Susan And Her Daughter's Boyfriend Part 4

Mark, the 16 year old boyfriend, was lying naked on his girlfriend’s 45 year old mother’s bed, looking at his 16 year old girlfriend Laura and her mum, who were lying between his out stretched legs. Their smiling faces were soaked in spunk from his cock which had just relieved its self on them. He looked out of the window. It was now raining hard in the British countryside near London in the UK. The girls were waiting for his next move. He was only just getting started to abuse their holes, especially the mother’s, which he planned to stretch really wide open.

He told Susan, the mum, that he wanted her to change out of her mini skirt and put on the stockings and suspenders that he had arse fucked her in when in her kitchen a few weeks ago. He then told his girlfriend to change into her school uniform; the one he met her in a few weeks ago. She asked him was it the one with the very short pleated skirt, he dirty sod said it was. He then told them that he was going downstairs and that when he got back he was going to eat a mother and daughter. So both girls went to get changed as Mark went down stairs to get some rope, which he was going to use on them later.

When he returned he saw a beautiful sight. Susan was on her back on the bed, she had her stocking clad high heeled legs spread wide open. Her teenage daughter, dressed in her school uniform, was lying on her back on top of her mum with her legs wide apart as well. The 45 year old mother and her 16 year old schoolgirl daughter were waiting to have their cunts eaten and abused by the daughter’s 16 year old fucking dirty bastard boyfriend.

Mark stood at the end of the bed and admired the beautiful vision before him.

He noticed that the mother’s cunt was dripping wet.

‘Susan, I can see your fucking cock hungry looking mum cunt is fucking soaking wet’

Who’s got it wet like that, slut?’ Mark asked her.

She said embarrassingly that he had got her all wet.

The dirty bastard smiled at her and asked her who he was.

‘My daughter’s young boyfriend’

‘Mmmmm so your daughter’s boyfriend has got your cunt dripping wet has he but he hasn’t even touched it yet, you fucking dirty whore’.

‘So why is that I wonder? Mark pretended to think.

Mmmmmmm maybe you just can’t wait to have his 16 year old cock r****g your milf body for its own fucking filthy pleasure. Yea I bet that’s it.’ Mark shouted out laughing at Susan..

Mark then looked at Laura. She looked fantastic in her school uniform lying on top of her mum with her legs spread wide open as well. Mark then told them to get up and kneel on the bed.

‘Now Susan, I want you to show Laura how filthy you like to be with her boyfriend. I’m going to lie down on the bed and my tongue and mouth will be available to eat a mature mum’s cunt out in front of her watching daughter. If you are a filthy enough mother, you can straddle my face with your stocking clad legs and lower your 45 year old mum cunt down onto your daughter’s boyfriend’s 16 year old mouth and let it eat a mum in front of her schoolgirl daughter, you fucking whore’.

Susan looked at her daughter as Mark lie down. Without a word said, the dirty mother swung her legs over Mark’s face. Her 45 year old dripping wet cunt was only a couple of inches above her daughter’s boyfriend’s 16 year old tongue and mouth.

‘Tell your daughter in fucking detail what you are about to do, you beautiful bit of cunt’ Mark yelled out to Susan.

Susan looked at Laura as Mark got her to lie down on her stomach so she was looking at his face. She could now witness seeing her dirty mother’s cunt being eaten by her lucky bastard boyfriend.

Then Susan said to her watching daughter ‘Laura, mummy’s going to lower her cunt onto your boyfriend’s waiting tongue and be eaten. I’m going to push my whole cunt down on to his young face and rub it all over him’.

The dirty mature mother then slowly lower her randy 45 year old mum cunt down onto her daughter’s boyfriend’s young 16 year old tongue and mouth and had her cunt eaten out by the young lad as her daughter watched and smiled. Susan moaned and cried out loud as she orgasmed all over Mark’s face. She soaked his face in her randy mum cum. After a few minutes of lapping away on Susan’s cunt hole, Mark pushed her up. He told Laura to join her mother and straddle his face as well. So Laura got up, straddled him and held her mum so that they were face to face. He now had a mature 45 year old mum cunt and her 16 year old schoolgirl daughter’s cunt right in front of him, next to each other.

