Susan And Her Daughter's Boyfriend Part 7

A whole week had pasted since Mark’s threesome with Susan and her daughter Laura, Mark’s girlfriend. He had seen Laura a couple of times since during that week. He’d got a blowjob off her and arse fucked her twice. Then Laura text him to say she was going to her dad’s for a few days. The dirty bastard felt really randy so he decided to go around to Susan’s to empty his spunk up a milf.

When he arrived he was greeted at the door by Susan’s youngest daughter, Jessica. She had met Mark only very briefly once before.

‘Hi Mark’ Jessica said smiling at him ‘do you want Laura as she has gone to dad’s’

‘No actually I was looking for your mum’ the sod replied.

‘Oh she’s out as well. I can help?’ she asked.

‘Well I don’t know. You see I really need to see your mum’ he told her.

‘Why, has your muscle got stiff again? Jessica innocently asked.

‘Well Yea, it has actually’ Mark hesitantly replied.

‘Can I help to make it better? I’m quite good with my hands’ Jessica said smiling at him.

‘Mmmmmm yea maybe’ he said as imagines came into his head.

Mark stood and eyed Laura’s sexy little s****r all over. His dick was starting to grow hard in his jogging bottoms as he studied her lovely body. He decided that he was going to get his hard fucking cock out and show her it. So he took her into the living room and told her to knee on the floor.

‘Do you want to see the stiff muscle that your mum and s****r relieved?’ he asked.

‘Yes’ Jessica replied giggling.

Mark went and stood over her. Her beautiful face was looking up at him smiling away, wondering what she was going to see. The dirty bastard grinned and nodded at her and said ‘this is the stiff muscle that they made better’

He then very, very slowly pulled his jogging bottoms over his stiff prick. It sprang out and hanged over Jessica’s face, like a fucking weapon.

‘Ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy goddddddddd’ she gasped as she saw the hard 9 inch thick meat inches from her face for the very first time.

‘Yea that’s the fucking stiff muscle that your mum and s****r were working on when you were talking to them on the phone. My fucking big hard fuck pole, you little piece of gorgeous cunt meat’

Jessica grazed open mouthed at Mark’s twitching cock hanging over her young face.

‘Ever seen a fuck pole before Jessica?’ Mark asked

She shook her head as to say she hasn’t.

‘Well you have now, you little cunt’

Jessica studied the dick that was straining over her face.

‘How has it got stiff like that again?’ the innocent girl asked him.

‘You’re made it fucking like that, Jessica’ Mark told her ‘it’s got all nice and hard when it saw your beautiful body. You know it’s full up with lovely hot spunk that needs to come out of it. It wants fucking empting, that’s why I was hoping your mum was here’.

‘Why?’ the stupid girl asked.

‘Why’ Mark shouted back at her ‘because I was going to stuff it into her mum and get her to fucking drain it dry. Because you’re mum’s a fucking slut, a dirty fucking whore that loves draining pricks dry’

Jessica was shaking her head. She couldn’t believe what Mark was saying about her mum as she looked up at the throbbing prick.

‘Do you like my fucking cock, Jessica?’

‘Yeaaaaaaaa It looks sort of nice’ the giggling girl told him.

‘Do you know what they call it?

‘No what?’ the little cunt replied.

Mark grinned at her ‘it’s called a fuck pole. Say it Jessica’

She giggled and said ‘Aaaaaa Fucccccck Poleeeeeeee’

‘Yea that’s it cunt, a fuck pole. Say it again’

‘A fuck pole’ the giggling girl repeated.

‘Good. Do you know what else it’s called?’

‘No what?’

‘It’s also called a piece of fuck meat, a dick, a prick, fucking cock meat. You can call it all those names, you little dirty slapper’ Mark told her.

Jessica giggled.

Before Mark could go any further they both heard the backdoor go. Jessica’s mum Susan had arrived back home. He told Jessica to keep quite and whispered to her to hide and then she can witness him and her mum together.

‘Jessica darling’ the whore mother shouted out ‘are you there?’

