Susan And Her Daughter's Boyfriend Part 6

Mark woke about 7.30am. He was lying in Susan’s bed alone. He could hear the mother and daughter that he had fucked hard the previous afternoon and evening downstairs. The dirty bastard was smiling to himself, thinking about what he had done to them and how he had fucking enjoyed every second.

His cock was getting hard again when Laura came into the bedroom and sat on the bed. She was in her school uniform, already to go to school. She smiled at her boyfriend and asked him how he was.

‘Just fucking great’ he told the schoolgirl slut.

Then her mum, Susan, came into the bedroom and joined her daughter on the bed. She had her tight jeans on which really showed off her mature curvy figure. Mark now lay there with each girl sat either side of him.

‘sl**p well, Mark’ the mother asked him

‘Yea, really fucking well’

Susan and her daughter were smiling at each other as they noticed Mark’s cock must be hard under the bed cover.

‘Mmmmmmmmm’ the dirty mother said ‘what have we here’

Susan ran her fingers over Mark’s bare chest and smiled at her teenage daughter as she very slowly pulled back the duvet. Mark’s dick immediately sprang out into an upright position, all stiff and throbbing away again. Both girls giggled as they saw the rock hard cock that they obviously had made happen. They then studied the thick 9 inch hard piece of fuck meat before them.

Laura grinned as her mum said ‘Ohhhhhhhhhh look at that Laura, your boyfriend’s all lovely and hard again. Do you think we might have done that?’

‘Mmmmmmm mum. I think we might have’ the giggling daughter replied ‘it does look lovely. All nice and stiff for us again’

‘Well, we can’t leave it like that, can we, because I must get you to school soon’ the slut milf told Laura ‘we’re just have to do something about it quickly’

‘But what can we do to it, mum?’ Laura asked as she grazed opened mouthed at her randy mother.

‘We’re just have to try and make it go down again’ Susan said smiling at her naughty schoolgirl daughter.

‘But how?’ the giggling smiling schoolgirl replied as she turned to look at Mark.

‘Well darling, the quickest way is we will just have to wank it together until it finally relieves it’s self for us. That should make it go down’ the filthy mother said as she looked at her daughter first and then to a grinning Mark and smiled at him.

Laura giggling uncontrollable said ‘so you’re saying mum that we should work his cock off together until it explodes and watch spunk shooting all out of it’

‘Yes darling, let’s wank a cock together’ the fucking filthy cunt mother told her equally dirty schoolgirl daughter ‘until it empties it’s self. That’s the quickest way for this lovely piece of fuck meat to go back down’.

Mark couldn’t wait. He was now just going to lie there with his head prompt up on the pillow and watch a filthy 45 year old milf mother and her 16 year old schoolgirl daughter wrap their hands around his hard fuck shaft and wank it off together like a couple of fucking whores.

Laura set the ball rolling by first giggling loudly and then wrapping her young hand around the thick 16 year old shaft. Her mum smiled at the both of them and then joined her daughter on her boyfriend’s stiff cock shaft just below her daughter’s hand. Mark now had two hands clamped tight around his thick fuck pole, already to wank it off.

‘Ohhhhhhhhhhh are we going to work your boyfriend off together? The dirty mum asked her willing daughter.

‘Yeaaaaaaaaa mum, let’s work a cock off together’ the horny looking schoolgirl daughter replied.

Susan then turned and smiled at Mark and said ‘I bet you would love me and my daughter to empty your lovely big spunk fitted balls, wouldn’t you Mark’

Mark just nodded back at the filthy mother that he fucking would.

They then both smiled at Mark and, in perfect tandem, started to work their hands up and down his solid piece of cock meat, wanking it together.

‘Mmmmmmmm’ Mark moaned as the felt his cock being worked on by a mother and her daughter, trying to fucking drain it dry.

They kept giggling to each other as they kept a good steady rhythm on his cock shaft.

Mark was grinning from ear to ear as he watched a filthy slut and her schoolgirl daughter wank a cock together.

Then suddenly, out of the blue, the bedside phone rang. Susan leaned over and pressed the hands free button as she continued to work her hand up and down on Mark’s fuck pole.

‘Hello mum’ came the young voice from the phone.

‘Jessica darling’ Susan replied.

Jessica was Susan’s other daughter. She was 13 years old and was staying with her dad, who lived 100 miles away. She had just had her birthday a few days previous over at her dad’s place.

‘Mum I’m coming back home tomorrow. Dad’s says his going to drop me off. Is that ok mum?’ Jessica asked

‘Of course it is darling. Me and your s****r can’t wait to see you again’ Susan told her.

