a fucking filthy sight that is. A whore of a mother holding a rock hard prick between her lips with her young schoolgirl daughter, that’s what I fucking like to see, fucking beautiful’ Mark shouted out to them.

Mark then studied the beautiful scene he had before him; a mother and her young daughter, that were waiting to perform a sex act on a stiff rod that was trapped between their lips.

‘Now cunts, I will count to three and then I want to witness you both performing a dirty sex act together on a rock hard prick. Ready one, two, three, gooooooo’ Mark said.

Mark then grinned as the lucky sod watched and felt a mother and her daughter slide their hungry lips up his meat in perfect tandem, not stopping until they had reached his big swollen red knob, which they then wrapped their dirty lips completely around it.

‘Ohhhhhhhhhh fucking beautiful’ Mark shouted as the mum and daughter team held their lips tight over his bell end. He kept them there for a few moments looking down at his cock being held upright by them at its tip. Then when he was ready he told them to slide their lips back down the shaft and release it. This they did. On releasing the dick, Jessica giggled uncontrollably. Mark looked down at the smiling mother and daughter that were looking up at him.

‘Fucking great, that was, did you enjoy performing your first sex act on a cock with your mum, Jessica? Mark asked.

Jessica was giggling loudly and shakes her head ‘yesssssssss it was nice. I loved it’

Susan was smiling at her youngest daughter after willing joining in with her on a big hard fucking prick.

‘What do you think then, mum?’ Mark asks Susan.

She looks at her daughter and then smiles up at Mark ‘Ohhhhhhhhh I loved it too. You are very naughty, Mark, wanting me and my daughter together’

‘Mmmmmmmmm yea I am, aren’t I’ Mark told the milf with a wicked smile ‘I bet Laura would be fucking jealous if she could see what her mum and s****r are getting up to with her boyfriend’s cock.’

‘Ohhhhhhhhhh I would be if I knew some else was having my boyfriend’s cock. But she doesn’t know so what she doesn’t know will not hurt her’ Susan replied.

After a few seconds thought the randy sod replied back ‘Well we could get Jessica to ring her s****r back and tell her to get her laptop and turn her webcam on and you get your laptop and then place it on the bed and you turn your webcam on. Then we can position it so that she can see my hard cock and we could see her. Then she could see what her mum and s****r are doing to her boyfriend’s rock hard fuck pole’.

‘Mmmmmmmm you dirty bastard’ Susan told Mark ‘we can’t do that’

‘Oh yes we can’ Mark shouted out ‘Jessica, go and ring your s****r back and you mum get your laptop and switch it on and link up with Laura’s computer’

Mark was how getting very excited about the next stage of his rude threesome with the two f****y sluts.

To be continued later in the New Year.

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