‘Fucking beautiful’ Mark shouted at them ‘the both of you reach down and fucking stretch those cunts apart with your hands, so that I can eat a mother and daughter out together’.

The two horny sluts opened there cunt holes for Mark’s young tongue to abuse.

‘Fucking fantastic, now I’m going to tongue fuck both your pussies.’

Susan felt Mark’s young randy tongue jab in and out of her horny dripping wet mature cunt. She cried out in ecstasy as her daughter’s boyfriend eat her fucking dirty milf hole.

‘Ohhhhhh Myyyyyy Godddddd I can’t believe I’m straddling your boyfriend with you darling and having my cunt eaten out by him. Oh noooooo I’m cuming’ the horny mum cried out to her daughter.

Susan screamed out loud as Mark’s 16 year old tongue slashed away at her cunt hole and she cum all over it. Her whole body shock as she did.

‘Mum, this is really dirty, isn’t it’ Laura said to her.

‘Yeeeeesssssss’ Susan cried out again as she cum for the second time all over the young tongue that was lapping away at her juicy mum cunt.

Mark then moved his tongue onto his 16 year old girlfriend’s cunt. He worked on Laura until she too orgasmed over her boyfriend’s mouth. Mark face was now soaked in mother and daughter cunt juices. Mark then slid out from their stretched out legs as the girls collapsed onto the bed.

‘That was fucking beautiful’ Mark told them as he sat down on the chair opposite the bed, his cock still semi limp

‘Susan, you’ve have now been cunt eaten with your daughter, you fucking whore’

Mum and daughter were recovering together as Mark told them that now his fucking cock needs to see some action. He told them to get up and walk around the bedroom and flirt with his cock like a dirty mother and daughter tag team hungry for cock. Susan looked at her daughter and then took her hand and both got off the bed. Mark admired the fucking beautiful sight of a 45 year old mother dressed only in stockings, suspenders and 6 inch stilettos with her gorgeous 38DD tits in full view for him and her 16 year old schoolgirl daughter dressed in her short pleated school skirt and white blouse parading around the bedroom, smiling at him, wanting his fucking meat up them both.

‘Mmmm is that nice Mark, seeing me and mum flirting for your cock meat together. I bet you would love to do things to us, wouldn’t you, with your big hard fucking fuck pole. I bet you love it when mum’s dresses like that and me in my school uniform. Does that get your lovely prick hard?’ Laura said to Mark as she roamed around the bedroom with her mother.

‘Yea it fucking does’ Mark yelled back at Laura.

He now decided he wanted Susan, the mother badly. He was going to direct his attention on her and her beautiful milf body that he disparity wants to use for his own fucking pleasure. He wants to gap her cunt and arsehole wide open, especially her dirt box, which he attends to ****. He gets out of the chair and brings it over to the bed. He calls a smiling Laura over. She swings around willingly as he ties her hands together behind her back. He tells Susan to sit cross legged on the end of the bed as he moves the chair so that it’s at a right angle’s to her. He tells a smiling Laura to sit on the chair. She knows what he wants her to do. He then ties Susan’s hands behind her milf back.

As her boyfriend stands in front of her, Laura looks at her mum, smiles and says ‘Mum, I’m going to make a cock grow. I do it all the time, mum. I love getting cocks lovely and stiff’.

Laura then stared up at Mark and smiled at him as she opened her 16 year old schoolgirl mouth wide. Mark stared at the mum and grinned as she watched Mark place his limp cock into her daughter’s gob. Laura then clamped her 16 years old schoolgirl lips around her boyfriend’s shaft and began making it grow stiff again. She slowly slid her lovely young mouth up and down the meat, trying to get it hard. Susan could see the cock grow and grow. Soon the cock got back to its full length. Her daughter then released it and it sprang out of her filthy schoolgirl gob, fully erect and throbbing away.

‘Mmmmm, that’s lovely and stiff now’ Laura said with a big dirty grin as she tilted her head to look at her mum ‘it’s a lovely big fuck pole, isn’t it mum’

Laura giggled as she looked at her nodding smiling mum.