Mark stripped naked in front of Jessica. He moved from the living room to the dining room which is connected together. He stood behind the double doors that led directly into the kitchen. He could see Susan standing there unpacking the shopping. He then opened the door and walked straight into the kitchen completely naked.

‘Ohhhhhhh’ Susan gasped as she saw the naked Mark before her.

‘I thought Jessica was in’ the mum asked.

‘No’ the lying bastard replied ‘only me’

Susan smiled at him as her eyes focused on Mark hard throbbing cock that was pointing directly at her. She hadn’t seen it since she wanked it off with her daughter Laura.

‘Mmmmmmm that looks nice’ the cunt said as she smiled.

‘Yea it needs fucking draining slut and I know how I want it drained’ Mark told Susan.

Jessica had now moved to the dining room doors and opened them slightly so that she could see perfectly what was going on. Susan smiled at Mark and then turned and went out of the kitchen. Mark looked over and could see a crouching Jessica peering though the small gap in the doors. He then positioned a chair near the doors. Then after a few minutes he could hear Susan coming back down the stairs. The mom slut walked into the kitchen wearing only her black micro mini skirt and 6 inch stilettos.

She stood before Mark and said ‘do you like what you see?

‘Yea I fucking do’ he replied nodding.

Susan then started to walk suggestively up and down. She kept looking over her shoulder and smiled at Mark as he studied the mini skirted clad mum.

‘I bet you would like some of this, wouldn’t you Mark. I bet you would love to cock me, you dirty randy bastard.’ she asked.

The randy whore stood and showed him her mature round bum.

Looking over her shoulder, she smiled and said ‘I bet you would love to bang my arsehole, wouldn’t you Mark. I reckon you want to fucking **** it, don’t you. I love to have it stretched wide open with your lovely thick young piece of meat. Would you like to do that to me Mark, would you?’ Susan said in a very sexy voice to her daughter’s boyfriend.

‘Yea I fucking would, you gorgeous piece of mum cunt’ he told her knowing everything that was said was being heard by Jessica.

Susan then got up onto the work surface and spread her milf legs wide apart. She pulled her cunt lips open for Mark and said ‘would you like some cunt as well’

‘Yea I want some fucking cunt, as well as your dirty fucking arsehole. I want to see it wrapped around my fucking hard piece of fuck meat’ the dirty lad told the mother.

Mark walked over to Susan as she got off the work surface. He grabbed her milf 38DD tits, one in each hand and groped them.

‘Lovely fucking big milf tits you have, cunt’

Susan smiled back at him as she let her daughter’s boyfriend squeeze her big boobs. Mark then leaned forward as he continued to grope the mum and whispered into her ear.

‘Oh I forgot to say. I lied, Jessica is behind the dining room doors listening and watching everything, whore’ Mark told her.

She was shocked and gasped as she realised what was going on. She went to move away but Mark grabbed her arm to stop her.

‘No point stopping now, slut’ he continued to whisper to her ‘she now knows what a dirty fucking slapper her mum really is. Anyway I have just shown her the cock that has been fucking her mum and s****r and she fucking loved it. I reckon she’s just like you and Laura, cock crazy’

Susan didn’t know what to do.

‘I want you to be fucking filthy in front of your watching daughter. Show her that her mum’s really just a dirty fucking slut that just loves cock’ Mark whispered

Susan tried again to get away but Mark held her arm tight. He watched her thinking as he told her not to look at the dining doors and pretend that she doesn’t know that Jessica was there.

After what seemed a long time she seemed to relax and looked at Mark. She began to smile and asked him where he would like to bang her then. He told her that he wanted her sitting with her legs up and apart in the chair. So the milf walked sexily over to it and sat down and exposed her cunt and arsehole to him. Jessica could see her dirty mother sitting clearly, waiting to get a cocking from her s****r’s boyfriend.

‘Fucking cock me’ Susan told Mark as he stood before her.

His cock was all fucking hard and twitching and pointing at the randy milf. He then down the hallway to the cupboard under the stairs and got some rope. When he came back he tied Susan around her waist to the chair. She now couldn’t move at all. The 16 year old sod stood before her grinning at his girlfriend’s 45 year old mother that he was going to **** in front of her watching daughter Jessica. Her cunt and arsehole were at the mercy of his young hard dick.

