Susan And Her Daughter's Boyfriend Part 5

It was now getting dark outside in the British countryside near London in the UK. Mark, the dirty bastard 16 year old lad had both his hands buried up his girlfriend’s 45 year old mother. Her cunt and arsehole were being stretched wide apart as her 16 year old daughter watched. Kneeling on all fours with her arms roped to the bed posts, Susan was at the mercy of her daughter Laura’s boyfriend.

‘Ohhhhhh Myyyyyyy Godddddddd’ Laura yelled as she watched her boyfriend’s hands deep up her mother’s cunt and arsehole.

Susan screaming began to calm down as she slowly got used to the double fisting.

‘Mmmmmmm doesn’t your mum look beautiful with a fist in both her gorgeous milf holes’ Mark said as he turned to Laura. ‘I have wanted to double fist her body since the first time I saw her’

Laura mouth was open but slightly grinning as she looked on in wonder. Mark began twisting his hands one way and then the other as Susan began taking a fisting in her beautiful milf willing holes. Her daughter looked at her mum as she continued to lay her head on the pillow. Susan began to smile as she started to enjoy the fisting she was getting.

‘Mmmmmm that’s it whore, take a fucking double fisting, you gorgeous piece of cunt’ Mark yelled at Susan as he started to jab both his hands in and out of her beautiful milf cunt and arsehole.

Susan cried out in ecstasy as her mature 45 year old cunt hole and shit hole were being stretched wide open by her randy dirty daughter’s 16 year old boyfriend.

‘Ohhhhhhh look at that, Laura’ Mark said as he pulled both his hands out at the same time and watched Susan holes gapping wide open ‘your mum’s fucking hungry holes are fucking stretched wide apart now’.

Laura giggled and smiled as she looked into both her horny mother gapping gaps.

Mark then put his finger to his lips and indicated to Laura to keep quiet. He then got Laura to go around the other side of him, so that her mum couldn’t see her. As Laura giggled quietly Mark took her right hand and placed it onto the entrance of her mum’s cunt. He held her hand by her wrist and looked up at Susan lying there still.

‘Susan, do you want a fist up your cunt again, whore’

‘Yeeeessss’ the mother replied and smiled.

So then Mark looked at Laura and grinned as he started to push Laura’s hand up her own mother’s cunt until it was wrist deep. Susan moaned in pleasure as she felt the hand go up her horny mum hole. Mark then took Laura’s other hand and placed it at the entrance of her mother’s arsehole.

‘Now Susan, you have a hand up to it’s wrist up your fucking dirty mum cunt. Do you now want a wrist deep hand up her fucking filthy dirty mum shitter as well?’ Mark asked.

‘Yeeeessss put it up my hungry dirt box, Mark’ the mother replied.

Mark smiled at the dirty mum and grabbed Laura’s other willing hand and pushed her left hand into her mum’s waiting arsehole until she had both your 16 year old hands up her 45 year old mother’s cunt and back passage.

‘Ohhhhhhhhhhh Yesssssssssss that’s it, Mark, **** my fucking holes, you dirty fucking 16 year old schoolboy bastard’ the filthy mother slut shouted out.

‘Yea, I would **** your fucking holes if I could’ Mark replied as he got Laura to start fisting her mother’s holes. He moved around to Susan’s face and told her he would love too. Her face was a picture when she suddenly realised that the hands buried in her were not Mark’s.

‘Ohhhhhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyy Goddddddddddd’ she shouted as she worked out it was her 16 year old schoolgirl daughter’s hands that were fisting her in both her stretched mum holes.

‘Yeaaaaaaa you fucking love it, whore, don’t you, you fucking cunt. Having your own daughter fisting you like the slut you are, you beautiful piece of fuck meat. I fucking love dirty filthy fucking mum whores like you. They’re the fucking best, you horny looking bitch’ Mark shouted out as he told Susan what he thought of her.