‘What are you doing now, mum, I can hear noises?’ the 13 year old asked.

‘Oh I’m just helping your s****r out with her new boyfriend. But at the looks of it, it shouldn’t be for much longer’ the dirty mum told her youngest as she continued to wank the cock off with her other now giggling daughter.

Mark was getting really turned on now as Susan continued talked to Jessica.

‘What’s that noise, mum?’ Jessica asked.

‘Oh that’s just me and your s****r massaging her boyfriend’s stiff muscle’ the smiling mum replied ‘Laura and me are just making it better for him. It should be alright very soon now, I hope’

Mark was really excited by now and couldn’t stop himself from starting to shoot wads of thick hot spunk out of the tip on his dick. There was tons of it as it shot out of his randy fuck pole. The girls kept working his shaft. He moaned out loud as Jessica continued to ask her mother what was going on. Laura was giggling was she watched her boyfriend’s spunk flying everywhere, shooting high up in the air and landing down onto his stomach and thighs. It started to run down their wanking hands as Susan continued to talk to Jessica on the phone.

‘Ohhhhhhhh there it is. All better now Jessica’ Susan told her on the phone while giggling.

When he had finished, Mark, the dirty bastard, pointed to his spunk coated fuck shaft, indicating that he wanted them both to lick it clean. The two sluts took their hands away from his shaft. They giggled to each other and started by licking the spunk off their soaked hands. They then lowered their faces, so that they were now either side of Mark’s straight up fuck pole. Laura giggled and then put her randy tongue out and began running it all the way from the root up the shaft to Mark’s spunk coated swollen knob. As she pulled away from it she had a string of spunk attached to her lips.

Her mum giggled at Laura as she saw the spunk hanging from her schoolgirl daughter’s mouth as she continued to talk to her younger s****r.

‘What’s that noise now, mum?’ Jessica asked

‘Oh darling, mummy’s just got too now clean up for a minute. Mark’s made a bit of a mess’ the dirty mother told her 13 year old daughter on the phone as she started to lick the spunk off Mark’s stomach first. She then ran her randy tongue along until she reached the stiff cock shaft. The dirty mum then licked it from the base to the tip of the prick and got a string of spunk hanging from her lips just like her daughter had done.

Laura now giggled back and then joined her mum at tonguing her boyfriend’s hard fuck meat. They run their horny tongues together around Mark’s big red knob while all the time smiling at him.

‘Mum, mum, are you still there?’ asked Jessica.

Mark, the dirty bastard replied this time ‘Hi Jessica this is Mark. Your mum and s****r are busy right now. They have just relieved my stiff muscle together and now are having something to eat’

‘Oh are they Mark’ Jessica replied are Mark grinned and grabbed the back of Susan’s and Laura’s head.

He then brought their willing lips towards his spunky knob and pressed them onto it. Mother and daughter wrapped their cock hungry lips tight around his young swollen knob.

‘Yea Jessica they both have a big mouthful now. Can you hear them eating together?’ the sod told the 13 year old on the end of the phone.

Mark brought the phone over to his cock so that Jessica could hear her mum and s****r at the other end of the phone slurping and eating his randy knob end together. Susan took her beautiful mature lips off his knob for a second or two and mouthed to Mark that he was a dirty bastard.

‘Yea I can hear that. It sounds quite nice. Do you think I can have some of that when I get home tomorrow, Mark’ the unsuspecting teenager asked.

Mark grinned wildly as he pictured in his head Susan and Jessica sucking on his knob together.

‘Yea maybe’ he replied.

‘That’s good. Mum I must go now’ Jessica said ‘see you tomorrow’

Susan and Laura released their lips from Mark’s knob end.

‘Yes see you tomorrow darling. I can’t wait’ the filthy mother told her youngest as she went back to running her mature 45 year old mum tongue all over her daughter’s boyfriend’s 16 year old knob. Laura just sat up and watched her dirty mother.

As Jessica hang up, Susan said ‘Mmmmmmmmm did you enjoy that Mark. Do you feel all better now?’

‘Yeaaaaaaa I fucking do whore, fancy working a cock off with your daughter as you talk to your other daughter on the phone. That’s fucking filthy, you piece of cunt’ Mark shouted at her.

Susan smiled back at him as Laura giggled. Laura then got up of the bed as Mark’s dick started to go limp.

‘I suppose I better to get to school now, mum’ Laura said.

‘Yea darling, we better leave Mark and get you to school quickly. Can you see yourself out, Mark?’ the mum replied.

‘Yea of course I can’ he told Susan.

The girls then left the house and a little while later Mark left as well, satisfied again.

There is more if you want me to post it.
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