She then looked up at Mark and then back to her mum. She stuck out her young randy tongue and began running it along the underneath of the prick while smiling at her mother. It twitched violently as she let her randy tongue go.

‘Ohhhhhhhh’ she said giggling ‘I can make a cock twitch as well mum’

‘Yes darling, we both can’ her mother replied.

Mark looked at Susan, sat there tied up watching her daughter making a hard cock twitch.

‘Susan, why don’t you join her? Mark told her.

‘Get down here and ran your beautiful milf tongue down the underneath of this now stiff fuck pole, which your daughter has made, and make it twitch together. You fucking beautiful piece of mum cunt’.

Susan smiled at him and then got down on to her knees, still with her hands tied behind her back. Both mother and daughter looked up and smiled at Mark. He grinned back as he watched the both of them stick their randy tongues out. With both still smiling they put their willing tongues on the underneath of his straining fuck meat at the root. He then witnessed a fucking filthy mature mother and her schoolgirl daughter slid their dirty horny tongues along the full underneath of his throbbing meat until they reached his knob. As they let go of the shaft it gave an almighty twitch.

‘Ohhhhhhhhhh mum, we can do it together as well’ Laura giggled out loud.

‘Yes darling, I think your boyfriend likes us doing that to him’ said the smiling milf slut as she looked up at Mark.

Mark smiled back and told Susan to get back up onto the bed. He looked at the mum and told her he wanted to fuck a cunt. Laura smiled as she heard this. She raised her legs, opened them and pulled them back until they rested against her chest. Her schoolgirl short pleated skirt fell back and her young cunt was now fully exposed to her boyfriend.

The dirty schoolgirl smiled and said to her mum ‘I love cunt fucking. I love being fucked in the cunt. Mark calls me his little schoolgirl fuck meat. Ohhhhhh I love it when he tells me that. He loves banging my schoolgirl cunt hole. He pounds me on the way to school sometimes and I go in school with spunk dripping from my cunt. I love it when he ****s my dirty hole, before I go to school, with his fucking beautiful big meat stick’

Susan couldn’t believe her 16 year old daughter was talking so filthy to her mother. Laura looked at her mother and smiled as she told her boyfriend to **** her dirty schoolgirl cunt in front of her mum. Mark was fucking grinning big time now as he placed his randy swollen knob on his 16 year old schoolgirl girlfriend’s cock hungry cunt lips.

‘Mmmmmm that’s it Mark, fucking stick me onto the end of your fuck stick’ the dirty daughter told her boyfriend.

‘Now fucking stretch my cunt lips wide apart and fucking sunk that big thick dick all the way up my fucking dirty hole’.

Mark grinned as Laura tilted her head, her blonde hair hanging down, and gave her mum a big smile as her mum watched her daughter’s cunt lips wrap themselves over Mark’s big red swollen knob until it disappeared from view.

‘Mmmmmmm that’s it Mark’ the dirty daughter said still looking at her mum

‘Ohhhhhhh now fucking root me, you bastard’ Laura cried out.

Mark then slowly slid the rest of his throbbing fuck meat, inch by inch, up her juicy wet schoolgirl cunt. He stopped with only about 3 inches left to go. He throbbed in the schoolgirl’s cunt as she continued to smile at her watching mother.

‘Ohhhhhhh that’s fucking lovely’ Laura told her mother ‘a lovely big throbbing prick stuck up my cunt. I fucking love it. Bury the last few inches in, Mark, **** my schoolgirl cunt’

Mark grinned and slowly sunk the rest of his cock, all 9 thick inches of it, into Laura’s 16 year old cock hungry schoolgirl cunt hole.

‘Mmmmmm I’m now filled up with thick throbbing fuck meat, mum, Mark’s rooted me, and now I’m ready to be pounded by a dirty fucking rod.’

Mark put his hands behind his back and grinned at Laura. He then began shafting the schoolgirl cunt that was stuck on his dick. He banged her fucking hard, his balls slapping against her bum. Laura was f***ed back into the chair every time he fucked his cock in her, ripping up her randy young 16 year old hole.

‘Look mum, Mark fucking banging me hard now. He’s a dirty fucking bastard isn’t he?’