‘Now I’m going to fucking **** your 45 year old cunt and arsehole with my 16 year old fucking cock meat, you fucking beautiful piece of mum cunt’ the bastard told her.

Susan smiled at him all helpless. She watched as the young lad placed his knob onto her arsehole lips first. She looked up at him as he also grabbed her tits with both hands and held them.

‘Do you fucking want me to rip my fuck meat all the way up her dirty milf shitter, Susan?’

She just nodded back at him.

Jessica watching couldn’t believe that her mum could allow a lad to do things to her like that. Putting his cock up her bum, she thought that was disgusting. But she watched open mouthed as Mark’s cock disappeared up her mother’s dirt box. Susan cried out as Mark buried his cock balls deep.

‘Yea that’s what I fucking like’ Mark whispered into Susan’s ear ‘a dirty fucking mother being arse fucked in front of her youngest daughter. I fucking love it, whore

He then slammed in and out of her shitter as he continued to whisper to her that she was a fucking slapper for allowing him to do this to her as Jessica watched from the other room.

Yeaaaaaaaa that’s it whore, take a fucking pounding in front of your daughter. I fucking love arse fucking you when I know Jessica’s watching, cunt’

Mark continued to **** Susan shit hole as she was completely helpless to stop it.

He then all of a sudden pulled out of her shitter and went straight up her cunt. The young lad banged her hard now in her pussy. He was pistoning in and out of her beautiful body at will. He kept going back and fro from her well used cunt and to her arsehole as he continued to tell her what a slut she was.

He looked around and could see another chair. He then pulled out of the mum and walked over to get it. He then placed it behind him so that he could lean back on it with his body bend but his cock was still pointing directly at Susan’s dirty holes.

‘Beautiful’ he said smiling ‘now I can choose any fucking hole I want’.

Susan looked at him and then towards to dining room doors. The dirty mum ran her randy tongue along her lips and smiled. She knew that Jessica could see her.

‘Which hole would you like, Mark? Some cunt or would you prefer an arsehole’ Susan asked as a wicked smile appeared on her face.

‘Mmmmmmm an arsehole I think, whore’

‘Ohhhhhhhhh good choice. You can’t beat a bit of arsehole around your lovely young dick, can you? Go on then do me in the shitter; you know you want too, Mark’

Mark leaned forward and placed his knob onto Susan’s cock hungry arsehole lips. He then grinned before he pushed his fucking meat all the way up the filthy mum’s back passage again.

‘Ohhhhhhhhh that’s it, Mark, cock me in the shitter, you lovely fucking dirty bastard’ the milf shouted.

The milf slut looked over to the dining room doors and could see her youngest daughter crouching and watching her mum being arse fucked. Susan ran her tongue over her beautiful red milf lips and smiled at Jessica.

‘Ohhhhhhhhh fuck my arsehole, Mark. Have this mum in her arse. Gap her bum hole wide open, you randy young lad’ Susan said.

Mark banged the slut in her willing rectum. His cock was slapping hard into her.

‘I’m going to cum’ he shouted out

‘Mmmmmmmm spunk up my arsehole, Mark. Fill me up with your lovely hot spunk’

Mark cried out as he emptied his balls up the milf’s shitter. He kept it buried in her until every last drop was out. When he finally pulled out, spunk began running out of the mother’s bum hole. It dripped onto the floor as she screamed out in pleasure.

‘Ohhhhhhhhh that’s it’ Susan said giggling ‘look at all that lovely hot spunk running out of my arse. You obviously needed that, Mark’

‘Yea I fucking did, you beautiful piece of mum fuck meat’ the sod told the milf.

Susan looked over to the dining room doors and smiled. Mark then leaned forward and whispered to her that she can explain to Jessica about all this. The bastard then walked out of the kitchen and went to get dressed before leaving the house.

Susan had some explaining to do.
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4 years ago
yes what is mom going to say
4 years ago
I wonder what mum will say.
4 years ago
Another great story. I hope part 8 comes soon.