Laura giggled as the schoolgirl daughter fisted her mother. Mark told her to fucking **** her mum’s cunt and rectum and don’t spare her any mercy. He moved back around to Susan’s upturned arse. His 9 inch thick cock was now straining at the lash. He watched for a while longer as Laura carried on fisting. He admired the scene of a 16 year old in her school uniform fisting away in her mum’s stockings and stiletto clad body. Mark then moved his hard throbbing 16 year old cock and pointed it at the fisted 45 year old mum’s arsehole. He looked at Laura.

‘Mmmmmm your mum’s holes have been well fucked now, Laura. I want to feel a mum’s arsehole wrapped around my cock again. Shell we see now fucking filthy and dirty your mum can be when she has a hard cock put up her shitter’.

Laura tilted her head and smiled at her randy boyfriend.

‘How are we going to do that?’ she said giggling.

‘Mmmmmmm like this’ Mark dirtily replied ‘keep your hand buried up your filthy mother’s cunt. Then when I say, I want you to take your other hand very quickly out of her shitter and while it is still fucking gapping open, I’m going to quickly place the whole of my fuck pole, up to my balls, in to your fucking dirty slut mother’s arsehole and we’re going to watch her mature fucking dirt box clamp it’s self tight around my hard fucking throbbing piece of cock meat. Then we will see what a fucking cock hungry whore your mother really is’.

Laura giggled.

‘You’re not putting all of it up my mum’s bum, are you? She asked.

‘Of fucking course I am, you stupid slut’ he shouted at her.

Laura’s mouth fell open when she realised her mum is going to take all of her boyfriend’s 9 inches up her arse. Mark moved closer still as he got ready.

‘Now after three I want you to pull out. One, two, three, go’

Laura quickly withdraw her hand from her mum’s bum and as Susan’s arsehole gapped wide open, Mark pushed forward and very quickly buried his 16 year old meat up the milf mother’s 45 year old shitter. They then both watched Susan’s fucking horny filthy arsehole clamp it’s self tight around Mark’s balls deep throbbing cock shaft.

‘Mmmmmmmm fffuuuccccckkkiinnnngggg beautiful’ Mark cried as he felt the dirty mum’s arsehole clamp and wrap around his randy young cock meat.

Laura smiled big time as she watched for the first time her dirty mum taking her boyfriend’s hard meat stick right up her bum.

Mmmmmm mum that looks lovely’ the schoolgirl told her as she looked down at her hand still deep in her mum’s cunt and her boyfriend’s cock all the way up her mother’s shitter.

She continued to smile and giggle as Mark got her to repeat this several times. He loved the feeling of a mature mum’s arsehole clamping air tight around his throbbing meat.

‘Yea that’s fucking beautiful slut. I fucking love your arsehole, whore, I can’t get enough of your gorgeous mum shitter. Now Laura, fist your fucking mum while she has a cock buried right up her dirty fucking arsehole, you beautiful piece of schoolgirl fuck meat’.

Laura had a massive grin as she twisted her hand back and fro in her mother’s stretched out cunt hole as Mark prick throbbed in her mum’s backside. Susan began to wriggle about and then screamed as she cum all over her daughter’s 16 year old fisting hand.

‘Ohhhhhhh Myyyyyyy Godddddddddd’ Susan cried as she orgasmed.

After Susan had finished cuming, Mark pulled his cock out of the beautiful mum’s arsehole. He told Laura to remove her hand from her now mother’s soaking wet cunt. He had thoroughly enjoyed getting Susan, the milf mother, double fisted. He now fell onto the bed to rest for a bit.

Laura untied her mum and they both hugged each other and kissed. They laid down either side of Mark, his big cock still rock hard, ready for them to continue.

As Susan rested, she kept looking at Laura’s boyfriend’s young 16 year old hard thick fuck pole. She was still feeling randy as she studied the situation she was in with her teenage daughter. She decided that she was now going to be fucking dirty for Mark’s lovely young throbbing meat. She leaned over to her daughter and whispered to her to get up. She took her hand and with a puzzled daughter she left the bedroom. As she did so she looked over her shoulder and smiled at Mark.