Susan smiled at her dirty talking daughter as she listened and watched her taking a hard pounding in her schoolgirl cunt from her lucky boyfriend.

Laura could barely speak now as the fucking from her filthy bastard boyfriend got harder.

She managed to ran her randy tongue along her young lips while smiling at her mother and said ‘I love it when I’m tied up like this and my cunt is being used by a fucking big thick fuck pole’

The horny looking mum just smiled big time back at her dirty talking daughter.

Mark then pulled out and saw his dick was now coated in cunt juices. Laura told him to stick it back in and shaft her cunt some more. He did and fucked Laura hard again right in front of her watching mother. He pounded her using his full length.

‘That’s it, fucking **** my schoolgirl cunt, Mark’ Laura screamed out loud to him.

He continued to fuck her hard. Finally he pulled out and swung around to show Susan his cunt soaked cock.

‘Look what your fucking daughter has done to my fuck pole, slut. She’s made it all fucking dirty’

He studied it before looking at the mum.

‘Mmmmm now a good mother always cleans up after her daughter and this needs fucking cleaning up, whore’ the dirty sod said grinning at Susan.

‘Have you ever tasted cunt juices before?

Susan shock her head ‘No’

‘Well you’re going to now and it’s your daughter’s cunt juices at that. You’re going to lick them off and taste her cunt’ Mark said laughing.

He moved over to the small sofa. He turned and reached back. He was now bent slightly backwards so that his 9 inch hard cock stuck straight out before him, coated in Laura’s cunt juices. He told Susan she was going to eat a cock clean while her daughter has her mouth stuck on his balls, sucking on them.

‘Laura, get over here and get down between my legs and put your mouth on my nuts’

Laura walked over to him still with her hands tied behind her back. She got down and placed her willing mouth on to the ball sack.

‘Now Susan, come over here and kneel before a cock’

Susan struggled to get up as her hands were still tied behind her back as well. She totted over on her stilettos and knelt down. She now had the young hard cock throbbing in front of her beautiful mature milf face. Susan looked at the 16 year old cock before her. Her 45 year old mum mouth and lips were ready to clean her daughter’s cunt juices off this young lads throbbing prick.

‘Now Susan, be a good mother and eat a cock in front of your daughter for the second time, you fucking beautiful piece of mum cunt. I want too see your mature 45 year old mum lips and mouth cleaning your daughter’s cunt juice’s off her boyfriend’s 16 year old fuck pole, until it’s fucking clean again. Go ahead whore, show me what you can fucking do to a cock’ Mark yelled at her.

Susan leaned forward, smiled and put her beautiful mature red lips on to the throbbing straining cock head. She then very slowly slid her mouth over the knob and down the shaft as her schoolgirl daughter sucked on the heavy balls. She began fucking her mouth up and down repeatedly on it. Mark watched in ecstasy at the mother and daughter pair worked on his dick again.

‘That’s it mum, fucking eat it, cunt’ he shouted at Susan as she pistoned her gob up and down the meat. Mark watched Susan go, the whore mother eating his young cock.

After about 5 minutes of a quite filthy display of cock sucking, Mark told Susan and Laura to stop. Susan fell back and smiled at Mark. Laura released his balls and Mark told her to sit next to her mum. With both girls sitting in front me him, Susan got her breath back from working on her daughter’s boyfriend’s cock.

Mark grinned, ‘Beautiful sluts. I love it when a mother and daughter work on a fucker together. All mums and daughters should share a cock as far as I’m concerned’.

The dirty pair smiled back at him. Mark then moved forward and grabbed Susan’s hair and forcibly tilted her head back and laid his hard 9 inch young cock onto her beautiful milf face.

‘Mmmmm’ Mark said as he looked at Laura ‘doesn’t your mum look fucking gorgeous with a hard fucking fuck pole lying across her beautiful mature milf face, already stiff and waiting to be used on her’

Laura giggled and said she does look lovely. Mark was grinning as he looked back down at Susan and asked her if she likes a hard young meat lying across her milf face.

‘Mmmmmm I looovvvvvveeeee it’ the dirty mother replied.