Mark lay there dosing for about another 15 minutes. His cock was going semi cock now. Then he heard Susan call him.

‘Are you still a wake, Mark’ the randy mother said though the door.

‘Yes I am, cunt’

Then the door slowly came open and in first walked Laura. She still had her very short pleated school skirt on but now she was topless, her small tits all on full display. She had put back on the 6 inch stilettos but now her blonde hair was in two ponytails. She now looked much younger than her 16 years. Mark mouth fell open and grinned. Then following quickly behind was Laura’s mother. She stood next to her teenage schoolgirl daughter. She still had her stockings, suspenders and 6 inch stilettos on but now she had put back on her micro mini skirt as well and her face was all made up. Mother and daughter looked beautiful together, already to take a hard cocking from a fucking randy young dick. Mark’s cock started to grow hard again as he looked at the very fuckable scene before him. The dirty pair smiled at him and then turned around to show him their shaft able arses.

They were both looking over their shoulders, smiling at him as the dirty mother asked Mark if he wanted her and her daughter’s bums.

‘Yea’ Mark replied nodding ‘I fucking do, slut’

They continued to smile as they turned back to face him.

‘Come over here then, Mark’ Susan told him in a sexy voice.

Mark got off the bed and walked over to them as mother and daughter dropped to their knees. He moved his rock hard cock over their smiling upturned faces and looked down at the randy pair below.

‘Mark, do you like me and my daughter dressed up like this for your cock?’ the horny mum asked sexily.

‘Yeaaaaaaa I fucking love it’ Mark said smiling back at the two of them as they grazed up into his eyes.

The randy mother then cocked her head back and fro, teasing his throbbing meat, and then ran her tongue along her beautiful bright red lip stick lips, whiling smiling at him.

‘Ohhhhhhhh I bet you would love to do me and my daughter together in our bums, wouldn’t you, Mark’

Mark nodded back.

‘So then why don’t you take me and Laura downstairs to the kitchen, where you had me first and have the both of us together this time’ said the grinning dirty mother to Mark.

‘Yea maybe I will, whore’ he replied.

‘We can get on the table on our sides’ Susan told a listening Mark ‘and put our randy bums next to each other. You can then just walk up to us and just **** both our arseholes for your own fucking pleasure, if you want to that is’.

‘What do you fucking think, you fucking dirty fucking piece of milf. Yea, I’ll love too fucking **** your 45 year old mum arsehole and your 16 year old schoolgirl daughter’s arsehole as well’

Susan and Laura stared up at him and smiled. Mark moved back and watched the dirty mother and daughter pair get up and turnaround. They then left the bedroom as he looked at their gorgeous arses.

Mark followed down a few minutes later, he hard big cock swinging before him. When he walked into the kitchen, Susan and her daughter were as they had said. They were lying on their sides, back to back, with their bum holes only a few inches apart. They were both smiling as Mark walked slowly over to them, his cock swinging and pointing at their sexy bodies and stood in front of them. Susan stared into his eyes as the dirty milf pulled her mini skirted arse cheek apart for him. The slut had written on one of her arse cheeks ‘**** my 45 year old mum arsehole’ and an arrow pointing to her dirty looking mum shit hole entrance.

‘You fucking whore’ Mark shouted at her.

He then looked over to his smiling schoolgirl girlfriend. The filthy slut opened her young 16 year old schoolgirl arse cheek as well and pulled her short pleated school skirt back up to show Mark that she had written on one of her bum cheeks ‘**** my 16 year old schoolgirl arsehole’ and with another arrow pointing at her young bum hole entrance.

‘That’s fucking beautiful, cunts. I’m going to fucking enjoy r****g a mother and her daughter in their fucking cock hungry willing shit boxes’.

The dirty 16 year old bastard then went and picked up a hand towel. He then went back over to them. He stood in front them grinning as he wiped his cock nice and dry to use on their bums. They watched him as they still continued to pull their arse cheeks apart for him.

‘Mmmmmmmm nice and bone dry now, already to **** a mother and her daughter’s fucking beautiful dirt boxes. Now fucking which one first, I wonder’ the filthy lad said.

Susan and Laura were grazing at him as he decided who to bum fuck first. He chose Laura. The dirty sod moved forward and placed his randy swollen knob on the schoolgirl’s arse lips. He looked over to the mum, grinned and then put his hands behind this head, the bastard. All thick 9 inches of bone dry cock meat was waiting to rip up Laura’s 16 year old schoolgirl arsehole. He continued to stare and grin at the mother as he started pushing his dick into her daughter’s shitter.

Laura screamed as she felt her bone dry boyfriend’s going up her arse. He kept going as she cried out louder as her shitter was being ****d by her boyfriend. The bastard didn’t stop until his whole shaft was buried up her back side. She had never had all 9 inched up her before. She continued to scream as Mark just held it there throbbing balls deep in her schoolgirl shit hole.

‘Yea’ the dirty sod said nodding ‘I fucking love this’

He then pulled out slowly as Laura got her breath back. He swung over to her mature waiting mother. He took the towel and wiped his shaft dry as he grinned at Susan.

‘Mmmmmm how a fucking mature mum to arse fuck’

He got Susan to let her hand go from pulling her arse cheek open. Her micro mini was wrapped tight around her full mature bum cheeks. Mark gently opened one of her cheeks slightly. He then placed his knob onto Susan’s bum hole lips, the edge of her mini skirt was now bushing against his shaft.

‘Mmmmmmm and now to arse fuck a mature mini skirted mum. You can’t be better than that. I fucking love doing this sort of thing, especially to fucking dirty sluts like you Susan. I’m going to fucking **** your beautiful fucking shitter with my fucking bone dry meat, you fucking gorgeous mini skirted clad mum’

Mark grinned as he sunk his throbbing meat up Susan. She screamed, like her daughter had done, as she felt the dick riding up her bum hole. Mark rested his balls gently onto Susan’s thigh and throbbed balls deep in her arsehole. He grinned at her.

‘Susan, like that dick buried up your arse, do you whore?’

‘Yesssssssss I love it’

‘Goooood, now I’m going to pull it out to the tip and ram it right back up your mum back passage. And then I’m going to do it again and again, r****g your beautiful shit hole. Then I’m going to pull out and swing over to your daughter and do the fucking same to her shit hole as well, whore’

Mother and daughter listened to Mark intently. He then ****d the mother’s 45 year old willing arsehole with his young thick 16 year old fuck meat. He slammed into her fucking hard every time as Susan cried out loud. He fucking loved doing this to his girlfriend’s mum.

After a few minutes he pulled out of the mum’s bum and just swung a couple of inches over to her waiting teenage daughter’s arsehole. He looked at Laura as he placed his knob onto the entrance of her 16 year old arsehole.

‘Mmmmmmm and now for you, Laura, my schoolgirl piece of fuck meat’

She smiled at him and said ‘Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Mark, do me in my schoolgirl arsehole, you fucking dirty bastard, just like you have done to mum. Stick my shitter onto the end of your fuck meat. I fucking want it all the way up my arse. **** my fucking schoolgirl arsehole’ the fucking dirty schoolgirl slut begged him.

Mark smiled at her as he gave this schoolgirl what she wanted, a big thick throbbing dick all the fucking way up her dirty cock hungry schoolgirl arsehole. He ****d into her as the slut screamed. He fucking banged her arsehole to bits, just fucking slamming her hard, again and again. She was taking one hell of a fucking. Her mother watched in oar as her daughter’s arsehole was being used like this by her dirty boyfriend.