‘Did you know that you get that cock fucking hard every time it just thinks about you? It gets fucking stiff thinking about what it wants to do to your body, mainly about what it wants to do to your arsehole, whore’.

‘Do you what me to tell you what it wants to do to your shitter?’

Susan nodded back that she would.

‘It wants to fucking stretch it fucking wide open. It wants to abuse your fucking dirt box. It wants to **** it.’

Susan gave Mark a big smile, her eyes her now glazed over in ecstasy.

‘Do you want it to **** your shit hole, Susan?’

‘Yes’ she replied.
‘Say it, whore’ Mark shouted back at her.

‘I want it to **** my shit hole’

Mark nodded in approval as he looked at Laura, who was smiling and giggling and said ‘did you hear that. Your mum wants me to **** her back passage. Well I’m going too do that fucking later but first I want to do something else to her mature mum body’.

Mark looked back down again at Susan, still kneeling with her hands tied tight behind her back, and his hard young 16 year old cock lying across her beautiful 45 year old mature mum face.

‘Susan, before I attack your beautiful fucking cock hungry arsehole, I’m going to fucking fist you first’.

Mark looked at Laura and said ‘Laura’s going to untie you and you’re going to walk over to the bed. Get on it on all fours, put your face onto the pillow and stick your beautiful milf arse as high up in the air as you can. Then I want you to stretch your arms out wide and your daughter’s going to tie her mum’s arms to each bed post. Then I going to come up behind you and put this hand up your beautiful mum cunt to the wrist and stretch it fucking wide open. Then while that hand is buried in your hungry cunt, I’m going to put this hand all the way up your equally gorgeous shit hole and stretch that fucking wide open as well, so that you are being double fisted, you fucking beautiful piece of fucking cunt’

Susan was now in a dream. She would do anything her dirty young daughter’s boyfriend wanted to do to her body. Laura’s mouth fell wide open as she listened to every word that her filthy boyfriend had said to her mum.

Mark then untied Laura and got her to untie her mother. Susan got up and totted over to the bed still wearing her stockings, suspenders and 6 inch stilettos. She stop at the edge of the bed and looked over her shoulder and smiled at Mark The horny mum then reached back and spread her beautiful mature arse cheeks open wide so that her daughter’s 16 year old boyfriend could see her 45 year old arsehole and cunt.

‘Mmmmmm, that’s fucking beautiful bitch, fucking hot. My cock fucking loves that, you gorgeous piece of mum fuck meat.’

She still looked over her shoulder and continued smiling at Mark. She cock teased him by very, very slowly bending over the bed on to all fours. She stuck her gorgeous full round mature arse high up in the air, waiting for Mark. She lay her smiling head on to the pillow as Laura tied her mum arms to the bed posts.

Mark then got onto the bed and sat down behind Susan with her cunt and arsehole fully exposed to him. He told Laura to sit next to him so that she could fucking witness her mum getting a double fisting. He then placed his right hand onto Susan’s cunt hole. She gave out a big sly as she felt Mark’s hand at the entrance of her cunt.

‘Now watch this, Laura. This is how a mature cunt, like your mum, should be treated, by having a fist put in her mum cunt’.

Mark then began pushing his whole hand into her. She screamed as she took this young boys hand, for the second time, up her mum cunt. Laura’s mouth fell open as she saw her boyfriend’s hand, up to his wrist, in her mother’s pussy.

‘Mmmmmm, that’s fucking beautiful. But now watch this, Laura, this is what I really like doing to your mum’ the dirty bastard said.

His then put his other hand onto the mum’s exposed arsehole. Grinning from ear to ear he then very, very slowly sunk it up Susan’s back passage. She now really did fucking screamed the house down as she felt Mark’s other hand pulling her arsehole walls fucking wide apart. He pushed his hand up further into her beautiful hungry bum until he reached his wrist. The 45 year old mother, Susan cried and screamed as she knelt on all fours with her 16 year old daughter’s boyfriend’s hands buried up her cunt and arsehole.

To Be Continued

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i like it
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so hot & horny it got me off
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wow fuckin awsome
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carry on with it
good story os far