Mark looked over to Susan and said to her with a dirty grin ‘I fucking love dirt boxing your daughter’

As he continued to glare at Susan, he very quickly pulled out of Laura and rammed his meat right up mum’s shitter in one fucking go, before she knew anything about it. He slammed her hard. Susan was now getting the same punishment as her daughter had just received. Mark pulled her arse cheek as wide open as he could, to try and open up her arsehole. Her beautiful mature shitter did open it’s self up for Mark. He was now able to start just dipping his randy young meat in and out of a mature mum arsehole at will. He replaced his hand with Susan’s and got Laura to do the same with her bum cheek. He now had a mother and her daughter trying to stretch their cock hungry arseholes open for him to ****. He continued to dip his filthy cock in and out, up to his balls every time, in their shitters The dirty mother and daughter pair just lay there and gave him their arseholes to fucking use as he wanted. Mark went back and fro between their lovely cock hungry open bum holes for quite sometime.

Then Mark shouted to them as he fucked away at their bums ‘I’m going to spunk soon’.

He quickly stopped and said to them ‘I want you both kneeling on the floor and I’m going to shoot fucking hot spunk across both your beautiful faces, whores’

Mark moved away from them as the two sluts kneeled. They put her randy willing faces together and smiled, waiting to be spunked over. Mark walked slowly over to them, his hard cock swinging. He stood to the side of Susan with his throbbing meat hanging over both their upturned faces.

‘Mmmmmmm beautiful, a 45 year old mother and her 16 year old schoolgirl daughter just waiting for spunk on their fucking randy faces, I fucking love it’

Both girls giggled back at him.

‘Now I want you both to keep your mouths shut and I’m going to place my knob onto a mother’s lips. Then I want to hear her daughter beg for spunk to cover her and her mum’s faces, like a dirty little fucking slut she is’

Both mother and daughter smiled up at him as he said that to them.

‘Ohhhhhhhhhh so here goes sluts. Drain my fucking balls dry, you fucking whores’

Mark very gently laid his swollen knob onto Susan’s willing lips and put his hands behind his head. He was now going to watch a filthy display of a mother and her teenage daughter, trying to coast spunk from a big thick throbbing fuck pole which was lying on the mother’s red lips.

Then the dirty schoolgirl daughter said to her grinning boyfriend ‘Ohhhhhhhh that’s it Mark, shoot lovely hot spunk across me and mum’s faces, you dirty fucking bastard. Go on, just fucking do it, I know you want too. Me and mum want it as well. That’s it, go on, and cover mum and me with your lovely thick cum. We want it dripping from our faces. I bet you want to see it dripping from our chins, running all over our face cheeks, don’t you Mark. Yea I bet you fucking do because you’re a fucking dirty bastard, aren’t you Mark’

Mark nodded back and felt the spunk rising up his cock shaft as his girlfriend talked dirty to him. Susan was keeping perfectly still, staring up at him with his knob lying on her mature mum lips. He moaned out loud as he started to shoot wads of thick white hot spunk across both mother and daughter’s upturned faces.

Laura giggled like mad as her and her mum received the spunk until it started to run down their face cheeks. They both took a full load from his young balls. When he had completely finished he moved away as the girls straighten their faces and smiled at him. Spunk was running down their cheeks and hanging from their chins for the second time.

‘Fucking beautiful’ he told them as they kissed each other smiling, while still grazing at him.

‘Mmmmmmm’ Susan said as her daughter giggled ‘I bet you feel better for that, don’t you Mark?’

‘Yeaaaaaaa I fucking do, cunt’

‘Ohhhhhhhhhhh was that nice shooting spunk across me and Laura’s faces?’ the dirty mum asked.

‘You fucking bet it was, slut’

‘Mmmmmmm I bet you’re really loved cocking me and my daughter, haven’t you. I bet you have fucking loved it’ the mum asked Mark in a very sexy breathily voice.

‘Yeaaaaaaaa every fucking second of it’

Mother and daughter gave him a big smile as he looked out of the window. It was completely dark now. He would now get something to eat and go to bed with Susan and her daughter till the morning, completely satisfied.

To Be Continued

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i like it
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Well it!
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Nice story. Love it!
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i like so mach!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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erotic well written great series